Kingdoms Forlorn - par Into The Unknown - livraison janvier 2024

Très belle illustration ! Merci pour le partage. :slightly_smiling_face:

J’ai craqué sur Aeon.
**tain de **rdel de **rde, faut qu’ils arrêtent de faire des jeux qui me tentent, ces Polonais.

Petit passage obligé du côté des news pour KF lors de la dernière update d’AT:O… l’univers de celui-là est toujours attirant

The Towers
Gloom Archipelago is one of the places you’ll visit in Kingdoms Forlorn. Once a prosperous and enlightened kingdom, it fell into decadence and later got swallowed up by the voracious sea. They say you can still reach the towering peaks of its marvelous towers by the Ferrymen’s Guild gondolas and that during certain times of the year the tides recede, uncovering the barnacle-covered streets and secrets long-drowned. All for the taking!

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C’est étrange niveau DA, je trouve ça soit superbe (Sunken Kingdom/Mushroom Forests…) soit pas du tout du tout à mon goût (coucou Stoneface / Ironcast Dead et les bois de cerf de Reiner…). Ça me semble pas « uniforme »…on passe du sombre type heroic fantasy Seigneur des anneaux à du coloré (the towers) façon Terry Pratchett…perturbant :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Quelques détails sur le jeu :

ça me fait chier de les voir bosser sur autre chose que la tonne de contenu d’ATO…
On verra si le KS a lieu après ou avant au moins la vague 1.

A priori, pour l’instant le projet n’en serait qu’à ses débuts.
Il y a peu de chances de le voir débarquer prochainement sur KS.

Les infos du KoA sont un peu données en vracs et parfois manquaient de détails.
Voici succinctement ce que j’ai retenu (à prendre avec des pincettes, tant le KoA faisait lui-même des suppositions):

  • Les joueurs incarneront des chevaliers
  • Découverte de plusieurs royaumes : complétion de missions pas toujours liées au scénario.
  • Miniatures originales (voire très pour certaines)

Des héros a incarner ?

un monstre à affronter

  • Les stats des joueurs augmenteront au sein d’un même combat (rendant les joueurs de plus en plus puissants pendant la rencontre)
  • Forts éléments DC : combats contre des mobs et des boss, avec loot et craft d’armes (mais combats organisés sur plusieurs plateaux de combats, plutôt que des donjons)
  • Progression de personnages : développement d’habilités et occupation d’un job (liée à une classe : mage ? chasseur ? ou autre ? - pas vraiment d’infos à ce sujet)
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Dans la dernière update pour ATO, Into The Unknown nous apprend que le lancement du KS pour Kingdoms Forlorn, initialement prévu pour fin juin, est repoussé à plus tard pour se concentrer sur la production et livraison d’ATO. Bon point.

Kingdoms Forlorn: Princesses & Princes Postponed

As an addendum of sorts, we’re postponing the Kingdoms Forlorn: Princesses&Princes Kickstarter campaign, which we wanted to launch by the end of June 2021. Though the KF project is mostly separate from ATO at this point and this particular campaign would deal with our resin casting branch, we feel it’s best to postpone the campaign a bit to send a clear message: our commitment to delivering ATO has never been stronger!

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Clairement une bonne idée oui.

Lors de la dernière update pour ATO, Into The Unknown a montré le render 3D pour le perso Kara, knight of the wild…

A little something from that other game we’re making :wink: I know, you’re here for your science fantasy Greek kaiju battles, not for some medieval stuff, but consider this: these new miniatures showcase our evolving abilities, and, soon, new ways we’ll be incorporating miniatures into our gameplay (much like the VP points enhance the way you interact with your figures in ATO). Stay tuned!

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ITU a profité de l’update sur AT:O pour évoquer le futur et notamment Kingdoms Forlorn dont le KS serait pour bientôt…

We’ve also got at least 2 other projects in pre-production. These have been stewing for quite a while now, as both have been hinted at in 2019!

Kingdoms Forlorn is coming first. It’s a solo-operative dungeon delver for 1-4 players, based on our ICP engine, but geared for character progression, individual stories, procedural dungeon adventures with curated, narrative campaign goals and a robust endgame you can share with players outside of your normal play sessions. This loot and crafting driven game set in a dark fantasy medieval world will launch… soonish! I’ve said in the past that we won’t authorize a new campaign until AT:O is complete and we are sticking to that! You can expect Kingdoms Forlorn once the production files for ATO are locked in, the game is being printed and sent to all of you. Which is soonish :smiley:

Toadragon is revered in the Sunken Kingdom

And then… then we’ll all have to reckon with our Sins.

City at the Edge of the World (SoH)

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je ne sais pas trop si je m’y risque s’ils le lancent avant la moindre réception d’aeon

Des que l’impression d’ATO est lancé d’apres l’update (il n’attendront pas la réception par les backer de la vague I). Mais pareil, no go tant que pas totu reçu ;p

La dernière update est quand même très encourageante par rapport à d’autres projets.
Je n’ai aucun doute sur la livraison d’AT:O et j’avoue que le dernier artwork est assez somptueux.

De toute façon, il faut voir de quoi il s’agit avant toute chose.

Première grosse update de présentation du jeu sur le site d’Into The Unknown… et ça va être juste énorme

Welcome to Kingdoms Forlorn


Of Dragons, Devils and Kings…

A truly tactical dungeon crawler.
A truly co-operative adventure.
A truly narrative-driven board game.
Truly epic!

Kingdoms Forlorn is a solo-operative dungeon delver for 1-4 players with a focus on loot, tactical battles, character building and storytelling. It’s something we’ve been working for more than 2 years now, since before our highly successful Kickstarter campaign for Aeon Trespass: Odyssey. As AT:O nears completion, we thought it high time to reintroduce Kingdoms Forlorn to the wider audience!

In the coming months, I’ll be slowly unveiling the magnificent beast that is Kingdoms Forlorn, and showcasing each and every major theme and concept, as well as highlighting the innovative mechanics we hope will reinvent the somewhat stale genre of ‘dungeon crawler board games’. And of course, along the way, I’ll give you a sneak peek at the exquisite art we’re using to illustrate it: from Monsters, Knights and Kingdoms to Gear, Maps, Saints, UI elements and the next generation of our miniatures!

Barony of Bountiful Harvest

Barony of Bountiful Harvest

What is Kingdoms Forlorn?

So, that was a lot of words. But WHAT is Kingdoms Forlorn exactly? Well, glad you asked! Kingdoms Forlorn is our next, big adventure. Like ATO, it will be another high-end, big box saga boardgame that will offer hundreds of hours of gameplay. No expense has been spared during its development: hundreds of unique illustrations, highly-detailed large scale dynamic miniatures, premium components, unparalleled attention to lore, storytelling and mechanics design with a dedicated and ever expanding testing team that ensures our games are highly playable, streamlined (for big box games!) and balanced. Our continued in-depth support post-campaign and during the years after release rounds up the package!

Ok, ok, but WHAT IS IT ABOUT?

Dragons. Devilry. Mad kings. Forgotten medieval kingdoms rediscovered, knights, noble and vile, and errant, venturing forth to seek power, treasure or redemption, and to carve their own legends in an ever evolving dark fantasy setting!

Red Kingdom

Red Kingdom

“Soloperative? Wasn’t Inverted Combat Paradigm enough of a buzzword for you guys?” I admit, I like making up new words… though I think it’s justified! While Aeon Trespass: Odyssey tells a story of a band of adventurers going on an epic journey to mend the Ancient Greek world, Kingdoms Forlorn focuses more on personal stories and shorter ‘delves’ into the titular kingdoms. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a larger narrative, quite the contrary, but it’s delivered in a more tailored, choose your pace way. The combat in the game will be handled by our heavily modified Tactical Battle systems which we’ve been perfecting for over half a decade now, focusing on epic boss fights AS WELL AS larger scale skirmishes with mob enemies and card play (though we’re still very much using dice!).

Some of our other proprietary designs, like Hard Co-op mechanics, which foster a deeper interaction between players, will make a welcome return, while others, including the main gameplay loop, will be completely new. You will explore forgotten kingdoms on procedurally generated maps with narrative goals and smart Tactical Traversal, fight battles with giant monsters or bands of minions, loot, craft, duel and, possibly, earn renown and fulfill your Heart’s Desire!

Sunken Kingdom

Sunken Kingdom

Just a few of Kingdoms Forlorn features:

  • Tactical Combat with Inverted Combat Paradigm 2.0 mechanics (Battles heat up instead of winding down, like in most dungeon crawlers!)
  • Highly modular and replayable
  • Hard Co-op forcing you to work together
  • Shared adventures, individual stakes
  • Personalized stories in an ever expanding world
  • Build your Knight from the ground up through leveling, gear crafting, loot gaining and story decisions with lasting impact


World of Kingdoms Forlorn: A Taste

We’re known for our attention to worldbuilding and weaving stories and game mechanics closely together and the world of Kingdoms Forlorn will be no different. Let me set up the scene:

Once the known world was ruled by the Grand Kingdoms. Alas its Kings failed to listen to the Good Church and follow its Commandments and when the Pope warned about the coming cataclysm and devilry, his words fell on death years.

And then the curses came and with them the Deep Fog and soon the Grand Kingdoms became inaccessible, forsaken and then forgotten, a giant white spot on the world map. Years passed, the Border Duchies, no longer curtailed by their powerful neighbors, came into their own. Noble lines flourished, knight orders were established, the Church arose anew.

And then the Fog began to disperse…

Principality of Stone

Principality of Stone

That’s it for today! If you like dark medieval fantasy, Dark Souls, Diablo or Game of Thrones (excluding the last seasons of the TV show :P), this will be a game for you. We can’t wait to share more details. If you want to stay informed, about Kingdoms Forlorn, please consider liking/subscribing to our fb page!

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Petite pensée pour @irishwizz

Sympa mais les designs de fig me semblent moins ouf que sur ato.

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Il va encore se régaler - j’imagine plein de termes latinglish :sweat_smile:

Je crois que c’est son excuse pour cacher ses fautes :joy:

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Je suis foutu…

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Je dois avouer que je préfère les jeux d’exploration de donjon aux jeux d’arène (type KDM, ATO ou Oarthworn) au final, j’ai un peu l’impression de moins me lasser (alors que les 2 sont forcément répétitifs c’est un peu inhérent au genre vu qu’au final on tape des ennemis pour loot et gagner des xps).

Je suis aussi un peu gêné par l’appellation Inverted Combat Paradigm 2.0, alors qu’ils ont même pas livré la version 1… un peu maladroit comme formulation selon moi.

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