Pathfinder Arena - Financement participatif 2021

Giochi Unity a récemment annoncé la sortie prochaine de Pathfinder Arena, un nouveau jeu de plateau prenant place dans l’univers de du jeu de rôle Pathfinder (Age of Lost Omens). La campagne de financement participatif sera lancée en 2021.
Il s’agira d’un jeu de stratégie compétitive comportant 4 niveaux d’épreuves entre les héros et les monstres. A chaque épreuve, le nombre et la puissance des monstres augmenteront tandis que les héros prendront des niveaux et récolteront les ressources nécessaires à l’acquisition de nouvelles compétences, sorts, équipement et même de la faveur de leur divinité.
Les monstres invoqués dans le labyrinthe ne quittent jamais leur zone d’action mais la structure dynamique du labyrinthe peut être modifiée par les joueurs en déplaçant des tuiles du plateau. Les monstres pourront ensuite être utilisés pour attaquer d’autres joueurs car il ne pourra y avoir qu’un seul vainqueur.

Vidéos :

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Je remets ici les renders 3D des figurines présentées jusqu’ici…

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Nouveau logo…

OUR NEW LOGO IS OUT! :raised_hands:

Boîte et artwork dévoilés… et encore une box toute petite :smile:


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Ca prend forme !!!

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Y a des rumeurs de date? VF? Beaucoup de texte?

Vraiment impatient d’avoir plus d’info

Mon petit doigt me dit que les 3/4 des pledges seront que pour les figurines :wink:

À mon avis Paizo c’est chez Black Book et Giocchi bosse avec barbu inc (Philibert) donc pas de vf. (Vu que les derniers jds pathfinder sont pas traduits)

Moi non plus je ne parierais pas trop sur une VF. Mais sait-on jamais… Ils viennent de teaser sur une seconde extension.

Four epic monsters will be included in the second expansion of Pathfinder Arena!

Tier 1: a cunning group of Goblin Pyro!
Tier 2: a fearsome Gargoyle
Tier 3: a horrible Nightmare
TIer 4: a mighty Mummy Pharaoh

They are ready to jump into our project!

Ca va faire des super proxy pour mes campagnes de Pathfinder acg ! :laughing:

Très très bon même :sweat_smile: par contre t’aura jamais toutes les cartes.

Moi qui suit en train de lire l’éveil du seigneur des runes en espérant le faire jouer dans quelques temps , mais je les trouve pas très belles ces figurines , un peu trop cartoon ( le troll …)

Et une tuile…

It’s time to introduce you to a very special tile of the Arena: the Cayden shrine!
The shrine’s tiles are dedicated to Pathfinder Deities. Heroes can aspire to become the chosen of a Deity by levelling up their charisma. Then they need to reach the dedicated shrine to obtain the Deity’s favor!

Pathfinder acg…des centaines d’heures de jeu :slight_smile:

D’ailleurs je vais surement me séparer d’un CoreSet V2 + Campagne V2 ainsi que TOUS les Class Decks (compatibles V1 et V2)

Et encore une tuile…

SHRINE TILES :shinto_shrine:
The second one is dedicated to Desna, a corner of beauty and peace within the ever-changing Arena!
Will you become her chosen?

Et une troisième…

SHRINE TILES :crossed_swords:

It may be a competition, but there is always a bigger picture and righteousness and honour are the only paths to see it. That’s why you should pursue the favor of Iomedae!

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Au tour des cartes…


Today we present you the profile of the two tier-one monsters: The Minotaur and the Ogre. One of them will be your first challenge in the Arena.

Let’s dig into their cards!

Each monster has one close and ranged attack. The normal damages’ output of the attack is represented by the first skull. However, if the monster takes by surprise a hero, its damages’ output dramatically increase (second skull),

The double arrow reminds you of the tier of the monster, whilst the hearth is its life points.

We will talk later about the thunder icon, whilst the last one represents the glory points you gain by killing the monster.

We will present all the other cards in detail in our next video!

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Et les autres cartes monstres…


You will face two of these monsters in the second round, each of them has a special ability you should be aware of.

The Ankhrav brings you 4 glory points, but it can destroy your precious items, both in ranged and close attack

The Ettin has a devasting critical strike in close combat and you won’t be able to use modifier token on your attack against it.

The living wildfire has one last deadly attack once you defeat it

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Youhou que des symboles !!! VF inutiles?

Ça va être compliqué pour la VF lors du KS… Je vois plutôt une localisation pour la sortie boutique. Par contre il va y avoir de la grosse fig.

In 15 minutes we will open the survey on your future Day 1 bonus
Here you find the image of the candidates to get an amazing free miniature for our day 1 backers!

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La suite des cartes…


Some powerful special abilities are here introduced: The Velstrac ranged attack is able to reach heroes even behind corners, making him much more unpredictable.

The troll is a brutal opponents who feasts in close combat and is able to boost its own life points, whilst Medusa reduces heroes’ number of actions through its sight.

And last but not least, the Blood Demon may be small, but its critical damage (second Skull) competes with Tier 4 monsters.

Short reminder: the second skull represents the damage of a monster when it takes a hero by surprise. Well, the Blood Demon is able to teleport…


The last tier features terrific challenges: the strongest close combat attack of the game is owned by the Frost Giant. On top of receiving a tremendous amount of damages, your items will be at risk of being broken.

The Vampire’s touch weakens your stats, leaving you exposed to other monsters’ attacks while dealing a tough amount of damages.

Unpredictability is the most fearsome feature of some monsters. You may be able to calculate classic monsters’ range to keep your hero safe, however, a simple twist makes things much more complicated.

The Wraith can attack you through the Arena walls, Chimera does not strike orthogonally, but diagonally and Erinyes reaches you behind corners.

Erinyes goes even further, teleporting the hero to another tile after its attack!

Check all of them in the official page

Et, rien à voir avec ce KS, mais il y a une Précommande Participative ce soir sur GameOnTabletop pour la boîte d’initiation du JdR Pathfinder 2.

Ce soir à 18h45 débutera notre super-préco en forme de précommande participative (ou l’inverse) pour lancer la Boîte d’initiation pour Pathfinder Seconde Édition et l’aventure qui vous permettra de prolonger l’aventure : Otira en difficulté.

Dès 19h, vous pourrez retrouver Damien C. en live-streaming sur la page Facebook de BBE (même sans compte vous pourrez voir ce live directement sur la page Game On du projet) qui vous présentera le contenu de la boîte et de l’aventure. Venez lui poser vos questions dans les commentaires, il y répondra !

Notez qu’il y aura un Early Bird à ne pas manquer, donc soyez au rendez-vous !

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Encore du matériel (tuile et tableau de bord) pour les dernières news…


They are the first element of asymmetry between heroes.
There are so many things to talk about that we needed more space than a Facebook post!


Strength, determination, planning. All these virtues will be tested in the Arena, as well as your steel. Prove to be worthy and be favoured by Torag!

Enhance your charisma and visit one of the shrines in the Arena. Each of them will grant you different benefits. As always, it may be difficult to reach them as the structure of the Arena always changes.

EDIT: Voici les cartes héros…

HEROES’ CARDS :crossed_swords:

They are divided into three groups: Feats, Items and spells. Her you find an example for each of them!

Improved initiative is a feats card of Merisiel’s deck (icon on the high left + plus the back’s card color). We will momentarily leave out the initiative value(the high left number).

This card needs no action to be used but 1 dexterity token must be placed on it. Merisiel gets 2 free actions, but only to collect tokens in the Arena (not to move, or fight).

Shock Longsword is a weapon of Valero’s deck. It needs one action to be used and it will provide a damage’s modifier depending on the number of strength tokens on it. You can also place an intelligence token on it to get one extra damage.

Passwall is a spell from Ezren’s deck that allows you, well you get it :smiley:

You will need an intelligence token on it, but it does not require actions to be used

This a preview and the text on the cards may change :wink:

DEITIES’ CARDS :shinto_shrine:


Why should you seek for Deities’ favour and their shrine tiles? They can give you a powerful bonus through a unique card!


Iomedae allows you to dig into your deck of either spells or talents and replace a card, maybe THAT one you actually need.


Once you reach the required Ego (the Charisma modifier) you can flip the card to reveal the more powerful bonus.

In this case, Iomedae’s champions will not only replace a card, but they will able to do it whenever they want during their turn! This allows you to first use a talent or a spell and then replace it with the one you need most for the rest of your turn!

If you like a wide range of choices, Iomedae is your Deity

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