Household - par Two Little Mice - le 18 mai 2022

Surprise ! Le prochain CMON (qui a été finalement cédé entièrement à TLM avant l’ouverture du PM)) sera un RPG qui se fera avec Two Little Mice pour une nouvelle édition de Household… Le KS arrivera en Q2 2022.

CMON and 2LM Press are excited to bring one of their biggest hits, the award-winning Household RPG, to an English audience for the first time!

Household is a tabletop role-playing game in which players take the roles of Littlings, small creatures such as Faeries and Boggarts from European Folklore. Set in a massive, abandoned mansion, Household takes players on thrilling adventures filled with incredible characters, exciting exploration, court intrigue, and, of course, creepy and dangerous spiders (these are Littlings, after all).

This is not a mere translation of the original game, however, but a Collector’s Edition, designed to look like an antique Regency-Era book, with upgraded art, incredible new illustrations, and deluxe components that add to the immersion of the game.

Household, originally designed by Simone Formicola and Riccardo “Rico” Sirignano, was awarded RPG of the Year 2019 at Lucca Comics & Games 2019 and has a huge and active Italian community, known for their amazing fan content.

2LM Press is CMON’s RPG publishing arm, headed by veteran designer Francesco Nepitello. Francesco, along with Marco Maggi, is the designer of the highly acclaimed The One Ring RPG, as well as the recently published Zombicide: Chronicles RPG.

CMON Bringing New Edition of Award-Winning Household RPG to Kickstarter!

When asked about creating the new edition of Household with CMON, designers Rico Sirignano and Simone Formicola said, “Household was our first RPG. We are so proud and thrilled to finally have a chance to share it with the whole world. This new edition will be the most ambitious project for us so far!”

The lead artist on Household is Daniela Giubellini, with additional art being done by Antonio de Luca, Federica Costantini, and Alessandro Paviolo.

The Kickstarter campaign will launch in Q2 2022. You can sign up to be notified when the campaign launches HERE.

Stay tuned for more updates and information as the launch of the campaign draws closer by following 2LM’s social media!

Ils sont où les zombies ?

Et voilà, un KS de moins à payer cet année.
Aller continue comme cela CMON, cela me fera des économies

Oui, enfin c’est pas officiellement un CMON :wink:

Les éditions 2LM qui on fait Broken Compass on fait un super travail d’édition et le jeu (seulement à la lecture pour le moment) est pas mal du tout, avec un système de règles qui lui est propre (ça change de la 5e). Je n’ai que la version de base et la ‹ golden age › (comprenez la version Lara Croft « moderne » et la version « entre 2 guerres » ) où l’on incarne des aventuriers à la recherche de temples perdus, de tablettes magiques tout en déjouant des pièges et en échappant aux méchants! Le tout dans une ambiance sur vitaminée où les cascades les plus folles sont monnaie courante. Et comme c’est la même équipe qui se colle à la réédition de son propre jeu, et que le système utilisé est le même que pour Broken Compass, pour les amateurs (comme moi) ça annonce du bon.

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ou plutôt « il est où le plastique » ?

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Vraiment un bel univers… Bien tentant !

Time to learn a bit more about the Household Littlings! We’ll start with what is perhaps the most recognizable Folk the in the House…

The Ancient Fae Folk became part of the Household after the fall of their ancestral home, the Dèndronaos Tree. Known for their beauty and grace, Faeries are characterized by charming membranous wings, like those of a dragonfly.

Let’s continue our tour on the Household Littlings… This time with the Boggarts!
Boggarts were the first to step into the House back when the Master still inhabited its Rooms. Thanks to their prowess, the Boggart army has played a crucial role in some of the most famous conflicts in History!

From “the Farbeyond”, the Sluagh Folk arrived at the House on Samhain, over fifty years after the Master left. It is hard to define who Sluagh are, since the Folk is divided in many different subcultures, but all Sluagh share the trait that makes them resistant to most known poisons and illnesses, as well as able to regenerate even from deadly wounds.

Finally, today we meet the last Little Folk that inhabits Household: Sprites!

The Sprite Folk has been living in the House since a time before memory, even before the Master disappeared, and share a bond with either the Air, the Water, or the Fire, which leaves a clear mark on their appearance.

Meet the leaders of the 4 Folks that inhabit the House, important characters in any adventures that take place on Household:
♥ Arcadia Oberonovna ♥️
Tsarina of the Faeries

♠ Rodomonte ♠️
Khan of the Sluagh

♦️ Wise Paracelsus ♦️
Spokesperson of the Sprites

♣️ William « Bravespine » Hearthworth Jr. ♣️
First among the Boggarts

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Comme pour ses board games, CMON sort ses Designer Diaries…

Ptin, y’a pas a dire, ils sont bon en DA !

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Et v’la les règles de base…

Quickstart rules for Household NOW AVAILABLE!
This is a simplified ruleset for the game that should allow you to start to get familiar with the Household universe! It also comes with a simple one-shot adventure for you to try out.

Et d’autres magnifiques artworks…

Now you are familiar with Faeries, Sprites, Boggarts and Sluaghs… Let’s choose your Profession!
There are many ways to make an honest living. One of them is becoming a soldier and taking on a military career. Soldiers are strong Littlings who aren’t afraid to face grueling training to prepare for an even tougher profession, in the army or as mercenaries.

Today, let’s talk about our second Profession: Hunter!
The valiant Hunters are Littlings who dedicate their life to deal with creatures of all shapes and sizes that roam the lands of the House.

While it is true that Soldiers and Hunters defend our nations, Scholars are the ones who lead them forward!
Trained at universities and academies all over the House, these Littlings have keen minds and many areas of discipline. Lead your team forward in their adventures!

Ever wanted a pet Bumblebee? Leave it to these trained professionals to get you one!

Animal Handlers devote their lives to rearing, looking after, training, and taking care of animals and insects who can coexist peacefully with Littlings.

⚔️ EN GARDE! Have at thee, scoundrel! ⚔️

Duelists are the keepers of an ancient art, when the fighter’s skill really made a difference on the battlefield. They are the last vestiges of an age of grand deeds and undying loves.

And for our final Profession…
As long as there are Littlings willing to work for honest wages, there will also be others who try to take advantage of them. I can’t in all honesty call the criminal life a real profession, but desperate times call for desperate solutions!

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Deuxième Designer Diaries

3ème partie des Designer Diaries

2LM et CMON viennent de dévoiler les deux premiers volumes…

Here is the cover of Household Volume 1, in this beautiful Regency-era inspired book!
This is the core book of the game and contains the rules and the lore for players and narrators alike.

Here’s the second book available in the upcoming Household Kickstarter: Saga of the Fragile Peace!
This is a Campaing book that will guide you through a big adventure. During the Fragile Peace, the frontiers have just opened after a long war, and different Folks will finally meet as equal citizens.

Introducing the third book that will be available in the upcoming Household Kickstarter: A Practical Guide to Living Inside the House!

This book expands on an already big world for the Littlings, covering the finer details of every day life in the House, from the ✨latest fashion✨ to getting you pet bee 🐝 licensed

Ça va douiller…

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Le teaser

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On a la date et l’heure…

Même si Household est un jeu de rôle, CMON oblige il y aura des figurines pendant le KS

La DA est magnifique !

Quand je serai ruiné, je serai obligé de quitter ce forum… J’ai découvert KS, fait 2 pledges, puis découvert ce forum, fait x pledges de jeu, puis je veux me mettre au JDR, et c’est fini, j’ai plus d’argent… :sweat_smile:

Pour le coup, avec du JDR, je suis totalement immunisé aux figs…

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