Breadmaker: Nouvelle plateforme de crowdfunding spécialisée jeux


Can you summarize the key ways you differentiate Breadmaker from other crowdfunding platforms?

  • Clear Focus on Tabletop: We’re focused specifically and solely on tabletop games and accessories, which allows us to standardize visual information like player count, theme, etc into the platform.
  • Accountability: We’ll vet every project and creator to see if their product is ready.
  • Retailer Support: We’ll facilitate pledges from both individual consumers and retailers, with retailers receiving regular notifications with all eligible, active products to make it easier for them to pledge to a variety of projects.

Suite de l’interview sur le blog de Jamey :

Je suis très circonspect pour l’instant :

  • au lancement du site, le créateur n’a pas réussi à démarcher quelques porteurs de projets pour qu’il y ai déjà des campagnes et pas un site complètement vide, ça inspire pas beaucoup de confiance dans le sérieux du site
  • ok, ils vont vérifier le sérieux des porteurs de projets, mais qui ? Comment ? Qu’est-ce qui nous dit qu’ils sont qualifiés et compétent pour ça ?

Oui un site vide de contenu, ça fait un peu peur et me donne une impression d’amateurisme dans la démarche. Mais passons, certains géants ont démarré dans un garage.
Non ce qui sera le plus difficile pour eux c’est d’espérer prendre un morceau du marché à KS et je ne parle même pas de les remplacer, même en se limitant au marché du jeu de plateau.
A suivre quand même :slight_smile:

Oui et puis quel valeur ajoutée ? Car des projets "non livré " en jds il n’y en a pas tant que ça. Donc pourquoi les gens se detourneraient de ks et pourquoi les porteurs iraient la?


Il faudrait vraiment t qu’ils prennent un très faible pourcentage…

L’article de stonmaier apporte pas mal de réponse, notamment sur la spécificité et le fait qu’à priori ils ont une fanbase (comment d’ailleurs pas compris) mais c’est 2% plus cher. A suivre…


Bon apparemment ils n’ont pas encore officiellement lancé (mais dans ce cas la pub sur le blog de Jamey est très malvenue).

Pas évident de se faire une place avec KS à coté … Bref, à suivre … Mais sans tirer un ou deux projets qui a une grosse fanbase derrière ça va être dur …


Hi everyone, thank you for your comments. I found some traffic coming from this site and thought I’d stop by to say hello and offer answers to any questions you may have. I’ve answered many questions in more detail at the article link OP posted.

It’s no secret to me that getting initial momentum will either make or break our platform, no doubt about it. We are asking publishers who are looking to « take a chance » in a company that is run by someone within their community for the better of their community. We’re focused solely on Tabletop Games and Accessories and will be further integrating ourselves within the ecosystem as we progress further.

Really « taking a chance » is not a great way to look at this though. At worst, the publisher’s brand will be seen as attempting to invest in a community-run company to better support tabletop games, and at worst, they’ll fund their campaign and deliver another successful game. So we’re looking for those partners who are willing to work with us in these initial stages.

I think Jamey agreeing to interview me says a lot about his own thoughts on the platform, and I think there’s something to be said for that level of credibility if nothing else.

I’ll check back here to answer any other questions you might have about Breadmaker Games. If you haven’t check it out or my interview with Jamey out, they’re both below. Thank you for your comments.


Hi Larry,

welcome here ! You are in one of the main online places where we talk about tabletop crowdfunding. However, as you have noticed, this is a French speaking place, so good luck with that :stuck_out_tongue: You even probably have heard some jokes before about the French language skills. They are not true ! Well, not completely, at least :slight_smile:

But anyway, if you have used some translation means, you may have noticed that most of the reactions to this interview and announcement is basically about wondering how you’ll manage to attract people when comparing with the huge audience of KS. So… wait and see :slight_smile:

And in the meantime, still, some questions: will there be integrated/easy means on Breadmaker to display pages translated in other languages than English ? What about the variety of payment solutions ? And when will you go ‹ online › ?

And that’s it for the moment.


Hi Krinie, thanks for the welcome. I am using my native Google Translate to get a rough translation of everyone’s comments. I’m understanding that the volume of traffic is a big concern for my platform.

I haven’t integrated anything for language translation other than English at this time. It would be possible to insert a Google Translate widget of sorts to help with this. Certainly can be done.

Right now, we’re only able to work through Stripe payments for our processor. This is the case because Paypal and their associated products will not approve my application given my lack of payment processing history along with the fundraising model that I’m proposing. So at this point, we’re using Stripe since they’re really the only other processor that supports pre-approved payments necessary for an all-or-nothing crowdfunding model.

Ideally, we plan to officially launch by the end of February this year. This is assuming we have at least a few campaigns ready for the oven by that time. We have some interested parties at this time, but we’re really looking to partner with publishers early on to help us with our launch. If this isn’t the case, we’ll likely postpone our launch till we can find a few publishers to try out our platform.

Thank you for your questions. I hope you’ll consider baking on Breadmaker Games. :slight_smile:

I don’t think having an automatic Google Translate widget will be very helpful, but it could be a really good idea (and again a plus compared to KS) to integrate a tool so project creator can create different pages for their campaign in different languages (and let them handle the translation how they want to).
Many project creator currently have to create/host/use 3rd party to do a mirror page of the KS in their own language, having this directly integrated in your website will ease their life.

Better than Google Translate : DeepL Translator (

C’est marrant car en lisant les résultats annuels 2017 de KS hier, je me disais que c’était le moment de lancer une plateforme dédiée au JdP comme l’a fait Fig pour le jeu vidéo récemment. On voit clairement que la croissance de KS n’est portée quasi que par le JdP, ce qui risque d’être un problème pour eux très rapiement.

De fait je pense sincèrement que c’est le moment pour une plateforme conçue pour le JdP de se lancer. Malgré ses qualités, KS n’est pas optimal pour présenter un projet JdP. Et je pense que les backers de JdP n’auraient aucun mal à changer de plateforme très rapidement si la dite plateforme répond aux attentes et surtout propose des projets bien sûr.

@Romn @Grumf I completely agree about your translation concerns. This is certainly something we’ll look into. Right now we’re really focusing on making sure our core competencies are working smoothly. Kind of a cart before the horse situation in this way. But if it’s something we can implement efficiently, we’ll definitely do it prior to launch.

@Alkaias I don’t think supporters would have a problem supporting on a new platform. A great game is a great game no matter where you purchase it from. The problem has been convincing publishers to try a new platform like Breadmaker Games when they’ve seen so much success and streamlining through KS. If we can convince a couple of decently-known publishers with a fanbase behind them, I’m confident we can snowball into a profitable venture. Acquiring these first few early adopters is the challenge.

We had that exact conversation a while ago, I think it was for the KS redesign : KS is the king of the crowdfunding despite all its flaws. You have to rely on third-parties to add options to a pledge (add-ons), to manage shipping when the project is completed and you know exactly the size and prize of the shipping, to manage translations, the UI is atrocious, … it’s a really bad platform. But it’s the leader, and therefore every one is using it (and by « it », i mean kickstarter, AND one of the bazillion pledge manager, every one of them needing of course your personal data, and the buyer has to use the PM chosen by the project manager).

I hope your project will be able to gain some traction.

Anything that allows for healthy competition with KS is good to take. KS has been resting on its laurels for far too long and ignores legitimate criticisms of its operation.
A platform dedicated to board games is therefore welcome, but it will be necessary to bring a real added value to both project leaders and backers.

Translated by Deepl Translator

One of the major problems on the KS platform is the lack of involvement in the relations between buyers and project owners, especially when concerns about delays, follow-up or honesty in relation to what has been announced.
I realize that it must be relatively difficult to take sides or admonish a partner, but in some recent cases this would seem necessary. Do you think you can bring something new and reassuring to the supporters in this sense?

thanks in advance