Dungeon Tile Sorcerer par Evocatus Miniatures - Campagne annulée



Il s’agit d’un softtware qui permet de créer nos salles de donjon puis d’y « peindre » nos library qu’on a pu accumuler sur les KS d’impression 3D.

Probably many have come across the fact that you have a huge library of tiles and terrain for 3D printing, but it is not always convenient for you to use them. To think about the plan of the dungeon, you need to either draw it on paper, and then divide it into tiles, calculate how many tiles you need to print. It all spends your time and turns preparation for the party, if not torment, then at least into a routine! We want to put an end to this! And our new program will help you with this.

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Super les TAGS, ca permet de ranger par projet, tagger et pouvoir trouver de maniere trans projet via les tags =D

Ok et cerise sur le gateau a la fin on a bien un fichier text qui donne la taille de jeu totale et le nombre de chaque tuiles à imprimer.

Hello dear friends!

Unfortunately, our project has really stalled. Nevertheless, this is not a reason to despair!

Thanks to you, we saw the strengths and weaknesses of our project, you prompted us a really large number of good ideas, which we will implement.

Probably we should take a break now and try to gather you all in a place after a while, when we consider our mistakes

Do not worry! We promise that we will definitely complete our project and you can use our software in your adventures

Thanks again to absolutely everyone who supported us and was with us!

See you soon again!

Bon je suis un peu deg, retour dans trois semaines du coup =/


Was there any news from them for a relaunch?