Avalonia - par Farside Games - annulé

Et v’là une grosse figurine - 21cm ^^

Excalibur Tower Miniature Sneak Peek🗼
Look at this 21cm/ 8 inches tall miniature of the Excalibur Tower — King Arthur’s throne!!!
It looks magnificent and gigantic next to other miniatures :scream:

We are coming soon ok Kickstarter, do not hesitate to follow us on all social medias for more spectacular updates of AVALONIA!!

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ALL-IN ! :heart_eyes:

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Guenièvre a quand même un peu morflé… :grin:


Painted Miniature Sneak Peak- The 2nd Leader of the Saviours: Guinevere :crossed_swords::shield:

“Is it only Guinevere’s flaw that she valued power more than her people? Avalon is full of those who struck false, who were blinded by power.”

  • A History of Avalon, vol. IX - The World Beneath, as set down by Zan the Chronicler

Guinevere one of the two leaders of the Saviours, the new Knights of the Round Table :crossed_swords::shield:

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Les gougouttes !

T’inquiètes pas ! Quand c’est une femme moche c’est pas censuré. Y a que si elle est jolie et affriolante que la censure et les bien pensants se déchaînent.

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L’enjeu est la sexualisation des personnages, pas la nudité en soi. Ce qui peut me poser problème (mais on va pas refaire 1000 fois le débat), c’est de voir dans plein de jeux familiaux, des femmes dans des postures/tenues ultra aguicheuses. C’est le cas ici ? non, donc fin du débat (ou alors, faut le prolonger sur le topic dédié :wink: ).

Par contre, j’ai un peu mal à me prononcer sur ce jeu. J’aime pas trop l’esthétique (mad max fantasy crade)… mais on verra s’ils arrivent à créer un univers autour de ça; ça pourrait changer mon regard dessus.

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Ça c’est le tirage qu’ils ont eu aux dés style, univers et DA.
Ça aurait pu tout aussi bien être :
Sherlock Holmes SF Toon

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Ça existe déjà ça, c’est Inspecteur Gadget

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Let’s go pour leur sorte de Designer Diary pour parler développement, mécaniques et bien plus encore… Aujourd’hui c’est une introduction à l’univers d’Avalonia

We are kicking off the design series for Avalonia, each Monday up until the campaign launch, we will discuss certain aspects and mechanisms of the game, and how they tie into the game’s story and the Avalon universe!

In today’s very first spotlight let’s take a look at the universe in the game!

The story of Avalonia takes us to Avalon, an apocalyptic world where there are no laws. King Arthur sits on a throne occupied by an unknown dark force with biomechanical technology. Resources are limited and people must hunt for Pure Blood to survive and ensure the survival of their tribes.

As the leader of one of these fringe groups, you have always believed that you will do whatever it takes to lead your people to survival in this world and possibly become the ruler of Avalon. Even if you have to face your former allies to do so.

Rattrapage des dernières news…

There are four factions in the core box of Avalonia. Today we are going to introduce one of them - The Reapers.

There is but one path.
Mordred is the way.

There is but one knight.
Accolon is the fist.

There is but one tongue.
Morgen is the word.

There is but one goal.
Excalibur, Excalibur, blessed Excalibur.
-Gathered Chants of the Reapers-

It’s Monday, it’s Design Spotlight! First we will briefly talk about the game overview.

Avalonia is a strategic board game for 2 to 4 players, a competitive territory control game. In addition to fighting other factions, you are also trying to maintain King Arthur’s threat level. By embracing the promise of power, yet not awakening the king himself too soon……

This is a brand new Arthurian universe set in an apocalyptic world. Fight your way through war to expand and rule!

Second faction in Avalonia - The Seekers!

They are a people of hurt, banished to the roots of the world, imprisoned in the City Gailamir where Oberon sits on a throne of bone and mud, wallowing in his dreams of vengeance.
-Zan the Chronicler-

Let’s kick off the week with our design spotlight! Avalonia game board is a map of the apocalyptic wasteland of Avalon. The land is divided into 24 zones. Zones that share a boarder are considered adjacent. The arrows on the map indicate the movement of Pure Blood Traders. These traders transport the most valuable resources in Avalon!

The thrid faction in Avalonia - The Raiders!’

Judge us however you want, your words will not strike us. We are free, understand? Free to roam where we please. Free to ride, free to take, free to follow whomever we want.

-Dilane of the Raiders

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Cette DA :heart_eyes: j’espère que le reste suivra …

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oui, au moins c’est sans concession.

Edit : elle fait comment Morgane au quotidien pour… à peu près tout en fait…

Wow plus ils en dévoilent et plus ça me plaît, j’espère que le jeu sera bon et qu’il y aura une VF.

Ninianne est son bras arraché qui pend a sa ceinture :heart_eyes:

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Petit récap des dernières news…

The new cast for samples has arrived at the studio!!
« Fill the Tower with blood, fill the rivers with tears, and the King shall return. » - Kameloth saying

This week’s Design Spotlight will leave mechanics aside, instead we will focus on introducing our characters and sculpts. Let us start with Vivian from the Seekers!

Our sculptor has done a great job in turning Vivian into a 3D sculpt.

« We craft with the Wisdom of Vivian. »
« Hail Vivan! »

There are 3 different types of troops in Avalonia, one of which is the advance unit. The advance unit is the spearhead, as it has superior firepower.

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Nouveau recap’ des dernières news publiées de la semaine

The Artifact units are located in the Excalibur tower. These mindless Artifacts are the faithful servants of King Arthur.

In this week’s Design Spotlight, we show you how to set up the Excalibur Board.

The board is placed next to the map, where you will find the upgrade action cards. These upgrade Action Cards have a direct impact on the movement of the pureblood traders, which we will explain later in the next Design Spotlight.

Next to King Arthur are the eight Artifact Units. They are offered to the winner during the secret trade in the King Arthur phase. These Artifact Units provide additional attack and damage to your opponents.

At the bottom of the board, place your tribal token to determine your score.

Completely mutated creature by mysterious dark force. Under the control of the Pure Blood Traders. They transport the most valuable resources across the land of Avalon.

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Bientôt l’arrivé des vidéos de gameplay par les youtubers

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L’instant peinture…

Let us take a quick look at what our painter is working on. We can’t wait to see when it’s finished!

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La vache, il a bien changé le grand schtroumpf !

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