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Pour moi je resterai sur le plastique (beaucoup trop cher le métal) et je pense aussi faire l’impasse sur la peinture car le prix est finalement plus cher qu’annoncé au départ

Ba c’est clair, c’est cher, mais éventuellement je pourrais me faire plaisir, si j’étais certain de la qualité des peintures ou des fig métales … j’ai l impression que pour le moment c est à l’état de projet, mais qu il y a peu ou pas de rendu.

Tous les vehicules en métal !!! c’est l’aboutissement total du jeu. il faut avouer que ce n’est pas courant… … ca me rappelle trop mon enfance… et à l’idée de manipuler à nouveau tous ces petits chars en métal ! c’est régressif…

Bah je sens que je vais craquer ! mais mon dieu que chez cher !!!


J’ai du mal à comprendre toutes les mécaniques du jeu avec la page ks et les vidéos.

Est on loin d’un mémoire 44 ? Et si oui en mieux, en moins bien, en plus stratégique ?

Et sera t’il possible de viser un late pledge ou c’est trop tard?

Merci d’avance de vos retours.

Je n’ai jamais joué à Mémoire 44 mais Company of heroes est plus tactique, avec notamment de la gestion de ressources en capturant des points stratégiques (manpower, munitions, carburant ou pts de victoire).

Un round de jeu se déroule en 3 phases:

  • Phase de manoeuvre: chaque joueur peut dépenser jusqu’à 9 points de déplacement entre chacune de ses unités (max 3 par unité)

  • Phase de combat: par défaut chaque unité génère un point de dégât, et après il y a les bonus/malus en fonction du type d’unités, de leurs caractéristiques et des éventuelles couvertures (ex: infanterie inefficace contre blindés et vice-versa, couverture dans un bâtiment, etc.)

  • Phase de support: production de ressources en fonction des points stratégiques contrôlés, capture des points stratégiques, recrutement de nouvelles unités, amélioration des unités avec l’expérience obtenue en combat.

Le late pledge est possible de deux façons: dans les 2-3 semaines qui viennent sur leur site aux mêmes tarifs que le KS, sinon le PM ouvrira en octobre et les prix seront légèrement plus élevés. Dans les 2 cas, on continuera de débloquer les SG :

Les Late Pledges sont ouverts sur le site

Les tarifs sont les mêmes que le KS pour les 10 prochains jours, ensuite les prix augmenteront.

Et les SG continuent d’être débloqués avec les Late Pledges!!


Pas encore de PM?

Pas encore, courant janvier ou début février normalement


Update #27 avec un aperçu du matériel :


Update #30, avec une vidéo intéressante sur les nouveaux buildings, après le pool :

"# Attention Soldiers!

High Command has instructed us to forward their appreciation to you for your patience during this long winter and for holding the line against all enemies. As the winter thaws into spring, our supply trucks and logistical divisions are moving again at full speed. We have several items to discuss in today’s briefing so lets get down to business shall we?

Building Poll Results

First lets discuss your response to the new building proposed for Terrain Pack 1. The response was over 96% in favor of rectangular buildings; but within that majority 82% wanted open backs and 18% wanted closed backs. Also some wanted the buildings to over-hang less and tile together so we can create rows of townhomes etc… Here is a summary of the differences and play modes these new buildings create with our solution at the bottom this section.

The advantages of closed backs is cosmetic.

The advantages of open backs is they facilitate 3 alternate modes of play at the risk of not looking as good as closed backs.

You can see our solution in this video but take note that these are very quick and dirty building prints and final quality will be much much better.

You can see our solution in this video but take note that these are very quick and « low res » building prints to test size scale and function so final quality will be much much better.

The first mode being that you can place more than one squad in a building, which creates some emphasis on occupying buildings, something the designers want. Which also adds some emphasis to some of our armored HE vehicles assault guns like SturmTigers, Sturm Panzers, SU-76, Priests, Sextons, Calliope’s and other assault guns and motorized howitzers. Something else the designers want.

The 2nd mode introduces a surprisingly high amount of Fog Of War into the game. For some players it will be a lot of FOW, for others it will be just a dash; but for the playtesters concealing units inside a building led to constant surprises. In this mode, units can be moved inside the building until an enemy comes within sight range, at which time the unit is placed on top of the roof. The 3rd mode is a combination of the two above modes, which function fine together, but is slightly more cumbersome as the building itself is lifted to reveal units inside when more than one squad occupies the building.

But these alternate game modes are relatively subtle in context of the entire game system of Company of Heroes, they are just small tweaks that help bring in some elements from the video games that the board game was lacking. Still, we the playtesting team and designers are big fans of these modes. But we also like curb appeal. Thus here is our solution: Open AND Closed buildings.

Final Building Version: This solution came from Marcel our community liaison who has also been doing a great job keeping the community up to date, answering questions and conducting informal briefings. His idea was to create a 3rd piece that slides into tracks designed into the building to form a closed back or can be removed for the alternate game modes discussed above. This is the version we are proceeding with :slight_smile: The test prints proved this idea works very well, the tongue-in-groove slots system holds this back wall in place firmly yet is easy to remove when you want to. Thank you backers for all the great feed back and responses. We have one more poll for you down below regarding the WorldBuilder Pack.


Some of you may be getting antsy for the pledge manager and we do not blame you. We would like to discuss what we have been working on and why the pledge manager has been pushed back.

  1. GAMEFOUND Pledge Manager System by Awaken Realms. We have decided to switch to GAMEFOUND a pledge manager system created and hosted by Awaken Realms, one of our favorite board game companies. The primary reason for this is because Awaken Realms is such a cool company that they do not charge a commission on funds collected through Gamefound. This means we do not have to charge an extra 5% on top of your shipping and any other upgrades you purchase!

But Gamefound is a technical departure from the CrowdOx system we are so comfortable with and this switch required rebuilding our exporting and importing process from scratch. There were quite a few seemingly simple challenges to figure out, for example we had to find solutions to make sure all of your late backer items are imported and priced correctly and any free early bird packs and Easter Reinforcement packs are incorporated correctly, while still remaining a purchase-able item for others. We had all this figured out for CrowdOx but Gamefound required approaching these from new angles. Riley has learned the GameFound system and tested it exhaustively and is in the process of completing the final import of all of your kickstarter data into it this week.

We will have a final update right before the Pledge Manager to discuss any intricacies of GAMEFOUND and explaining how it all works. So far we think it is going to be a very slick and organized system :slight_smile:

  1. Alternative Fulfillment System for EU. Amazon EU recently changed their Multi-Channel Fulfillment program and its pricing, switching to a system that emphasizes single item orders rather than our 6-11 sku bundles which receive zero discount per additional item. This makes the shipping of our bundles more expensive that we anticipated or would like. We have had our EU receiving, warehousing, pick and pack and shipping numbers figured out for 6 months but this recent change forced us to look for better solutions for you. Fortunately we are locking down the alternative fulfillment solution for the EU and surrounding regions now, but it has taken a lot of time to research and calculate the alternatives. We are down to two fulfillment solutions: the leading one being Poland based LOGISTIKO, (if any of you have experience with them please let us know). We have to have all of our shipping and fulfillment costs dialed in accurately in order to launch the Pledge Manager, as one of the major functions of the PM is to collect shipping costs; hopefully at the cheapest rates possible.

  2. Product Finalizations. Before we can launch the pledge manager we have to make sure all of our products old and new are finalized and completed. This is the final chance for backers to make corrections, changes or additions and we need to provide you with as much information and final specs as possible. Some questions have arisen for us regarding the two Pledge Manager exclusive items: the Terrain Pack 2 and the WorldBuilder Pack. TP2 recently finished its final design and the WorldBuilder is the last component under-going design other than final edits and proofreading to rulebooks and packaging approval from SEGA. The Worldbuilder question is posed below as one of the last community design polls for the First Edition. We will have more to discuss about Terrain Pack 2 within a week as we need some input and feedback before we proceed; but we will cover all that in the next update once we have all relevant photographs for you.


There have been so many loose ends to finish up to prepare to send the print materials to China before the miniatures are finished. We are a couple weeks behind where we wanted to be on April 15th due to some of the changes mentioned above. But we hope to either catch up or at least not extend delays any further. Here are some of the tasks the design team has been working on:

  1. Product Packaging Design. We have been designing the final packaging for all 12 skus. The KickStarter had some good starts on packaging design but a unified art direction was lacking in some cases so we wanted to shift the art direction of some of the boxes to be more in line with each other. (We want them to look great all stacked up on top of each other :slight_smile: Also the most complex part of a board game box is actually the back; something that wasn’t ever designed for the KS, but our assistant graphic designer Michelle has been creating some beautiful packaging over the past five weeks and is almost finished. Here’s some work in progress, note we still have some adjustments and colorization to add to the artwork on some of these covers.

Packaging design is almost complete. Our artist is still in the process of modifying and colorizing some of the more stark black and white imagery however, so not all images shown above are final.

  1. Rulebook and Mission Booklet Edits. The lead designer and his assistant have been working extensively on improving all of the booklets of the Company of Heroes board game in response to the fabulous crowd edits and suggestions that have been made. The comments have been particularly excellent and useful. 95% of all comments are obvious improvements or at least highlight possible issues, so we wanted to thank all of the contributors. The lead designer was hoping to have the 3rd version of the rulebook incorporating all second round edits for this update but the edits required extensive structural and layout changes and we did not want to delay this update for it. The mission booklet is not quite ready for crowd editing but it should be by next week. It will not require as much editing as the rulebook however.

We are putting the final touches on the mission booklet and reference guide which will contain over 20 map scenarios, set scenarios, references, advanced rules, alternative play modes and more.

  1. More Map Development and Mission Booklet Assets. The mission booklet has come along very well, and over the past several weeks some new maps have been tested and developed to include in it. For example, we have some delightful mini-maps for 2 players developed based on each of the standard maps, i.e. these use a single panel of those maps with alternate resource locations, setup and objectives. These make great intro scenarios for new players as they are very infantry-based with shorter game times. We have also developed some mini-map set scenarios for you like Last Stand at Mt. Cassino, where an un-supplied and cut off German Company defends a mountain monastery against waves of US forces. These are all included in the 2 player and 4 player Core Sets :slight_smile: We are looking at a total of 20 distinct map combinations and scenarios in the Core Set alone.

These adorable little maps are actually delightful scenarios that are completely distinct from each other tactically.

We have spent a lot of time crafting and testing multiple map combinations. The move-able objective tokens ended up being essential for this wide range of maps.

We are especially proud of the large size and huge size « combo » maps. These are constructed by combining different map types to create an entirely different tactical environment. In addition to these « combo » maps we have also created 4 « Pure » maps that are created by tiling the medium maps together if you own an extra 2 player or 4 player set. i.e. a three panel Trois Ponts map. This required us to change all of the objective point locations and general strategic setup and then test them. They turned out great, but we still have a few more of the huge maps to finish developing. Also the Mini Map of Hill 331 needs some revision as it is such an asymmetrical map.

Manufacturing Progress

All Vehicle and Infantry Molds are nearing completion. Once complete we will have hit a major milestone, and other elements of the project will start to be on the clock while the factory begins the process of producing 500,000 vehicles and 1,000,000 infantry figures (which they estimate will take 30 days).

Terrain Pack 1 building molds and Terrain Pack 2 molds have not begun the forging process. Nor has the vacuum molds for the component trays but those will not take as much time to forge nor will those terrain items take as much time to manufacture as all the vehicles and infantry. (There is an order of magnitude more vehicles and infantry for our factory to produce). Terrain pack 1 flags, flag poles and defensive fortifications have begun their mold process already. We are cutting it close however and need to begin the remaining molds asap. Depending on your feedback the factory is set to begin Terrain Pack 1 molds now as soon as we give them the go ahead. We will keep you informed if we see any delay on these molds.

The pre-mixed acrylic for the dice has arrived at a separate factory, where they will begin full scale production of the dice in the next week which will take approximately 2 weeks to complete.

Printed components are nearing the point where they will be sent to the Factory for production as well i.e. Building boards, tokens, tiles, HQ boards, Commander Cards, map boards, and all of the packaging and boxes. These are produced at a third location. Booklets may trail behind as we continue to proof-read, edit and tweak and then send out for translation.

What’s behind schedule? There are a few elements that are behind schedule: One is the final version of the Stalingrad map and another is the final design of the supply crate / war chest. The former because our lead designer is picky and has revisited this map probably too many times and the latter because there are a few data points we need solved before proceeding with the final design of the war chest, in particular the impact and reception of Terrain Pack 2 and the Worldbuilder pack; and whether we are incorporating them into the space or not. Thus we may only have a concept of the supply crate for the Pledge Manager not the final production version. We are also slightly behind on our painted set system but we have some buffer on that as the paint stencils will not require a lot of time to manufacture and the production of that will not slow up the shipments as there are less than 300 sets that need to be painted. Our new team member Brandon is developing all of the final paint schemes and patterns as we speak and we will have something to showcase to you HOPEFULLY by the pledge manager. But if necessary we will just use our concept samples rather than delay the Pledge Manager for the final paint schemes.

What is the estimated Ship Date? The factories, which have a lot of downtime right now, assure us that they can finish all production within 30 days of the vehicle and infantry molds being completed, assuming we have final numbers and files for them by the beginning of May they can finish by the end of May. Depending on how efficiently they assemble and pack everything they can be prepared for freight mid June. This of course depends on us finishing some of the remaining items post haste so we will be working hard to wrap up all loose ends. Our product manager thinks this schedule is a bit tight and rosey colored however and is cautioning that freight may not be loaded until the end of June or beginning of July. But by that point we will have a much clearer picture of where we stand and we will have numerous updates along the way as milestones are ticked off.

Covid Issues?

At this time we remain unaffected by the Covid crisis. Other than a delayed start on some vehicle molds the virus has not slowed production other than the 3 weeks in January and February from the extended factory shut down. In fact, it probably has increased our productivity as the part time assistants have moved into a more full time role with their schools and other jobs being cancelled. While Utah is practicing social distancing and the team is social distancing elsewhere, we are still working in person almost daily. Call us risk takers, but Bad Crow Games is quarantined together. In fact we took a long lunch in the tight confines of a submarine the other day in order to play our first game of UBOOT, and loved it.

We took a break from our productivity quarantine to spend an afternoon in the tight confines of a submarine.


There are going to be just two new items presented in the Pledge Manager: Terrain Pack 2 (final title tbd) and the Worldbuilder Pack. We have a question for you about the Worldbuilder Pack.

The World Builder pack is designed to be the ultimate customization tool to modify maps or create new ones. In addition to a « relatively » blank map it will include new scenarios and 48 3.25" double sided map tiles (96 terrain features total). Some of these tiles are basic map features like rivers, buildings, light cover, impassable terrain and bridges but many comprise new features that dramatically expand the customization possible in the core set. For example: elevation and hills that add extra sight, frozen rivers and lakes, specialty structures like windmills and towers that increase range, partially destroyed buildings, communication centers that act as alternate retreat points, alternate fortifications and weapon emplacements that can be manned for additional damage, specialty bunkers, map repair stations and med stations, shrouded cover that provides camouflage, foot bridges that allow infantry only, slowing mud patches and much more. This is all designed to help capture the diversity of terrain and features of the video games, but was all too much to include in the Core Set.

The question is whether you want a single sided three panel map or a double sided 2 panel map. We suggest the single sided three panel map as three panel maps provide a lot more room for customization and map creation. The double sided map would feature a cosmetic difference (i.e. winter vs summer) as well as at least one unique terrain feature to build maps off of (or cover up).

Note that this one of the last items in design development so the images shown are prototypes, the artwork is not final. Also the maps are not completely blank yet, nor will they be. We find that even the « blank map » is more beautiful with some cosmetic terrain but we are dialing in how much. We also think that each « blank » map should have at least one distinct design feature that you do not need to use tiles to create like the symmetrical river shown below. (Of course these can be covered up, filled in with dirt, trees, spanned with bridges and foot paths or converted into lakes or wider rivers.)

The Worldbuilder Pack is designed to dramatically improve the possible customization and creation of new maps.

So if you have interest in the WorldBuilder Pack please let us know if you prefer option 1 or option 2 in the comments below! Note that we will post the final maps for polling as well since these current prototypes still have some tweaking to do. We are also curious about your opinions about leaving a distinct feature on the map like the river in the above example. (This would have to be covered with terrain tiles if you wanted to remove it.) The WorldBuilder pack pricing is being finalized but it will be between $29 and $34.

Elite Infantry Commanders Added to the STUG Assault Pack

The peppy little STUG Pack from the KickStarter now includes 3 Bonus Allied Commanders that feature Elite Infantry from the Allied factions which utilize the Elite Infantry dice found in this pack.

We have opted for a simpler pledge manager and are not introducing the proposed Elite Infantry Pack and some other items that were in development. TBH our two new items i.e. the Terrain Pack 2 and Worldbuilder Pack took more of our design time than we anticipated. We don’t believe they will affect the final ship date by much but they probably added at least a few days and they used up more resources than we would have liked.

Thus we are eschewing any other additional products at this time. But we have selected our favorite Allied Commanders from the postponed Elite Infantry Pack and are adding them to the STUG Assault Pack (which previously was all Whermacht and OKW Commanders). This helps flush out and balance the STUG Assault Pack, it also helps the other factions utilize the Elite Infantry Dice that are included in the STUG pack, and most importantly introduces some of our favorite elite troops. The Elite Infantry dice mark some advanced mechanics not found in the rest of the game system like Close Range Fire Power, adding variable damage amounts depending on range (this is an advanced mechanic that helps capture the variable effective range of units found in the video games). Other elite abilities represented by this dice set are Heroic Sacrifice, which is a strategic ability that denies the enemy victory points if the squad is destroyed, an increased squad size upgrade, sniper ability sets, as well as a couple utility symbols to clarify veteran upgrade paths.

Three new bonus commanders for the STUG pack introduce some elite infantry for the Allies.

Soviet Spetsnaz Brigade Commander. This doctrine introduces Penal Battalions and Elite Shock Troops. Players will be able to buy these units or, upon unlocking their final Commander tier, create them out of Conscripts. The Shock Troops have high health, a defense die and are resistant to pin. They deal the conscripts standard 1 AI (anti-infantry) damage at normal range, but have 2 x Close Range Fire Power which means they do a total of 3 AI damage to adjacent targets. (Like a human Flakpanzer!) The Elite Penal Battalion squads are not as defensive as the Shock Troops but have the versatility of throwing satchel charges for 2HE damage at adjacent targets, possibly destroying light vehicles in one hit or crippling heavy armor, or they can choose to do 2AI damage at normal range with their assault rifles. Both of these squads will require getting up close to cause maximum damage, but the Penal Battalion has the option to be more effective at range. The Shock Troops however can spend 1 health to remove a pin status, allowing them to charge machine guns at the cost of squad health.

The Devil’s Brigade Commander. This US Forces commander can call in highly trained US / Canadian special forces that were used throughout the war. Trained in mountaineering, land navigation, extreme weather conditions, parachuting and infiltration your Devil’s Brigade squad will at first be able to enter impassable terrain like rivers and cliffs. As your Commander unlocks levels your special forces will be able to parachute into any location, plant demolitions on buildings, camouflage themselves and perform devastating close range ambushes.

The British Special Service Brigade. The original special operations unit that all others were based on. These units are smaller than a regular infantry section but like The Devil’s Brigade, can unlock increasingly more powerful upgrades as the Commander levels are advanced. Beginning with a basic close quarters combat advantage, they can purchase Thomson sub-machine guns to further increase their short range power (on par with the Soviet Shock Troops). But there they deviate by equipping Carbine Silencers converting them to snipers and finally with powerful close range satchel charges. The Special Service commandos become the most versatile elite infantry in the game with long and short range power, (they are, however, a little more fragile than the other Elite Infantry introduced in this pack so use them carefully).

Thank you all, and again we apologize for the delay in this update. We have a habit of trying to get very specific and interesting details into each update and sometimes they get delayed longer than we expect as we wait for items, data or imagery that seem just one more day away. The team is getting so antsy for you to play your first game of Company of Heroes the Board Game! We will have a lot more updates before then however as we start to hit increasingly frequent milestones. We hope you are all well and remain healthy this spring!

like this update"

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Les updates sont rares mais à chaque fois avec beaucoup de contenu!
Vraiment hâte de l’avoir celui là! Juste un peu peur que les délais glissent un peu…

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Salut, sur! Ce que j’ai beaucoup aimé, c’est que toute les remarques des backers ont été prise en compte pour les habitations et on se retrouve avec quelque chose de polyvalent qui au final plaira vraiment à tout le monde. Et la vidéo en montre un peu plus quand aux figurines et autre tanks, c’est vraiment beau.

Par contre, je ne me souviens plus vraiment de la campagne, on voit à l’arrière un bunker, puis, vers 1:31 une église. Il n’y avait rien comme bâtiment pareil de prévu dans la campagne?

Non effectivement, il va y avoir un Terrain Pack 2 pendant le PM, qui comprendra (la prochaine update en parlera un peu plus):

  • une cathédrale
  • 6 à 8 bâtiments détruits (pour remplacer les batiments qui sont détruits et la map Stalingrad)
  • 2 bunkers

Si plus de 1500 Terrain pack 2 sont vendus, ils pourraient rajouter 6 à 8 British emplacement

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Ça donne bien envie en effet, par contre ça sera impossible pour moi d’ajouter tout car 30$+30$+… ça commence à faire (très) cher le jeu, donc frustration de voir tout ça sachant que je n’en verrai jamais la couleur lol


Update #31 :

" Attention Tovarisch!

The Hun invaders besiege the people’s city of Stalingrad. This is where we retreat no further. The war hinges on this place, at this time. We take not one step back.

The Stalingrad Map! The fourth map unlocked during the final days of the Kickstarter.

Featuring a frozen river between two destroyed urban centers, Stalingrad combines the tight confines of city streets with the dangerous open ground. This map introduces frozen river rules that create a chance for the ice to break under units when attacked.

Direct from the Mission Booklet, Stalingrad is the bonus map unlocked during the final days of the KickStarter.

Purple hexes represent destroyed buildings that cannot be entered or shot through. During annihilation maps especially, commanders will have to navigate these ruins to bring destruction on the enemy’s base.

An island set in the middle of the river holds key resources as well as a historical fortress that acts as a high health bunker that provides 3 defense dice to units within.

The only safe way across the river is over the railroad bridge. Units can cross the frozen river at any point, but if they take damage there is a chance they will fall into the brink. The heavier the unit the higher the chance!


Almost ready to be sent for translation, the mission book includes all of the playtested maps so far. (Note that the graphics team is still fine tuning some graphics and diagrams.) Additional maps and scenarios are scheduled to be released online at launch. This link will take you to a pdf for you to comment and help proof-read.

Help us proof-read the Mission Booklet! The crowd edits helped tremendously for finalizing the rulebook.

Click here for pdf version of the mission booklet.


The fourth public draft of the rulebook. Nearing completion now, any final comments and suggestions are welcome. We incorporated over 80% of the comments posted by crowd editors which is amazing.

Fourth and final round of Rulebook Crowd Edits. Last chance to make your mark!

Click here for the online Rulebook vs. 4.


The Solo / Cooperative Expansion Rulebook: Click the image to comment on the online PDF.

Click here for the online PDF.

This baby is only missing some final scenario graphics on the last two pages and a reference diagram. Most important at the moment is the text however as we send this off to the translators on Monday!

'Nuff said

But heres a few more details. The very first production miniatures were pulled out of their molds late last night. Here is a very small picture of the first CoH board game miniatures made. (First run is in white for some reason, but these Wehrmacht units will be cast in cool grey.) Now that its all looking above board, the factory will begin spooling out a half million of these babies this month.

Sorry for the tiny pictures, this image was taken from our liaisons phone late last night as the first miniatures were pulled from their molds. Final Wehrmacht will be grey though.

Pledge Manager

The team is busy putting the pledge manager together and are shooting for next week. We will have an update before then however to talk about the ins and outs. We do not have our final quote from Logistiko so the back end is waiting on that, but there is a lot of work to do to put together comprehensive imagery and videos. The plan is to re-shoot some new videos in different game formats to help everyone re-connect with the project and to showcase what we have been doing for the past 10 months :slight_smile:


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Pledge manager ouvert avec frais de port assez chère et on doit maintenant payer un pack de traduction.

De mémoire le pack de traduction etait annoncé comme payant au moment de la campagne, pour 10$ il me semble.

Me tate de plus en plus d’en rester à la version Pc et trouver une nivelle maison pour mon pledge.

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Tu as reçu un email avec le lien du pledge manager déjà ? Car pour l’instant je n’ai rien reçu de mon côté

oui mais ça vient juste de commencer et ils envoient les invitations par lot pendant le week end.tu peux voir ça dans la dernière actus sur kickstarter.