Rogue Angels: Legacy of the Burning Sun - par Sun Tzu Games - Reboot en 2023 (?)

Rogue Angels est le nouveau jeu des Danois de Sun Tzu Games emmené par son créateur Emil Larson. Il s’agit d’un dungeon crawler SF axé sur les choix des personnages et une forte narration avec des chemins multiples, des combats tactiques ainsi qu’une gestion de l’action avec des capacités asymétriques. Dans l’univers de Burning Suns, il faudra devenir un héros pour aider à sauver la galaxie en faisant des choix importants pour nos personnages. La campagne KS est prévu pour le 1er février 2022.

Voilà ce qu'en dit le créateur sur BGG

Rogue Angels is a character-driven solo or co-op Sci-Fi adventure for 1-4 players. The game blends engaging narrative with impactful choices leading to multiple paths through various missions and personal journeys.

Rogue Angels merges tactical combat with fluent turns and action management with asymmetric abilities, where you fight behavior-driven enemies through combined card and dice play.

Throughout your journey the decisions you make will permanently shape your character’s personality and their relationship with other individuals, opening and closing possible paths along the way.

Rogue Angels offers individual difficulty settings allowing players an experience best suited for their level.

Set in the Burning Suns universe, you will be travelling a diverse galaxy with various factions all vying for their way of life. You get the opportunity to become a hero, shield civilians from conflicts, defend your spaceship from boarding enemies, and help save the galaxy.

But be careful, as your team will be tested in numerous scenarios and face difficult choices in and outside of combat, and you will not be offered a second chance.

As a leader you must be willing to sacrifice everything and your legacy to bring peace to the many species of the Burning Suns.

Pledges : Core box (87€) / Core box + Livres (109€)
Frais de port : 15€ / 18,75€.
TVA : en sus, facturée lors du Pledge Manager.

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Il y a déjà deux videos de présentations

Et la présentation de quelques persos

As former captain of a Marauder Army company, Hiro Matsuo is professional and dependable in all situations. Hiro performs the best when working together with others and he never leaves a comrade behind. Hiro prefers to be the last soldier to leave the battlefield.

Race: Terran
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Oceanhill
Affiliation: Marauder

Memnon is a heavy combat cyborg capable of absorbing a lot of damage during battles. His body armor lets him tank most enemies while protecting his allies and making short work of locked doors and encrypted consoles. Memnon is vulnerable to unblockable damage, as he does not recover like organic beings.

Race: Cyborg
Gender: (none)
Place of Birth: Korxonthos
Affiliation: Cyborgs

Antathys is a hot tempered, selfish, and confrontational leviathan with many offensive abilities. Antathys is capable of healing himself but does not have supportive strengths. Antathys quickly regains his offensive abilities, and he can even damage enemies around him passively.

Race: Leviathan
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Unknown
Affiliation: Unknown

Sigyn’s origin is unknown. She has the abilities and profile of an assassin but has no working record. Sigyn is not part of the cyborg or reaver networks and have no companions or relations with other individuals. Sigyn is therefore also primarily focused on her own preseverance.

Race: Cyborg
Gender: (none)
Place of Birth: Unknown
Affiliation: None

Like other guardians, Xalia was born into a role of protecter. As she grew older, she joined the Fraternity of Ronins. A tiny, specialized group of guardians who have decided that protection is found behind a blade. Combat is their purpose and call, a mantra Xalia has perfected through the arts of war.

Race: Guardian
Gender: Female
Place of birth: Unknown
Affiliation: Ronins

Tarira Celesius is a former shock trooper, also known as a disciple of vengeance. With her genetically engineered physique she is capable of a lot of destruction while also withstanding a lot of damage. Tarira scares even the most disciplined soldiers, making her an ideal choice when you are taking the fight behind enemy lines.

Race: Champion
Gender: Female
Place of birth: Neomorph fleet
Affiliation: None

Gia U’Coni is a former agent of the Consortium Special Service, a branch of the Changeling military service engaged in counterespionage and intelligence gathering. Gia was considered the most specialized infiltration and counterintelligence agent in the entire CSS.

Race: Changeling
Gender: (fluid)
Place of Birth: Eva Arielle
Affiliation: Changelings

Vera N’Kalou is an inspiring soldier who can work in teams as well as alone. Her well rounded stats makes her suitable for unknown situations where a quick escape might be needed. Vera is only equipped with one weapon, but what Vera does not have in firepower she makes up for in agility, customization, and adaptability.

Being headstrong and flexible, Vera makes a great addition to almost every team.

Race: Terran
Gender: Female
Place of birth: Chios
Affiliation: Marauder

Bassilus is a former tech engineer of the Neomorph fleet, specialized in enhancing equipment and weapons for both himself and others. Bassilus even opted to get genetically enhanced by the fleet’s researchers.

Bassilus is capable of defending himself, hacking and temporarily enhancing his abilities making him a suitable choice for most teams.

Race: Neomorph
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Neomorph fleet
Affiliation: Neomorphs

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C’est mignon quand c’est kitch

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Burning suns était quand même plus que médiocre à mon avis, j’ai réussi à le vendre par miravle mais bon c’était pas brillant.

Les fiches personnages sont tellement moche, my god :open_mouth: .

On dirait une boite de jeu d’Atari :+1:

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C’est un peu ce que j’ai pensé en découvrant ce projet. La DA semble tout droit sortie des années 80. Volontaire je ne sais pas :sweat_smile: Ça devrait plaire aux nostalgiques de l’époque s’il y en a ^^

Sinon, Burning Sun je ne connaissais pas du tout.

Perso je trouve pas ça vilain, m’enfin depuis que j’ai vu la DA de Total War : Rome je suis beaucoup plus indulgent aussi.

Sinon les cyborgs non genrés ils ressemblent quand même beaucoup à des mâles et des femelles.

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Le jeux en version tts présenté dans la vidéo est prometteur… J’aime bien.

Moi non plus la DA ne vend pas du rêve je trouve cela très générique, faudra faire la différence avec le gameplay

Putain ben moi je kiff la DA ! :slight_smile: Merde ^^

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Parfaitement d’accord avec toi ! Comme quoi tout est une question de goût.

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Je trouve la DA immonde. J’ai toujours détesté les jaquettes de vieux jeux vidéo genre Atari st (que j’ai bien connu pourtant)…

Il faudrait un gameplay merveilleux pour que je puisse m’y intéresser.

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Si vous aimez, c’est que vous êtes vieux :stuck_out_tongue: .

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Vieux vieux… tout de suite les gros mots…

disons « expérimentés »
Last Trantor que de souvenirs :star_struck:

Perso je préférais Gryzor


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J’ai 32 ans ! :’(

Un vieux dans un corps de jeune alors xD. Ouais moi aussi je suis jeune :stuck_out_tongue: .

Soutien total à mes camarades. J’aime bien aussi la DA.

Et j’ai moins de quarante piges :stuck_out_tongue:

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