Maharaja - Par Cranio Creations - KS en avril 2020

Nouvelle version de Maharaja avec ajout d’un mode solo, jeu de Kramer et Kiesling.

Maharaja is a new edition of the classic game by the authors Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling. In this new version of the game which now supports 1 to 4 players and is enriched with new graphics and components, you build statues of your God of reference to please the Maharaja during their visit and score victory points at the end of the game depending on the majority you reach.

During the game, players take the role of priests who travel to different cities in India, building statues and shrines dedicated to their favorite Gods to expand their worship. To do so, they are assisted by several characters with different abilities. Every year, the Maharaja, the great king of India, will change his residence and players will receive rewards according to their Gods’ worship value. At the beginning of each year, players plan their actions in a secret phase to be played simultaneously.

At the end of the seventh year or when a player builds their seventh statue, the game ends, then the player with most prestige wins.

Aside from the new graphics and components and from players now building statues instead of palaces, this new edition of Maharaja includes new characters to use during the turn that change turn order, additional ways to earn victory points, an additional bonus each time you score a city after the Maharaja’s visit depending on the assistant you chose, and additional modular rules that can be added during the game and in the final scoring.

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Woooof !!! Un des meilleurs jeux qui existe ça !!! (si vous avez pas, je vous conseille de sauter dessus…).
Par contre, à part de l’esthétique, ça va vraiment apporter quelque chose cette réédition ? (et surtout, est-ce que ce jeu nécessite vraiment des changements ?)

Normalement oui, quelques changements : matériel merdique, prix gonflé et profusion de pop-corn durant l’après campagne

2 J'aimes

Merci pour l’info !

Ha zut!!
Il me branche bien celui-là. :frowning:

ça ne doit pas t’empêcher de pledger car les jeux cranio sont bons. Juste tu dois te foutre du matos et oublier que tu as pledgé aussitôt le clic fait. Avec ces 2 conditions, ça sera top

Merci, je vais suivre ça car j’en entends souvent du bien de ce jeu.