Earth Under Siege: Flashpoint - par Dark Horizon Games - livraison mai 2023

Honnêtement je sais pas comment tu fais pour attendre patiemment…
Moi ça fait deux jours que ça me soule que ça ne fonctionne pas, avec en plus Malhya qui arrive dans 6 jours
Ça m’ennuierait de rater les deux à cause d’un bug de CB (ou même un des deux)

Bon désolé je reviens vous embêter…
Y a d’autres gens qui n’arrivent pas à régler leur pledge ?
Car la ça ne fonctionne toujours pas pour moi… toujours le même message d’erreur, sachant que j’ai essayé avec deux autres CB, dont une sur une banque différente.
J’ai essayé d’envoyer un message à ma banque, un à KS et un a l’éditeur du jeu. Pour l’instant aucune réponse et il reste 3 jours…

Si vous avez des conseils ? Ou si vous avez eu le cas vous même ?

J’ai déjà pledge plusieurs jeux cette année avec ma cb sans soucis jusque là pourtant

As tu reçu une fraude bancaire par sms ?
En début d année j avais ce problème mais pour tous les paiements par internet ma banque avait bloqué ma carte sur les paiements en ligne.
Sinon as tu téléchargé l appli bancaire car pour moi je dois valider la vente
Bon courage

Hello !
Merci pour ta réponse.
Mais j’ai bien l’appli de ma banque, je n’en ai jamais eu besoin pour KS, et quand j’essaye de payer elle ne me demande/propose rien.
Et ma carte fonctionne pour d’autres achats internet…

Non vraiment je sais pas !

Y’a déjà eu des historique de kickstarter bloqué par la banque. Essaie de les joindre sur le numéro dédié a ta carte pour voir si ca vient de la (et je pense que c’est ta banque qui bloque)

J’ai essayé de les joindre mais les horaires des banquiers… :rofl:

Je retenterai mardi !

Mais ce qui me surprend le plus c’est que j’ai eu le même résultat avec 2 autres cartes (Que j’ai « emprunté » pour l’occasion :innocent:)
Sachant qu’une était d’une banque différente !

L’éditeur (très sympa) m’a répondu, mais ne peut pas m’aider
J’attends donc une réponse de KS
Et de ma banque mais mardi…
Je verrai pour Malhya si le problème se répète

T’as pas un numero 24/24 au dos de ta carte ?

Bon bah j’ai pas réussi

Par contre les mecs de Dark Horizon Games vachement sympas !
Ils vont essayer de m’ajouter direct au PM avec mon EB

Si vous pouvez me prévenir quand ça ouvre que je revienne vers eux :blush:
J’ai plus les news vu que je suis plus contributeur (bah oui j’ai pas payé…)

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Tu es d’où ? Au pire je t’ajoute à mon Pledge Eb si t’es sur Paris ou alentours.

Ah c’est gentil :slightly_smiling_face:

Oui je suis sur paris (enfin très proche)
Après s’ils m’ajoutent bien au PM je vais pas t’embêter, sinon… j’avoue ça m’intéresse !

Tu me diras :wink:

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Nouvel update avec une deadline pour le PM autour de mi-Aout…

Update #28 - Moving Forward

Confirm your pledge!

We still have about 30% of our backers that have not confirmed their pledges, so if you are one of those, please do so! If you lost your survey, or never received one, please reach out to us and we’ll get you sorted out!

Pledge Manager Deadline

We still don’t have a firm date as to when the pledge manager is going to close, but as of right now, we are planning to hold it open until after Gen Con so that we can try and generate more awareness about the project that the convention. So, the tentative timeframe to complete pledges is the middle of August. At that time we will announce the shipping costs based on the current rates from Quartermaster and Spiral Galaxy. We’ll make sure everyone has plenty of notice before we lock the pledge manager so that you can make any last minute changes to your orders before we lock them.

Final Stretch Goal Achieved!

People have been asking about it, and it’s official, we made enough in the pledge manager to pay for sculpted bases for all miniatures in the game! We don’t have super fancy renders for the new bases, but we have some shots of what you can expect:

Berserker Touch Up

We also had the Berserker sculpt from the World Killer expansion tweaked a bit based on some feedback during the campaign. IT’s still a bit of a WIP, but here is a preview of the changes:

New Art

We received some new gear art that I thought I’d share with you! These are Allied gear, but we’ll have some Xethan cards to show soon!

Focus on Lt Hicks

“The enemy moves with a confidence and purpose that suggests a long history of conquest. You can sense it in their posture, see it in their gestures, feel it in the very air around them. Obliterating entire worlds is nothing new to them. The casual contempt they show our forces is galling. We are as nothing to them. Insects to be crushed. Resources to be consumed. Nothing, and less than nothing. But their unchallenged superiority has made them lazy. They expected to find no resistance, no obstacles, no effort. Instead, they have found us. They turn their lazy eye upon us only reluctantly, acknowledging our presence as we would a mosquito. An annoyance to be crushed. But we are not crushed so easily, and their annoyance begins to shift to anger. Who are we to challenge them? Who are we to disrupt their plans, kill their leaders, destroy their supply lines? We announce our presence like a dagger in the dark and shout over their corpse: ‹ We are AEGIS, and this is our planet! › We will fight you with stealth, with sabotage, and with guns. And if that fails, we will fight you with our hands. Every inch of ground you take will be paved with your blood. Your every step will be upon the thorns we lay down. Your every breath will be labored with the efforts of our resistance. You came here expecting to find another trophy for your empire, but instead you have found your grave.”

Hicks is a team leader that focuses on giving his fellow Operatives card draw and rerolls. Each Operative has multiple techniques you can build your deck around, and one of the paths Hicks can focus on is his ability to « take advantage of a bad situation ». Several of Hicks’s cards only produce effects when they are discarded during the Operative phase. The most common reason an Operative would discard a card is to gain a reroll after failing a check, but team leaders come equipped with the Command HUD (each class of Operative has a unique gear card they can choose to start with) which allows them to discard a card after another Operative fails a check to give them a reroll. Team leaders are very handy to have around, especially if the dice tend to hate you! Combining the HUD with his array of cards that trigger off of being discarded allows Hicks to turn a bad situation into momentum for his team!

Discarding his cards isn’t the only thing Hicks is good at, he’s also great at letting his team draw cards so you’re never out of options!

L’update de juin est arrivée et le projet avance plutôt bien

Update #29 - State of the game and current progress!

Hey everyone, welcome to another update! Lots has been going on, and there’s lots to share, so let’s get started!

Sculpted Bases and Project Status

First, we are happy to announce that all of the sculpted bases have been completed and we’re very happy with how they turned out! Here’s a sample:

Manufacturing Status

Miniatures: 98% of the STL files have been handed over to LongPack for review. They will send us revisions that they feel are necessary to make them ready for mold creation. We are supposed to receive the suggested revisions within the next 3 weeks. After we receive them, we have to proof them and approve the changes, which will probably take a few days to a week. If everything is approved, LongPack will create the masters which will again be sent to us for approval. From there, the masters will be used to create the molds. The only STL files that haven’t been sent to LongPack yet are the 3d Terrain pieces, and that is because we are still making tweaks (mostly trying to determine the best overall size for them).

Art: nearly all art is complete, with the only work still needing to be done is roughly 50% of the Gear cards, and three Specialist cards.

Cards and Books: nearly all core box written material is complete. We still have some writing to do for the Campaign Book which is roughly 75% complete. The Campaign Book for the expansion is less further along, but work is progressing. The core box Rulebook is still being tweaked as we focus on streamlining the rules. Speaking of which, read below for an example of some of the changes we are testing:

Revised Spawn Cards

One change we are testing (which has been going well), is a change to how the Spawn cards are designed. Originally how it worked was that each individual enemy type had three Spawn cards associated with it (so the Vormacht Grunts had three spawn cards, the Ravager had three spawn cards, etc.). When setting up a mission, you would look at the Enemies being used for that mission, then build the Spawn decks by taking the three Spawn cards for each Enemy type present and shuffling them together into two decks (Basic and Elite). However, in our efforts to streamline the game, we redesigned the Spawn cards so that the Spawn decks were always the same, and there would no longer be a need to build the decks and take them apart during setup and teardown. This makes tabling the game easier by reducing the need to assemble anything other than the board.

How this works now, is that most missions will have seven different Enemy types, arranged by Initiative value, from 1-7, as seen here:

Old Spawn cards were designed so that when they were drawn it would tell you a specific Enemy to spawn and show a Spawn Event to resolve. The new Spawn cards instead spawn by INITATIVE value rather than a specific Enemy type as seen below:

To resolve a Spawn card, you look at the Initiative number in the upper right corner and spawn the Enemy type that has the matching Initiative value, then resolve the appropriate Spawn Event.

So, in the above example, if you drew this Spawn card you would look at which Enemy was in the #1 Initiative slot, spawn that Enemy, and resolve the Spawn Event for that Enemy (in this case, Grunts).

This new system presents some challenges, design wise, because we can’t have Enemies with the same Initiative value in the same mission. So, in the example card used above, we couldn’t have a mission that has Grunts alongside Gun Drones and/or Ravagers. But, while that does constrain our design a bit (and required the changing of several existing missions), we feel that reducing the set up and teardown time is much more beneficial to the player than it is a hinderance to mission design. So far our testing has been very positive with these changes and we are quite happy with the time it saves when we play. We hope you agree, but be sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

New Art!

We received some new art recently for a couple of our Specialist cards and some Xethan Gear. Check out the new art below (note: this isn’t all of the gear art we received, just a sample):

For those that aren’t aware, Specialist cards are NPC’s that can be gained as rewards in certain Special Ops missions that can either give the team a benefit during the HQ Phase, or during mission setup.

Focus on Olivia « Mad Doc » Moss

Olivia “Mad Doc” Moss

“First of all, let’s get something straight right off the bat. I’m not JUST a scientist. Sure, I can talk quantum mechanics all day, but I can also shoot bad guys in the face with the best of them. I mean, I’d rather spend my time hacking the enemy’s pathetic excuse for server security, but if you need some bad guys shot then I’m there for that too. So, what I’m saying is… hold on a sec…I need to check some calculations…yep, looks correct, as usual. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, shooting bad guys. The rest of the team likes to talk trash and say scientists are a liability in a gunfight, but I hold my own just fine. What I like to say when they’re talkin’ trash is that I can always learn to shoot better, but they’re never going to get smarter.”

Olivia isn’t just good at science, she’s very good at killing bad guys…as long as she has a Xethan weapon. Most of her combat orientated cards center around using Xethan weapons and give her big combat boosts when she has one. This limitation may make her seem like a bit of a slow starter when you first begin a campaign, but Olivia is a combo character that rewards players for developing her over time. Like all Operatives, she has multiple ways she can be built, such as focusing on being a combat powerhouse with a Xethan weapon, or focusing on Science cards which have great synergy and allow for some powerful deck manipulation and fun tricks, or a mixture of the two.

Pledge Manager

We still have quite a few backers that have not completed their survey yet, so if you haven’t, please do! We know that a lot of people are waiting on shipping rates, and that is perfectly understandable. As with many other projects that have launched recently, we are waiting as long as possible to get the most accurate rates possible. We hate that uncertainty as much as you do. Believe me, it’s stressful for us. We are going to keep the pledge manager open as long as possible (basically until right before the manufacturer begins mass production). We will announce when the pledge manager will be closing well in advance, and will do so multiple times in multiple places. When we do have a set date for the close of the PM we will announce the shipping rates at that time so that everyone has the chance to review them. Anyone that isn’t happy with the rates we have and wants a refund will be given one (minus the standard 10% fees). After the pledge manager closes, all cards will be charged, orders locked, and refunds will no longer be offered. Again, we will give everyone plenty of notice before this happens (at least a full month). With the current state of the project, I would expect the PM to close either end of August, or September, but we will see how things progress.

Translated Editions

For those backers that chose a language option other than English, we will be sending out an email to each of you individually to explain the current status of the translations based on each region and to get your thoughts and feedback. Those emails should be going out within the next two weeks, so keep your eye out for those if you are one of these backers.

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La dernière update pour juillet avec sa dernière version du livre de règles et la fin du PM prévu pour mi-septembre.

Update #30 - Project status, updated rules, and Gen Con!

Hello everyone, we’re a bit late on this update, and we apologize for that! We were waiting to send this update until we had a few things in place (see below), but they took longer than anticipated. We’ll try to get the next one out in about 3 weeks so we can get « caught up » :slight_smile:

So, without further ado, on to the update!

Gen Con!

We will be at Gen Con this coming weekend (Aug 4th through the 7th). We won’t have a booth, but we will be there with a prototype and will be doing demos throughout the con. Since we don’t have a booth, we will just be setting up in the gaming hall at various times throughout the weekend whenever there is time and space. If you plan on being at Gen Con and would like to try the game out firsthand, email us at and we’ll coordinate something with you!

Current State of Production

Miniature Files

We received two batches of our STL files back from Longpack with their suggested revisions. We’ve been going through each of these in painstaking detail…which is more work than you might think! Things are proceeding nicely though, and we are accumulating our feedback to send to Longpack. With any luck, we should have these STL files wrapped up in the next week! There are still a few that we haven’t received from Longpack yet, but we should have those soon as well for us to review.

Here’s an example of the kind of revisions that LongPack is suggesting (each circled area on the old model indicates a change, although many are very small and hard to notice):

Card Art

We received another batch of gear art (this time for the alien tech), and it all looks great! Our artist is currently working on the last three Specialist cards and the remaining art for the human gear in the core box. After that, all that will be left, art wise, is the gear art for the expansion and stretch goal cards. So, all of the art SHOULD be wrapped up in the next month, give or take! Exciting! Here is a sample of some of the newest gear art we received:


The rules tweaks we’ve made to streamline the rules have been coming along nicely in our playtesting. So much so, that we’ve gone ahead and updated the rulebook with these changes. One thing to point out with these changes, is that we’ve managed to trim four pages out of the rulebook! That’s feels really good, especially since the rule tweaks do not compromise the gameplay at all.

Below is a link to the updated rulebook. Keep in mind that it’s still a WIP and has only been through a single editing pass since the updates, so there may be mistakes (and likely are). That being said, if you have any feedback, suggestions, criticisms, or just want to say hi, feel free to email us over at

What’s Left?

As far as development goes, we are still testing some missions and campaign elements, and still finishing the Campaign Book, and Expansion Campaign Book. Nearly all cards in the game have been fully developed at this point, but many still need to be laid out on the final cards. We don’t have a firm date on when the written material will be done, but we are working on it as fast as we can. Luckily, printed material like Campaign Books can be some of the last things we submit since they require less set up on the manufacturer’s end over things like miniature files.

TTS and Tabletopia

We’ve also updated our TTS mod with the new rule changes (cards and rules) so you can try out the first mission and see what you think for yourself:

Earth Under Siege on Table Top Simulator

Also, the fine folks over at Tabletopia have created a mod for Earth Under Siege! So, if you prefer to play on Tabletopia vs TTS, you can check it out here:

Earth Under Siege on Tabletopia

Again, any and all feedback is welcome! Please send any feedback to!

Pledge Manager

At this point we are still planning on locking down the pledge manager in mid-September. At that time, we should have final shipping costs, and we are hoping rates continue to come down before that time so we can offer the best rates possible. As stated previously, we will send out multiple updates announcing the closing of the pledge manager once we have that date nailed down. Once we lock down the pledge manager, everyone’s cards will be charged for any outstanding amounts, including shipping, and refunds will no longer be offered since we will be moving to mass production at that point.

Focus on Oscar “Frosty” Vazquez

Sigh. Is there a more unrewarding job than battlefield medic? Not only is everyone always bossing you around like ‘hey Frosty, check that corner’ or ‘hey Frosty, don’t just stand there, shoot that bad guy’ or ‘oh god, someone help me, I think my guts are falling out!’ Blah, blah, blah. As if all of that isn’t bad enough, every time I patch someone up they just get shot again. Or stabbed. Or partially melted by some alien weapon. And back to work I go, patching up the same people, again and again. And do I get a thank you? Maybe even a ‘hey Frosty, that gunshot feels much better now’. Or maybe a ‘thanks for picking up my arm and bringing it back to base‘. Nope, nada. Just stuff like, ‘Frosty I thought you checked that corner’? Or ‘Frosty, why aren’t you shooting that dude’? Or ‘Frosty, why are so-and-so’s guts all over the ground’? Blah, blah, blah, same ‘ole same ‘ole, and back to work I go.”

*Note that Oscar’s foot had to be adjusted because having it hang off the side of the base was problematic, but we don’t have a fancy render of that.

Oscar is the ultimate medic. No one in the game is better at healing damage and removing negative conditions than good ‘ole Frosty. But that’s not the only trick up his sleeve! Oscar is also good at boosting his teammates in other ways, such as giving them extra dice on checks, or giving Focus tokens or Armor tokens. He can also be shaped into a respectable combat orientated Operative by focusing on cards that boost his attack and/or inflict negative conditions on the Enemy (if you choose to build him that way). As a matter of fact, during one of our previous playtest campaigns, Oscar became known as the « stab medic » because he found himself a nice Xethan sword and proceeded to stab a lot of bad guys with it! :slight_smile:

Well that’s it for this update, make sure to share your thoughts on the updated rulebook, TTS, and Tabletopia mods! We definitely take feedback into consideration!

Y a des gens ici qui ont back le jeu en vf ?
Si oui vous avez reçu des News/mails à propos de la vf ?
Ils avaient dit qu’ils consulteraient les backers des différentes versions…

La nouvelle update parle de ca, il appelle les backers francophone a voter

Update #31a, additional info regarding language translations!

Hey everyone, after our last update, several people in both the comments and direct messaging have asked about the option of translated add on packs. This is something we weren’t sure people would be interested in, but clearly some people are!

Before we could offer this as an option, we of course need to verify if there is enough interest in such an add on. To be transparent with everyone, the cost to have a full translation printed is over $6,100 per language. That does NOT include the cost of paying the translator. The $6,100+ is just the cost the manufacturer requires to do what they call a « plate change ». We, as a company, would be willing to eat some of these costs for printing the material, but we can’t absorb all of it. That’s where the language add on packs would come in.

German and French

We should have enough backers from German and French speaking regions however, as long as enough people are interested in the add on packs.

For German and French speakers, we have put together a poll below to gauge interest in the add on packs. Note that these are cost ESTIMATES, but they should be pretty close. Please keep in mind that this is just a poll to see how much interest there is, it’s not a guarantee that we will be able to offer any of these options.

Here are the options we are looking at, please post your selection in the comments:
A. I would pay for a translation pack for all components and books in the game (approximately $30 USD)
B. I would pay for a translation pack of all components with PDF books (approximately $20 USD)
C. A PDF translation of all components would be fine with me
D. I don’t want to pay for an add on pack, and a PDF won’t work for me, therefore I would like a refund.

If more than one option would apply for you, list each one that you would be okay with. For instance if you would settle for a PDF but would be willing to pay for a full or partial translation if that was available, you would put options A, B, and C.

Nouvelle update à la fin de la semaine en attendant…

Hey everyone, quick post here to say that we’ll be posting a new update by the end of next week with some amazing stuff to share! In the meantime, Shea over at Rahdo Runs Throug posted an overview video and his thoughts on the game! You can check them out below:

Je ne comprends toujours pas les paid reviews. Ça me dépasse.

Rolling Solo a fait une série de trois video … faudra regarder ça. D’ailleurs, pas de nouvelles sur la fermeture du PM qui devait être mi-septembre. On devrait avoir une update dans les prochains jours à mon avis.

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D’après la nouvelle update, la fermeture du PM a été repoussé et devrait intervenir probablement vers fin novembre…

Update #32: New art, component changes, translation update!

Hey everyone, we’ve got a lot of information to share and lots to show you in this update, so buckle up! Also, be sure to read the translation update below for those seeking non-English versions of the game! Let’s get started!

Pledge Manager Closing Date

A lot of people have been asking if we’ve firmed up a date yet for locking the pledge manager. The short answer is, not quite yet. As for the reason why, it’s because we still don’t have shipping rates firmed up. What is taking so long on that you ask? Well, we’ve made some changes to the component counts of the game (more on that below), and we are still waiting on a few final pieces of information before everything is final. Once we have those changes finalized with the manufacturer, they will give us revised box sizes and weights. Until we have that revised information, we can’t really get current shipping rates since obviously size and weight of the boxes is what determines the cost.

Once we have those the revised box sizes and weights, we will get shipping rates as soon as we can and post them in an update. We’ll give everyone at least a month after announcing the shipping rates before locking down the pledge manager so everyone has time to verify if they are okay with the rates, or if they want a refund, or if they want to add anything else to their pledge before it gets locked down. Realistically, with it already being the middle of September, we’re looking at closing the pledge manager near the end of November.

Remember, any add ons, upgrades to a different pledge level, or late pledges that were added in the pledge manager have not been charged yet. When the pledge manager locks down, all of that will be charged along with shipping.

Development Progress

The game is coming along at a good pace. Nearly all art is complete, with our artist Todd Ulrich working hard to get everything finished. He’s currently in the process of putting color to the final gear cards for the core box (which is the last of the art that needs to be done for the core box). After that, we still have a few gear cards for the World Killer expansion and stretch goals, and then the art for the entire game will be complete! Exciting stuff!

On the miniature side we sent all of our feedback to LongPack based on their suggested changes and they made additional tweaks based on our requests. There are only a few minor things we’re still working out with them, but that should all be wrapped up very soon.

The main thing slowing down development is the writing and testing of the latter missions. We are working hard to get the missions tested thoroughly but it’s taking longer than expected. Testing each mission with each different Strategy card and different mixtures of Operatives takes time, but we’re working on it as fast as possible. Luckily, manufacturing can begin while the writing and testing is still being done because the cards and books can be sent to the manufacturer last since it requires the least amount of preparation on the part of the factory. Once we’ve locked down the pledge manager and given the green light to LongPack to begin manufacturing, we’ll have a better idea of the overall timetable for the project completion and delivery (we’re still hoping to be on track for delivery May-ish).

Did Someone Mention Art?

As mentioned above, we’ve continued to receive that last pieces of art needed to complete the game, and we’re very close to having it all finished. See below for some of the new stuff we’ve received!


The last three Specialist cards are complete, which you can see below. Specialists are special rewards you can gain by completing Special Op missions. For those that don’t know, Special Op missions are side missions you can unlock by hacking Enemy databases during a regular campaign mission. Once you’ve successfully hacked a database, you will draw a card from the Special Op deck during the HQ phase to gain one of these special side missions. By design, the majority of Special Op missions are much more condensed and shorter than a full campaign mission, but tend to be more difficult and give better rewards. Specialist cards are just one of the many things you can gain by running Special Ops.

Specialists provide a variety of bonuses that can apply during the HQ Phase, the Mission Phase, or both

New Tile Art!

We recently received new tile art from the super talented Henning Ludvigsen, who is the best tile and board artist in the business (in our opinion). However, being so good at your job often means being quite busy, and we’ve been trying to get onto Henning’s schedule since February, but it was worth the wait! Check out some of these new tiles for the core box below, including a Med Bay, a Server Room, R&D Lab, and two 6" x 6" tiles that combine to form a 6" x 12" Barracks:

Below you can see new tiles for the World Killer expansion. Each of the first two tiles are 9” x 9” for larger fights, but the backside of those two tiles combine into one massive 9” x 18” tile where you will face the World Killer himself. A massive boss deserves a massive place to fight him in!

The Summoning Room, Human Experimentation Chamber, and the World Killer factory

World Killer Expansion Component Changes

Speaking of tiles for the expansion, this brings us to an important point. When creating the game, our goal had always been to include a set of double-sided tiles in both the core box and the expansion, which would give a nice variety for players to run missions on. However, we never hit the kind of financial milestones needed to justify two sets of double-sided tiles (they would have been stretch goals but we never got there).

So, that left us with a dilemma. Do we have a set of tiles in the core box and a set of tiles in the expansion, with both of them only one-sided? Or do we have one set of double-sided tiles in the core box and remove most of the tiles in the expansion? It just seemed strange to have two sets of tiles with art on only one side instead of one set with art on both sides, so we made the decision to have one set of tiles in the core box with art on both sides, and a few special tiles in the expansion for specific missions (pictured above). That decision would change the expansion contents from 18 tiles, to 2.

But I paid for those tiles! Why are we paying the same money for less content! Obviously this is something we thought about right away. We definitely don’t want anyone to feel like they paid for something they aren’t getting (same money, less content is never a good selling point). However, we came up with a solution that we hope everyone will be happy with. We did some consulting with the manufacturer and we are able to squeeze another miniature onto the existing mold plates that we can include in the expansion to compensate backers that purchased it. This seemed like a good compromise so that no one was getting shorted.

We have several Enemies in various conceptual stages that are planned for future releases, so we picked one that was the most mechanically developed and got our artist to put together the character art for this new threat. Enter, the Thought Reaper! You can see the art for this frightening new opponent below, along with the new Enemy and Spawn cards for him:

The Thought Reaper isn’t just scary looking, he’s also quite scary in combat

The Thought Reaper is an insidious enemy that feeds on the pain of others, gaining strength from their misery. Also, for those that don’t know, each Enemy card has an Empowered side which come into play as the campaign progresses to increase difficulty

The Thought Reaper gains strength from Operatives having negative conditions or injuries. But what if the Operatives don’t have any of those things? Well, unfortunately for the players, the Thought Reaper all but ensures that Operatives will have some negative conditions when it spawns…

The Thought Reaper all but guarantees his opponents will be inflicted with the misery it needs to feed on

Hot off the presses! One of our sculptors, Marco R Sassi, has been hard at work turning the Thought Reaper into a 3d sculpt and we just got the images back today! I was waiting to post this update until these images came in because I really wanted to show it off. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress and is still having some finishing touches put on (such as some details for the hands and the gun):

Each backer receiving the World Killer expansion will receive two of these Elite Enemies along with the Enemy card.

Hopefully everyone that purchased the expansion is happy with our decision to replace most of the tiles in the box with two new figures, but if you aren’t for whatever reason, please let us know! And if you skipped the World Killer expansion previously, you can still upgrade your pledge to get the World Killer expansion along with this new figure if you want!

Language Translations

After reviewing the poll we did last month along with several DM’s where people shared their opinions, here is where we stand regarding language translations:

  1. German and French: These backers can purchase an add on pack to have the game translated into their native language. The cost is $25 for Incursion pledges, and $30 for Invasion or Extinction pledges. If a backer doesn’t wish to purchase the add on but still wants the game, they will receive an English copy with a PDF translation (all cards and books).

  2. Spanish and Italian: These backers that still wish to receive the game will be sent an English copy with PDF translations (all cards and books).

Also, these translations are being worked on by native speakers and aren’t being done by something like Google Translate or anything like that. In fact, the rulebook is being translated in each of the above languages right now!

The pledge manager has been updated with the language add on packs, so if you want a printed copy in German or French, be sure to make that selection before we lock down the pledge manager sometime in November. To do so, just log into your BackerKit account, go to your survey, then to the Add Ons tab, and select the appropriate add on (see below).

As before, if anyone isn’t happy with these options, please email us a and we will get a refund processed for you if that is what you prefer.

Whew…that was a lot of information! Hopefully everyone is happy with the direction the game is going, but please post in the comments to let us know what you think!

Until next time, watch your six!

EDIT: et la dernière video de Rolling Solo…