Dungeons & Lasers VI: Caves - par Archon Studio - Q4 2023

Voici le 6ème épisode dans la série des décors thématiques de chez Archon Studios. Pour cette nouvelle campagne de crowdfunding prévue pour la fin de l’année sur gamefound, il va être question de grottes et cavernes…

Introducing our new Dungeons & Lasers terrain project with three main themes: Rocky Caves, Demonic Dungeons, and the Belly of the Beast. 🕸️ Encounter curved walls, bridged hills, mysterious corners and delve into the depths with dedicated props.

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Le premier article de présentation…

Introducing Dungeons & Lasers VI: Caves

We are thrilled to unveil the next chapter in the extraordinary world of Deuslair with our upcoming crowdfunding campaign: Dungeons & Lasers VI: Caves. Prepare to journey further and deeper into the mysteries of Deuslair’s underground realm as we delve into the mesmerizing caves that await brave adventurers like you!

Building upon the success of our previous campaigns, Dungeons & Lasers VI promises to bring you an unparalleled modular cave terrain experience. Compatible with all other Dungeons & Lasers sets, this expansion will offer three captivating themes (and several sub-themes), and introduces innovative features such as curved walls, bridged hills, corners, among other features. Get ready to customize your dungeons with even greater versatility and bring your gaming sessions to life!

Let’s take a glimpse into the captivating themes that await you:

Rocky Caves Theme

Explore Deuslair’s deep, rocky caves, filled with ancient stalactites and intricate spider webs. Unveil hidden secrets in this enchanting, treacherous realm.

Belly of the Beast Theme

Enter the insides of the beast, a labyrinth of organic corridors. Encounter parasitic beings and abominations as you unravel the secrets of Deuslair’s fearsome Tarrasque, while feeling exhilaration and danger with each step.

Demonic Caves Theme

In the realm of Chaos, traverse shadowed corridors guided by flickering torches. Feel your heart race and your hair stand up on edge as you draw closer to the core of the enigmatic power behind the lurking chaotic forces.

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J’aurai quand même bien aimé qu’ils livrent le 5 avant :neutral_face:

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