The Elves of Inneath - par Durgin Paint Forge - Livraison en septembre2021

Ouverture du PM début septembre…

Update #9 - August update!

Despite I’ve taken a month of vacancy (I’ve brought the family to Liguria to enjoy the Summer), it doesn’t mean that I stopped working on this project!

The pipeline is proceeding as planned: I’ve received the pre-supported .stl files, and I’ll check them in the next few days to avoid missing parts or any issues.

You will be able to download it in the Pledge Manager, which will start at the beginning of September.

Moreover, the work on 3d prints is almost over. I’ve received a couple of pics from Alan of White Dragon Miniatures (he takes care of our 3d prints):

Of course, expect to see some proper pics once I’ll receive them in my hands (at the beginning of September, approx) ^-^

As you may see, on the right side of this campaign main cover, there is now a yellow button: if you want, you can activate a notification when the Pledge Manager will launch. This is not mandatory for backers, because you will get an invitation from Pledge Manager when the platform will be activated, but if you are not a backer and you are interested in taking part in the Late Pledge, click that button and wait for the show! :smiley:

Thank you for supporting the campaign, I hope you’ll enjoy the last weeks of Summer: plenty of big kits are waiting to climb on your desks :smiley:

Cette fois c’est la bonne avec l’ouverture du PM aujourd’hui. La fermeture sera pour le 15 octobre.

Update #10: "Pledge Manager/Late Pledge opens today! 3d prints arrived and forum dedicated to this project is now operative!

PledgeManager/Late Pledge news

Finally, today I’m able to open the Pledge Manager/Late Pledge: hooray!

We spent a couple of days trying to fix some errors on the platform together with the awesome Pledge Manager staff, but finally everything works :slight_smile:

At the moment, I’ve sent a first « smoke test » to a random 5% of backers, which means that a random 5% of you should have received already an invitation to the platform and you will be a kind of brave playtesters of the platform. If I won’t receive any negative feedback, I’ll proceed then to send the invitations to the remaining backers in the evening :slight_smile:

Please notice that PM/LP will close on October 15th.

The Pledge Manager is very important this time because all the shipping costs and address info will be collected in that platform so, even if you don’t want to buy any extra product, please don’t forget to check your email and follow the invitation link: I won’t be able to ship your reward, if you don’t take part to the PM!

3D prints arrived!

Yesterday I also received the remaining 3d prints that I needed, in order to start the final production. Luckily, everything was ok (I just need to reprint a couple of small parts that were missing), the quality is OVER THE TOP and above all the schedule is going as planned, so it’s a big relief for me.

This is the whole range that you helped to create, I spent a full day checking all the (endless!) components of these kits and finally I see some satisfying order on my desk. The plan is simple: I will spend the next weeks cleaning up all these beauties, to be able to ship them to GRX Créations at the beginning of October.


Last, but not least, I thought about creating a dedicated space for all of you on our website.

I will share in this section of the newborn DPF forum all the news about this project, all the contents and events that I will make about this range, and I plan to use it also as a platform to help you with this project. You don’t need to register to watch the contents, it is required only if you want to actively participate.

As always, I thank you for your support and patience!

Yes! J’ai reçu le mail, je vais finaliser tout ça !

Attention tout de même un bug vient d’être signalé…

Update #11: "A bug concerning kits selection appeared on PM!

Well, it’s a bit hilarious but apparently an unexpected bug appeared on Pledge Manager platform, and I got the first report of it literally 2 minutes after having pushed the « invite all backers! » button, saying « well, it looks like everything works! »

Apparently, it looks like PM doesn’t allow you to select more than one kit, for Selection 3/5 bundles. And this is of course a problem.

I’ve already contacted PM staff to figure out how to fix it, in the meantime if you already have placed an order, I can easily fix it adding a manual note on your reward so I can overcome the bug:

please, write me via PM so I can help you.

If you haven’t already placed your order, please wait for a couple of hours/tomorrow, when (I hope) the problem will be solved.

Des news concernant le futur KS d’orcs:

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Nouveau projet peinture :grin:

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