Rinnegati Adventures - New Dungeon Crawler Fantasy

Rinnegati Adventures is a dungeon crawler of the old school that does not hide the immense importance of the progenitor Heroquest and the prodigal son Warhammer quest.
Impersonate heroes (10 archetypes) that will challenge Dungeons made with modular tiles, facing monsters of various kinds to grab as many treasures as possible, enhance yourself and move towards increasingly difficult challenges.
The box will contain in addition to the tiles: hundreds of treasure cards, equipment, events, monster cards, artifact, 6-sided dice, tokens, maps and a Wizard’s screen.
There will be adventures that will make up a campaign and a series of secondary quests unrelated to the main story for the « farming » of the characters … not counting the possibility of creating endless stories on your behalf!

Now we come to the heart of RA : the box contain only 10 Hero’s Miniatures, because the game is designed for all those (like us) who at home have boxes full of miniatures covered with dust. The miniatures of your old games will come back to life for a last and dangerous adventure with RA !
Who at home has no miniatures of orcs and goblins … or skeleton? They will be the protagonists of RA, you can adapt your miniatures as you like without any limitation.

Ca me fait furieusement penser au concept d’une autre campagne…

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Ben moi j’ai plein de figurines en plomb napoléoniennes donc 10 héros encadré de vieux grognards dans un donjon médiévale je fais comment pour le rendre rôle play, faudrait que je demande à mythic tien…

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Même moi qui aime beaucoup rouvrir un bon vieux DC, je trouve que ça fait beaucoup sur le marché…

Pourquoi pas nous inciter à utiliser des figs orphelines, mais de là à dire que c’est ça le cœur du jeu, c’est une drôle de stratégie.

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Ici aussi il y a un SG si le topic atteint les 2000 messages ? :upside_down_face:

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at this link you can see a Gameplay video … in youtube is possible to show subtitle and automatic translation in french.

A new Video is out!!! Journay Between the Quest

Work in progress!!