Rulebender - par Game brewer - KS à l'automne 2020

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A priori du contrôle de territoire où l’univers change à chaque tour et où les règles changent ou peuvent être changer par les joueurs en permanence ?

Embark on a fascinating adventure through multiple themes like Pirates, Sci-Fi, Ancient Rome, Far West, Medieval Times, Dragons, Dinosaurs and many more is this rule-bending boardgame! Players will choose a number of themes throughout the game out of the available seven, changing the character of each round as the game progresses. Players will fight for control over the different rules aspects of the game, bending the rules of the game to their advantage. You will have to use your wits in this unique game, where the rules change as you play along …

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Interessant comme pitch, c est prevu pour quand ?

Automne 2020

Merci bien je vais suivre ca :wink: