Bardsung - par Steamforged Games - Livraison en mai 2022

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Steamforged Games va lancer en Novembre un nouveau jeu du nom de Bardsung sur KS. Et non, il ne s’agira pas d’une énième adaptation d’un jeu video mais bel et bien un tout nouvel IP maison. Bardsung est annoncé comme un fantasy-RPG-dungeon crawler qui se joue avec un maximum de cinq joueurs, mais également en mode solo. En fait, un dungeon crawler assez simpliste mais jouable en campagne (annoncée de 50 heures).

L'annonce par Dicebreaker

Dark Souls: The Board Game, Guild Ball and Godtear publisher Steamforged Games is launching a new dungeon-crawling board game on Kickstarter this November, Dicebreaker can exclusively reveal.

Bardsung name comes from the premise that players’ characters are the heroes whose legendary deeds and adventures are extolled by the musical storytellers.

While Steamforged is known for adapting a number of major video games for the tabletop, including Dark Souls, Resident Evil 2, Horizon Zero Dawn and the recently announced Monster Hunter World, the studio confirmed that Bardsung is a brand new IP set in an original fantasy setting, similar to its past titles Guild Ball and Godtear. A Steamforged representative told Dicebreaker that there are no current plans for Bardsung to crossover with any of Steamforged’s other universes, but didn’t rule out the potential for crossover in future iterations and expansions.

Each session of Bardsung plays in around 45 to 60 minutes, with the option to play one-shot scenarios or string multiple sessions together into a campaign mode. Players’ heroes delve into “labyrinthine dungeons”, exploring the twisting environments and battling mythical creatures.

Steamforged calls Bardsung a ‘roguelike’ - a genre of video games where the player’s progress is reset when defeated, and which typically feature procedurally generated environments and unique experiences across multiple runs. The board game’s dungeons and encounters will be procedurally generated using tiles placed during each playthrough, while cards will provide random narrative events.

The studio said players will have a great deal of control over the narrative, with a focus on player agency and a ‘choose your path’ element similar to Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks. The decisions made by players will affect their path through the dungeon, adding another layer of variability between playthroughs.

“We’ve looked to combine a full-strength RPG system with the visual appeal and ease of use of a board game, offering players a huge amount of agency and choice not just over in-game actions, but also over developing their character’s abilities and attributes,” said Steamforged’s creative director Mat Hart, who is serving as lead designer on Bardsung.

Co-designers include Sherwin Matthews, Richard August and Fraser McFetridge, who have contributed to board games including Resident Evil 2 and Godtear. Hart said that Steamforged would also be “collaborating with some seriously exciting talent from around the world, from tabletop gaming through roleplaying specialists to video game developers”. The studio was unable to confirm any of the contributors involved to Dicebreaker.

The game’s artwork comes courtesy of Horizon Zero Dawn and Resident Evil 3 board game artist Doug Telford, along with Russ Charles and Thomas Lishman, who together have worked on Dark Souls: TBG, Godtear, Animal Adventures and the miniatures for Sara Thompson’s Dungeons & Dragons Combat Wheelchair.

Bardsung will launch on Kickstarter this November. Steamforged has confirmed that the game will see a retail release in the future, but said the Kickstarter would include exclusive miniatures and content. A release date and price are yet to be announced.

Bardsung - board game teaser trailer - YouTube

Pledges : jeu à 75 £ (84€)
Frais de port : en sus, estimés à partir de 12-20 £ (13 - 22€). CA: 26-30 £

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Et voici les premières photos du jeu

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Quoi, SG qui fait un jeu qui n’est pas une adaptation ? :scream:

Les figs ont, comme d’habitude, pas mal de gueule. A voir s’il y a un vrai gameplay derrière cette fois ci.

Godtear c’était une adaptation? (vrai question!) En tout cas le gameplay est juste monstrueux.

Non je crois pas. Et Guildball non plus il me semble.

En fait, leurs non-adaptations sont les jeux pour lesquels ils en profitent pour développer le gameplay ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ne pas acheter de licence leur laisse de l’argent à mettre ailleurs :joy:

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Non, godtear n’était pas une adaptation. Guilball non plus. Mais vu le foutage de gueule qu’a été l’arrêt de GB, ils n’auront pas mes sous pour ça :slight_smile:

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Je comprend, même si en même temps l’arrêt d’un jeu revient à ne plus faire de frais dessus, et quand on a déjà de la rejouabilité pour 250k heures de jeu c’est pas plus mal^^ Par exemple Godtear je trouve le gameplay juste royal dans le genre, et je vais systématiquement backer les nouveaux clans. j’en ai déjà 15, il y en a 4 qui arrivent, je pense que ça me suffit (cela dit je ne sait pas de ce qu’il en est de GB).

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Non, mais clairement, il y a des bons côtés à l’arrêt de GB, pour moi et pour mon pote. Mais c’est plus la façon de l’annoncer qui ne m’a pas plu. Forcément que GB ne marche plus si vous ne produisez plus les guildes majeures…

Amuse toi bien avec Godtear :slight_smile:

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Lancement annoncé au 10 novembre, dans un article sur Dicebreaker

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Yes je viens juste de voir ça. Ces mois d’Octobre-Novembre sont chaud chaud chaud en gros KS ^^

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Petit résumé de ce long article de présentation du jeu :


  • À chaque partie, les joueurs devront atteindre un objectif précis
  • Les salles du donjon seront toutes générées aléatoirement avec parfois des voies sans issues, des couloirs ou des pièces pleines d’ennemis
  • Ainsi, que les héros réussissent ou échouent leur mission, la construction du donjon sera toujours différente
  • Des événements vont être générés pendant la partie. Par exemple, de l’eau monte dans la pièce. Les héros pourraient essayer de résoudre le problème pour poursuivre leur chemin. Mais en cas d’échec l’inondation pourrait se propager, bloquer la sortie, forcer les héros à fuir ou à utiliser cela à leur avantage pour piéger des ennemis…


  • Les combats seront très simples. Pas de gestion de cases, mais des simples dégâts de zones (au sein de la pièce) .
  • Lancement de dés pour savoir si on touche ou non
  • Mécaniques supplémentaires comme les coûts normaux vs coûts critiques


  • Gain d’XP
  • Amélioration soit de l’attribut principal du héros afin de le spécialiser dans sa compétence
  • Soit gain de nouvelles habilités, pour le rendre plus polyvalent
  • Arbre de progression également de ses armes
  • Possibilité d’y associer des gemmes pour la rendre plus puissante, plus précise, lui donner un effet (poison, par exemple)
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Un vote pour le 5ème hero … Le virus AR est très contagieux :grin:

Pay attention, friends , for what I am about to share bears great weight for the campaign ahead.

Four heroes are already committed to your cause: The Lightweaver, Nightfeather, Dawnguard, and Stoneheart.

But this is a journey for five, and so your party may hold yet another.

And as luck would have it, two more heroes are yet to emerge. One to be chosen . The other to be earned .

For the hero to be chosen , four worthy contenders will be presented. Once each has been introduced, you must cast your vote on who you will take forward.

For the hero to be earned , one worthy soul will be revealed on the nineteenth day of October. But the clue is in their introduction, and the hero to be earned will not come easy.

They are a proud and noble sort, and won’t pledge loyalty to just anyone. You must prove your worth to earn the honour of counting them amongst your potential party members.

How, you ask? By completing a quest, to be revealed on October 19…

So, four heroes committed, another to be chosen, and another to be earned.

That makes for six in total, you say? But there is room for only five in our party?

Indeed you are correct, and no, I have not forgotten to count!

Should you complete your Earned quest and cast your Chosen vote, your reward will be six legendary heroes to choose from in order to fill your party of five… for the moment.

Are you following, friend? I hope so, for we are about to begin!

:notes: THE HERO TO BE CHOSEN :notes:

So, who shall it be? It’s not for me to give you an answer. I have no preference. I know all sorts of heroes, and the legends that precede them.

Any one of the four contenders you will encounter this week would suit your party.

Now, let us meet the first…

The First Contender ~ :lion: The Lionsoul

The first of the bunch is The Lionsoul, and a more stalwart ally you’d be hard-pressed to find.

Most would recognise them as a paladin by trade; proud of armour and resolve both, an unmovable rock your foes will dash themselves on time after time.

A slow and steady approach might not defeat any many foes as The Stoneheart would—nor with as much flamboyance as The Nightfeather—but I’ll tell you now, The Lionsoul has stamina enough to remain standing long after others would be forced to retire in shame.

Who else, then, a more stalwart or reliable ally in a fight?

Discuss The Lionsoul amongst yourselves, friends, for the Chosen vote is merely days away…

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Et l’autre perso - une tortue certainement géniale elle aussi - pour le vote du 5ème héros…

The Second Contender ̴ :turtle: The Wyldshell

Now, here’s a hero that will bolster your magical arsenal for sure!

True, your average druid is a strange type, spending more time out in the woods with the beasts than they do amongst civilised folk.

Still, I wouldn’t hold that against them. They are probably far better companions than some of the drunks in here!

Druidic craft is quite unlike that of mages and sorcerers, but no less powerful. Trust me, an ally who can marshal the untamed power of wild beasts—or even turn into one—is seldom someone you’ll regret inviting to the party…

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La description du jeu me fait penser a d&d adventures… Et ça ne fait pas envie…

3ème candidat pour le vote

:notes: Set aside your drink and bend your ear. I bring news of the third contender for our Hero to be Chosen!

First, a brief introduction for the new patrons that have since joined us (some 200, by my count!):

Two more heroes are yet to emerge. One to be chosen. The other to be earned.

For the hero to be chosen, four worthy contenders will be presented. Once each has been introduced, you must cast your vote on who you will take forward.

The first of our potential heroes, :lion: The Lionsoul and :turtle: The Wyldshell, have already been introduced.

Today, I bring news of the third!

The Third Contender ̴ :footprints:The Pathseeker

Our last potential hero was a wild sort!

And given we’re speaking of those that dwell in the wilds, I would be remiss to leave out a ranger. Just in case you’d prefer another hero that will strike from afar, like our mage over here gestures in the direction of :sparkles:The Lightweaver, who stands serenely by the window.

If that is indeed your line of thinking, there are few better than The Pathseeker.

For rangers don’t just bring a bow and knives to the fray. Oh, no.

The Pathseeker will be invaluable in sniffing out traps and ambushes well before they cause you harm, and will likely set a few of their own!

And if you’re hunting a special quarry? Well, then, look no further for an expert tracker to boot…

Et le dernier… Kratos… euh non pardon, The Skullsplitter

:notes: Friends, I bring you the final contender for our Hero to be Chosen. Tomorrow, the vote begins!

And tomorrow is indeed an important day, for that is also when we’ll meet our Hero to be Earned, and learn the quest we must complete to earn them!

But for now…

The Fourth Contender ̴ :skull:The Skullsplitter**

Some of the potential heroes we have encountered thus far have favoured a lighter touch. However, there will doubtless be times a delicate or stealthy approach won’t work!

In those moments, you’re going to need raw strength, pure and simple.

For that, a barbarian brute would be my choice. Someone like The Skullsplitter.

Skullsplitter isn’t the most accomplished duellist, but who cares when you can muster power enough to shatter armour and bend steel?

I’ve seen what happens to the unfortunate souls that try to withstand the onslaught. First their arms get tired from blocking, then their guard falters, and then…well, you can see the trophies all too well!

Mécanique d’exploration et construction du donjon

Our hero to be earned was due to arrive this very day, but they have been waylaid ‘til the morrow…

…and, with them, the vote for our hero to be chosen. Still, we have much for you today, friends!

Cast your eye over the visage of The Lightweaver, a hero already committed to our party.

And further, observe promised news from the world beyond!

Within this ‹ post ›, one who calls himself ‘Lead Designer’—a curious title, the meaning of which I am not quite certain—has provided seemingly prophetic insight into how our dungeon exploration may unfold.

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Après lecture de l’article…

SFG présente ça comme, je cite « that also has a unique twist in Bardsung: Exploration. »
Sauf que, comment dire… c’est du vu et du re-vu, archi-re-re-vu.
Par exemple, Gears of War ou encore Shadows of Brimstone.

Mécanique classique ayant déjà fait ses preuves.

Je mets le lien direct du designer diary (le lien fait une redirection vers facebook, qui fait encore une redirection vers le site de SFG).

En tout cas, le jeu me botte bien. Pas sûr du tout que je backe mais intéressant à suivre.

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Ça se saurait si SFG savait faire des jeux…
Déjà que niveau figs c’est pas trop ça…
Aller, au suivant

Merci @Logod. Je rebondis sur ton message pour offrir un petit résumé de l’article :

En général

  • La campagne se jouera en une série de rencontres dans laquelle à chaque fois l’objectif sera simple : trouver des escaliers qui emmèneront plus profondément dans le donjon

  • Il suffira parfois de découvrir des tuiles, explorer certaines salles où trouver un item spécifique pour y parvenir

Tuiles et donjons

  • Le jeu débute sur une tuile de départ
  • Puis le donjon se construit aléatoirement en piochant dans deux paquets de cartes qui représentent une salle du donjon + les éléments/événements/rencontres qu’on doit placer dessus (effectivement, on sent l’inspiration de Shadows of Brimstone :wink:)
  • L’orientation/placement des tuiles est libre mais nécessitera de faire des choix : gagner du temps dans son avancée, mais en étant subitement face à des ennemis ou en choisissant de faire un détour pour éviter une embuscade.
  • Attention également à la construction de son donjon qui pourrait amener à des voies sans issues si les tuiles finissent par se rencontrer/superposer

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