HEXplore It - Vol. 5 The Mountains of Godai - par HEXplore It - en 2022

Le volume 5 de HEXplore It, prévu en 2022 (sans doute sur Gamefound).

The world’s Tapestry is fraying at its seams. Five primeval essences build the fabric, or pattern, of our world. Throughout all time, these elements have existed perfectly in balance, creating the Tapestry. But now, the five elements have shifted positions, and their movement is tearing the very fabric of reality apart.

Jaethi the Wind Titan, the great Keeper of Balance, now walks the earth, enraged at the peoples of the world. She is ripping the Tapestry apart, seeing to its utter dissolution. Elders of this world argue that if the balance could once again be restored, the Tapestry could begin to heal, and Jaethi’s rage would end.

  • The game unfolds over the course of a year’s worth of game time
  • Players work in separate areas of the map at the beginning of the game to harvest components and then quickly reconnect as a group to face the oncoming hordes
  • Despite working apart from one another in the first phase, the game still maintains the HEXplore It feel
  • The 5 Elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Aether) take center stage in this title
  • Players can build defensive structures, gather supplies, or face the oncoming hordes themselves
  • Players can attune elements to their heroes or to buildings for added powers
  • Players can repair the Tapestry or face the feathered serpent Jaethi head-on
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Au final, Hexplore It ça tournait presque mieux en solo quand tout le groupe se déplace ensemble.
Là, je me demande un peu comment ça va se jouer en solo.

Bonne question. Mais bon, apparemment le groupe ne se splitte qu’un peu au début, et se reforme rapidement.

Ce que j’espère, c’est que le pur solo continuera à roxer du poney.

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Le theme amerindien est intriguant.
En condiderant l’évolution des règles du jeu avec le volume 4, et l’apparition d’illustrations sur les cartes, les créatures et peronnages de ce 5e opus vont donner un visuel particulieèrement intéressant.

Ils développent le côté forteresse déjà présent dans le vol.1
D’ailleurs dans le 1 je ne vois tjs pas quel est l’avantage de créer sa forteresse :thinking:

Figther le dead king dans sa forteresse : tu lances 2 dés favorite enemy (de mémoire)

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