Trench Crusade - par Tuomas Pirinen - 2023 (?)

Tuomas Pirinen, le créateur de Mordheim, envisage de revenir bientôt avec un tout nouveau jeu de figurines 32 mm (SiOCAST et peut-être STL). Trench Crusade sera un jeu d’escarmouche dans la veine grimdark se déroulant dans une version alternative de notre propre monde à l’époque de la Première Guerre mondiale. Il s’agit d’une collaboration avec l’artiste Mike Franchina et le sculpteur James Sherriff. Pour le moment, il n’y a aucune date de prévue mais ce sera sur KS, comme la précédente campagne pour les premières figurines.

Le message de Tuomas Pirinen…

I hereby announce that I am working on a new Miniature Skirmish wargame, called the Trench Crusade! For the last 6 months I have been collaborating with Mike Franchina (the artist) and James Sheriff (the sculptor) to bring this game to you. The world of Trench Crusade and the accompanying miniature range were already a successful Kickstarter, so when I was asked to write the rules for a skirmish game set in this world in the grand tradition of Mordheim, I simply had to say yes!

The game is set in an alternate timeline where the Crusades never ended, as the armed forces of Hell manifested themselves on Earth and begun a war against humanity as a whole. The mankind has rallied in a global holy war and halted the advance of the seemingly inexhaustible legions of the Damned, and now trench warfare rages across vast swathes of pockmarked Europe. It is the year of our Lord 1914, where the armies of World War I, bolstered by the divine powers wage endless battle to stop the Legions of the Archdevils from overwhelming the Earth. Heroes arise on both sides: Heroes of Heaven, and Heroes of Hell. Welcome to Trench Crusade!

Mike Franchina’s Artstation for more Trench Crusade goodness:…

:busts_in_silhouette:: 1-2 (?) joueurs
:alarm_clock:: … min
:gear:: mécanique principale

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J’adore la DA.

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Pareil mais ça sent le gouffre financier sans fond.

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Merde @thanos17 va falloir faire une autre table !! :sweat_smile:

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Raaaah Tuomas Pirinen mon idole GW

Un peu de news pour celui-ci…

++Trench Crusade Overview by Tuomas Pirinen++

Many eager new brothers and sisters have inquired what content the Trench Crusade rulebook will have. The Princes of the Church of New Antioch have released the following edict to illuminate the faithful in this time of darkness so they may avoid the snares of the Evil One. Know then that the Trench Crusade rulebook will contain the following:

Core Rules:

Master the warfare of the Great Crusade! The ruleset has been written with one principle: Easy to learn, difficult to master. Covers the rules of shooting, melee combat, movement, terrain, injury charts, gameplay effects of keywords and much more. Trench Crusade uses an Alternating Activation system which ensures dynamic action where both players get to react immediately to their opponent’s moves.

The game uses a core mechanic of 2D6 Skill tests to achieve tasks. The harder the difficulty, the higher the number required to succeed. Various modifiers may grant you bonus and penalties or additional dice to add to the pool to see if you are successful. You may use any and all abilities, skills and attacks your activated model has. However, be careful! Some high-risk Actions could lead to an abrupt end of your activation, allowing your opponent to gain the initiative!

The Lore of the War-torn World:

Study the maps, timelines and annals of the world at war. Discover the tale of the First Heresy and learn about the Principality of New Antioch, the dark secrets of the Black Grail and the creation of the Meta-Christs. If you dare, study the forbidden secrets of the Lords of Hell and their war against Mankind.

Weapons of the Great War:

Wield more than 50 weapons of all types and dozens of pieces of special equipment and armour. Wield trench clubs, fix your bayonets to your bolt-action rifles, unleash overwhelming firepower upon your enemies with the Maxim machine guns, and devastate their ranks with grenades and deadly mustard gas.

6 Factions:

Lead a fanatical band of Trench Pilgrims, control the demonic Heretic Legion troops or take command of the disciplined forces of New Antioch, the shield of Christendom! In addition, sub-rules for troops coming from across the world are provided so you can make a custom force hailing from Eire, Gallia, Britannia, Hellas, Nubia, Teutonic Fiefdoms, Hispania and more!

12 Scenarios:

Battle your foes in scenarios such as Trench Warfare, Contested River Crossing, Fallen Idols and more! The more dangerous the scenario, the greater the rewards you may receive!

Campaign Rules:

Play through a campaign and see your warband grow in power and prestige, unlocking ever-more challenging scenarios as you battle your way to the very heart of No Man’s Land!

Gold and Glory:

To the victor, the spoils! Amass gold ducats, gems, buried relics, weapon caches and more by looting the battlefield, before bartering and trading on the black market for better armaments and luxuries. Alternatively, you can focus on winning glory and receiving unique experimental wargear, decorations and honours to bolster the capabilities of your soldiery.

Powers of Heaven and Hell:

Call upon your patrons, whether Divine or Damned. Wield Goetic Magic, pray for Miracles from the seraphim or risk it all to summon aid from the Dukes of Hell. But beware! The powers beyond human understanding were not made to be wielded by mortals and their use extracts a terrible price…

Experience and Skills:

Master 48 unique skills, grow your rookies into grizzled veterans and improve their abilities. But the higher you climb, the steeper the price for enhancing your Heroes.


In the burning inferno of war, your warriors will suffer scars, both mental and physical. These rules govern how the horrors of war leave permanent mark on your fighters.


Hire mercenaries to bolster your ranks and fill in specialist roles.

Roster Sheet:

Organise your troops with a handy roster sheet: track the names, skills, experience, equipment, weapons and armour as well any accumulated injuries and psychological scars.


Image: Trench Shrine by Mike Franchina

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