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Happy Thanksgiving (USA) and some updates

Publié par Arcane Wonders
nov. 23, 2022

Hey folks!

So it is the day before Thanksgiving here in the USA and not a lot to report from a project stand-point as things are moving along, but I will give you as much info as I have right now!

The process of the manufacturer firing up all of the plastic printing is about to start soon (I’m compiling manufacturing numbers for them at the moment) and that is the biggest thing in terms of timeline on producing the games.

This does mean I will moving soon to limiting the remaining copies that can be purchased in the pledge manager, but that doesn’t affect most of you here (unless you selected pledge manager access and haven’t upgraded yet) - this mostly affects late pledges.

Sidenote: if you are reading this and are not a backer of this Kickstarter thinking about getting a late pledge (does NOT apply to anyone who backed during the Kickstarter including pledge manager access) - please be aware you only have until December 15th before the price increase to regular non Kickstarter pricing.

For those using the TTS I did do an update over there that has the alternate Monument cards and more Road boards. ( Steam Workshop::Foundations of Rome: Roads of Fortune (Staging/Testing) ) note that not all of the road boards have their final artwork in there and the new art for the alternate monument cards is not in there. Also the rulebook for the expansion is getting underway for final version so I have not dropped that into the TTS so it’s still Emerson 1 page quick explanation.

Also - some of those road boards are getting some changes as some recent playtesting has shown they need either additional clarification OR they need math changes. so feedback is very much welcomed!

Next Up: I have decided to include the old Promo card pack from the Dice Tower inside every copy of Roads of Fortune as part of the included errata items. These will not be available separately except direct from Dice Tower if you are looking for them without getting the expansion.

Next Up: After much discussion it was decided to not move forward with the « Lots for Sale » markers some people were asking about. It was going to add cost that we can’t put into this as we are at the very edge of the cost for this expansion. What I am going to do though: release an STL for free that you can print or have printed for them around the same time the game ships. I debated this decision for a while, but had to finally make a choice. While there were a lot of people asking about them, there wasn’t enough of a demand to justify/offset the additional cost. I think releasing a free STL is a good compromise here. For a nominal fee I might even resin print them for you once released.

Rulebook translation updates: We have the new files for the original KS rulebooks from Geeky Pen and are working on placing all the text which means the translated PDF rulebooks on the website will be updated soon. I am very excited about this as the quality of our previous translation service has been a source of much dismay for me.

First KS replacement parts: For those who were with me for the first KS (or bought a copy after the KS) and need replacement parts please send those requests to - please be aware that since I ship every replacement part personally from my house I have moved to processing these in batches once every 2 weeks so be patient.

Lastly - we are down to the very last few copies of Senator and NON-Sundrop Emperor from the first print run and will have a few at PAX Unplugged should you be there. (By limited I mean 10 Senators and 20 Emperors). If you are looking for either this will be your last chance other than this Kickstarter when it ships.