Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum - par Knight Games - fin le 7 février

Y’a un pti gout de Nemesis dans ces tuiles je trouve.

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Y a t-il une once de gameplay quelque part sur le net? :thinking:

Le gameplay devrait arriver un peu plus tard. Ils présentent progressivement les figurines et le matériel. Le KS ne va pas se lancer tout de suite. Octobre à mon avis. En attendant, le nouveau membre suicide Squad est là.

:uk: Polka-Dot Man joins our Kickstater, Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum!

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KM vient de publier un article sur quelques mécaniques de ce B:EFAA

:uk: Greetings! We invite you to enter inside the Arkham Asylum.
In this article we reveal some of the mechanics of the game, so that you can start preparing your escape plan for Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum. And remember … in this game you can be BAD! :point_down:t2:

Hello, there! The bad guys speaking. Let me show you our masterpiece of evil. The new board game of Knight Games called Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum. Don’t worry about the name of Bats in the title, all of us suffer his ego. In this case we are the stars of the show, so if you are a creepy fan of Bats get out of here! This is our game and now is our turn to shine. Remember, we are not monsters, we are just ahead of the curve.

Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum is a semi- cooperative game. The players must think on themselves and on everybody else at the same time to win. In these lines we will explain the dynamics of the game and who to play Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum.


In Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum the plan is the most important point. It instructs the players the conditions of the map, the special effects and the surprises that hidden the game.

The game will contain some fully- detailed escape plans. In this way, each scenario will be fully customizable and guarantees that no two games will be the same.


After choosing the Super Villains and the plan of escape, the players must build the board. The board of the game will be modular, composed of several modules called tiles, each of which represents the halls, corridors and other types of rooms of the Asylum.

There are two types of tiles: rectangles and hexagons. The first ones represent corridors, while the hexagons are rooms, like nursery, audiovisual room or the kitchen. Furthermore, all the rooms are connected by corridors, making multiples scenarios to play. That’s the best part.

However, running through Arkham Asylum will not be that easy. The rooms can have doors and alarms, which will create problems for the players.

After building the board, the players will shift their attention to the Events Cards. This is what adds some randomness to the game. The event cards set unexpected situations that players must address throughout the adventure. Each player will take an Event Card at the beginning of the game.


One of the most important details into the aspect of the game is The Crafting.

To win, some items like a tooth of Killer Croc or the glasses of Hugo Strange, must be crafted or collected along the way. Collecting these objects will be a particular goal to be met by every player.

Some of these objects will be general and relatively easy to collect, while others will be more difficult and related to one of the bosses. The most difficult items will need the help of everyone to be crafted.

DYNAMICS of characters and adversaries.

Each character and boss, has its own Character Card that gives him/her special abilities. The combats don’t be easy. The players will need study these abilities if they want to win the duel.

The more objectives the players meet, the more Infamy Points they will earn, because escaping from the facility will not be enough. The player with the most Infamy Points will the game!


In Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum each round is composed of:


The players will get a character and a group of adversaries. The last ones you will get randomly.

The Player Phase is when the player can perform actions with his/her character. This phase occurs first, and is usually followed other Player Phase until all of them finished their phases, them the Adversary Phase will start in the game. Generally, the phases come in this order.

When the Scenario was built and the players got their Event Card, the players will take another Event Card and will decide an action like moving, attacking or hacking.

Each action will have a cost, normally of one point of action. The players we need to be clever, because if they run out of points of action, they will be useless.

If the players act cleverly and lucky, they will be closer to escaping. However, it they are unlucky or make a bad decision, the Alert Level will increase, and if the Alert Level reaches the maximum Batman will appear!

Beware of Batman because, although he is a freak, he is the most powerful adversary too. He will go after the most successful Super Villain at the moment and he/ she will struggle to survive the attack.

When all the players have performed the actions, the Event Cards that they took at the beginning will develop random events, normally negative ones. They will have to overcome the circumstances to win!


This is one of the funniest moments of the game, because the players will change roles and will play as their own adversaries. Would you prefer to attack your opponents or misguide the wardens and guards to win as a team? That’s your decision! Each player will take a card and play as an adversary miniature to attack a Super Villain.


When everybody has played as an adversary, the round is finished and the players start another one. There will be a limit of rounds, so everybody must be quick in their strategies.

For now, that’s all our little fellas. As you can see here, Batman is doing what he loves, meddling! So, let’s give him a proper welcome. Keep waiting for more information about Batman: Escape from Arkham asylum and don’t forget to be bad! HAHAHAHA

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Des quelques infos que je peux voir, notamment la tête des salles, ce jeu me ferait presque penser à un nemesis; ce qui n’est pas pour me déplaire.

Les tuiles me font plus penser a du black rose wars perso

Poison Ivy sera de la partie…

:uk: Today we show one of the most powerful Super Villains of Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum… Poison Ivy!

Poison Ivy was sentenced to Arkham Asylum several times. In those moments, staying in Arkham’s dark cells, Poison Ivy was wilting. The only option she had to continue with her goal of turning Gotham City into an ecological city was leaving this polluted Asylum.

To do this, she will use all of her toxic abilities to fight her enemies who want to keep her there, leaving the nature of Gotham City abandoned to its own fate.

The powers of Poison Ivy, together with her plants’, will make her a powerful ally. Her particular fight will cause more than one problem in Arkham asylum.

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Et 2 nouveaux persos / figs supplémentaires…

:uk: Greetings Super-Villains!

On your way to escape from Arkham Asylum, you will meet various obstacles. With bosses and their assistants being the main ones.

Like Aaron Cash for example. This Arkham guard has a reputation for being unbelievably tough and unforgiving. His hook he uses as a hand can deliver a blow that can stop your escape.

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Mdr le roux on dirait moi :joy:

Shanks ?
:womans_hat: :arrow_right: :door:

Nouvel article …

Hello Super-Villains! We are rebroadcasting more news of the Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum board game. This time we will talk about the materials included in the box, along with the game preparation so that we get fully into Arkham Asylum.


Everything included in the Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum box has been created with the best materials and has been tested multiple times by our design team to ensure a unique and quality experience that will immerse us in the wildness of Arkham Asylum.

On the one hand, we have the board game made up of cardboard tiles and corridors that are connected to each other. The necessary plastic miniatures and tokens will be placed on the board game.

On the other hand, we have the different varieties of cards that make up the game, along with the control board and different colored dice to differentiate the actions that we have to perform during the game.

Game preparation

In order to start playing Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum we must take into account certain key points of the game.

The first thing is to decide the number of players, considering that it is made from one to five participants. Once decided, each one will choose a Super-Villain to play with.

The next thing is to choose an Escape Plan from those included in Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum. Escape plans carry the information necessary to configure the game and what will happen while playing.

The escape plan indicates the number of rooms that will be used, and the number of additional corridors that must be placed in order to properly develop the objectives of each player such as crafting, combating, etc.

To prepare the rooms, the room of the Cells of the Super-Villains will be placed first. This room is the only one that is turned face up from the beginning. From that moment on they will be placed in contact with up to 3 of the edges of this room, a Corridor and a room chosen at random and face down. This will be the way to place the board game until you have placed all the necessary rooms indicated by the plan.

At that time, additional Corridors may be connected at the players’ discretion.

Finally, the Control Board will be placed with the Alert and Time Meter set at 1.

The Escape plan also shows the player which Boss they will fight against to snatch an iconic object from it (like Aaron Cash’s hook), and also four other objects that each of the other players must find. All of this will be necessary to make the plan a success.

Each object will indicate which room it is in and what are the requirements to be able to obtain it first.

With all these elements ready, each player takes the character cards for each of their Super Villains, the Infamy dial and the tokens associated with their character in order to start the game.

That’s it for today, Super Villains. We hope you found the technical part of the game interesting. We remind you that you can join our Injustice League by subscribing to our updates so we can properly welcome our Bats this fall at the Kickstarter launch of Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum. BE BAD!

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Je crois que je n’ai jamais souhaité/désiré un jeu KS autant que celui-ci… Affreux.
STFU and take my money!

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Là je vois des tuiles hexagonales que des effets de jeu peuvent retourner… ça ressemble un peu à Black Rose Wars à votre avis ?

Cette phase là a l’air de s’en inspirer. Et voilà un autre article. Ils semblent accélérer le rythme…

Hello, my little inmates! Bad guys speaking. We report from the small party that we have set up inside the Arkham Asylum to explain our plans to escape from this place in the wildest and funniest way that we have come up with. What better way to say goodbye to our Bats with what he most lacks?

The Escape Plan is the card that will determine the conditions of the game along with the objectives that we need to win. In it, the final boss we face will be exposed, along with four additional objectives that are designed to adapt the plan to the number of players (1-5). To achieve these objectives, there are some steps to be completed that are specified below each goal. For instance, in Aaron Cash’s plan, the Super-Villains must take his hook to get out!

This card will also show the number of rooms and corridors that the board game will have depending on the number of players. This way, with 5 players, all the objectives will be used in addition to the indicated maximum number of rooms and corridors. On the contrary, if only one person is going to play, the objective of the boss and the basic number of corridors indicated by the card for one person will be taken into account.

Apart from this, the Escape Plan also shows us which are the elite opponents and the handicaps that the game will have inside the strange rooms of the Arkham Asylum. The plan also shows us in detail the objects that must be found for the plan to be a success.

The first thing we have to do is determine how many players the game is going to have, remembering that the game is made to be 1 to 5 players. Each one of them will choose a Super-Villain to create chaos inside Arkham Asylum, and once we are ready, we will only have to follow the plan to delve into the most fun of all, playing Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum!

The escape attempt

If you meet all the goals, except taking the boss’s object, we will turn the Escape Plan over to begin the escape attempt. The back of the card contains a mini board game that takes you on the run. As soon as it is turned over, the models move to this board game to advance through this last section towards the boss.

How to defeat the final boss? In the case of the Escape Plan of Aaron Cash, we can see how there are three rooms, the last one being the boss’. We as players could go directly to Aaron Cash without going through the other cells, but we must bear in mind that if we do it, stealing his hook will be more difficult than if we previously collect those advantages that the previous cells give us.

The way to face these challenges is up to each individual. It is the beauty of residing in such a « special » place as Arkham Asylum that the normal is weird.

As you can see, we have developed an infallible Escape Plan that will help us get out of here before Brucey ruins everything. We say goodbye remembering that if you want to know more about Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum, stay tuned for our updates until this Fall where its Kickstarter will be launched. BE BAD!

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Et voici Jonathan Crane aka l’Epouvantail…

:uk: This week Knight Games has shown several novelties of our new Kickstarter project, Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum. Today we would like to show you a new miniature, and it is really scary… Scarecrow!!

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Spikey Bits a écrit un article sur B:EFAA dans lequel on peut voir un exemple de set up de tuiles…

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Nouvel article sur les mécaniques…

Hello Super-Villains! We’re broadcasting your favorite newscast from Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum to explain one of the key aspects of the game: the actions.

Let’s start with the basics. During each round the player has six actions to perform with his/her miniature. In each turn one or two actions are used and the turn is passed to the next player to act in the same way. When all the players have spent their actions, the round is over.

For example, the first action you could perform with your miniature is moving. The movement spends one action point for each tile you go to, therefore, if you decide to move it one tile, you will only be able to carry out another action. However, if you decide to move your Super-Villain through two places, your turn will end.

There are some actions that cost zero Action Points, like collecting. You’ll have to roll the dice, though, and you can fail. Things are not easy at Arkham Asylum!

For the second thing you could do in Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum, you have multiple possibilities, such as collecting an object, crafting, reducing the alarm level… or combating.

Any of these actions will allow the player not only to advance the game and improve the skills of his/her miniature, but also to obtain Infamy Points that will determine which player is the winner. These points will be obtained by successfully carrying out attacks on the opponent, completing objectives, etc.

If at any time the miniature has a condition relevant to its actions, such as being stunned, it may lose certain actions for this round and you will have to adjust your plan to this new situation.

The player will follow the Escape Plan to complete the objectives and go to the Final Phase where all the Super-Villains will meet the Final Boss. If they escape, the Infamy Points will determine who is the winner of the game.

This is only a small part of everything that can be done in Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum.

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Dernier article en date posté aujourd’hui…

Hello Super Villains! We return with new information about the game Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum . In this case we will talk about an essential element to prepare the game: the Board Game.

The board game is an important component of the game, not only for supporting the game, but also for generating a wild environment typical of the Arkham Asylum.

Its surface will allow you to place the miniatures, tokens and all the necessary elements to create a fully customizable game.

After choosing your Super-Villain and the Escape Plan, players must build the board in order to start playing.

As you can see, the board game of Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum is modular and is made up of several segments called Tiles, each of which represent the cells, corridors and other types of rooms of the Asylum. All of them are made of cardboard and connected to each other creating a unique board game that will vary depending on the game, creating multiple scenarios to play.

There are two types of panels, rectangular and hexagonal. The first ones represent corridors, while the hexagons are rooms, like the nursery, the audiovisual room or the kitchen. Their position on the board game will vary as they will be placed face down following a simple order that we will explain next.

When the board is being assembled, these modules will be placed face down adding the number of additional corridors that will be indicated in the Escape Plan, always depending on the number of players stipulated for the game. In this way, if a game has the maximum number of players (5), the number of rooms will be used (5) and the number of corridors indicated in the escape plan for this group (8). On the contrary, if only one person is going to play, the basic number of corridors indicated by the card for one person will be considered.

To prepare this board game, the room with the cells of the Super-Villains will be placed first. It will be the only room that will be placed face up at the beginning of the game. From that moment the rest of the tiles will be placed in contact with up to three of the edges of that cell, a corridor and a room upside down chosen at random. Once all the rooms have been incorporated, the additional corridors can be connected at the discretion of the players to adapt the board to the game that is going to be played.

In this way we will arrange the board until we have incorporated all the necessary rooms indicated by the plan. Now we will only have to escape from the Arkham Asylum in the most fun way possible. However, running through Arkham Asylum will not be that easy. The rooms can have doors and alarms, which will create problems for the players. Do you accept the challenge?

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C’est Nemesis version Arkahm Asylum ? :smiley:

De là à ce qu’on ait des aliens :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: En attendant c’est Harvey Dent alias Double-Face qui est à l’honneur…

:uk: Flip a coin!

The last main character of Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum has finally arrived!

Harvey Dent, famous District Attorney, but even more famous criminal mastermind, is also an inmate of the asylum who is willing to get out as fast as possible.

And we can show you his beautiful miniature…

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