[Livré] "Zpocalypse 2 : Defend the 'Burbs" by GBG – livraison mars 2017

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Lien KS

Pledges : $50 ou $75 en Deluxe

hmm tiens ça ressemble pas trop à greenbear

mais en effet tjs rien reçu de mon côté

Tu as participé à la campagne ?

Des nouvelles toutes fraiches :

Creator Greenbrier Games INC Il y a environ 12 heures @everyone

We have received confirmation that the majority of backers in the EU have had product released from our distributor’s fulfillment center, and those games are currently on their way.

However, roughly 28 of you have not had your product sent out. Our distributor has only just now discovered an inventory shortage on their end. Given that the numbers of our initial overseas shipping request accurately reflect the requisite inventory amount needed to adequately ship the products to you guys, it is unclear to us where the oversight occurred. Regardless of who is to blame, everyone here at Greenbrier Games would like to take full responsibility, and offer you our deepest regrets and apologies for these unfortunate circumstances.

Jeff Gracia, our founder and company president, personally packaged up the missing product last night, and sent it out via Fedex. Estimated to arrive in the EU by next Wednesday at our expense. The remaining packages should be turned around and shipped out by the end of next week. It is unclear how this inventory shortage occurred, but now that we’ve actually learned what the issue is, we have acted swiftly to solve it. For the record, the fulfillment company is located in France.

The 28 people who’s shipments are being delayed can expect a direct email from me this afternoon.

We truly appreciate how patient you all have been, and are working hard on improving our EU fulfillment to this never happens again. Know that our intention has never been to keep you guys in the dark - any time we get real information like we have here, we share it with you.

Thank you all,

La loose. :lol:

La question que je me pose (et que je leur poserai sûrement) : quid des frais de douanes ?

Vu le peanuts vs fdp ça va être a leur charge si tu leur demandes gentiment :slight_smile:

[quote quote=70859]

Papi Champi wrote:
La question que je me pose (et que je leur poserai sûrement) : quid des frais de douanes ?
Vu le peanuts vs fdp ça va être a leur charge si tu leur demandes gentiment 🙂 [/quote] En fait, en lisant l'e-mail qu'ils m'ont envoyé (comme aux 27 autres), ils envoient le tout par Fedex à leur centre de distribution, qui procédera aux envois individuels.

Donc pas de frais de douane pour nous normalement.

Voila, ca me surprend pas (mais ça a quand meme du leur couter un reins) :slight_smile:

La poisse :roll:

Nouvel update :
Hello everyone,
It’s been a busy year for us at Greenbrier Games. We’ve brought in several new team members, taken on a hefty helping of ambitious new projects, been attending every convention we can, and working our butts off to bring you the best games possible.

With so much on our plate, we haven’t had the opportunity to really sit down with you guys and give you (our immensely generous and supportive extended family) a transparent look at where we’re at and what’s to come. So, here’s our development schedule for the next year, all cards on the table:

Note that this plan is subject to change, and each of these days is a rough target.
Development Schedule:

  • July 15th - Development on Zpocalypse 2: Defend the Burbs ends. Production begins.
  • July 18th - Pre-production push for AEGIS begins.
  • July 29th - AEGIS crunch ends.
  • August 1st - We hit the road for GenCon!
  • August 9th - Final development for Sanitarium begins.
  • August 15th - Folkore Final story book content delivered by designers. (Preliminary layout beings)
  • August 16th - AEGIS Kickstarter begins.
  • September 14th - AEGIS kickstarter ends.
  • September 30th - Sanitarium development ends.
  • October 1st - Final development Folklore begins.
  • October 7th - We take to the skies for Essen!
  • October 25th - Sanitarium Kickstarter begins.
  • November 15th - Sanitarium Kickstarter ends.
  • December 15th - Final battle with Folklore ends. Production begins.
  • January 1st, 2017 - Pre-production push for Champions of Hara begins
Production Schedule Estimates:
  • June 13th - Folklore: Colossal Dark Oak Production Sample
  • June 15th - Grimslingers Production completion date
  • June 17th - Folkore: Production for World Neoprene Matt Starts
  • June 24th - Folklore: 3d Miniatures passed off to pre - production.
  • July 1st - Folkore: Mystery box something, shhhh keep it secret keep it safe.
  • July 15th - Zpocalypse Burbs: Assets provided Manufacture
  • July 20th - Grimslingers: Estimated landing date in the US. Pending confirmation for EU.
  • July 27th - Folklore: Miniatures first samples. (Large number of miniatures could affect this estimate)
  • August 3rd - Zpocalypse ‘burbs: Manufactured prototype for Gencon.
  • August 30th - Folkore: Vactray / Box insert design submission / review.

On top of all this, here are our goals to improve as a company:

  • More transparency, better communication. Part of this being such a busy year for us is that our communication with you guys on a whole has been sparse. Going forward, we aim to be more transparent with you guys about what’s going on behind the scenes at Greenbrier Games.
  • Shorter post-kickstarter production time for projects. Our new team members are getting into an awesome rhythm for churning out collaborative content. We expect this new workflow to dramatically shorten future production periods. Additionally, the future games we bring to kickstarter will be more refined, polished, and just about ready to roll before the campaign begins. This might mean you’ll see a slightly more moderate and simplified array of stretch goals on the coming projects.
  • Consistent quality art across all our projects. As mentioned previously, our new art director, Stephen Gibson, is going to responsible for bringing you the very best in high-quality illustration and graphic design. It’s been a blast watching our projects take on a whole new life. We’re excited to show you firsthand soon.
  • Finish our current queue of games and have less ongoing projects at a single time. We took on an ambitious load this year, but we still hold every single project we work on to the highest standards. Looking ahead at 2017, our goal is shorten the gap between campaign and production by keeping less projects in queue at any given time.
  • Start attending Essen and other exciting conventions. We are growing as a company, and are looking to expand our convention presence. We’re still small, and won’t be able to make it everywhere, but you can look forward to seeing Greenbrier Games out and about in the world more often.
  • Establish more strategic distribution partners worldwide. As many of you are aware, we’ve been plagued by several distribution nightmares in regards to EU fulfillment these past few months. It's been an incredibly frustrating ordeal that we have no intention of repeating. Presently, we’re still working on a solution - but in the interest of transparency we’ll keep you fully abreast of our progress.

Nouvel update.

Et wave 1 finalement reçue ce matin.

Nouvelle actu.

Le bateau doit arriver en Europe (quel port ?) le 21 février (oui, oui, 2017 !). Et les envois se feront rapidement après (encore heureux !).

HappyShop est super happy de me dire qu’ils ont entré mes coordonnées dans leur système car bientôt ils auront un colis à m’envoyer. Avec ma V 4.0 des règles du premier opus.

Et ce sera un KS de plus qui s’achèvera.

tout pareil
hâte de le tester celui ci!

Et voilà ! C’est arrivé hier.

Et… ??? les figs ça donne quoi ?

les figs sont largement meilleures que la saison 1 (qui n’étaient finalement que des pions améliorés)
le choix des couleurs de plastique des team est dégueulasse (le rouge pétant, une atrocité)
et y’a de l’ébarbage à prévoir sur les zombies

Non, mais c’est clairement pas le KS qu’il fallait faire pour les figurines.

La couleur des team est effectivement… beurk ! Et le personnage qui tient les deux pistolets a des bras plus fin qu’un cure dent, que théoriquement il lui est impossible d’avoir des muscles et des os dedans.

Reste à tester le jeu en lui même.

Non mais c’était évident qu’il fallait pas le faire pour les figs, mais justement je me demandais si ils avaient progressé sur le sujet… donc oui tout en restant dans le pion :slight_smile: