Gloomhaven - par Isaac Childres

FH est terminé là enfin leur job à eux globalement :slight_smile:

Et Crimson Scales, il y en a qui l’ont pris ?

Y’aurait pas eu FH en vue, j’aurais jeté un œil.

Après, je suis en train de recommencer la campagne sur le JV ce coup ci avec 2 nouveaux groupes qui sont chaud patate, alors si ils accroche à mort, on regardera

Et maintenant le RPG, après le BK pour les figs…

We are LIVE from PAX:U playing
Gloomhaven: The Role Playing Game!

Nouveau membre dans l’équipe Cephalofair Games…

Please join us in welcoming Ross Thompson to the Cephalofair Games team as its new Marketing & Crowdfunding Manager!

:tada:Expect lots of exciting announcements in 2023 :tada:

Ross Thompson Joins Cephalofair as Marketing & Crowdfunding Manager

As its rag-tag team of mercenaries march towards one of their most ambitious projects to date - Cephalofair is pleased to share that Ross Thompson will be joining the adventuring party ranks as its Marketing & Crowdfunding Manager .

Ross Thompson brings with him over 12 years of experience in crowdfunding and marketing management across the tabletop space having worked for a number of major players such as CMON, Soda Pop Miniatures, USAopoly, IDW, and most recently Steamforged Games as its Head of Trade Marketing. Across each of these roles Ross played a large part in both crowdfunding and marketing activations while also providing year-round strategic planning and management of marketing operations.

Ross has so much experience with some of the largest crowdfunding projects in the industry, we couldn’t think of anyone more qualified to head marketing efforts on our next giant campaign.” - Isaac Childres, CEO

Cephalofair recently announced that their upcoming April 2023 Backerkit crowdfunding campaign would not only contain access to hundred of miniatures to compliment it’s board game line, but also a brand new diceless Role Playing Game system being designed to be cross-compatible with nearly every part of the Gloomhaven universe.

“On top of all of that - we’re also very visibly helping lead the charge on a new crowdfunding platform (Backerkit) both as a launch partner and a vocal advocate for more transparency and support for creators and backers in the crowdfunding space. This is something we’re excited about but also realized would come with additional work and time requirements.

During this twelve month engagement - we’ll also be asking for Ross’ help building out and overhauling some more permanent marketing infrastructure we are excited to be exploring further. Things like new trade shows, distribution relationships, B2B relationships, opportunities with licensing partners, and most of all supporting each of our team members and creative partners as we make some of our most innovative products yet!” - Price Johnson, COO

J’ai reçu mes petites piécettes aujourd’hui :slight_smile:

Très (trop) légères à mon goût mais ça en jette quand même !

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La campagne de crowdfunding pour Gloomhaven RPG et Miniatures of Gloomhaven a une date…

Cephalofair Games is excited to share our next crowdfunding campaign will be coming to BackerKit on JUNE 20th, 2023!

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Merci pour l’info, j’attendais de savoir la date.

Dommage pour les figurines que la campagne se lance si tard après la livraison du jeu, car même s’ils font rapidos il ne livreront pas avant des mois… donc quand le jeu sera fini et que les figurines seront inutiles.

De plus s’ils gardent leur « super » qualité de figurines, non merci, c’est vraiment du plastique peu qualitatif, il faut reprendre une figurine sur deux… les raccords sont mal faits, des visages déformés, il faut les limer enfin bref… carnage.

Gloomhaven 2nd Edition annoncé…

The Cephalofair Games team is pleased to announce Gloomhaven: Second Edition


Cephalofair Games , publisher of Gloomhaven , Jaws of the Lion, and the most recent Frosthaven, is excited to announce the release, Gloomhaven: Second Edition .

As Cephalofair heads into their most extensive crowdfunding campaign yet, launching on BackerKit June 20th with Gloomhaven: The Role Playing Game and Miniatures of Gloomhaven line, the team is pleased to announce the surprise rerelease of the flagship game that started it all…

Gloomhaven: Second Edition is a revised and elevated version of the award-winning core game of Gloomhaven . This is the culmination of everything Isaac Childres and the growing Cephalofair Games team have learned since Gloomhaven ’s initial release, including feedback from the community, playtesters, co-designers, and developers. This new edition is the new best way to experience Gloomhaven .

The world, story, and challenging gameplay are all still the same, but there is a plethora of additional content to explore. Even for those who have played Gloomhaven before, this edition brings new material to the table, with rebalanced and redesigned mercenary classes, items, and scenarios, as well as brand new artwork, newly written narrative and events, updated miniatures, a new faction-based reputation system, and more.

For those that haven’t played Gloomhaven or have only played Jaws of the Lion , this will be a fantastic way to jump into a larger, epic experience. For people who have already played, this is a great way to revisit the legendary game, see all the updates, learn more about the world, and discover new secrets.

From Isaac Childres, Founder, Cephalofair Games -

“While Gloomhaven is well-loved, I’m not sure anyone would call it perfect. I am excited to have the opportunity to make this incredible game even better with a lot of polishing and refining of the content, based on what I and the team have learned over the past six years by listening to fans and playing the game a lot ourselves. This new edition is going to be even more fantastic.”

From Drew Penn and Dennis Vögele, Project Leads for Gloomhaven: Second Edition -

“Drew and I have spent the last six years reading the community’s feedback on all of the Gloomhaven games, so we knew exactly what we wanted to achieve with this project. We hope you enjoy playing Gloomhaven: Second Edition as much as we enjoyed working on it.”

Gloomhaven:Second Edition will be an additional offering during the BackerKit campaign, showcasing the range of abilities that BackerKit has to offer for this expanding crowdfunding project.

From BJ Hensley, Art/Creative Director, Cephalofair Games -

“I’m thrilled to be working with a team of incredibly talented artists such as Paola Andreatta, Francesca Baerald, Phan Tuấn Đạt, Sarah Dahlinger, Mates Laurentiu, Chris Lewis, and others to bring the imaginative world of Gloomhaven to life, both in the board game and the RPG. I have fallen in love with the art and people of this world and hope that through our efforts, others will be able to do the same.”

We are glad to be able to finally announce this project which has been in the works for some time with our design and development team. Bringing all that has been learned over the years into the newest experience to play Gloomhaven .

From Maxwell Salzberg, CEO, BackerKit -

“Cephalofair’s newest project promises to take the Gloomhaven experience to extraordinary new heights with a thrilling combination of immersive role-playing and intricately designed miniatures. We’re confident that both veteran fans and newcomers alike will be blown away by this remarkable gaming adventure. It’s a privilege for us to be part of this inspiring journey."

In addition to a new journey into the Gloomhaven board game, this updated edition provides a whole new array of components, tiles, encounters, and more as Gloomhaven: The Role Playing Game enters the scene. The game and all it contains will provide hundreds of game assets, which can be used as a tool box for Gloom Masters and roleplayers as they look to expand their journey into the world of Gloomhaven through the roleplaying game.

Please join us for the Gloomhaven Campaign on BackerKit on June 20th and be part of the Gloomhaven Celebration! Sign-Up on the Landing Page and be part of the Launch Party on BackerKit.

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Pas une mauvaise nouvelle en soit, tant mieux si il peaufine le jeu.
Par contre j’ai déjà fait 7 fois la campagne (4 fois JdS et 3 JV) et j’en ai encore 2 en cours, pas sur d’avoir envie d’y revenir à moins qu’il n’y ait énormément de changements (et y’a pas l’air d’avoir de nouveaux scénars alors bon)

C’est avant tout pour ceux qui n’ont pas la v1 malgré tout ce qu’ils peuvent dire…

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Quand on voit que la V1 est encore en stock en boutique, le public hexagonal n’est assurément pas la cible AMHA.

Curieux de voir s’il sera proposé un kit d’upgrade sur certains aspects - j’ai une VO avec la trad fanmade - mais je ne compte pas m’y lancer (peut-être un jour Frosthaven et encore…)

Pas sûr de comprendre ton commentaire. Si un jeu sorti en français en 2019 peut encore se trouver en boutique 4 ans après, c’est que le public est là (sinon le jeu serait déjà parti en promo en tout genre, surtout vue la place qu’il prend dans un inventaire).

Alors je précise ma pensée, en effet ma formulation n’était pas juste :slightly_smiling_face:

Je disais juste que je ne crois pas viable de mettre une V2 en rayon sachant que des V1 FR sont encore aisément trouvables en boutiques pour les personnes que cela intéresserait aujourd’hui (les indécis actuels se lanceront probablement quand on aura le prix effectif de la localisation de Frosthaven :sweat_smile:).
Ce type d’opération serait lancée si d’aventure tout le stock V1 aurait été vendu.

Je suis aligné avec toi qu’il est peu probable qu’il soit bradé car son succès ne s’est pas démenti depuis 2019, même si ce n’est pas impossible et que j’ai été surpris de voir son extension Forgotten Circles bradé en ventes privées PhiPhi ces dernières semaines.

J’ai ma réponse pour le kit d’upgrade dans la newsletter expédiée cette nuit :

So in the end, we are happy to give the community what they want, and we will introduce a Mercenary Upgrade Pack to the upcoming BackerKit campaign.

This will be an add-on for backers, which will be able to be added to any pledge level, including the $1 level.

The Mercenary Upgrade Pack will include the following for all 18 characters:

Ability cards
Attack modifier cards
Character mats
Punchboard sheet(s)

Additionally, it will include one punchboard sheet with new condition tokens.

It will not include the miniatures, but those are already planned as an add-on in the Miniatures of Gloomhaven line.

We do not have a price point for this product yet, and it will only be made if enough people pledge for it. We would also like to emphasize that, much like how the Frosthaven characters can be played across all games but were designed around Frosthaven, these new versions of the Gloomhaven characters are cross-compatible, but they were designed around the new version of the game, and you may run into select mechanisms that don’t work as well in other games. With that said, if you’re not interested in purchasing an entirely new game, but still want to enjoy the new characters, we feel this is the best way to do that.