Dungeon Adventures: Threat of the Errants - par Room 17 Games - Q4 2020

Lien KS à venir

Résumé : Nouveau jeu de plateau par Room 17 (2 projets déjà en développement à venir sur KS probablement en 2020: Mutant Year Zero et Conan: The Tower of the Elephant), Dungeon Adventures est un dungeon crawler co-op, pour 1-4 joueurs, plutôt familial à venir sur KS ces prochains jours.

Dungeon Adventures is the opening of a new fantasy world told through boardgame adventures. A fully cooperative dungeon crawling boardgame for up to 4 heroes where players can delve in the main plot of the story line conducted by the Adventure Booklet – Threat of the Errants, but also jump out of it at any point to play independent quests.
From adventure to adventure, discover what is happening in the Communion Lands, a multinational estate created from the good will of their 5 Peoples to keep peace and harmony after generations of war and racial and land disputes.
The Errants, the foul creatures that once inhabited the Land, are more active than ever, conducting raids and menacing the peace of the Duchies, burning the borders of the Haven and even daring to disturb the relative peace of the Wasteland and the domains of the Murk Marauders.
Something is brewing. Generations grew with the stories about the Overlord. Only bedtime fables now, legends with no truth on them. But the Order is sending their agents to investigate. The Dungeoneers, adventurers from all lands, are trying to bring answers to the Communion daring beyond its defences.
We wanted to create a traditional dungeon crawler. Refreshing the best ideas, we experienced as young players in the early 90’s with games like Hero Quest, Dark World, Warhammer Quest and many other pioneering ROLE games of the time.
We know there is many, many dungeon crawlers, exploring every aspect of the 3D roleplaying experience on the board and ultimately a simplification of the true RPG feel. A straightforward adventure in a box. We weren’t aiming at this. We wanted to build the dungeon crawler for the kids we were but with the modern approach to the today boardgaming experience.
To me, Dungeon Adventures - or Dungeoneers as we all know it in the office – is the dungeon crawler boardgame I want to play with my sons (ages 8 to 15) but inviting over my experienced boardgame friends without having to bring down the bar! A family game? Perhaps.
We spend two years developing the systems that are contained in Dungeoneers (… I mean, Dungeon Adventures) from the game mechanics we wanted, the tempo it needed to play, the involvement of players, etc. And from day one, we knew we wanted a sleek Disney-like design. Rich colourful characters with a rich and evocative background. A bunch of heroes we all want to play, with a purpose and a reason to be there.
It all started with a rough map I draw in my kitchen table with my son’s crayons, the map started to create a story. Then the characters came walking out of each region to join the adventure against the Overlord and then, all the sudden… we had a plot that will be unveiled as the KS campaign progresses.
Ricard Fortun
MD Room 17 Games.
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Quelques images avec la map et les différents personnages du jeu

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[attachment file=490704]

J’aime bien la D.A même si assez classique.

À voir ce que cela va vraiment donner.

Après, y aura-t-il une VF ?

Pour le moment il n’y a pas beaucoup d’infos, mais d’ici quelques jours je pense qu’on devrait commencer à en apprendre plus. La DA a un côté cartoon assez sympa.

Ils sont en phase de playtest en ce moment

All this week, we have been play testing the rule sets for Dungeon Adventures, making sure it's balanced, fun and enough of a challenge!

[attachment file=493895]
[attachment file=493894]
[attachment file=493896]

Une chance d’avoir une traduction francaise?

Faudra attendre un peu pour savoir… En attendant, on a les PDF du livre de règle et des cartes (en anglais).

Go here to check out the rules (beta) and cards (beta) for Dungeon Adventures: Threat of the Errants. Please check it out and give us feedback, what you like, things your not to keen on and any unclear bits that we can work on.

Quand on voit comment l’autre DC familial a l’air de galérer en ce moment sur KS (avec un système de pièces qui a l’air de ressembler) faudra qu’ils aient une offre plus attractive day 1 pour convaincre les parents d’acheter.

Du nouveau pour ce DC familial dont le KS est annoncé pour bientôt. Ils viennent de publier les règles beta…

After more than two years of development, I can finally say I’m satisfied with our new game design.

Dungeon Adventures is a typical dungeon crawler game, set in a fantasy world, where all things Room 17 Games happen.

The continent of Zerzien is the land of the of the Murk Marauders, the Miremarsh and many other new peoples you will get to know as you explore more about this new game…

Threat of the Errants is the first of three games we will be publishing directly to our followers here on FB and social media (boosted by a KS soon).

To begin with, I want to share the final Beta Rulebook of the game, and please, ask any questions and share, share, share.

We are really proud of these rules and so we want to explain them in detail, answering any questions, however we will do this via tutorial videos on our YouTube channel that then will also be published in our KS pre-campaign.

So if you are interested/intrigued, just download the rules and keep tuned. The Threat of the Errants is coming!

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Presentation du premier personnage: Darlo.

Today is the first day of the Rollout of Characters for Dungeon Adventures.

We imagined most Heroes to be relatively young, fresh blood in a conflict that is about to erupt!

In the game, each Hero has four different levels to evolve to and players can start their adventures either from Level 0 (basic and ideal for new board gamers that want things simple and progressive) or Level 1 (recommended). Level 0 is also ideal for kids that are just starting to read, for example but can pck up rules as they play a turn or two.

The way characters evolve is through GOLD that is used as currency but also as Experience Points. We thought that was neat, no need to complicate.

Here is a bit of background on Darlo and his beloved country, the Meadowland.

Darlo is a Mittlegrob, or a halfling for short (see how I did that?). The Mittlegrobs live in the Meadowland and are generally wealthy farmers and suppliers of most of the fresh products in the Communion; specially to the Human duchies that spread across Zerzien.

Although they never participated in the inter-racial wars that stormed Zerzien in the past, they joined the Communion immediately when the Dark Wars erupted.Their strategic place in the centre of the Communion allowed them to continue supplying the war effort, turning to be one of the most important logistics advantages to the final victory against the Overlord.

Nowadays, the Meadowlands is a peaceful land of crops, fields and farms right between the Duchy of Boldrake, the Harbour-city of Meerburg and the Iron Hall mountains, well guarded to the south by the Great Gate.

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Video de partie pour demain (vendredi soir)

Today we have played another test game of Dungeon Adventures. And let me tell you, the game works… yeah, it works. We wanted today’s session the be with seasoned players to make sure that the game reads in many levels. We played for around 3 hours and finished our Quest.

I have now added the latest updates to the rules, so keep following the game. Editing the video tomorrow and up on YouTube for a full play through with Anders (Roderic), Tim (Arianna), Andy (Darlo) and myself (Katia)!

You may download the latest rules here.

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Des news fraîches sur le lancement, les traductions et les reviews mais aussi les figurines des héros. Le KS devrait être pour très bientôt.

Slowly but surely we are building up momentum for the launch of Dungeon Adventures campaign. The four languages translation group are in constant contact with each other in a Skype group created for them and we are so pleased with the result. A lot of work has gone to review the core rulebook too, and we will be incorporating the tweaks during this week.

Here, a couple of pictures from the KS campaign presenting the fine INITIAL heroes!

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Ce n’est pas prévu initialement pour Décembre ?

Disons que ça a changé plusieurs fois de date prévisionnelle … L’une remplaçant chaque fois l’autre. Un peu comme pour Primal, du coup on sait juste que ça va arriver bientôt ^^

EDIT: Après les héros, voici les errants…

After the Dark war, the peoples of Communion started their own cleansing crusade against those they considered a menace for their way of life and the ones that helped the Overlord to spread his terror. The line not always clear, the Communion declared all those beyond its borders a threat. And branded them the Errants.

In Dungeon Adventures, the Errants are what we traditionally know as ‹ the monsters ›, the ‹ baddies › and in the main game, there is a bunch of them… At this level, explore and make sure you waste them to make it to the next level.

However, not all that shines is gold!

Menaces que les joueurs devront affronter :

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