The Warp - par Jumping Turtle Games - livraison août 2021 en retard

Une actu encourageante et quelques chiffres :

Un assez petit tirage qui rendra le jeu assez rare.

Et ils seront à Essen.

At the moment the production is on schedule:

  • All miniature production is finished! (pictures below) and shipped to the main manufacturer. Just to give you an idea of the scale of this operation: a total of over 540.000 (!) mini’s were molded for the 3000 base games (1000 English, 1000 German and 1000 French) and 1500 expansions we created.
  • Cardboard and card production is now in the final stage. 90% of these components are ready and the manufacturer is now finishing up the printing of the last components. In total over 670.000 cards will be printed.
  • Final insert testing and molding is ready.
  • Box assembly: When all components are ready we’ll receive a final sample to check the packing instructions are followed. When we approve this the boxes will be filled and we are ready to ship!.
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