Idols of Torment - par Black Magic Craft - fin le 13 octobre

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La chaîne canadienne Black Magic Craft, spécialisée dans la création de décors, va sortir son premier jeu d’escarmouche avec des figurines agnostiques (sic) et un lore original. Le KS se lancera en 2022 et comprendra la jeu et une bande son.

Voici le premier trailer:

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la page KS : IDOLS of TORMENT by Black Magic Craft — Kickstarter

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La page KS : IDOLS of TORMENT par Black Magic Craft

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Quelques photos que Jeremy a publié sur Torment

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Nouvelle illustration très grimdark et apparemment un changement de nom…

Very excited! Artwork for IDOLS of TORMENT has officially begun. Thanks to @nayladarkart for coming on board to help make this world a reality. Lore is being finalized, mechanics are being play tested.

Quelques infos supplémentaires…


IDOLS of TORMENT is a dark skirmish game being developed by Black Magic Craft. It will focus on thematic and immersive gameplay rather than competitive play.

As a miniature agnostic game it will encourage creative modelling by hobbyists as they craft their models (Idols) and terrain for gameplay.


The game is designed to be intuitive and inviting to tabletop RPG players that may have limited (or no) experience with wargaming.

Outcomes will be determined using various dice from the familiar 7 piece polyhedral dice set.


To keep gameplay wild and unexpected, a card will be drawn from a tarot type deck at the start of each turn. These cards will determine how the Cosmic Realm and The Primordials will influence gameplay for the duration of the turn.

This will function to continuously tip the balance of power gained throughout the game by each player.


A major focus of IDOLS of TORMENT will be to provide players and hobbyists with lots of room for creative modelling while crafting their Idols (miniatures) for play.

8 unique and thematic Orders will be available to play which will provide inspiration for you to explore as a modeller.


An accompanying full length audio soundtrack will be available for more engaging game sessions.

This album will be available to stream digitally as well as a limited edition vinyl LP for collectors.

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Les dernières news avec les premières figurines…

I am preparing to launch my own game called IDOLS of TORMENT and the first official miniatures now exist for this game!

While the player minis will be miniature agnostic, and DIY and kitbashing encouraged, there are models in the game that act as objectives, The Lost. These models (sculpted by Crippled God Foundry) will be included with the physical game on a sprue as plastic models and as stl files with the digital version of the game.

I painted the first every prototype prints of these models in my last video and I could not be happier!

Grosse video d’annonces avec notamment le KS qui sera en septembre…

Alright it’s time for a huge IDOLS of TORMENT reveal! Exciting announcements about contributors, the eight playable Orders, and official miniatures!

This project is growing to be way bigger than originally planed, and the Kickstarter is coming up soon. We are in great shape in terms of development and prep. I can’t wait to share even more details with all of you over the coming weeks!

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Nouvelle photo…

More exciting test prints for IDOLS of TORMENT arrived today!

Dernière révélation pour le KS, on pourra avoir la bande son en version physique…

Dark Ambient / Industrial. Vinyl will be the only physical version, but it will be available to stream on Spotify.

Les premières grappes de figurines…

An incredibly exciting day for the project! Idols of Torment production sample of The Lost models sprue in my hands!

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Voilà le trailer pre-campagne KS… bien dark

Et le lien KS pour la future campagne de financement

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La video How To Play

Wicked miniatures, amazing setting, and cool art…but what about the actual game?
The video many have been waiting for, an introduction to the gameplay and core mechanics from Idols of Torment.

Mise à jour: Alors que ça devait être lancé le 20 septembre, le KS a finalement été lancé ce mardi et est déjà financé. Fin de la campagne le 13 octobre.