Lance Myxter (Undead Viking) rejoint TMG

Ca c’est une news surprenante, mais ça ne change a priori rien pour undead viking, je copie le mail :

I am so happy that TMG has finally hired Lance Myxter (AKA Undead Viking). He is like my older and gigantic brother now. TMG started looking to fill this position over a year ago. So, yes... I am excited about how TMG will improve with Lance on the team.

Lance will be in heading up our efforts in:

  • Content (written including email, audio, and video)
  • Influencer Relationships
  • Twitter
The question you might be asking yourself the most right now is, will Lance still be "UndeadViking?" Yes, definitely. I fully expect for him to continue doing everything that he does now (as an independent reviewer/commentator) in addition to what he will do for TMG.

TMG fera juste 15 KS par an au lieu de 12 :mrgreen:

Ils en font pas tant que ça en fait… contrairement a ce qu’on pense (image qu’ils gardent je pense de quand ils ont enchainés les micro-games)… ils sont plus a 4-5 max par an je dirais :slight_smile: