Black Rose Wars Rebirth - par Ludus Magnus

Passé un certain stade, normalement les annonces d’expédition ne sont plus forcément une bonne nouvelle car il faut mettre en vente un autre jeu pour faire de la place (ou un enfant mais c’est moins accepté par l’entourage).

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Je vais oublié aussi je crois avec ma mémoire légendaire :sweat_smile: mais je vais quand même croiser les doigts pour qu’il arrive avant septembre 2023 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Salut tout le monde ^^

Petite question sleeves :
j’ai vu que LMS avait indiqué les tailles pour ceux ci : Spell card 63x88
Référence card 70x120
Mini card 44x67

Mais je ne trouve pas les dimensions des autres cartes : commands cards, avatar cards, jinx cards, evocation cards, event/quest card?

Merci à vous!

A moins qu’ils aient modifié depuis BRW, ces cartes là sont au format mini (le plus petit).

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Nouvelle update…

Update #53 - Into The Apocalypse!

Welcome to the first update of 2023!

Let’s kick off the new year with an update dedicated entirely to the expansion that will most significantly shake up the way you play BRW/Rebirth: Apocalypse!

The Four Horsemen are ready to enter the Lodge!

We’ve previously dedicated a lot of space to this expansion, but now that we’ve completed all of the work on it, we can show you the final material.

As you all know, this expansion adds four New Mages, in the form of the Four Horsemen, and each of them adds their own School of Magic, dedicated to their « sphere of interest. »

School of War

Bellum will bring the School of War, a mix of destruction and Artifacts that will make you turn anything that dares face you into dust. With the new keyword « Restore, » many of the War spells will regenerate your Physical Action Tokens, allowing you to do many more Physical Actions during an Action Phase! This is a School as direct as it is effective.

School of Death

Mors, with her School of Death, will add the Destiny Tokens mechanic. These new tokens will interact with many of the Spells of this School and, in some instances, will allow you to gain Trophieseasily or eliminate as you please a Mage who has earned at least 3 Destiny tokens.

School of Pestilence

Pestilentia will bring the…well the School of Pestilence. Pestis (the rats!), a new special Evocation unique to this School, will roam the Lodge, disseminating Infectio Tokens. These tokens progressively consume the Mages who possess them. Moreover, the Spells of this School inflict other purulent effects! In a nutshell, this is a school for those who don’t have a weak stomach!

School of Famine

Finally, Fames, with his School of Famine, will experiment with the new Starve and Feed mechanics. Through Starve, you will deprive your opponents of their valuable cubes from their pool, slowing (and sometimes even blocking!) their strategy. Feed will return the cubes to their owners, but it will also significantly improve your Spells!

Each Horseman has their own double-sided Mage Card. On one side, you will find the « standard Mage » version to play in a normal BRW/Rebirth game. On the other side, you will instead find the version of them to play in Apocalypse Mode. In this mode, each player will control a Horseman and use a « pre-made » deck consisting of all the cards from their school plus their Personal Spell.

Four Horsemen Mage cards

Apocalypse mode will serve as an introduction to the real novelty of this expansion: the Tournament Mode! In this mode, you will be able to create the Mage of your dreams and their own personal Grimoire!

By spending 10 Creation Points, you can decide on characteristic values and give them special feats, creating your preferred build. Feats will give you new Physical Action or allow you to ignore some of the restrictions on building your Grimoire.

You will create your Mage spending Creation Points to buy powerful Feats

That’s right because, in addition to your Mage, you can also create your ownGrimoire, inserting the Spells you like, creating unprecedented combinations and game dynamics.

Finally, we have included a whole series of Options to create your favoriteTournament Format. The tournament organizer can decide which of these options to include, creating ever-changing tournament formats! Of course, many of these options are also perfectly usable in a regular BRW/Rebirth game. This mode will change the way you play Rebirth, and it’s one of the features that make this Expansion a must-have for all BRW and Rebirth fans!

New Options to create your Tournament Format

The Apocalypse material is being proofread, and we will make it available for download in the next update so that you may give us feedback and… why not? Try out the new mechanics already with your copy of BRW.

Concerning production, we confirm that we are meeting the timeline we shared with you last September. The game design of all the game material is finished! The massive Rotas Box has also been completed, and the ENG and ITA files are currently being finalized before being submitted to the various language translators. We will be able to let you appreciate all of its contents, box by box, as soon as the next update.

As of now, we can confirm the time range we gave you in our previous timeline, and we believe that next summer will be extremely hot in the Lodge!

As always, we look forward to your feedback on Apocalypse and its amazing content!

That’s all for today, see you next month with the first update on the Rotas box!!


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Ben je miserai pas un penny sur le fait qu’ils traduisent tout en 1 mois…

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Ils pourraient lancer les prints EN et ITA avant, ça va occuper les rotatives plus d’un mois déja laissant un peu de temps aux autres langues. Mais a moins qu’ils aient partagé des versions de travail et des elements plus avancé c’est extrêmement ambitieux malgré tout. Et généralement tu lances tout a la chaine…

On va miser la réception pour septembre comme ça tranquillou à la rentree :grin:

Sur le graphique, ça représente plutôt 6 mois. Ça chevauche la partie game design, mais ils doivent avoir finalisé certains trucs depuis (boite de base, puis certaines extensions, etc.) qui ont permis de d’avancer sur la traduction.

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Je laisse mon jalon de septembre aussi, là où il est depuis le début, de mémoire :grin:

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Vu les volumes, ça ne pose pas le moindre problème. Après, je ne dis pas qu’ils y arriveront, hein, mais il n’y a clairement pas un mois de travail pour traduire et relire BRW, même avec toutes les extensions du monde. :wink:

Si tu l’as en hiver 2024 ça sera déjà bien je pense :smiley: .

Pas un souci non plus si c est le cas enfin en ce qui me concerne :grin:

Oh mais j’ai jamais dit qu’il y a avait plus d’un mois de travail
Simplement qu’ils ne le feraient pas en 1 mois :wink:

Moi tant que ça arrive ça me va #Village-Attacks

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Nouvelle update…

Update #54 - The Wind from the North

Hello, Magisters!

After last month’s rich update, which showed you Apocalypse and made your mouth water for the fantastic Tournament mode, let’s start a series of updates to get to know the 6 expansions that make up the huge Rotas Box, starting with the wild North Winds!

North Winds Box!

The main protagonist of this expansion is definitely Odin, an Avatar in search of his new champion and with very original mechanics. When included in a game as an Avatar, the Lodge will also feature his nemesis Vitnir, the monstrous wolf destined to kill the lord of Valhalla. Odin will test you and you must prove yourself worthy of becoming his Champion by facing both him and Vitnir. You will thus have two great threats roaming the Lodge, and you must make the most of your Grimoires to get the better of both!

Odin’s Avatar card

To gain Odin’s favor, you must collect Champion tokens, which can be obtained in a variety of ways, the most effective (but also the most dangerous) being defeating the Wolf Vitnir, who, however, will become stronger and stronger each time it is defeated… after all, becoming a god’s champion is a dangerous job!

Odin’s Command cards

Both Odin and Vitnir can also be summoned to the Lodge thanks to two new Forgotten Spells, in matches where Odin is not used as an Avatar.

The other star of the expansion is the new mage, The Druid Kormak, who brings along the Druidic School of Magic.

Kormak and his Personal Spell

The Druidic School is designed for Magisters who enjoy close contact. It introduces two new Evocations, the powerful Ursa and the very useful Crocodilus. It also introduces the Transformation mechanics in BRW:R.

New Transformation rules!

As compared to BRW, Transformations have undergone a substantial change. A Transformation Spell now has no light or dark side but, once revealed, is flipped to provide all the rules of Transformation: either Bjorn (the bear) or Loki (the crocodile). During the next Clean-up phase, a Transformed mage may decide not to discard the Transformation spell and move it by keeping it revealed in the third slot. This is to indicate that they will remain transformed even in the next turn, in which they can only play 3 spells instead of the usual 4. A Mage remains transformed until they are defeated or until they discard the Transformation Spell.

While Transformed, a Mage cannot use Equipments, so be careful when mixing the Druidic school with schools that make extensive use of them, such as War or Forge!

Some Spells from Druidic School

Another thing you’ll have to be careful about is the availability of miniatures, since Transformations use the same miniatures as the Ursa and Crocodilus Evocations, and you won’t be able to Transform if these are all already in play. This is a limitation that serves to balance the considerable power of Transformations, which allow a Mage to become truly powerful physically while being able to continue casting their Spells.

In addition, North Winds adds a new Room, the Abyss of Hel, which you can use in any game by substituting it for the Abyss, or in the Legendary Scenario dedicated to it.

The new Room: Abyss of Hel

In conclusion, like all the Rotas Box Expansions, North Winds truly adds a lot of material to make your BRW:R games unique.

As always, let us know what you think!

Before we say goodbye, here’s a quick status report. We are currently nearing the end of work on all the ENG and ITA files of all the printed material and expect to start sending the files to the factory within a few days. FR, GER, and ESP translations are still underway, but we have decided to start printing the material in ITA and ENG in advance of the other languages, in order to reduce downtime and optimize production of the other languages as well, by the time the files are ready. According to our plans, this should be done by the end of March.

Summer is approaching, and so is the arrival of Rebirth on your tables!

In March we will share all the rulebooks in ENG and ITA. With the Apocalypse rulebook you will be able to try the tournament format right away, and, for those of you coming to Modena Play 2023 in May, the chance to participate in the first official tournament!

See you in the next Update!


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Je suis impressionné, ils ont l’air de tenir à peu près les délais, on verra si la prod démarre bien dans un mois mais ça donne l’impression qu’ils évoluent dans le bon sens c’est cool :slight_smile:

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Bon après ça avance bien en anglais et italien… j’espère que le français et les autres langues ne seront pas trop retardé quand même

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Est ce que ça pourrait intéresser quelqu’un de reprendre mon pledge sec ? Sinon je demanderai un refund (si toutefois ils y répondent…)

Actu 55:

Avec un lien pour les règles tournois .

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