[KS] Twilight: 2000 - par Fria Ligan - fin le 3 septembre

Les suédois de Fria Ligan (Alien RPG, Tales From The Loop, Mutant Year Zero, Coriolis) viennent d’annoncer une nouvelle édition du RPG Twilight: 2000 en partenariat avec Game Designers’ Workshop et Amargosa Press. La nouvelle édition reviendra aux racines de la franchise avec un coffret pour du JdR sandbox. Ça arrivera sur KS en août, pour une sortie début 2021.

The new edition of the apocalyptic RPG Twilight: 2000 will be the fourth in the series, the first being released by Game Designers’ Workshop in 1984. Just like the original version, the new edition is set in a year 2000 devastated by war – now in an alternate timeline where the Moscow Coup of 1991 succeeded and the Soviet Union never collapsed.

“The first edition of Twilight: 2000 was an iconic game for me back in the ’80s, and we are humbled and honored to work with Marc Miller and Game Designers’ Workshop to bring a new edition to life. The original game was really ahead of its time. Our goal is to build on the amazing sandbox survival gameplay and develop it further, making it more accessible using the tools of modern game design,” says lead game designer Tomas Härenstam.

“When I saw this proposal to revisit the Twilight universe, I signed on immediately. As I have seen the work proceed, I have not been disappointed, and I look forward to seeing this project become reality,” says Marc Miller of Far Future Enterprises and co-founder of Game Designers’ Workshop.

Also part of the project are Amargosa Press (who have recently announced the new Dark Conspiracy 4th Edition RPG), Polish RPG publisher Black Monk Games (who will act as a consultant on the Poland in 2000 AD game setting as well as publish a Polish edition of the game), and Far Future Enterprises (who publishes the fifth edition of the Traveller science-fiction roleplaying game).

The design team is led by Tomas Härenstam ( ALIEN RPG, Forbidden Lands, Mutant: Year Zero ), with setting and scenario writing by Chris Lites ( Conan, Over the Edge ), editing by Angus Abranson ( Doctor Who, The One Ring ), interior art by Niklas Brant ( Forbidden Lands ), cover art by Martin Grip ( ALIEN RPG, Symbaroum ), and maps by Tobias Tranell ( Forbidden Lands ). Several active and retired servicemen from the U.S. military are assigned to the project as consultants.

Just like the original game, the new edition of Twilight: 2000 is set in a Poland devastated by war, but the game also offers an alternative Swedish setting, as well as tools for placing the game anywhere in the world.

In the game, players take roles of survivors in the aftermath of World War III – soldiers or civilians. Their goal, beyond surviving for another day, can be to find a way back home, to carve out their own fiefdom where they are, to find out more about the mysterious Operation Reset, and maybe, just maybe, make the world a little bit better again.

The core gameplay uses the hexcrawling system established in Mutant: Year Zero and Forbidden Lands RPGs (both Silver ENnie winners for Best Rules, in 2015 and 2019), developing it further to fit the gritty world of Twilight: 2000 . The core rules build on the Year Zero Engine, but heavily adapted to fit Twilight: 2000 and its focus on gear and gritty realism.

More information about the new edition of Twilight: 2000 will be forthcoming soon.

J’ai eu peur… :joy: :wolf: :full_moon: :vampire:

C’est vrai que le titre peut prêter à confusion :grin: Il semblerait que le KS soit pour le 10 août. Exclu Cwowd: il n’y aura pas les PNJ Bella Swan et Edward Cullen :sweat_smile:

Changement de date. KS pour le 12 Août.

Get ready! The KICKSTARTER for TWILIGHT: 2000 will be launched on AUGUST 12, at 3 pm Central European Time / 9 am US Eastern Time.

Si on peut pas jouer un Volturi , je passe mon tour.

Pas de VF visiblement. Dommage.

Oui le KS est uniquement pour la VA. Je pense qu’on risque d’avoir, côté VF, une préco participative sur Ulule. Arkhane Asylum bossant régulièrement avec Fria Ligan, ce ne serait pas étonnant surtout avec le succès de ce KS.

Perso j’ai pas voulu attendre et je l’ai pris en anglais…

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Je remets un peu à jour les dernières infos. Du coup, il y a confirmation de la VF par Arkhane Asylum qui a signé un contrat sur les futures gammes de Fria Ligan / FreeLeague. Pour Twilight: 2000, en plus de l’adaptation de tout le contenu KS, AA sortira un supplément spécial France. Ils sortiront aussi la suite mais cela sera encore plus loin dans le planning ^^