They Live : Assault on Cable 54 par Iconiq Studio - Livraison décembre 2020

Projet se basant sur le classique, culte, énorme, magnifique, indéracinable, magnifique (2x!), parfait, exceptionnel film de Carpenter : They live! (Invasion Los Angeles en français) [avis totalement impartial du créateur de ce sujet]


Pledges : Jeu à 56£ (48£ pour l’édition « boutique »).
Frais de port : en sus, estimés entre 12 et 16€.



Malheureusement pas trop de détails pour l’instant, mais rien que d’évoquer le nom et je suis en transe!

Ils veulent pas plutôt faire Jack Burton ? Ca serait un pledge en aveugle direct rien que pour les 3 trombes et Lo Pan. :crazy_face:


Big trouble in little China? Cela existe… Big Trouble in Little China: The Game | Board Game | BoardGameGeek Si on continue avec du Carpenter, je demande New York 1997

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Mais c’est que les figurines sont pas dégueulasses en plus :heart_eyes:

Sur The Thing ils peuvent aussi faire un truc.

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Le Kung Fury du jds ? :smiley:

Du Carpenter :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: take my money

Hâte de voir le résultat

Bonjour à tous!

Petit HS : Interessés par un unboxing the Big Trouble in Little China? Si oui, cela passera dans mes priorités. Si non, cela attendra :wink:

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The thing ça existe aussi

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Oui, et il y en a deux autre de prévu. L’un plus cartoon (je crois que le KS est en cours ou va avoir lieu) et l’autre basé sur Carpenter.

Pour info, on peut peut-être compter un mode solo dans They Live, sinon, c’est 4-6 joueurs. 4-6, pour moi, c’est mort!

Bonjour, C’est live!

Avec un SG à 100K pour une extension 1-3 joueurs. Sans cela, j’abandonne, rassembler trop de joueurs c’est pas possible pour moi. 1/2 c’est sur…

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Je suis dans le coup aussi pour le moment, pas sur de rester sans le 1-3 non plus

Salut, 100K cela ne me semble pas irréalisable mais beaucoup… Moi, c’est la licence qui me fait backer, mais je ne sais pas si le film est assez culte que pour avoir des mouvements de backers (bon, c’est culte, c’est sur, mais j’ai aussi un certain age :wink: ). A voir, et croiser les doigts!

On est d’accord, pas de VF ?


Pas de VF, non [edit] Par contre, c’est financé!

J’ai pris un EB

Pas regardé le reste.


Bonne nouvelle : Le blind mode, 1-3 joueurs est débloqué et le premier SG est tombé :

Vu sur FB :

"UPDATE: Funded in 15 Hours !!! Thanks to all of you !!!

Good morning, after spending all night watching numbers increase for our first ever project we have woken up this morning to find that we have been fully funded in 15 hours. We are genuinely overwhelmed by the support and as a result, we want to give something back.

1-3 Player Mode (Early Unlock)

It was very clear from the comments yesterday that this was you were all very eager to have a solo mode and the option of a smaller player count in the game. We have always been very clear internally that the ‘Blind Play Mode’ would come at an additional cost for development and production and this hasn’t changed. However, I would like to announce that we have decided to unlock the 1-3 player mode for every Kickstarter backer going forward. Due to the speed of the funding, we have projected that we will reach our target for this but rather than wait, as a very big thank you for the early support, we are unlocking this goal immediately.

Additional Glasses

We also heard you loud and clear regarding the additional glasses and as a result, they have been added to the add-ons section now. If you wish to adjust your pledge level to get additional glasses you can see how to do this in the FAQ.

Stretch Goals

We have some great goals coming your way. Each new character will have a whole new story deck, items, and character cards, extending your replayability. We also will have some really cool upgrades to the core game for our Kickstarter backers. Stay tuned.

I know a lot of people will always say thank you when this sort of thing happens, but I cannot express how much this means to the whole team. I would also like to say that is the best possible birthday present for co-designer Matt Lees (no not that one) who will be having an extra special day today thanks to you.

Cheers, from Team Iconiq"


Plus d’infos sur le blind mode :

"What is ‘Blind Play’ mode (1-3 Players)

The main game will involve the players looking at their cards and knowing if they are a Human or an Invader to assume the correct role. For obvious reasons, this doesn’t really work for 1 player and could even mean outnumbered play for lower player counts.

‘Blind Play’ will involve the player or players controlling multiple characters. All taking part in the adventure without knowing their character’s allegiance. You can enter PVP and engage your own characters, using the glasses to uncover the possible enemy within. If you do find a traitor in your midst the game will take over control of the uncovered Invader and activate a separate Invader behavior deck.

If Invaders in your party make it all the way to the ‘Final Assault’ they will become active and produce significant debuffs to your character and engage with you in combat.
This mode is currently in the testing phase with additional behavior card art in development."


Ok, le jeu n’a pas l’air de trop rassembler les foules, mais je poste quand même! LE premier SG est tombé :

" Update 3, Holly Stretch Goal Completed!

Again we are surprised by how fast this is moving. You amazing people have just unlocked the next stretch goal.

Holly Thompson, Full Character and Story Deck:
Holly was a very interesting character from the movie, however, translating her into a playable character was very difficult. (Let’s be honest, most of you know what happens with her). Holly’s story begins moments after “helping Nada leave her apartment” and finding the glasses he left behind.
Holly has high influence and intelligence, pretty much the perfect character for problem-solving and convincing human enemies to join her cause. Now you can be the one to surprise Frank on a stairwell in the final assault on Cable 54.

(Day 1) Chew Bubblegum and Kick Ass now concluded:
You have all made this opening day very special. A big thank you to everyone who has secured their early backer pledge. This pledge is now completed and will revert to its original price.

FAQ Update:
We keep adding responses to the most common questions on the FAQ and will also respond to as many questions as possible. You will be able to find details on how to purchase add-ons and additional links to the rule book for those who had issues accessing it in the main campaign. Please remember we are a small team and it can take some time for us to respond.

Remember to find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on the following links as we will be announcing giveaways and possibly social stretch goals in the coming days. We love seeing all of your movie quotes and jokes in the comments here on Kickstarter, so why not join us on our other pages too.

Instagram: Login • Instagram

Again, please accept a huge thank you from everyone at Iconiq Studios.


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