Harakiri: Blades of Honor - par Synergic Games - Livraison mai 2023

Nouvelle update avec une video des fingurines finales en PVC

Update #46 - Improvements, components, miniatures... and someone with his face full of warts is waiting for you

We are approaching the end of the year, but the pace doesn’t slow down one bit.

1. Improvements in the Kick and Go platform.

The Kick and Go platform has provided its own improvement. Since the beginning, you have asked to access your pledge via a typical login and password, so you don’t have to look for the link that you received in your email when you started the reward manager. Well, now it’s available! From now on you can access all the projects you have in this platform in an easier and more intuitive way.

2. Community: we continue to create a scenario together.

It seems that the “mystical” option has won by a narrow margin :blush:.
This time we ask you to choose who can give you some help with the perils ahead. As you know, several characters from other franchises will have their place in Harakiri: Blades of Honor. Which of these do you want to help you in your adventure:

  1. Nyx, from Middara.
  2. Sedrik, from Tanares Adventures.
  3. Hiroshi, from Stormsunder.
  4. Nobuyuki, from Sankokushin.
  5. Landolfo, from Black Rose Wars.

3. Community: our presence at the DAU fair (Barcelona).

We have just returned from the board game fair in Barcelona, the DAU. We are very happy, not only because we have been able to show multiple demonstrations to a lot more people, but also because we have been able to meet a lot of backers, who have transmitted to us all their support, and their wishes to have the game on their gaming tables. We can’t agree more.
Here are some pictures taken during this weekend.

4. Gameplay: Sumosapo, friend or foe?

We are sure you wanted to know more about one of the last stretch goal unlocks of the campaign, so here you have Sumosapo!

The Sumosapo (as we think you’ve noticed) is the conjunction of two elements:

(1) Sumo wrestlers, especially one with whom many of us have grown up.

(2) A toad willing to make matters difficult for his enemies.

Let’s dive into his sequences: Dojo’s Sand, Warty Lick, Street Fighter, and Expansive Wave.
In Dojo’s Sand, the Sumosapo will attack an adjacent enemy and also blind another at a distance. This way, Sumosapo combines attack and defense.
In Warty Lick, he will use Amphibian Tongue, a ranged attack, which not only gives poison status to the target, but also forces the target to make a dangerous roll to avoid losing almost all of their next action points. (Ouch.)
Next, we have Street Fighter, which uses, depending on the distance to the targets, Sumo Headbutt (a huge ranged attack that knocks the enemy down) or Hundred Slap (the only skill in the game that performs up to 3 attacks against the same target).
Finally we have Expansive Wave, which uses a boosted version of Sumo Headbutt, causing damage to adjacent enemies as well as the target.

Thus, the Sumo Toad combines long range attacks with devastating multiple attacks at close range, while applying negative effects to its opponents, including poison and the dreaded downed state.
Will the Sumosapo be one of your enemies or perhaps one of your allies? That will depend on your decisions during your Harakiri: Blades of Honor sessions.

5. Components: improving the Oracle deck.

As we have been doing since the end of the crowd-funding campaign, we continue dedicating resources to improve almost the entire art of the game. Today, we bring you the improved version of the Oracle deck cards.
In case you don’t remember, the Oracle deck is the one that defines, at the beginning of each round, what kind of sequences the minions will use (normal or aggressive), as well as the next event to be revealed from the Omamoris, which carry multiple effects (enemies’ spawn, objects’ appearances, interactions, narrative texts, paths, and more).
Below, we let you compare the previous and updated versions of the two types of cards.

Old design.

New design, art by Mich.

6. Components: new samples of PVC miniatures. Yes, this is what you will receive.

The miniatures usually create more problems than anything else in a huge project like Harakiri: Blades of Honor. We are giving high priority to everything related to their production.
So, we are pleased to have more miniatures produced in PVC. PVC is the final production of the very contents that you will receive with the game.
The results are excellent, and we share with you a video that the Youtube channel “El Gremio de Mecenas” has kindly made for us. Don’t miss it, and please subscribe if you haven’t done so yet :blush:.

Harakiri Minis Finales en PVC | PVC Final Miniatures of Harakiri - YouTube

And with all these, we say goodbye until next month, when we’ll be back with a new arsenal of news.

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