Aeon Trespass: Twelve Sins of Herakles - par Into The Unknown - livraison mars 2025

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Update #100 - The Labors Continue…


Just a reminder! Aeon Trespass: Odyssey returns to crowdfunding May 16th 2023! Mark your calendars! The campaign will encompass a second printing of the Core Game, its Expansions, all original add-ons, and much more!

There will be new add-ons (Obol dice for card haters ;p), as well as new gameplay content. As mentioned above, there are no major rules revisions planned, there is not much to fix or re-balance! We’ve made a hell of a robust game! If nothing changes, the few errata-ed game components will be simply offered to the original backers for free or bundled with something fun!


The world was murdered, and the blame lies with Herakles. His wrath, rage and recklessness have left the lands wasted, nations sundered, laws broken and twelve monsters unleashed.

The death toll was unimaginable. The sins… unforgivable. And hereditary.

Having come of age, Herakles’s children set out to find their would-be Father. They will follow the bloody path he carved, from the sunbaked savannahs of Nemea, to the shattered spine of the Erymanthian mountains, to the blood-stained sands of the distant shores of Anatolia, to the ends of the earth if they have to.

They will get answers.

They will have justice.

Or, if neither is available, they will settle for revenge!

The next chapter of Aeon Trespass begins now! Complete new game. New open-world campaigns (plural!) with new regions to explore, and a new way to play. New heroes, new villains, a new approach to Voyage, new adventures and a new character progression system, new Titans and Primordials, new Gear, of course, so much new Gear, new crafting mechanics, ICP 3.0. New everything. The same richness of gameplay, story and worldbuilding, the same passion. Fully compatible with ATO. A new epic saga of Love and Revenge.

One game. Four Seasons. Twelve Sins.

That’s the pitch. So, what will it actually be like? Let me pull back the curtain just a bit…

City at the End of the World

True Open World

As in, total freedom of movement and action, of exploration and discovery. In Twelve Sins of Herakles, you will traverse a true open world in a completely non-linear fashion. You will engage with the world, its secrets and story at your own pace and in your chosen order – or not at all. You may simply free roam!

You will be able to connect every Twelve Sins of Herakles region and map together and travel back and forth between them. No timeline will hold you back. You think a Cycle is big? Wait till you see the connected world of TSOH!

It’s hard to put in words what we’re building here, because there is nothing like it outside of video games.

Let me break it down.

Diverse Regions

The ancient world of Aeon Trespass is wildly diverse. In the core game of ATO, you’ve visited 3 regions: Crete, Sparta and Delphi. The Illuminated Cycles will introduce two more: Persia and the Cyclades.

Twelve Sins of Herakles feature, you guessed it, twelve. TWELVE REGIONS! (Or more…?) Each region will introduce its own intricacies, new traversal types, new terrain, new exploration, new flora and fauna, new peoples and histories, new conflicts, contemporary and ancient, and new secrets. So many secrets.

These regions will provide varying degrees of difficulty and challenge (no level scaling, for you savvy with video game lingo!), and will be interconnected from the get-go. You will start your adventure in one place, but from there, you will be able to travel anywhere, battle any of the new Primordials, craft any of the new gear and engage in any story thread.

No Timelines, But Annals

No more running out of time. You will advance through the game at your own pace, noting your progress on the new Annals Sheets. Think of them as a calendar of sorts. Time still passes, it just does not have a definite endpoint. This does not mean narrative urgency will be gone, on the contrary, we’ve found new ways to raise the tension. Story cards, Doom cards, Exploration cards, all can add urgent events to the Annals, which will happen whether you’re ready or not, present or not!

However, you will be able to take a breather to explore the world, take a break from the ceaseless encroachment of darkness… though the Primordials will keep evolving!

Perils of Travel

The Herakleides, though powerful, don’t have a giant iron ship to call home. They are few, travel light and are constantly pursued by agents of Eurystheus. To them, travel and exploration pose a completely different level of challenge.

This will be reflected with new travel and exploration rules. You’ll still have an Exploration Deck (one for each region!), but it will work in a completely different manner. Gone are Mortal resources, replaced with dangers, terrain types, modes of transportation and road events.

Will you brave the treacherous mountain passes or would rather go out of your way and take the safer road around? Will you travel slowly, but in secret, or cover more ground, drawing much more attention?

Remember, you’re on the run, from mortal enemies, as well as new deadly Adversaries!

Nemea, ???, ???

Fringes of Civilization

The Argo is more than a ship, it’s a city, by depriving the Herakleides of one, we’ve deprived them of the other. This will have a very real impact on game mechanics, as you won’t always have access to all the options and amenities: you will have to survive in the wild! And no, this does not mean you’ll be forced to grind for survival resources, TSoH is not that kind of game.

Knots of the World and other types of Transportation

The connected Map of TSoH will be absolutely massive and traveling from one end to the other will be an unforgettable experience. Traveling it several times across because you forgot something, that might be a pain… worry not, we’ve thought of it. As you progress through the campaigns, you will unlock many types of transportation, ones that will allow you to cover more ground quickly. These will be thematic and region appropriate, like a ship sailing along the Anatolian coast or [redacted] across the Nemean savannah. Also, thanks to the [redacted] you will be able to travel through the very [redacted], between places we’re calling Knots of the World!

Quests, Adventures, Interactions

All of the above should be a pretty big hint that the world of Sins of Herakles will be filled to the brim with content, and the new ‘Voyage paradigm’ will allow for more side quests, Map interactions and endless adventures, both during and after the story campaigns.

Beastmaster Titan. Do you now see how we’ve deceived you?

Living, Breathing World

Into the Unknown’s mission statement has never changed: to tackle ambitious, unique projects, to explore strange beautiful worlds and share those wonders with you. Aeon Trespass: Twelve Sins of Herakles is the next, bold step in that direction. To not only create a game, but a living, breathing world that can one day transcend the various media.

I invite you to take this step with us during the upcoming Aeon Trespass crowdfunding campaign!

In the next weeks we’ll be revealing more and more about TSOH and the new ATO content we’re working on, here, on FB and our website, so stay tuned!

Big White Box

Oh, you’re still here? You think there’s more? Very well… you know that we’re very fond of our big white boxes right? I know all of you are too :wink: With Sins of Herakles, we wanted to try something different though.

How do you like these? Do you have a preference? Share your thoughts in the comments!

In the lair of… Cover #1

The maw of… Cover #2

4 saisons, une dans la core, une en SG, deux extensions, environ 400 le all-in j’imagine. La question pour @Kptaingrostas c’est « est-ce que la core box d’ATO sera moins chère que pendant les late pledges? » :rofl:

(Ok, j’avoue, c’est juste pour troller)

Le fait qu’il n’y aie plus de bateau, je trouve ça un peu dommage. Mais hâte de voir à quoi ressembler9nt les primordiaux

J’ai pas encore lu, mais ils ont prévu quoi en plus ?

Genre ils doublent le contenu carrément ? :open_mouth:

D’après leurs dires, plus que doubler, pas de bateau mais une mécanique de settlement, et une map où on avance où on veut.

1 « J'aime »

Déjà que j’avais regretter de ne pas le prendre après la double augmentation avant la fermeture du PM, je me dit que j’aurai dû vu que la suite promet d’être sympa :pensive:

3 régions dans le jeu de base d’ATO, plus deux dans les cycles IV et V.

12 régions (ou plus) dans Herakles. Plusieurs campagnes (probablement 4, une par saison), nouveau système de crafting, et ainsi de suite.

Bref, que du léger, on te dit… :sweat_smile:

Je sais même pas pourquoi je regarde ce topi alors que j’ai déjà Kingdom Forlorns que je vais sûrement me taper en solo :joy:

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Ah oui putain ils rigolent pas.

Apres quid de vont il réussir à tout livrer. Je pense aucun risque pour la vague 2 d ato. Mais moins sure pour kf (vague 1 et 2), alors cette nouvelle campagne…

La page de preview :

Lancement le 16 mai.

Assez étrange que le titre de la page soit le reprint et non Twelve Sins Of Herakles.

1 « J'aime »

Je pense que ça ne sera qu’un reprint de Odyssey avec des add on bonus et non les nouvelles « campagnes stand alone »
mais je peux me tromper !

Ils ont annoncé dans la dernière actu que cette campagne inclus bien Twelve Sins.

1 « J'aime »

Ok , my bad ! On dirait vraiment pas !

À mon avis sibils comptent vendre des pelletees d’ATO à 320 balles, ils se fourent le doigt dans l’oeil jusqu’aux couilles…

Du coup, j’ai du mal à imaginer que ça ne sera pas le 12 sins qui sera le plus intéressant… (Sauf si ils le vendent à un prix fumé comme la core)

1 « J'aime »

Quand on leur dit que c’est vraiment pas correct de faire un ks sans avoir livré la vague 2, ils prétendent que c’est un ks de reprint en en esquivant la nouvelle masse de contenu qu’ils vont vendre…

2 « J'aime »

Après c’est pas nouveau que leur façon de faire est loin d’être exemplaire ^^.

Et il en sont où de la création de la vague 2?

Peut-être qu’ils ont tellement claqué de thunes qu’ils n’en ont plus assez pour la vague 2? Et que comme ils vendent leur core box super chère, ils n’en vendent pas assez?

Peut-être aussi que être correct n’a jamais été leur objectif :slight_smile:

On devrait avoir plus de news courant avril. L’encoi est toujours prévu pour Q4 2023. A voir.

Si le prix de SoH c’est 300$, ça sera clairement sans moi. Ayant déjà pris tout Aeon Trespass et la vague 1 de KF, ça sera même surement sans moi tout court.

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En vrai on en sait trop rien c’est très flou

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Je serais très très étonné aue ca soit moins je table sur la boite de la première saison sur les 4 a 129

1 « J'aime »

And we have a winner!

Boîte de base à 129$ (aucune idée si ce sera TVAin ou non, en revanche), mais elle ne comprendra que 3 des 12 travaux.

Le reprint des 3 premiers cycles à 299$

Et les cycles 4 et 5 à 219$

Quant au giga-pledge la totale d’ATO + core box (seulement) d’Herakles, il vous en coûtera un billet de 647$. Plus les 9 autres travaux et tous les add-ons, ça devrait faire un total… intéressant. C’est les soldes, faites-vous plaisir ! :sweat_smile:

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