Forgotten Legends: The Worm Emperor - par Fanatic Game Labs - Q1 2021

Fanatic Game Labs (Heroes & Gods) va lancer sur KS en 2021 Forgotten Legends : The Worm Emperor, un jeu de high fantasy qui se déroule dans le monde magique d’Aiine. Le but est de préparer une incursion dans un territoire inexploré et de soutenir l’effort de guerre. Trouver et battre le Prince du Désespoir, sa majesté, l’Empereur Ver, en brisant les trois sceaux magiques qui protègent sa forteresse et le défier dans un duel mortel.

Lured by the promise of earthly riches and eternal knowledge in an uncharted region of the realm, the party of Heroes must battle chimeric creatures, flesh and dark thoughts mingled together by magic and molded into fierce monsters born from the depths of a dreadful mind, complete trials which will reveal the very fabric of their soul, fight, scavenge, loot and trade to survive the journey and ultimately face the abominable overlord, the Master of Lies and Prince of Despair, his majesty, the Worm Emperor.

Replayability : The core of the game is entirely player driven. Heroes decide (individually or as a group) where the game is heading, from fighting an epic monster down to trading and building new dwellings in the castle they settled in. Many paths lead to victory.

Automa System: You move, his majesty, the Worm Emperor and his acolytes are moving as well. The enemy army is already on the march to conquer the regions and consolidate the domain of despair. Sooner or later, your armies will meet.

Castles and Outposts: A game within a game. You may start the adventure from any sub-region on the outskirts of the adventure map. Once settled in, you can build new dwellings, trade in the market for items, recruit creatures, complete puzzles and more.

Unique Adventure Map: Divided into three major regions and a fourth special inner region (controlled by the Worm Emperor) and counting more than 65 independent sub-regions the party of Heroes will have the freedom to explore a uniquely designed map with one-of-a-kind characteristics. Conquer cities, acquire resources, uncover mysteries and secret locations.

Modular Battlefield: Constantly changing its configuration depending on the sub-region you are exploring. The setup is randomly created each time your party clashes with a monster or a group of monsters. Terrain obstacles, power-up spots or de-buffs areas will hinder you or help you win the day.

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Quelques précisions supplémentaires par l’équipe de FGL

The game is in production and we have shared very little information about it. We are preparing for our second Kickstarter this year and soon we will start revealing more stuff. A designer’s diary is our next step. In any case, to tell you what I can about the game :

Fully co-op with a single player mode, high fantasy set-up with one-of-a-kind story and characters

-massive player driven campaign mode (a new concept which involves you as a player in the making of the story)

-each game is unique, game is highly re playable (heroes can start anywhere on the map, they can choose to move in any direction, parties can split to conquer objectives faster)

-fight the corruption of the Worm Emperor, each time you enter or conquer a region, the corruption will spread and engulf other regions of the map

-freedom of choice (you write a new story each time you’ll start a new game - there is not set scenario that will force you to play the game in a certain way only)

-a unique combination of mechanics from trading, building and fighting. Play the game on a huge adventure board, use the castle board to pile up resources and build structures (gain advantages, solve a hidden item puzzle to boost your castle’s production and lower prices, build structures that will allow you to recruit new armies on a 7 days cycle, use the market to better your Heroes and more), fight the battles on a unique modular board (each battle is different - random obstacles, multi-floored buildings, 10+ battlefield dimensions and starting points for Heroes and monsters alike and much more), each area of the adventure board containing multiple locations, explore them, conquer them, pillage them, upgrade them once conquered, raze them to the ground (5 areas, 50+ locations to explore)

Worm Emperor comes with functional minis. Meaning they are there for a reason, not just to look pretty.

Ainsi que l’artwork de la boîte et la première figurine, le Worm Emperor

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Un petit drapal par curiosité …

Très ambitieux… Trop ?

Curieux aussi, mais pas trop fan de la DA qui est montrée. :thinking:

C’est normal de préférer la boîte à la figurine?

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Ca a l’air naze :innocent:
Mais je vais suivre au cas où :grin:

J’aime la simplicité du logo. Cette surenchère de sobriété.

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Bonjour !
Ah, sympathique ce projet … Mais … euh … hum … on a déjà balancé de l’argent par la fenêtre avec Stormsunder, navré ! :wolf:
Une autre fois peut-être …

Oui, oui :yum: Tu n’es pas le seul.

Allez hop le petit lien KS qui va bien pour la notification …

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Marrant, ce sont les espagnols qui avaient chercher, lors de leur précédente campagne, à masquer autant que possible que les backers auraient à payer la TVA en plus lors du PM et qui s’étaient énervé et avaient accusé de paranoïa les gens qui l’avait fait remarqué.

Ils viennent de lâcher l’info pour le KS.

Coming to Kickstarter Q1 2021