Iron Kingdoms: Requiem - par Privateer Press - le 26 janvier 2021

Privateer Press revient sur Kickstarter en janvier avec le grand retour de l’univers Warmachine/hordes. Après l’échec du précédent RPG Iron Kingdoms, PP a annoncé il y a quelques semaines sur un de leur stream leur nouveau RPG, Iron Kingdoms: Requiem, qui utilisera le système 5E.

Et voilà deux articles qui en parlent…

20 Years ago, the foundation of the Iron Kingdoms was laid and the details began to take shape in The Witchfire Trilogy Book 1: The Longest Night.

The foundation of the setting and everything to come over the next two decades was built on captivating and immersive art. Whether our early D20 materials, The Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game, WARMACHINE, HORDES, Monsterpocalypse, Riot Quest, and now Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika – all of our worlds and works rely on the art and artists that breathe life into them.

As we move on into 2021 that legacy continues, and early in the year you’ll be able to help us usher in the next installment with Iron Kingdoms: Requiem. As a special post-Halloween treat, we thought there could be no better time than to share some of the art, (such as this piece by Carlos Cabrera) that will be featured in the latest version of the game:

Iron Kingdoms: Requiem – arrives on Kickstarter early 2021. Stay up to date on all the Requiem news by signing up for the newsletter below.

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Ce sera pour le 26 janvier sur KS

Le détail de ce qu’on devrait y trouver avec notamment un EB 48H 100$ avec l’écran offert. Pour les fans de l’univers Warmachine/Hordes…

A lot has happened to the Iron Kingdoms over the last few years—they’ve experienced the reawakening of the grymkin, the infernal invasion, countless high-profile battles, and the mass exodus at Henge Hold. Now the time is ripe for high adventure, and what better way to do that than using 5e!

On January 26th, we will launch a Kickstarter for the brand new-edition of the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game. Built from the ground up to work with the current edition of the world’s oldest roleplaying game, Iron Kingdoms: Requiem has been adapted to 5e and is specifically built to explore the post-Oblivion Iron Kingdoms.

The campaign itself will focus on three books: the campaign setting, the new Monsternomicon, and, finally, an amazing adventure! Of course, there will be some great surprises along the way and tons of great content in our huge hoard of stretch goals!

First, there’s the core book, Iron Kingdoms: Requiem Campaign Setting. Dive deep to learn where western Immoren stands in the aftermath of the invasion by the infernals, sort out the nuts-and-bolts of your character’s capabilities with new classes like warcaster and gun mage, check out the inner workings of warjacks and new mechanika you’ll want to own, and prepare yourself to use—or have used against you—a whole host of new spells. This is your primary ticket to the full metal fantasy world of the Iron Kingdoms; don’t leave home without it.

Next, the latest edition of Professor Viktor Pendrake’s Monsternomicon. You’ll find updated versions of some of the nightmares unique to the Iron Kingdoms—being up to your drawers in dracodiles is just as deadly as ever, and the farrow…well, the farrow are never “boaring”—plus you’ll discover new monsters just waiting to decimate encounter your adventuring party, like the bloodcurdling Dread Rots with their pumpkin heads (proving beyond a doubt that Will Hungerford has a deathly fear of gourds) or the swarming Grievers!

Oh, and we cut thirteen pages of explanatory text of why you should be terrified of Cask Imp, but you’ll figure it out…

And finally, the 5e adventure: Legend of the Witchfire! We thought it only fair to bring players back to where it all began, back to the woman who wields unearthly power and whose allegiance can change by the heartbeat.

Alexia’s return should be a benchmark moment for the setting, so whether you regard her as an old friend or you’re making her acquaintance for the first time, Legend of the Witchfire is the ultimate entry way into Iron Kingdoms: Requiem 5e. In this all-new adventure, the characters will return to the streets of Corvis after the Claiming, and deal with the return of a familiar and ominous foe…

We’ll have more things to talk about in the near future, including a video adventure of the new RPG run by our resident roleplaying pundit, Will Hungerford. Keep your eyes open for additional information about Iron Kingdoms: Requiem in the days ahead, and be sure to put January 26th on your calendar! And remember, if you back in the first 48 hours of the campaign, you can grab an Early Bird special, which is the full GM pledge plus a free GM screen!

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