Primal: The Awakening - par Reggie Games - Livraison septembre 2022

Qui a parlé d’Anastyr !? :face_holding_back_tears:

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Les photos sont postés par les américains ayant réceptionné les boites sur FB ou sur discord.

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Dernière update…

Update #55 - Shipping Update + Videos, Pictures and BGG Rate!

Hey Hunters!

It’s time for our monthly update! Over the past few weeks, more and more ships have been loaded and are now on their way to deliver the game to our international logistic hubs!

In the meantime we’ve been thrilled to read messages and receive feedback from those of you that already have the game on their table! It’s incredibly exciting to imagine thousands of hunters already exploring Thyrea, sharing their experiences, and posting pictures online.

But before we dive into all the exciting content, we know many of you are eagerly awaiting your copy. So let’s get straight to the fulfillment update, region by region.

container loading

more container loading…

packages ready for departure!

US Fulfillment

Deliveries continue at a steady pace in the US as Gamerati has processed several other containers during the last few weeks, for a total of 7 containers fulfilled/in progress out of a total of 11.

We estimate that we are currently at about 60% of pledges shipped/out for deliveries, so while most of you have received the game, it’s normal that many are still awaiting theirs.

Another ship is already en route to the port of Tacoma and is expected to arrive in the first half of April (you can track EVER SUPERB 0466-102E on the website to follow its journey). Additionally, 2 more containers have already been loaded from the factory this week, while the last one is expected to be loaded around mid-April. To provide an overview, we expect to reach about 90% completion of fulfillment in the US by April, with a final wave of deliveries extending into the first half of May.

An important note for those awaiting the second package with expansions: Two containers (including expansion bundles and add-ons for All-In and Everything Primal pledges) experienced delays during transit and arrived at our hub weeks later than expected. This is why some of you who already have the Core game have not yet received the second package. We apologize greatly for this inconvenience; unfortunately, such delays during freight can occur and are entirely beyond our control. That said, the good news is that your second package is on its way: the delayed ship has finally arrived at the port, and Gamerati is already processing the container these days. You can expect delivery notification any moment now!

CA Fulfillment

The fulfillment is in progress, and we are happy to say that we are currently at about 60-70% of completed/out for delivery shipments! If you’re still waiting for your copy, there is a good chance you will get a shipping notification in the next few days.

If that is not the case, please do not despair as your pledge is probably scheduled with the upcoming wave. The last container headed to Toronto will be loaded by mid-April (based on the factory’s speed in handling joint loading for other shipping regions). The best estimate for completion of fulfillment in Canada is currently the second half of May/early June. As always, you can rest assured that we will keep you updated along the way.

EU Fulfillment

Everything is proceeding according to plan: the first vessels have set sail around mid-March, which means the games are finally on their way!

As you know, due to conflicts in the Red Sea, the journey will be much longer than usual: the ships are forced to circumnavigate Africa, passing through Cape Town before heading up to dock in Hamburg, Germany.

The arrival at the port is currently expected for April 30th. From that date, please allow for 1-2 weeks before the start of deliveries. We trust that Happy Shops will be able to handle the cargo swiftly, aiming to start shipping in the first half of May.

For those who want to track the vessel headed to the EU along its journey, you can use the website and search for the vessel named BUSAN EXPRESS 001W.

In addition, we are happy to share that another 3 containers (including pre-packed expansions and add-ons) have already been loaded last week and are ready to sail in a few days to reach Hamburg by mid-May. In total, this first wave contains over 65% of EU pledges.

Then the remaining containers are scheduled to sail within the first half of April and are expected to arrive at their destination by late May. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we estimate to complete 100% of fulfillment in Europe by June.

UK Fulfillment

The first container including approximately 70% of UK pledges was loaded this week from the factory and is awaiting departure to the port of Southampton in the coming days.

Due to the Suez Canal blockage, as with the EU-bound cargo, the journey will involve circumnavigating the African continent, resulting in longer-than-usual transit times (as mentioned in previous updates). We estimate arrival in the UK to be the first week of May. From then on, the goods will be handled by Spiral Galaxy, our fulfillment partner, who we expect to begin last-mile deliveries around mid-May, roughly coinciding with deliveries in Europe.

Then the second container which will carry the remaining copies is scheduled to be loaded within mid-April, so all operations related to it will be about 2-3 weeks behind the first shipment.

AU Fulfillment

As planned, the first container headed to Australia is in the loading phase, and barring any unforeseen circumstances, we expect it to sail in the first half of April.
Considering the time required to reach our fulfillment hub (which is estimated around 25 days), we expect deliveries to begin in the second half of May.

Asia Fulfilment

Regarding Asia, we are very close to the expected timeline. The containers will be loaded and shipped overland to the VFI hub in the coming weeks and are expected to arrive by the end of April/early May. Then the last-mile deliveries in Asian regions are expected to begin around mid-May, (as for EU/UK/AU) but this estimate may vary depending on the specific destinations.

RoW Fulfillment

Countries that fall into the shipping category « Rest of the World » will be served by Happy Shops (with a few exception being South Africa and Macao that will be handled by VFI). Please refer to the update on EU (and Asia for VFI, based on your specific country).

NOTE: Please consider that the splitting between those two fulfillment partners has been made to assure the minimum shipping costs for each individual country.


Here’s a summary of some of the questions we receive most frequently in the hope of helping many of you and facilitating our customer care. For any other support or replacement requests for defective or missing pieces, please don’t hesitate to email us at

1) How do I know when my pledge will be shipped?

While we can’t provide an exact list of who will receive the game first, we can give general indications of what to expect based on your pledge. For purely logistical and process optimization reasons, the last packages to be processed by the hubs will be those falling into the « pick & pack » category, meaning pledges containing special combinations of individual expansions and/or add-ons. This is not an arbitrary choice (we want to emphasize that); the reason is simply that pledges with complete bundles, being standardized in pre-packed boxes, are handled more efficiently and processed more quickly.

2) Why are the AU and the ASIA regions scheduled later than others?

Some of you might wonder how come that Asia or Australia, being closer to the manufacturing site, have been scheduled at a later stage compared to farther regions. The reason is related to the actual optimization of the process: for the factory it is more convenient and efficient to load the container with the same type of box rather than having to do that with a mix of different items. This automatically translates in giving priority to shipments towards those lanes with a higher number of packages (= backers). It’s not a matter of preferences, it’s pure process efficiency.

Also, please consider that given the longer transit time to EU and UK, there is a good chance that the last-mile deliveries in European countries and Asian/Australian will be separated only by 1-2 weeks.

3) It’s been a month already and I haven’t received my second package with the expansions and add-ons included in my pledge. What happened to my order?

As mentioned in the section above, two containers experienced significant delays during transit and arrived at our US hub weeks later than expected. This kind of issues are beyond our control and is the reason why the timeframe between the delivery of the Core game and the expansions/add-ons in some cases has exceeded expectations. We apologize sincerely for this inconvenience, but we can assure you that there are no issues with your order. The good news is that the delayed ship has finally arrived at the port, and your second package is likely out for delivery! Expect delivery notification any day now.

4) Will the pledge in all countries be divided into two separate shipments (Core and Expansions/add-ons bundle)?

Yes, the division into two separate shipment boxes for the core game and any expansions/add-ons is independent of the shipping region. However, if there are no delays in the ships, we are confident that the time between the two shipments will not exceed 2 weeks. Especially, for AU, UK, and Asia, given that the games will all be contained in 1 or 2 containers, the risk of delays and unexpected issues in management is minimized.

Unboxing & Playthroughs

Now, let’s dive into some amazing content about the game! Several great videos showcasing the unboxing experience and the game in action have been released on YouTube in the last month!

In case you missed them, we’re collecting some of those exciting videos below! We’d like to thank everyone who’s been filming their games and unboxing moments, inviting the community to explore all the content that has been published so far, as well as the many videos that are coming out in the next weeks and months :slight_smile:

Everything Pledge Unboxing, by BoardGameCo

Chapter 1 Playthrough by Jason from One Stop Co-Op Shop

Unboxing by Colin from Meet Me At The Table

Painting Vyraxen by Bairnt from Meet Me At The Table

Prologue Playthrough by Colin from Meet Me At The Table

Chapter 1 Playthrough by Colin & Bairnt from Meet Me At The Table

Unboxing by Shaggy from Totally Tabled

Tutorial & Playthrough by Shaggy from Totally Tabled

Kharja Expedition Playthrough by Jake from Gaming With The Powers

Miniatures Showcase by The King of Average

Painting Miniatures

And now it’s time for some stunning miniatures come to life thanks to the incredible work of the community! We knew many of you were eager to paint the models, but we’ve been truly amazed by the work you’ve been doing.

We genuinely thank you for continuing to send us pictures of your painted models; below, we want to share with all of you a few of the pics that have really impressed us!

Amazing picture of the Prologue - Painted by Eric

Korowon and Ozew - Painted by Kevin

Vyraxen - Painted by Joshua @jgwyn (image posted on BGG)

Toramat - Painted by Joshua @jgwyn (image posted on BGG)

Morkraas - Painted by Joshua @jgwyn (image posted on BGG)

Keep writing to us and sending us pictures of your works and playthroughs of the game at :wink:

BGG Rate!

We are proud to say that we are already at 8.4 on, which is great!

Thanks to all of you who took the time to leave your rating! This means a lot to us and it’s a simple way to spread the word and help the project growing.
That’s why we ask you to continue voting because the number of ratings is essential for climbing the overall ranking!

To those who have already had the opportunity to play, please visit Primal’s BGG page (Primal: The Awakening | Board Game | BoardGameGeek) and rate the game now!

Let’s aim for the top of the leaderboard! :wink:

Click the image and rate the game now!

That’s all for today! April will be another important month for logistics, and we can’t wait to see more boxes delivered and more games played around the world.

We’ll talk to you again in a few weeks. In the meantime, for any needs, you can reach us at Please be patient as we’re managing a constant stream of messages, and rest assured we’ll do our best to assist you promptly.

Hope you enjoy your journey in Thyrea.

Until next,

Reggie Games

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ça se fait attendre…

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A qui le dis tu, pledge passé en janvier 2021. Traduction faite début décembre 2020…

D’ailleurs tu l’as mise à jour ? Ou alors ils ont demandé de faire la version définitive à quelqu’un d’autre ?

Pas de news. Je viens de leur envoyer un message. On verra bien. J’ai maté toutes les vidéos, et relue plusieurs fois le rule book, donc je pense maitriser mon sujet mieux que la première fois.

Moi c’est la traduction du livret de quêtes qui m’intéresse le plus. Je ne sais pas si ça faisait partie du périmètre initial.

je l’ai pas vu passer. il etait secret…

Il est peu probable qu’ils sortent le livret de scénario en version digitale tout court (en tout cas il n’est meme pas sorti en anglais, et de plus en plus de jeux font ca comme Aeon Trespass, etc)

Tu peux toujours passer par ton portable pour avoir la trad via google trad.

Je suis reparti pour un tour avec la traduction finale, vu avec Reggie games. Mon seul réel problème de traduction a été le terme Aggro, qui existe en anglais mais n’a pas de réel équivalence en francais. J’avais traduit le terme par « ciblé ». En discutant avec mon fils qui joue beaucoup à monster hunter et league of legend, il connnait le terme. Et vous, qu’en pensez vous ? Je garde le terme aggro ou je le traduit ?

Je pense que tous les gens qui jouent un peu aux jeux video en ligne ou de boss monster connaissent le terme. Donc je dirais pas la peine, mais c’est que mon avis.

Même avis que @Kptaingrostas sauf si quelqu’un arrive à avoir une bonne traduction FR.

C’est aussi mon avis, d’autant que le terme sera repris sur les cartes

La traduction n’est pas pour le grand public, aggro semble convenir.

Tant que personne ne se decide à traduire les cartes, en effet on peut laisser comme cela. Si jamais les cartes venaient à etre traduites ca pourrait etre pas mal d’essayer de trouver un terme fr.
Après je suis assez partisan de la francisation totale sauf de ce qui est noms propres…

Vu que les cartes et composants ne seront pas traduits, je dirais qu’il faudrait garder tous les termes anglais, non? Histoire que les gens s’y retrouvent avec les cartes, et quitte à mettre une petite traduction FR entre parenthèse à coté. Comme ce qui avait été fait pour la traduction de Cloudspire (avant qu’il ne soit disponible en VF) par exemple:

Du genre avoir:
Blind (Aveuglé): Ceci est une capacité mot-clef. Quand vous ingligez Blind, …

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Tout à fait d’accord, faut garder les mots clés en vo, sinon les gens vont se perdre. Ce qu’ils ont fait pour la trad tmb et cloudspire etait top.

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Oui sur le principe, dans le cas de TMB et de Cloudspire on a gardé les termes et vo et vf de ce qui etait physiquement imprimé sur les jetons et tapis. Par contre les cartes ont été imprimée donc la on on pouvait partir en vf sur les titres et d’autres termes qui n’apparaissait que sur ces dernieres et dans les livrets.

Ici on peut faire pareil, sachant que si par la suite quelqu’un se motive a faire les cartes on pourra modifier en aval les termes dans le livret et ne garder la VO que pour des elements que l’on ne peut pas reproduire.

Pour en revenir a Aggro si on devait lui trouver une trad, il faudrait rester sur ciblé, poursuivi ou traqué, ca vient de agressivité mais le terme tel quel ne reflète pas le fait d’être la cible privilégiée du monstre pendant quelques tours.