[PG] Stroganov via Crowfinder

…et gratuitement !


A priori, le navire arrive demain à Rotterdam avec les copies françaises …

On en verra jamais la fin de ce pledge … :sob:


The ship with the add-ons, and French and Dutch versions of Stroganov has finally returned and docked in Antwerp. We have word that it will unload to our warehouse by Tuesday May 17. We hesitate to announce this as there could still be delays, but let’s all hope for the best!!

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Les jeux sont arrivés en Belgique. Je C/C le mail plus bas pour ceux qui ne l’aurait pas vu.

@jfmagic16 on a besoin de saisir un truc dans le googledoc ou c’est bon t’as tout ce qu’"il faut?

The games have arrived !
Actually they arrived earlier this week, but i wanted to have time to check everything first before iImade the update.
Now the most important news of all : Since the delivery were Stroganov + Hippocrates, and i still have some Rulebenders left to hand out, i combined the 3 chains. This means that the chain that you see in CF could differ from the actual one. At the end of this update is a link to the real chain.
Via 1 = how it leaves here.
Naam = who the game is for
Details = game or sleeves or coins
Example : line 1 in the chain : Dennis picks up, gives it to Frederic which Frederic gives to Cedric Viguie . Game is french version of Stroganov.
On Monday the chains is set in motion and from monday its possible to pick up the games at Ledegem.
On Wednesday is Meeples, and the people that are lsited in the new chain for picking up at Meeples can pick the games up there but must let me know on tuesday, because i’m not bringing all the games each Meeples. Onle the ones that let me know on tuesday will be present.
Same goes for picking up at Pionisten, 04/06, let me know on friday 03/06.
New chain :
doorgeefketting.xlsx - Google Sheets

PS : to combine the 3 chains took me 13.5 hours, so please show some respect and keep the nagging to yourselves :smiley: