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Cool ! Entre les figs des bestioles laides,celles de persos banales et le plateau de jeu horrible, aucun risque que je sois ne serait-ce qu’un peu tenté…

Du coup tu ne vas pas aimer alors la nouvelle preview axée sur les démons ! Et dans la prochaine actu les ‹ Gigantic Enemies ›… ^^

The Demons



The insect-like Empusa is the most numerous enemy that hunters will encounter in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace. Individually they aren’t particularly dangerous, but if a hunter manages to get surrounded by a swarm of them, they could be in for a world of trouble.

Red Empusa

The Red Empusa is a more dangerous version of the Empusa. Like its counterpart, hunters will very likely see a lot of these beasties at once. If one of these catches a hunter off guard it could hurt them pretty badly, so absolutely don’t let your hunter get cornered by a swarm!


Empusa Queen

The Empusa Queen will likely be the hunters’ first encounter with a truly ferocious enemy. As a large enemy, the Empusa Queen takes up three hexes on the game board rather than one, and has a huge amount of vitality, meaning she can soak up a lot of damage before going down for good.

The Empusa Queen will often attack in huge sweeping arcs, making her a dangerous adversary that can catch more than one hunter at once… and dish out a serious beating. On occasion, she’ll also run into a character like a freight train, and send anything she hits flying backwards.


Hell Antenora

Wielding a pair of enormous cleavers, Hell Antenora are real nasty, and surprisingly more nimble than they look. When one of these creatures gets angry it will charge forwards and attack everything around it in a frenzy of carnage. With a solid balance of speed, damage output, and vitality, they’re one of the most well-rounded enemies in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, and a truly formidable adversary.


Scudo Angelo

Dark and sinister angels crossed with ancient legionnaires, the Scudo Angelo are an enemy that will force hunters to approach them extremely carefully, and with a specific tactic in mind. Capable of sustaining huge amounts of damage while protected by their shields, the trick is to try and get around behind them if possible.

The Scudo Angelo isn’t a particularly fast opponent at least, so if a character is trying to handle a few different enemies at once and can create some distance, they might be able to dispatch the closest demons before the Scudo Angelo arrives… if they’re lucky!


Proto Angelo

If the Scudo Angelo are demonic legionnaires, this beast is their demonic commander. Another large enemy which spreads its bulk across multiple hexes, facing a Proto Angelo is a fearsome proposition.

Outside of a boss, this is probably the toughest enemy hunters will face. It can take an incredible amount of punishment before succumbing to its wounds, and if a character gets caught by that sword it will likely cleave them in half. A quick word of caution if we may… because a Proto Angelo can take so many hits to bring down, the hunters should always be wary of something else sneaking up behind them while they’re busy fighting off this massive foe!



A reptilian demonic nightmare given form, according to the hunters’ new gunsmith Nico, these things have muscles like hydraulic cylinders—which certainly explains how they can leap such enormous distances. They also have retractable claws that can cut through sheet metal like a hot knife through butter.

Hunters simply can’t run from a Riot, as the creature will easily outpace even the fastest among them. And unlike the hunters, they won’t be out of breath when they catch up. All a character can do when encountering a Riot is stand, fight, and trust in their wicked arsenal of weapons and moves to see them through!

These are the more common enemies you’ll face while playing Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace but by no means is this all of them. And while we’ve explored a lot of the large enemies such as the Proto Angelo and the Riot,we haven’t even started with the gigantic enemies yet…

Yes, je confirme ! :yum:

Tick Tock ! Tick Tock ! Nouvelle preview gameplay…

Upgrading Your Hunter

As we’ve discussed previously, one of the most important elements of Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace is building mind blowingly awesome attack combos to rack up the style points and leave your opponents kicking their heels in shame. As the game goes on, one of the best methods for a hunter to continue doing this is to unlock brand new moves and abilities by slaying enemies and upgrading.

How does this work? Well, you’ll remember us mentioning before that all enemies in the game drop a different combination of red and green orbs as shown on their reference card—let’s take a look at an example.


When an enemy dies, orbs are dropped in the hex it was in, as well as some of the surrounding hexes. As you can see in the top right of the Hell Antenora reference card above, when this particular foe is killed, it will drop one green orb and four red orbs. Any hunter can then collect these orbs by moving into the same hex.


When a hunter collects green orbs, these are immediately consumed to recover lost vitality; but when a hunter collects red orbs, these are placed on the hunter’s board for later on in the game. It’s these that we’ll be using later on to improve our fighting prowess.

Choosing Your Upgrades

At the end of each wave of enemies, just before the next wave appears, the hunters will have the opportunity to spend any red orbs they’ve collected buying upgraded cards. Just as each hunter has their own unique starting deck of attack cards, each hunter also has a unique deck of upgrade cards which they can purchase.

We can see a selection of Dante’s upgrade cards above, their cost in red orbs shown in the bottom right hand corner of each card. Upgrading is as simple as searching for the cards you want, and paying the cost in red orbs!

Each hunter has a huge range of upgrades to choose from. Attack cards can be brand new melee and ranged attacks, or improved, more devastating versions of existing attacks.

V’s plethora of cards to upgrade Shadow’s toughness are a great example, along with Nero’s Devil Breaker upgrades which introduce a vicious variety of new attacks to sit alongside his starting cards.

Any new attack cards are added straight into the hunter’s deck to use from then on. Other upgrades, such as Trickster Style are placed to the side of the hunter’s board where they stay for the rest of the game. Passive abilities allow a player to more discreetly customise their fighting style to gain specific bonuses, such as the Get More Orbs card.

For Dante, this could mean he finishes the game with as many as four different fighting styles to choose from!

With so much to choose from it will be super fun just to think about how you want to upgrade your hunter each time you play. Will you go all in for more powerful attack cards for your combo chains? Or will you try to outfox your fellow hunters by buying cards to interrupt their turns with? You could always just throw in a good old fashioned taunt and crank those style points up to maximum!

Date annoncée… ce sera le 15 mai soit le même jour qui voit se finir le KS Bloodborne

Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace will be coming to Kickstarter with a downloadable rulebook as well as playthrough videos featuring lead designer James Hewitt and our development team, so you can dive straight into the gameplay.
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Big news non pas sur DMC mais SFG ! Et ça risque de faire parler car ils viennent de lever 6.5M$ et planifient pas moins de 8 jeux pour les 24 prochains mois à venir !

Steamforged Games has raised an investment of £5 Million (roughly $6.46 million) from London-based Foresight Group, an infrastructure and private equity investment manager with £2.9 billion under management, the companies announced. The investment will be used to support new product development, development of retail channels, and to help accelerate international growth.

Steamforge is planning eight new games in the next 24 months, according to the announcement. The company was founded around Guild Ball in 2014, had a big hit with Dark Souls, and released Resident Evil 2 earlier this year. A license for Devil May Cry, another CAPCOM game, was announced this month (see « Steamforged Games Acquires ‘Devil May Cry’ License »).

The investment comes with a high-profile name attached: Ian Livingstone, who co-founded Games Workshop and had a multi-decade career in the videogame business, will join the Steamforged board as a non-executive director in a deal facilitated by Foresight. Foresight Senior Investment Manager Ben Dawson, who co-ran the deal for Foresight along with Matt Pomroy, will also join the Steamforged board.

Steamforged CEO Rich Loxam, who co-founded the company with Mat Hart, welcomed the investment. « Steamforged has grown beyond all of our expectations over the last five years and Foresight’s investment gives us the scope to drive the business forward in the years to come, » he said. « We look forward to working with Foresight and utilising the investment to continue development and extend the reach of our games. »

Foresight’s Dawson lauded the company. « Steamforged has achieved a lot in a short space of time and on limited resources, » he said. « The team has an excellent track record in creating, developing and launching games, and with a strong product pipeline, combined with our investment, we see very exciting times ahead. »

Je suis le seul à écrire ce message accablé dune cecite parce que je me suis arraché les yeux en regardant le look du plateau et des cartes ? A croire que license rime avec pauvreté dans la direction artistique. Cest vraiment dommage parce que j’aime bien cette série mais direct la, je décroche

8 jeux en 24 mois… Déjà que la livraison « dans les délais » n’est pas leur fort…

Espérons que l’ajout de Ian Livingstone, passé par Games Workshop et Eidos, les aide à remette de l’ordre dans tous ça…

Le plateau surtout, c’est vraiment peu inspiré on va dire pour rester sympa… Un plateau retravaillé version deluxe alternatif serait une bonne idée :smiley:

Gotta Let It Out

It will likely come as no surprise to most readers that game design is one of the most fantastic and surreal experiences an individual could ever be part of. But for all that weirdness, every so often there are even more exceptional times when one or more of our development team takes a moment to step back and say ‘this is one of the coolest things I’ll ever get to do!’.

Devil Triggers presented us with such an instance. For our team of hardcore Devil May Cry™ enthusiasts, being able to use miniatures and design mechanics to represent Devil Triggers was so incredibly awesome that several struggled to find words at times, descending into a horrific mess of excited gibbering.

For example, just take a look at Dante’s Sin Devil Trigger below. LOOK AT IT! IT’S INCREDIBLE!


The people in our team at Steamforged Games are all hardcore gamers, and have been for years. We’re no strangers to beautiful miniatures. But honestly, even for us this is hands down one of the most beautiful miniatures we’ve ever seen. Even the handful of misguided and unfortunate souls in the office who have never had the opportunity to experience the world of Devil May Cry™ have been won over by this magnificent beast.

So, the obvious question is… how can you make sure to get your hands on this wonderful model? You need not worry! As part of the Kickstarter campaign coming in just over a week’s time, included in the base pledge there will be an expansion for Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace which features sculpts of Nero, Dante, and Trish in their Devil Trigger forms, as well as V’s monstrous third familiar, Nightmare. Also included in that expansion will be additional rules and cards for how to play with them in the game!

Pull My Devil Trigger

When playing Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace with the Devil Trigger expansion, each hunter gains an additional reference card and their Devil Trigger gauge. They’ll also gain an additional deck to use when they activate their Devil Trigger, replacing their normal one with an even more powerful moveset featuring increased damage and bonus style points.

Using this expansion gives hunters another reason to build huge combo chains. When you claim a combo chain, you not only score precious style points, you also build your Devil Trigger gauge – the more cards in the combo chain, the more spaces it advances! And then, when your gauge is high enough, you can unleash your Devil Trigger!

When a hunter activates their Devil Trigger their original miniature is replaced with their Devil Trigger miniature (except, of course, for V, who stays on the game board but gains his third familiar, Nightmare!). They also switch to their unique Devil Trigger deck, which features a whole brand new set of immensely powerful moves and incredible combo chains.


But players have to be wary, for this monstrous power isn’t unlimited. While a hunter uses their Devil Trigger, their Devil Trigger gauge counts down at the end of each turn, and they can no longer build it by claiming combos. In addition, each time the hunter takes damage, their Devil Trigger gauge counts down even further. And when the Devil Trigger gauge is reduced to zero? The hunter returns to their original form and their original deck.

Devil Triggers are enormously powerful but with a time limit on how long they can be used for. They also offer players a meaningful choice on how to develop their hunter. Will you stick to upgrading your combo skills and fighting style? Or do you instead rely on powering up the Devil Trigger and opt for massive bursts of damage and style to get the job done? Perhaps shooting for a combination of the two will be more advisable, especially in the higher levels of the Bloody Palace… this is all for you to find out!


A Powerful Demon Is About to Resurrect And… We Need Your Help, Dante

Back when we introduced each of the enemy types, we described the Hell Antenora as being a solid all-rounder enemy with good speed, vitality, and damage. So it makes a whole lot of sense to look at how the Hell Antenora behaves as our starting point now.


A vitality of 10 means this demon is going to take a lot of damage before it gets brought down, and a beast like this can’t be stunned unless it has been hit by at least two attacks that stun. But don’t think for a moment that this is the most terrifying adversary hunters will encounter. There are plenty of enemies in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace that have many times the vitality of the Hell Antenora, and cannot be stunned at all!

The Hell Antenora has seven cards in its behaviour deck, giving it a wide variety of behaviours—especially when you consider that each Hell Antenora on the board will draw its own behaviour card in the enemy phase and carry out a different action. And with up to four Hell Antenoras on the board at once, when these demons are around, they’ll be sure to put out the pain.

Let's start with Hack and Slash:


There are two of these behaviours in the Hell Antenora’s deck, and right from the off we can see what the Hell Antenora is about. Flailing around and hitting just about anything that gets too close might look a little excessive, but hunters will soon forget that when the creatures start their relentless march forwards.

Players will know when they’ve angered these beast too, because it will start throwing Frenzied Swings.

A harder hitting version of Hack and Slash, fortunately there is only one copy of Frenzied Swings in the Hell Antenora deck.

When it senses weakness, the Hell Antenora will close in at frightening speed with Lumber Forth:

Even though this card deals no damage, after its resolved the Hell Antenora will probably be a heck of a lot closer than any hunter wants it to be! There are two copies of Lumber Forth in the Hell Antenora’s deck... so the monster might not be alone either.

When wounded, Hell Antenora enter a frenzied rage, increasing their unpredictability and loping forwards to close with their quarry…


Any hunter who previously figured they were at a safe distance from this demon will quickly have to think again thanks to Charge, which allows the Hell Antenora to move towards the nearest hunter and draw another card! This might be Hack and Slash, or Frenzied Swings, or maybe even...

Cleaving Blows really shakes things up a bit, not only by moving three hexes and dealing a hefty amount of damage, but also by shuffling the whole behaviour deck. This is important, because it effectively resets the creatures’ attack pattern. Just when you thought you were about to get a handle on what was coming next, too…

And that's the Hell Antenora, a nasty piece of work that won’t hesitate to bury a cleaver in your back if you give it half a chance.

Dans le JV le personnage saute de partout, escalade, fait des 1080 sur lui même etc… vous croyez que je pourrais faire la même chose sans l’abimer ?


Ok je sors :grin:

Rien ne nous dit qu’ils ne feront pas un add-on autour de la réalité augmentée pour ça :smiley:

I see. I Know What You Are… Don’t Worry, I’ll Be Gentle

At this point we’ve already discussed quite a lot of the gameplay in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, covering hunters, enemies, combos, and the incredible devil triggers. However, there’s one pretty enormous aspect we haven’t looked at yet—how a boss works!

If you’ve ever wondered what an unstoppable force looks like, wonder no further. Today’s example is none other than the terrifying Elder Geryon Knight. Breathtaking, isn’t he?


There are plenty of larger enemies in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, such as the fearsome Empusa Queen, the ferocious Riot, and the sinister Proto Angelo, and each is an imposing threat which towers over the hunters facing them… but they’re all dwarfed by the sheer scale of the Elder Geryon Knight, a model so big it takes up seven hexes of space on the game board!

Once your jaw has returned from the floor, let’s take a look at the reference card.


A vitality of 50 means that the Elder Geryon Knight can unsurprisingly withstand multiple direct hunter assaults, even if the hunters team up to attack simultaneously. And because the boss is completely immune to being stunned, hunters will also find themselves pushed to the limit just trying to avoid retribution.

In addition, when facing the Elder Geryon Knight it will be the only enemy on the game board, so there are no easy enemies to hit to start off combo chains. This will not be an easy fight by any stretch of the imagination!

Outside of being enormous and facing them on their own, bosses in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace function in much the same way as regular enemies but with far stronger behaviours and rules on their reference cards. The Elder Geryon Knight has eight cards in its behaviour deck, representing a wide variety of destructive behaviours sure to ruin your day!

Let’s take a look at some now, starting with Lance Strike.


For those of you who have kept up with the gameplay articles we’ve already released, it should be easy to understand just how much more dangerous the Elder Geryon Knight is than a normal enemy. But, just in case you weren’t sure, we’re happy to help. The answer is a lot. Moving five hexes means at any given time the Elder Geryon Knight should easily be able to reach its target to deliver a crippling six damage attack, skewering anyone unfortunate enough to be in the way.

There are two copies of Lance Strike in the Elder Geryon Knight’s behaviour deck, meaning hunters will very likely get to know this card all too well.

The next card is particularly dangerous if the Elder Geryon Knight is surrounded, when it’s mighty steed lets out a deafening screech to ward off the attackers.


Very straightforward and extremely difficult to avoid, everything in close proximity to the Elder Geryon Knight will drop to their knees in an instant, clutching their ears.

If the Elder Geryon Knight can force the hunters close to each other, it will likely charge into the fray and try to hit as many of them as possible with a vicious Lance Sweep.


Even though the damage on this card is not quite as high as it is on Lance Strike, hunters hit by the attack have to discard a card from their hand, making it much more difficult to block. As if fighting a boss wasn’t difficult enough, fending off attacks with less cards is even worse!

Much like Lance Strike, there are two copies of Lance Sweep in the Elder Geryon Knight’s behaviour deck, meaning hunters have a good chance of seeing this card every time around

Not every card in the deck is a devastating attack, fortunately enough. Preparing for a ground shaking cavalry charge, the Elder Geryon Knight will simply back off and creating some space with Canter.


Why would a foe do this, you may be asking… probably best you didn’t ask.

This card doesn’t seem all that bad at first… until you read the text at the bottom and realise that each hex the Elder Geryon Knight moves adds to the damage it inflicts in the attack! Thundering Charge is all too capable of inflicting an enormous 12 damage with enough run up, easily able to knock out a hunter on full health in one hit!

Last but not least, we have a rare enemy ranged attack, Energy Volley.


Fearful of the melee prowess of this adversary, and hanging back? No-one is safe from this boss. Hunters standing behind their rivals and waiting for the moment to strike may think they’re safe from the Elder Geryon Knight’s attention, an Energy Volley will soon change that.

Energy Volley is even more remarkable because it shakes things up by shuffling the whole behaviour deck. This is important, because it effectively resets the Elder Geryon Knight’s attack pattern. Just when the hunters thought they’d learned what was coming next, and planned how to avoid it too…

That’s all for the Elder Geryon Knight, an incredibly tough opponent to bring down, and one that will very likely defeat scores of hunters before it finally succumbs.

Tout est là sur la table ! :slight_smile:

No Stretch Goals. No Add Ons. No Complications.

Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace’s Sparda Pledge gets you the Core Game & 3 Expansions for just £80/$100. Want to know more?

Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace will be expecting to deliver rewards to Kickstarter backers in Summer (Q3) of 2020.

Here at Steamforged Games we like to keep our Kickstarter campaigns, and particularly our pledge levels, as simple as possible. That’s why the Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace Kickstarter campaign has only one pledge level, the Sparda pledge!

The Sparda pledge will get you everything you need to play Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace for only £80/$100! For your pledge you will receive:

  • Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace

  • Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace - Devil Trigger Expansion

  • Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace - The Walking Arsenal Expansion

  • Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace - ??? Expansion

On top of your base game you’ll get not one, not two, but THREE expansions which feature a whole swathe of brand new enemies, bosses, Devil Triggers, and Lady as an alternate playable devil hunter! We’ll also be revealing the details of a third mystery expansion on the launch of the Kickstarter campaign.

That’s over £180/$250 of content for only £80/$100!

And that’s everything! No, genuinely! We were serious when we said we like to keep our Kickstarter campaigns as simple as possible. So for Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, there are no stretch goals, no addons, and no other unnecessary complications. The Sparda pledge is a one-click option which will get you everything you need to play Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, and not leave you wondering if you missed out on something!

Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace will be coming to Kickstarter for one week only from 8PM BST (3pm EDT) on the 15th of May 2019! Don’t miss out!

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J’aurais préféré un « no project before we finish our first completely ». Cet éditeur reste blacklisté pour moi.

Youhou il y a quelqu’un ? c’est parti !

EB 24h

Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace will be expecting to deliver rewards to Kickstarter backers in Summer (Q3) of 2020.