Nova Aetas Renaissance - par Ludus Magnus - VF - livraison juin 2022

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Like orcquest ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nouvelle update avec la timeline et descriptif pour la vague 1…

"Update #62 - The Spiel is coming

Hello, Guys!

This update came out a little later than expected, because we waited for more certain information and a better level of detail, in order to give you a complete timeline for the delivery of Wave 1.

Let’s start with a surprise: in the original plan, we announced that in wave 1 we would only send the « crossover » Stretch Goals between Nova Aetas: Renaissance and Black Rose Wars, which means those included within the Magister pledge. After analyzing the working plan and actual status, we decided to expand the announced content of Wave 1, including all the Stretch Goals unlocked during the Campaign. In the last few months of development, we realized that a lot of the Stretch Goals material had already been developed and tested and that we would be able to get it all done in a relatively short extra time. Including all the Stretch Goals in Wave 1 means being able to deliver the complete Kickstarter version to all of you, thus giving you the complete gaming experience right away. The amount of material you will receive with Wave 1 will keep you busy for a long time!

So let’s re-list what Wave 1 will contain:

  • Nova Aetas Renaissance Core box
  • Hyperion Expansion
  • Draco Expansion
  • Mediceo Expansion
  • Minotaur Expansion

All Unlocked Stretch Goals

  • 4 Additional Heroes
  • 4 Bonus Mission
  • 2 Additional Hunt encounter
  • 20 Event cards
  • 20 Random Encounter cards
  • 12 Zodiac cards
  • 9 City cards
  • 10 Nightmare cards
  • 10 Divine cards
  • 5&6th Players components
  • 2 additional Map tiles
  • A lot of other stuff but this list is becoming too long!
  • Ok, ok, ok, of course in this list you have to add all the material for the crossover stretch goals with BRW.

We are dedicating a lot of energy to editing and translations since the narrative part of NAR is a fundamental element of the game and we want it to be carried out in the best way for all 5 languages. The quantity of text to be translated, combined with the quality that we want to achieve for the final product, does not allow us great room for maneuver to try to speed up this phase.

With a work team that has involved more than 20 people, with more than 2 years spent on this project, certainly underestimated by us at the time of the Kickstarter campaign, Nova Aetas: Renaissance is an unprecedented productive effort for us, far beyond all previous and actual projects! Know that our ambition is to make NAR a new benchmark in our industry!

We have a timeline!

In the image, we have indicated the whole timeline with the various phases of the project, as you can see the fulfillment operations will begin in April 2023. Wave 2 will contain only 3 expansions: Catacombs, Vesuvio, and Under Siege. Wave 2 will be completed and delivered by the end of 2023.

A little more patience and you will enjoy the fruits of all this work… We will continue to keep you updated regularly with our updates!

Chimera Spotlight!

Fear the Chimera

And now we want to present you the Chimera, the protagonist of one of the Hunts present in the main campaign of NAR. These Side Missions can be undertaken in two ways: as random events as you move up and down Italy, activated by the Event Cards; or you can decide to face them by visiting the Inn during a Rest Phase between one Mission of the Campaign and the other.

In both cases, you will find yourself facing a very different mission from those of the Campaign! Well … considering that every single mission of the Campaign is unique and completely different from the others, it should be already clear to you that in NAR the concept of « different » is practically the norm! This mission will put you in front of a mighty opponent, even quite angry, that you will have to beat to recover Reagent and Formulae (Recipes) to create new and powerful equipment!

Chimera’s Prey card and Action cards

As with all Hunts, the Chimera has its own Prey Card (tarot size) which lists all of its stats and special abilities, and a deck of 18 Action Cards that will determine its behavior during the battle. Each Action Card drawn from its deck reveals a move that the Chimera will perform during its activation. Each Chimera Action will have an Action Points cost that will cause its Activation Token to move on the Horologium, just like any other model in the game. Also for the Chimera, the management of the Horologium and the artificial intelligence for the choice of its target will add more tactical elements to a game mechanics well known by lovers of the Dungeon Crawler genre.

The deck of Action Cards can be played keeping the cards in the original order, or you can decide to mix it to add more unpredictability, especially if you want to play again against a Prey to try to recover all its loot … especially when among its rewards there’s a weapon called Flail of the Ages!

The Chimera will use its agility and power to attack the Heroes, with fast and savage attacks. In addition, its 3 heads will be able to inflict specific effects, thanks to the use of the Astra Symbols present in the NAR dice. For example, if a « Star » is added to an attack, you can be sure that Goat’s head will deliver a good blow to its target, giving it the « Stunned » status.

Also, the Magisters of the Black Rose will meet this mythical beast in the Lodge, thanks to the new Forgotten Spell included also in the Magister Pledge called Spawn of Echidna!

Prepare yourself to fight the Chimera in the Lodge!

What do you think of this terrible monster? Let us know what you think of the hunting rules!

We give you an appointment in mid-October for a new update with a complete report of Spiel’22 and new spoilers, but we left to you a (long) gallery of images with the print-proofs of the final paper material of the core box! Enjoy it and give us your feedback!

NAR Complete setup

New « city » Tiles side

New « wood » tiles side

New Hero boards

The unique and inimitable Horologium!

Hero setup

Directly from the Lodge…Spells!

Basic class (green) and advanced class (blue and Red) Heroes’ personal equipment

Some Craftable Equipment…

…and Reagents for the craft!

Serious Injury cards…ouch!

Mission cards, crux and delice of the NAR’s development!

Mission Achievement and Reward cards

Enemy cards for each Faction involved in the main campaign

Battle in the canals of Venice

Plus ils réduisent la taille de la vague 2 plus cette dépense supplémentaire pour passer d’1 à 2 vagues parait délirante.

Surtout avec la phrase qui parle de 20 personnes sur le projet pendant 2 ans, dur de pas craindre une catastrophe quand même.

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Livraison juin 2023…

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Vraisemblablement, j’ai encore bien eu le nez creux en annulant mon pledge de base. :roll_eyes:
Je devrais vendre mes conseils, du genre: « si je pense ou vous dis un truc sur une campagne, faites le contraire »… :sweat_smile:

Pour rappel, ils ont mis deux vagues parce que sinon ça faisait une livraison mi-2023.
Là on aura une livraison de la première partie deuxième trimestre 2023 (si ça ne dérive pas…) et les bouts qui restent fin 2023.

J’imagine qu’ils font ça parce que ça permet de faire passer beaucoup de backers sur une seule vague, mais ça fait vraiment « On prend les backers pour des abrutis ».

Surtout pour un jeu quasi-terminé qui allait partir dans les six mois en prod…

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Bon je sais j’en parle souvent mais « dont les fichiers étaient déjà chez l’imprimeur » :slight_smile:

Je comprends beaucoup de choses sincèrement sur les retards, bon les 6 mois en question pas moyen qu’ils les tiennent, même sans parler de la livraison mi 2023, le truc c’est qu’on a du mal à comprendre comment leur structure tient debout, on en saura plus après l’échec probable de leur nouveau KS.

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En tout cas, ça fait envie …
Et l’effet eau dans la dernière photo on l’aura si ils livrent un jour ?

ça ressemble aux underlay de Descent 3 sur le principe.

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Si déja on reçoit vraiment la vague 1 on aura sauvé les meubles :slight_smile:

J’ai pensé pareil. Ça va c’est pas trop moche.
:: Edit :: je répondais à @Endevor et je me souviens pas non plus de cette flotte

Je me rappelle pas avoir vu ça dans la campagne.
Vous pensez vraiment qu’ils vont pas livrer ou plutôt une rallonge darkest dungesque ?

Non on en sait rien en vrai, mais ils relancent un KS après le succès disons modeste du précédent, s’ils font encore un four que va t’il se passer? quels sont leurs moyens financiers après autant d’années de dev? On se pose la question et on attends comme des cons :slight_smile:

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Ya eu tellement de Sg dans ce truc , de partout , que je ne sais même plus ce qu’on, va recevoir :smiley: .

Ce jeu j’espère vraiment qu’on va l’avoir , il me faisait vraiment envie !

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Oui j’espère vraiment recevoir ce jeu un jour même si c’est fin 2023 du moment qu’il arrive !

Si ils n’avaient pas mis les SG en vague 1 je t’aurais bien dit que cette vague limitée était pour leur laisser le temps de glisser un autre KS avant la vague 2… mais même pas…

Par contre le vrai soucis c’est pas la livraison de NAR à mon avis… mais BRW… là c’est pas la même…

Note que, pour le moment, les deux sont prévus pour être livrés exactement en même temps, ce qui n’arrivera pas, amha. Donc, Rebirth peut encore tout à fait passer devant (et, au niveau du retail, c’est peut-être/sans doute souhaitable pour eux, d’ailleurs).

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Ca dépend du succès du KS à venir… ça donnera aussi une bonne indication de l’état de leur trésorerie…

ils viennent quand même de faire quelques économies en livrant D.E.I et dungenology wave 2 dans le même carton :grin:

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