Harakiri: Blades of Honor - par Synergic Games - Livraison mai 2023

Nouvelle update avec une video des fingurines finales en PVC

Update #46 - Improvements, components, miniatures... and someone with his face full of warts is waiting for you

We are approaching the end of the year, but the pace doesn’t slow down one bit.

1. Improvements in the Kick and Go platform.

The Kick and Go platform has provided its own improvement. Since the beginning, you have asked to access your pledge via a typical login and password, so you don’t have to look for the link that you received in your email when you started the reward manager. Well, now it’s available! From now on you can access all the projects you have in this platform in an easier and more intuitive way.

2. Community: we continue to create a scenario together.

It seems that the “mystical” option has won by a narrow margin :blush:.
This time we ask you to choose who can give you some help with the perils ahead. As you know, several characters from other franchises will have their place in Harakiri: Blades of Honor. Which of these do you want to help you in your adventure:

  1. Nyx, from Middara.
  2. Sedrik, from Tanares Adventures.
  3. Hiroshi, from Stormsunder.
  4. Nobuyuki, from Sankokushin.
  5. Landolfo, from Black Rose Wars.

3. Community: our presence at the DAU fair (Barcelona).

We have just returned from the board game fair in Barcelona, the DAU. We are very happy, not only because we have been able to show multiple demonstrations to a lot more people, but also because we have been able to meet a lot of backers, who have transmitted to us all their support, and their wishes to have the game on their gaming tables. We can’t agree more.
Here are some pictures taken during this weekend.

4. Gameplay: Sumosapo, friend or foe?

We are sure you wanted to know more about one of the last stretch goal unlocks of the campaign, so here you have Sumosapo!

The Sumosapo (as we think you’ve noticed) is the conjunction of two elements:

(1) Sumo wrestlers, especially one with whom many of us have grown up.

(2) A toad willing to make matters difficult for his enemies.

Let’s dive into his sequences: Dojo’s Sand, Warty Lick, Street Fighter, and Expansive Wave.
In Dojo’s Sand, the Sumosapo will attack an adjacent enemy and also blind another at a distance. This way, Sumosapo combines attack and defense.
In Warty Lick, he will use Amphibian Tongue, a ranged attack, which not only gives poison status to the target, but also forces the target to make a dangerous roll to avoid losing almost all of their next action points. (Ouch.)
Next, we have Street Fighter, which uses, depending on the distance to the targets, Sumo Headbutt (a huge ranged attack that knocks the enemy down) or Hundred Slap (the only skill in the game that performs up to 3 attacks against the same target).
Finally we have Expansive Wave, which uses a boosted version of Sumo Headbutt, causing damage to adjacent enemies as well as the target.

Thus, the Sumo Toad combines long range attacks with devastating multiple attacks at close range, while applying negative effects to its opponents, including poison and the dreaded downed state.
Will the Sumosapo be one of your enemies or perhaps one of your allies? That will depend on your decisions during your Harakiri: Blades of Honor sessions.

5. Components: improving the Oracle deck.

As we have been doing since the end of the crowd-funding campaign, we continue dedicating resources to improve almost the entire art of the game. Today, we bring you the improved version of the Oracle deck cards.
In case you don’t remember, the Oracle deck is the one that defines, at the beginning of each round, what kind of sequences the minions will use (normal or aggressive), as well as the next event to be revealed from the Omamoris, which carry multiple effects (enemies’ spawn, objects’ appearances, interactions, narrative texts, paths, and more).
Below, we let you compare the previous and updated versions of the two types of cards.

Old design.

New design, art by Mich.

6. Components: new samples of PVC miniatures. Yes, this is what you will receive.

The miniatures usually create more problems than anything else in a huge project like Harakiri: Blades of Honor. We are giving high priority to everything related to their production.
So, we are pleased to have more miniatures produced in PVC. PVC is the final production of the very contents that you will receive with the game.
The results are excellent, and we share with you a video that the Youtube channel “El Gremio de Mecenas” has kindly made for us. Don’t miss it, and please subscribe if you haven’t done so yet :blush:.

Harakiri Minis Finales en PVC | PVC Final Miniatures of Harakiri - YouTube

And with all these, we say goodbye until next month, when we’ll be back with a new arsenal of news.

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Toute dernière update de fin d’année avec l’annonce du shipping repoussé à octobre 2023 et une collaboration avec Paul Grogan.

Update #47 - Updated timeline, improvements continue and happy 2023 to you all!

Hello everyone!

We have a lot for you in this holiday month: An updated calendar, the biggest tile in the entire game, a choice of whom you want to fight against, and a ninja master on your way.

Here is what we will cover in December’s update:

1.- Our updated calendar: new dates, reasons why, and actions we have taken.

2.- Components: the last tile is here.

3.- Community: chapter creation: Whom do you want to fight?

4.- Components: new token improvements.

5.- Components: new AI deck design.

6.- Gameplay: Tesso: small but dangerous.

Let’s start with the most important information: our update of the delivery schedule.

  1. Updated Calendar: new dates, reasons why, and actions we have taken.

To keep everything on course, so that your games would arrive according to our previous forecast —in May next year— everything needed to be ready for production before the Chinese New Year, which begins January 22nd in 2023. (We must anticipate that this new year could be unusually disruptive.)

We analyzed our progress with our manufacturer, the DUST games production team, and this is NOT going to be possible. Here’s why:

First, the production of the final PVC molds almost certainly could not be ready before the Chinese New Year. The molds, in their third and final phase, should be ready by March. Second, we have been told that the complete production process, including assemblies, packaging, and preparation for shipment, will take 4 to 5 months, assuming there will be no further disruptions due to COVID-19.

In addition to production issues, several things have also taken up more time than expected and are part of the delay we are announcing:

1.- We are giving the “One-Shot” scenarios, which were unlocked during the campaign, the development and testing time that they truly deserve.

2.- We hope you will all benefit from the art improvements, which have been applied to more than 50 different elements including decks, boards, tokens, maps and others.

3.- The size of the project has increased, due to our goal of delivering the best possible version of Harakiri to you.

The game will feature over 800 unique events and 250,000 words of content.

Bearing all this in mind, our new forecast to start shipping is delayed until about October 2023. We apologize for this change to our plans.

To reduce the time needed for all the work that remains, during the month of November we added a new member to the development team, and in January we are adding a another one. With this, we will have 6 people actively participating in the development and management of Harakiri.

This delay gives us more time to polish and test all the components of the game, and it has also made it possible to collaborate with Paul Grogan, from the well-known channel “Gaming Rules” (https://www.youtube.com/@GamingRulesVideos). His experienced advice will enable us to improve the game manual, and he will create a detailed gameplay video for his channel. (This video will be in English.)

Regarding Spanish content, we plan to send updated prototypes to two channels, “El Gremio de Mecenas” (https://www.youtube.com/@ElGremiodeMecenas) and “Jugar y Pintar" (https://www.youtube.com/@JugaryPintar). So that they can record gameplay videos and give their reviews, as always, without restrictions.

Our goal has always been to deliver the game and all of its rewards in the period initially presented. We apologize for the delay, and we do expect that the Harakiri: Blades of Honor you receive will be even better.

Starting with the February update, and every month after that, we will include a graph tracking the status of all the points of the project, so that you can see our progress every month.
In addition, we are not going to make any price increases in the next 2 months, to leave more time for you to take advantage of our current offers.

2.- Components: The MEGATILE is here.
During the campaign, one of the unlocked rewards that generated the most interest was the “MegaTile”, which uses the whole back of the game’s board for the adventure phase. We have it ready! We are delighted with the result, and we share it with you immediately.

Megatile, art by Henning Ludvigsen (click to enlarge)

As you can see, it is a combination of indoors and outdoors, and its 560 squares provide room for all kinds of locations. In the central area there is a throne room, the setting for some of the most epic battles in the game. There are other important interior locations, including: a kitchen area, an area for bathrooms, and an area dedicated to the stables. Outdoors, we have huge walled gardens where you can fight creatures of unusual size.
We hope you will like it as much as we do.

3.- Components: New token improvements

Here are some tokens we’ve been working on. We aim to give all the components of the game the same artistic style, and we think these new designs will fit perfectly with the rest.

New tokens, art by Mich (Click to enlarge).

4.- Components: New AI deck design
We showed you the design for the deck that activates the most dangerous enemies that you will face, the Shogun’s Chosen ones, a while ago. But as we have done with many other components, we decided to go a step further and give it a new look, thanks to Mich. Here it is:

AI Blood Oni card, art by Mich

5.- Community: Chapter creation: Whom do you want to fight?

By a tight margin, Nyx will be the ally who will help you in the battles of the scenario that we and you, the community, are creating together.
Now, who will be the opponent? Since you decided that the level of the characters should be 5, the highest, we have a wide variety to choose from. We are going to offer you 4 choices:.
1.- The Daimyo.
2.- The Blood Oni.
3.- The Tsurube Otoshi.
4.- The Dark Shogun.
These enemies have different degrees of power, so depending on whom you choose, we will combine him with additional confederates.

6.- Gameplay: Tesso: small but dangerous.
We continue to show you the potential adversaries you may face in your Harakiri game sessions. Today we present Tesso, a creature of traditional Japanese culture that has inspired other creators and become very famous all over the world.

Tesso board (click to enlarge)

Regarding the foundations upon which Tesso’s sequences are built: we warn you to think twice before attacking him. The first of his passive skills, “Ninjutsu”, allows him to damage any attacker that hurts him. Will it be worth it to make fast attacks (causing less damage), considering the consequences? His second skill, “Iron Shield”, gives him a 50% chance to nullify any attack at range 2 or more.

His sequences are extremely interesting:
With “Whirlwind”, Tesso will perform an attack against all enemies he moves adjacent to, albeit with a weakened attack.
When he deals damage with “Disarm”, his target will be the victim of a very special effect. Their equipped weapon will fall and must be picked up to be used again. And what if the target was already disarmed? It will be knocked down instead.

When he deals damage with “Shime Waza” (which targets an enemy with fewer HP) the target must pass a dexterity check or completely lose their next activation.
“Koppo Jutsu” can be even more devastating. If the target takes damage and fails a power check, their action points will be permanently reduced until the end of the fight. This effect can stack, eventually leaving a target with only one action point per round. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen to you.
In fifth position, we have “Tail sweep.” It’s a range 2 attack that can knock down the target and give Tesso an armor upgrade. You remember how hard it was to damage him, right? Well, with enhanced armor, even more so.
Finally, with “Rat’s plague” he performs an area attack capable of provoking both poison and bleeding to multiple enemies.

And what happens if he can’t execute any of his sequences? Well, Tesso doesn’t mince words nor squeaks. He will cause damage to all of his enemies in line of sight at range 4, a brutality. You’d better not try to avoid his usual sequences.

You can see that Tesso will be a terrible opponent, but what if he was accompanied by 4 « turtles » kappa using different ninja techniques? Wouldn’t that be even more fun?

And with this, we wish you a happy end of the year, and a 2023 full of honor for all of you!

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Nouvelle update…

Update #48 - A feathered enemy, a box to hold them all, a new section, and more.

We start the year, as we ended 2022, loaded with information, because we know you love it :).

1.- Components: the back cover of the game box, ready.

During the campaign, we showed you the game’s box covers. It’s time to see them again:

We hope you will agree these are magnificent covers. For the box’s back, Mich has created something amazing, as usual. Here, we show it to you:

Back cover, art by Mich (click to enlarge)

Who is that Machiavellian figure sitting on a throne in the center of the picture? It is none other than Shōgun himself, in his previous shape before becoming the gigantic miniature that you already knew. Which Shōgun is the scarier for you? We haven’t been able to decide.

For the more curious, we remind you that the origin of the dark Shōgun will be detailed in the expansion, “Jubei’s Curse.”

2.- Components: The tools you will get from the expansion, Jubei’s Curse.

How will Jubei deal with the adversaries he will encounter on his tortuous path? Quite easily, with well-sharpened blades, a very varied arsenal. Here are a few new weapons exclusive to this expansion, but:

You can also use them in your campaign against the Shōgun in acts 1 and 2, as well.

3.- Gameplay: Danger from above, the Tengu’s AI.

Danger in your sessions playing Harakiri will come everywhere: sometimes in human form, sometimes as monstrous creatures. Sometimes they will appear from under your feet, or from above.

Tengu are in the latter category, and their abilities mix their martial endowments with touches of magic. They won’t be an easy adversary, but who said your adventure should be easy?

Tengu board (click to enlarge).

First, tengu have the passive ability “Flying,” allowing them to move freely about. It will be almost impossible to block their movements to limit their combat sequences, so don’t waste time trying to lead them between buildings or into tight places, it won’t work. They also have one of the highest movement values of the entire game. You’re not going to escape a tengu, believe us.

Second, let’s go over their usual attacks:

We start with “Gust of Wind,” a range 2 attack that also causes “downed.” (We remind you that the downed state forces the target to spend 1 PA on their next activation to get up.) If you have to get up and also approach the tengu to respond (since their attack was ranged), you will only have sufficient PA left for a quick, less harmful attack.

Their second attack is « Head Seeker, » which adds the negative state bleeding to the usual damage. Did you have to spend one AP to get up, and another to get close to the tengu? Well, you better have an ace up your sleeve to remove the bleeding state, or else you’ll continue to suffer it.

Finally, there’s a specially annoying technique, “Overflight.” While overflying, the tengu can only be targeted by ranged weapons. Also, whenever tengu activate Overflight, they will recover some lost health.

How do these skills combine? Tengu will sometimes make multiple attacks against all of their adjacent enemies, while at other times, they will attack and then take shelter from most of your counter attacks, meanwhile distributing negative states as if there was no tomorrow.

You’ve been looking forward to facing the tengu, haven’t you?

(In addition, if you have been following our updates, you know that there’s great variety in the enemies you will face in Harakiri: Blades of Honor. We think you will like that.)

4.- A new monthly section: Esuprunaman’s Corner.

We know that you are as eager to receive the precious miniatures of Harakiri as we are to get them to you, so we have added a new section to our regular updates, to show them in more detail. You’ll get a look at miniatures painted by one of our backers, and advice on painting them yourself.

Although not a professional, @esuprunaman has a fine talent for painting. We have sent @esuprunaman several of the finished miniatures, to paint them and also share advice with those of you who wish to get into painting miniatures. We hope that, if you wish, you can make your own minis look wonderful.

Here, for the first time, is @Esuprunaman’s Corner:


Hello! My name is Jordi (@esuprunaman on Instagram and Twitter) and I’ve been painting for about 3 years. In this section I will try to give you good advice and tips for those who want to paint their minis. I hope it’s of use to you.

Fix positions.

In Aruoki’s case, I wanted to reposition the upper hand on his right and his weapon, slightly above how it came.

Trick: Use a glass of water heated in the microwave for one minute at maximum temperature. Submerge the part of the piece you want to reposition for a couple of seconds, so it is completely soft. Finally, the desired position must be held until the piece is cooled (it can be soaked in cold water to cool even faster).

Watch out! Sometimes, after a few hours and cooling, it may return slightly to the starting position. In this case the process must be repeated.

Aruoki, painted by esuprunaman (click to enlarge)

Brushes recommendation.

The brush I’ve been using for years is the Green Stuff GOLD SERIES Kolinsky Siberian Brush # 2. Although my favorite current brush is Rosemary & Co SERIES 8. PURE KOLINSKY SABLE POINTED ROUND Size 2 Short Handle 7, so with any of those you are good to go.

The Winsor & Newton Series 7 # 1 is also a great brush for painting miniatures. W&N # 1 corresponds to approximately # 2 of the above brushes.

Tip! I do not advise small brushes # 0 or lower. The most important thing about brushes is that they have a good tip and, if possible, are done with Marta Kolinsky’s hair.

Paintings (violet kimono)

I am currently testing the new range of Vallejo Model Color, with very good results. Vallejo Model Color line and the AK 3rd Generation are both great. For Tesso’s kimono, I have used these three colors:

AK11432 Basic Russian Blue, Vallejo Game Color (new) 72113 Deep Magenta and Vallejo Model Color 70845 Golden Meat.

These three colors are very good and I use them in most of my current miniatures.

Tesso, painted by esuprunaman (click to enlarge)

A very easy technique that you can apply to give texture to your miniatures is dotting. Notice how I have enriched the skin of the Sumosapo, below.

Trick: I used the dark color of the base of the skin to add dark reddish colors, so that the spots become more integrated in the skin. If you make the slightly different points of measurements, shapes, and colors you will look much better.

Careful! This technique heavily spoils the brush. It’s better to use an old brush.

Sumosapo, painted by esuprunaman (click to enlarge)

Learn From the best

Undoubtedly the most outstanding object of the miniature Tengu is its sword. This is inspired by the swords that @MamikonPaints paints on his Twitter. He has a Patreon where you can learn all his tricks:

Tengu, painted by esuprunaman (click to enlarge)

If you have any questions, you can write them in the comments to this update, and I will try to answer the most interesting ones in the next update.

Some content from the upcoming @Esuprunaman’s Corner:

  • How to remove any (annoying) mold lines.

  • How to wash and take care of brushes economically and quickly.

  • Paints I use for golden colors.

  • My tricks to melt colors with the Wet Cast technique.

I hope you liked it! You can follow my miniatures of Harakiri at:


Until the next update!

    • Community: It’s time to turn your decisions into a good scenario stew.

Finally, after choosing the Dark Shōgun (not a surprise, but I will try to overcome my disappointment that it was not the Daimyo), let’s review the decisions made to date by you, our backers, for the creation of a one-shot scenario:

Character level: 5.

Difficulty: High.

Duration: Long.

Thematic: Mystique.

Ally: Nyx.

Main enemy: The Dark Shōgun.

We are going to put all these ingredients into the creative team’s blender and hope the result is to your liking.

And with this we leave you until next month, in which we will include charts to track the progress of the project.

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L’update de fin février est là…

Update #49 - Visual progress, IMPORTANT DATES, how to follow your progress, and more

2023 continues to advance, as does the project, so this month we bring you another round of information.

  1. The Project’s progress to date, in visual format.


  3. Components: The campaign sheet, uncovered.

  4. Esuprunaman’s corner (II).

  5. A new collaboration added to Harakiri: more quality controls.

  6. Time to show off your best clothing.

1. The Project’s progress to date, in visual format.

As we announced in the last update, from now on we will inform you, month by month, of the project’s progress. Here you go:

We continue working on all the pending points at full pace to have everything ready as soon as possible and next month we will show you the progress achieved.


As you can see, the project keeps moving forward, and we think it’s time to define the most important dates of what is left until the closing of the pledge manager. We will be reminding you of them from now on, but here they are:

So, you still have time to complete your orders before the deadline.

We also take this opportunity to ask the more than 300 backers of the campaign who have not yet entered their shipping information to do so as soon as possible. Don’t miss it!

3. Components: the Campaign Sheet, uncovered.

Some time ago we told you about the Campaign Sheet of the Act 1 campaign. As you know, you will have a lot of decisions that will extend throughout the campaign, and that will have significant changes in the second act of the campaign. Today we present you one of the pages of the Campaign Sheet that you will have at your disposal. In this sheet you will be able to add the marks that will define part of your story, and keep track of your progress.

4. Esuprunaman’s corner (II).

Hello again, here we go with the second installment of this section. As always, your questions and suggestions are highly appreciated.

4.1. Preparation

Remove the burr.

All plastic miniatures have burrs that in many cases are barely visible when playing, but become more evident when painting them. To remove them you can scrape them off with a modeling blade perpendicular to the surface.

Tip: First identify the different pieces glued together. Each piece has an outline that goes all the way around, follow this outline so as not to leave any burrs. For example, Nue is composed of three pieces: the base, the tiger-monkey body and the snake tail (what a mixture).

Nue, painted by esuprunaman.

4.2. Materials

Brush cleaning.

To wash the brushes I use a natural soap and rub them gently on the palm of my hand, supporting the entire tip, until there is no paint left on them.

Trick: once well cleaned, use your mouth and a little saliva I make so that the hairs do not separate when drying. With this simple wash, the brushes will last a long time.

Be careful! Do not leave them on any surface where the tip can bend and wash them after use.

4.3. Paints

Gilding with non-metallic paints (NMM).

In all the miniatures you have seen I have used the same colors for the golds:

Shadows: Vallejo Model Color 70814 Toasted Red. Base: Scalecolor Artist Natural Sienna Earth with a little Scalecolor Artist Spring Green. Lights: base + Scalecolor Artist Intense Yellow and Vallejo Model Color 10951 White.

Kachi’s golds are also based on these colors.

Kachi, painted by esuprunaman.

4.4. Techniques

Light profiling

For a good outline, use a base coat dilution (with very little water) and the brush quite unloaded. Remember not to press too much against the surface, it is about ‹ rubbing › the profile.

Tip: to start practicing and not to press too hard against the surface, approach the profile little by little with the brush and go giving brushstrokes to the air until lightly brushing the surface.

Be careful! There are paints that do not need water to be applied (e.g. AK third generation). With this technique and the colors indicated for gilding you can easily make Auroki’s armor.

Learn from the masters

The skin of the Hive Demon is inspired by one of the techniques explained in the book: TÉCNICAS DE PINTURAS EN FIGURAS F.A.Q. 2 by Arnau Lázaro. One of the best and most inspiring medium- advanced level books I have ever read.

Hive Demon, painted by esuprunaman.

See you next time!

Here is a preview of some of the content of the next section:

-Preparation: different priming techniques.

-Materials: wet palette.

-Paints: metallic without metallic paints with only 3 colors.

-Techniques: profiling in shadow.

I hope you liked it and I remind you that you can follow my Harakiri miniatures in:


See you next update!

5. A new collaboration added to Harakiri: more quality controls.

We want to announce that we have finally reached an agreement with a Chinese publisher (Serein Games) to distribute the Chinese localization of Harakiri: Blades of Honor. We are very happy to make our game available in more languages. Since the beginning of the project we already announced that we wanted to find a partner to bring our project to Asia, and we have succeeded.

In addition, this means that we will add another level of control during the production. We are convinced that DUST Games will do an excellent job in the manufacturing, but the Serein Games team will personally check the process when the time comes.

On the other hand, we want to make clear that this collaboration does not affect in any way the production of the game in English and Spanish, since the Chinese version will be produced in mid 2024, separately from the others. In no case will this new version affect the project schedule, which is our priority.

6. Time to show off your best clothing.

We have talked a lot about Act 1, so today we bring you a sample of the artwork of some of the armors of Act 2, which will take four new characters to the climax of the story of Harakiri. We leave you with a new batch of them, with which Byakuei, Hanako, Takashi and Akane will prepare for the tough opponents they will have to face. We really love these new pieces, we hope you do as well.

Armors, art by Víctor Leza.

And with all this we leave you until next month, with a new update that we are already working on and that will surely come full of content.

Honor to you all!

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J’ai reçu un nouveau mail de ce projet,
Niveau Gameplay je ne sais pas quoi penser. Aucune vidéo ne m a emballé, la phase explo reste plutôt mystérieuse…
Y avais un module TtS ou autre où des gens ont testé ce dernier ? :face_holding_back_tears:

Pareil pour moi, je ne sais pas quoi en penser.

Sur le papier c’est typiquement le jeu dans mon radar mais comme je n’en connais pas bine l’exécution, j’ai beaucoup d’hésitations.

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Sur la dernière actu #50 il y a des vidéo de gameplay

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Grosse update pour cette fin avril…

Update #51 - There is so much new info that we can't fit it in the title... Come in and take a look!

This month’s update is surely one of the most packed since the end of the campaign, so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty to give you all the details.

1. The progress of the project to date, in visual format.

Here you have the latest advances in the development of the project. There is a lot to highlight, but we can say that, as of today, and with the exception of the « one-shot » scenarios, the development of the game is finished. Obviously there is still work to be done to apply the modifications from the results of the ongoing tests, but for us it is a great satisfaction to have reached this point :slight_smile:

Besides, the miniature molds are already finished, so we are getting closer and closer to the moment of having everything ready.

2. IMPORTANT DATES (update).

We are on our way to send some demonstration boxes (more info on those at the end of this update) to several content creators shortly, and as we want you to have time enough to use the current discounts by the moment they’re shown, we are going to extent the discounts till May 30th.

3. « Wrath of the Gods », everything you need to know about this spectacular expansion.

As you know, the content of Harakiri: Blades of Honor can be completed with several expansions, among which « Wrath of the Gods » stands out.

Adding a new campaign and 4 new characters, this expansion will allow you to enter a new adventure that focuses on the confrontations with the 4 sacred beasts.

Although it will also have Adventure Phases, the main playable part is a new combat system against these gigantic enemies, with their spectacular miniatures.

The highlight is the new combat system, with unique AI decks that include new playable elements to make the confrontations even more epic.

But as a picture (or a video) is better than a thousand words, we leave you with an introductory video explaining the most outstanding elements of this new system which we have called « Chained Battle ».

We hope you liked this new system, as it will allow even more exciting and tense combats against the sacred beasts.

This expansion includes 4 Adventure Phase chapters, and 7 Exploration Phase chapters, bringing the total to 11, 1 more than what was announced during the campaign.

4. Our new member.

As you have seen in the previous video, Marta has become a member of our team, and we are delighted!

Being one of the most recognized images of the board game sector in Spain, Marta brings not only her experience after years of direct contact with hundreds of games, but also her skills as a graphic designer, which will undoubtedly help us to have an even more spectacular game. And her positive character and friendliness are a perfect addition to our team.

Welcome Marta!

5. The Exploration Phase live: take a look.

If during the month of March you had access to several videos showing the Adventure Phase, this month is the turn of the Exploration Phase, which we know you are also interested in.

The channel « Gaming Rules » made a complete session to the Exploration Phase, in which you can see all kinds of combats, including a final confrontation against the Blood Oni that you won’t want to miss.

Also, you can take a look at some of the unfiltered reviews by one of the players during that session.

Should you back this? | Harakiri: Blades of Honor

6. Artbook sample.

We know that many of you love all the art we have been showing of our project, and that’s why you have added the art and background book to your orders.

That’s why it’s the ideal moment to show you some examples of some of the art and content you can find inside.

And not only that, but we have also decided to increase the size of the book, from the initial 64 pages to 84, without any cost increase. We could not miss the opportunity to share the best of our art, so we have chosen to expand it so you do not miss anything.

7. Esuprunaman’s corner (IV).

Hello again, let’s go with the fourth installment of this section, as always, your doubts and suggestions are welcome!

Due to lack of time, this time there are only two miniatures, anyway I hope you like them!

In this case it’s time for two ghosts: Goryo and Onryo. For the ghosts and spectres, I recommend using saturated and fluorescent colors, the ones I like the most are greens, jades and purples.

Here is the list of the colors I have used to represent the magical effects:

Goyro: Molotow One4All Future Green, AK Light Green, AK Fluorescent Green and Vallejo Model Color Dead White.

Onryo: Molotow One4All Purple Violet, Vallejo Game Color Warlord Purple, Vallejo Model Color Magenta Fluorescent and Vallejo Model Color Dead White.


For Goyro:

The Miniaturist is undoubtedly the great reference for creating OSL effects, on his Patreon

you will find great tutorials to paint OSL, faces and armor quickly and very effectively.

For Onryo:

The color scheme is taken from the last miniature painted by @DuelingBrushmen.

I recommend you to follow this painter on Twitter, his galaxy printed tunics are spectacular!

I hope you liked it and I remind you that you can follow my Harakiri miniatures at:

Suprunaman Prunes (@esuprunaman) • Instagram photos and videos

See you next update!

8. Demo boxes on the way.

As we approach completing everything and preparing for production, we want to share some very special demo boxes with several content creators. These include many samples of the miniatures that will be included in the game, as well as cards, boards and maps. Soon you will be able to see the content from several channels.We hope you enjoy them, and that they will make your wait a little more pleasant.

And well, with all this, we think you have plenty of content to spend a few days on. Goodbye until the next update.

9. Interview with Critical Fail.

An interview with one of the co-authors of the project was published this week on the « Critical Fail » channel. In a relaxed conversation they talk about the present and future of Synergic Games and the industry in general. Don’t miss it.

Co-Author Interview - Harakiri Blades of Honor - Timelines, Risks, Discounts, and More! - YouTube

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Bonjour à tous !

Nous aimerions vous informer des dernières nouvelles concernant notre projet.

La première chose est que nous ouvrirons le paiement des expéditions dans notre gestionnaire de promesses de dons pour l’Europe plus tôt que nous l’avions annoncé, très probablement d’ici la troisième semaine de mai. Et non seulement cela, mais aussi à des tarifs similaires à ceux que nous avons annoncés lors de notre campagne de crowdfunding (fin 2021).

À titre d’exemple, pour l’envoi d’un Pledge Kami en France, le coût final sera de 39,55 € par rapport à l’estimation de 35 € que nous avions donnée (TVA non comprise).

Deuxièmement, nous recevons des commentaires et des évaluations sur les prototypes que nous avons envoyés à divers créateurs de contenu. Nous aimerions souligner la critique de Paul Grogan, incluse dans son vlog mensuel.

Nous vous laissons le lien ci-dessous, mais nous sommes très heureux qu’il ait trouvé Harakiri : Blades of Honor meilleur qu’Oathsworn, qui est facilement considéré comme l’un des meilleurs jeux d’aventure ameritrash de ces dernières années.

Honneur à tous !

Pardonnez-nous pour notre manque de maîtrise du français.

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Ah non faut pas me relancer, celui là me tente encore beaucoup étant mega fan du thème…

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Faut reconnaître qu’il semble s’en sortir mieux que ce que je pensais… Parce qu’en fan inconditionnel de L5R depuis 1996, je trouvais pas le thème si bien traité que ça justement.

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Le paiement des FDP et TVA est tombé
Pour ma part en l’ayant pris en late pledge

Je verrais si je rajoute une extension comme le late pledge ferme le 7 juillet
Les réduction finissent le 31 mai, mais pas de réduc sur les frais :sweat_smile:

J’arrive toujours pas à savoir pour celui là…

J’ai beaucoup hésité pendant la campagne, finalement j’avais pas pris, sans raison particulière (peut être le budget a ce moment là), et maintenant je ne m’y intéressé plus du tout.
Si tu hésites dis toi que si le jeu est bon il y aura un reprint, sinon tu sera juste passé a côté d’un potentiel ok game.

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Video unboxing par KoA…

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Bonjour à tous !!!

Un autre déballage de la boîte de démonstration, rappelez-vous que cette boîte ne sert qu’à montrer des composants.


Unboxing en français de HiigyTV. J’espère que cela vous plaira.


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Est ce que le jeu sera traduit en français ?

A ce jour, le jeu ne sortira pas en français, c’est un jeu avec beaucoup de narration, le livre de campagne de l’Acte 1 fait plus de 200 pages. Se lancer dans la traduction avec si peu de demande est un risque élevé.
Il nous faudrait vendre au moins 1000 exemplaires pour que la traduction soit rentable et aujourd’hui nous sommes très loin d’atteindre ces chiffres.
Salutations à tous nos sympathisants français.

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J’ai été faible je suis tombé par hasard sur la vidéo d’hiigy, j’ai pledgé :joy:

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