Eldfall Chronicles - par Freecompany - février 2021

Eldfall Chronicles est un projet slovène, créé par 3 étudiants de 25 ans, qui devrait arriver sur KS en début d’année - probablement février. Il s’agit d’un wargame de type escarmouche (3-7 unités), avec des figurines résines 28mm, pour du 1-vs-1, 2-vs-2 et même du solo. Il faudra choisir entre 4 factions qui évolueront dans un univers de fantasy japonisante.

Article de Beasts of War / OnTheTabletop pour en savoir plus:

The game will launch with four factions at the heart of it and gameplay options which include going head-to-head with another player, teaming up for two-versus-two games or perhaps even diving in to play solo against an inbuilt AI for the game.

Games play in around forty-five to sixty minutes meaning they seem well-suited to a couple of skirmishes in the afternoon. During your games you’ll be taking control of 28mm scale miniatures like those you see here in small combat groups of between three and seven units each. As well as focusing in on that kind of skirmishing gameplay you’ll also have the chance to play against some of the terrible beasts from this world as we hinted at above which can be controlled by a player or the game.

Because the team behind the game are students of history, they have tried to work that passion into the factions and the miniatures that make them up. Influences from East-Asian culture are woven into Eldfall Chronicles and as they are also practitioners of medieval martial arts they have tried to carry that over into a realistic portrayal of combat despite this being a Fantasy world.

If the campaign is successful on Kickstarter then they want to take the time to expand the game by adding in new units, factions, lore on a monthly basis. What the team really want to achieve first off is an activate community that can work their way into the living world that they want to grow around Eldfall Chronicles.

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  • Soga Empire

  • Helian League

  • Coalition of Thereon

  • Sands Kingdom

  • Monster (IA)


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C’est très joli, je vais suivre par curiosité (je ne suis pas trop escarmouche et je trouve le projet un poil ambitieux pour un 1er KS).

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à suivre juste par curiosité

Les dessins de paysages sont superbes. Beaucoup moins fan des persos.

Les illustrations des paysages sont vraiment sublimes. Les figs ont l’air sympa également.
J’ai déjà MBP et bientôt MBR en jeux d’escarmouches, donc faut qu’il y ait un vrai gameplay derrière le joli emballage. Mais en tout cas plutôt séduit par ce qui est montré jusque-là.

Oh c’est beau, oh j’aime beaucoup, … oh escarmouche & figouzes :frowning: Bon ben je vais encore économiser un pledge.

Je trouve les illustrations absolument sublimes.

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Trop beau

Sympa, c’est pas dingue non plus, mais à suivre.

C’est vrai que ça donne envie, et j’aime bcp les figs, avec bcp de mouvement, ça augure de très bonnes choses tout ça.

Idem mais ps fan du tout des plateaux joueurs pour le momment

Premier Designer Notes…

This week’s Design Notes are up on our webpage! This was one of our very first designs :sunny:

Design Notes: Expeditionary Hierophant

Helian League Faction Designs

The faction is largely aesthetically inspired by the ancient Greece, combined with the aesthetic sense of many other cultures, predominantly medieval European and Arabic. And the most obvious: they are inspired by elven/fae folklore. As their lore suggests, they are at the same time very organized and orderly, while at the same time naturalistic. Because of their faith, they prefer to implement brighter colors. Helrin have an affinity to fire, due to their allegiance with the Sun goddess and due to the sun-lit environment they live in. Hence, most of the population can wield fire. Some however, can wield other elements, one being the unit I want to talk about.

Today, as a contrast to the last design process we published, I would like to present to you the design process of a unit from the Helian League faction: The Expeditionary Hierophant. (Check out her profile for more sculpt images)


A hierophant is an interpreter of sacred mysteries and arcane principles. In the game, her role is that of a healer and a potential leader of the Helrin party, that travels alongside the Helrin Expeditionary Force in pursuit of new discoveries, adventures and expansion. She is blessed by the patron goddess of the Helrin, Hyperia. While she is not expected to lead from the vanguard, she can cause more than enough trouble for the opposite side with her divine spells. Not to mention that she is singlehandedly capable of keeping your units up and fighting, while the number of enemies keep dropping.


We tried to portray her according to this role. As she is not expected to absorb the full force of the enemy offensive, her armor is not fully encompassing her. However, it denotes her status and should give her very good protection.

Her forearms and shins are covered with metal vambraces and greaves, which are at the same time protecting and decorating her. Her torso is protected by a cuirass made of 2 segments; the lower one that protects the abdomen and the upper one that protects the chest. Like with real armors, her cuirass reaches to about the navel, as to not inhibit mobility. The rest of her lower torso is protected by faulds, or in this case just one fauld (armored skirt). The rest of the body is protected by stylishly-tailored padding (gambeson), which should do well enough against any light slashes and impacts. Her head is currently exposed (mainly due to aesthetical reasons), but she might as well wear a helmet or armored hood in a life-threatening situation.


(At some point in the past, Rin were introduced to and adopted plate armor (I’m not yet telling from whom!). However, as they lack certain technology, their armor might not be entirely on-par with what we now know as a full plate harness (it is more segmented than Earth’s 14th, 15thcentury plate armor). Nevertheless, what they might be lacking in metallurgical technology, they make up for in craftsmanship, as each of their armors is a work of art and is made to perfectly fit the wearer.

An important point is that aesthetics play a major role in the Rin cultures. Similar to the customs of our own world, where armor often emphasizes the wearer’s anatomy, the Rin also tend to make armor in a way that it flatters the body and the style of its wearer. In the case of this particular model, the armor is made in a way to show her feminine grace. However, since she is an expeditionary hierophant, someone who is on the road a lot, practicality and effectiveness had to be considered.)


Finally, she carries a staff, embedded with a mana stone, to assist her with the channeling of mana.

An important note: usually, the flow of mana through one’s body is impeded by armor and multiple layers of clothing (this is why arcanists seldomly fully garb themselves). But in the case of divine mana, which the Hierophant uses, the intensity of mana is mostly dependent upon one’s zeal and faith – it seems to manifest within. Another fact is that Helrin are capable of crafting enchanted metals with unique conductive properties – something that is hard to find elsewhere.

Concept design notes sent to the 3D artist prior to sculpting

The Art

She was the first digital drawing I did, so her art has lots of space for improvement.

The Sculpt

Our sculptor, on the other hand, did a tremendously wonderful work with her in my opinion! I think he captured her grace and leadership very nicely!

This would be all for this entry, thank you for reading. Have a nice week!

– Žiga

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Ça a l’air de bien avancer de leur côté…

A memory of the times we could playtest irl :slightly_smiling_face: Now we’re playtesting online, and actually, very soon, we will announce a crashtesting/playtesting group! We are very confident in the game we created, but it needs to be balance-tested by as many people as possible!

J’adore la DA et le dynamisme des figs. Ptain, encore un projet à surveiller.

Par contre, ce qui me fais peur c’est les scènes :confused: bonjour la mise en place !

En regardant à nouveau, je trouve toujours la DA décors et perso absolument splendide.
Heureusement pour moi, je vais m’en sortir facilement, je présume qu’il n’y aura pas de VF, ouf !

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Si ça se joue avec des décors homemade plutôt qu’un plateau, ça peut peut-être compliqué pour tous d’avoir une vrai immersion (les parties type warhammer où le tupperware = bunker, très peu pour moi). Et d’un autre côté, on peut aussi éviter les roches en carton de MBP, ça peut-être pas mal.
Mais sinon dans l’ensemble le jeu paraît quand même très attrayant.

De la nouveauté pour demain…

Tomorrow we reveal another unit from the Thenian :waning_crescent_moon:Coalition :fire:

EDIT: Le voilà…

PRESENTING… the Rangers-Guild Hunter from the Thenian Coalition!

“When you start to suspect that Thenian hunters might be onto you, you’ve been in their grasp for hours…”

Check out their description! https://eldfall-chronicles.com/rangers-guild-hunter/

Miniature sculpted with love by: https://www.artstation.com/laca_sette

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L’article du week-end sur la magie dans l’univers d’EC

Check out today’s article on magic in the world!

Weaving magic into the setting and gameplay is one of our favorite parts!

In the article, we talk a bit about the lore and the magical elements, which greatly impact the gameplay! The next part comes soon, in which we will talk more about where mana comes from and how it affects nature and people. Also, a detailed look into gameplay will follow!

An Introduction to Arcana (Magic): Lore

In the game, magic (arcana) is an integral part. We developed it to be intricate and complex in a way that feels almost as though you are dealing with real magic and real spells. This might mean that mastering the playstyle of a spellcaster requires more effort and knowledge from the player. We wanted it to be engaging: it almost puts the player in the role of a real scholar of arcanities (magic). Every element is unique in playstyle and offers different solutions in the game.

In this first part on magic (arcana) let’s talk about the background of arcana, the arcane potential in individuals and elemental relationships. Next time, we will talk about where mana comes from, how it can affect people and nature and how it influences the game and gameplay.

Now I would like to give the word to one of our senior lecturers at the Grand Acandemy of the Sand Kingdoms!

“Arcana, commonly known as magic, is the consequence and wieldable manifestation of mana – the omnipresent energy found in nature.

An arcanist is born with an innate attunement to arcana. Thus, arcanists can exhibit a kind of affinity towards a certain arcane element. There are 4 principal elements, pyro, aero, hydro and geo, which, in the common tongue we name fire, air, water and earth. Additionally, there are 3 elements, which have slightly different properties than the first: divine, profane and elder. Each of these elements is unique and behaves differently.

The affinity towards an element can be regarded as talent, which every potential arcanist can develop further with practice. Some have difficulty ever mastering even a single element, while others do this with ease – some have the skill and perseverance to master two if not more.

The Arcane potential

Firstly, we have to understand who can and who cannot wield arcana. The Empire’s Rishinkyō monks believe there is arcane potential in every individual. In other words, they state that everyone can in fact perform magic. This we know holds true for the rin; depending on their birth season and the environment they were born in, they connect with a certain element. They show ability for spellcraft very early on (although they live about twice the lifespan of a human, so this is relative). However, their abilities vary greatly. While some achieve mastery, some remain at a basic level of arcane usage.

Academically speaking, in the case of humans, this theory is thought to be highly unlikely – the consensus is that humans generally inherit their talent from their parents or it comes without notice (and it is also rare). However, the monks believe otherwise. They describe a way to unlock the so-called seal that supposedly obstructs the flow of mana through one’s body. They believe some are thus lucky enough for this seal to break naturally through the course of maturing, allowing them to spellcast. Others that do not automatically exhibit the talent, can achieve this through intense introspection of the mind- meditation and esoteric training. At the Academy, this theory is determined as speculation at best, due to the lack of proper research and documented results.

Elemental relationships

As mentioned above, mana is divided into several categories based on the elements, which the Academics found are akin to one another. Simply put, if one is already accustomed to an element, it makes it easier for them to grasp mana of a similar element. This applies mainly to human arcanists. For rin and other races with quickly-matured innate abilities, who show attunement to an element from the very birth, grasping the essence of another element may prove difficult.

The Empire’s Rishinkyō monks have in fact arrived at some additional discoveries regarding elemental relationships.

One element is supposedly related to two elements of connecting principles, while it is foreign to one principally divergent and distant element. The scholars thought of underlying principles that define these relationships. They simplified them to four connecting principles: swiftness, adaptability, resoluteness and ferocity.

According to the diagram, fire is characterized as fierce and swift. Air is swift and adaptable, water adaptable and resolute and Earth is resolute and fierce. While three elements connect, one is always in far opposition.

At the center is the elder element, thought to be the very essence of the world and an underlying basis for every other element.

The divine and profane element can be interpreted as otherworldy; present in the world without an exact source of origin. While they are exact opposites, they are as well most similar to one another. They are balance itself, existing across all dimensions and realities.

A diagram originating in the Empire, showing elemental relationships.

Join us next time for more background and thoughts on gameplay mechanics regarding magic!