Kimera Velvet - par Kimera Models - le 14 mai 2024

Kimera Models, les italiens derrière les fameuses peintures à pigments purs et très concentrés Kimera Kolors vont lancer un KS pour une nouvelle gamme de peinture appelée Kimera Velvet - Concentrated Acrylic Inks and Pure Pigments

While we are finishing up shipping the last pledges on the last KS, we are creating a new project that will be released in a month and a half.

It’s going to be a new paint line, that does different stuff from our main line (as you can see by this image below). Don’t miss the “concentrated” word.

We know that we haven’t finishing delivering the last KS, but by the time this new project hits everything will be completed and to give out all the necessary info for this new project we need time.

If you are curious, give a follow to the notify me page to get notified of the launch and not miss the early bird option!

Also, synthetic brushes.

p.s.: it’s going to be a miniature light kickstarter, meaning that we will have very few minis and they’ll be for our new academic line. More info on that in the future

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C’est une sorte de Contrast?

Non ce sont des encres, très pigmentées.

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Pour te tâcher encore plus quand tu te les renverse dessus ? :sweat_smile:

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Cool. Même si pour les encres, je trouve que la concentration en pigment est moins importante puisque le travail des encres, c’est justement de pouvoir garder un peu de transparence pour permettre le travail par couche (layer). et le prix sera attractif ?

Rien sur les tarifs pour l’instant. Juste quelques infos…

🚀✨ Exciting News! Introducing our new Kickstarter: Kimera Velvet - Concentrated Acrylic Inks and Pure Pigments

Kimera Velvet – a game-changing line of concentrated acrylic inks and pure pigments designed to revolutionize your miniature painting experience! 🎨💧

🌟 Our formula ensures that even the tiniest amount of Kimera Velvet goes a long way, offering unmatched vibrancy and efficiency. These inks are the perfect complement to any acrylic paint range you already own, taking your painting to new heights of excellence! 💫

🗓️ Our Kickstarter campaign is set to launch in the second half of May, and this time, we’re committed to faster delivery times than ever before! Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re dedicated to ensuring you receive your rewards promptly. ⏰

💡 Wondering why you should choose Kimera Velvet? Let us tell you:

🔍 Super Concentrated: Achieve intense effects with minimal product, ensuring your collection lasts longer.

🎨 Versatile Use: Ideal for blending, glazing, washing, and airbrushing, offering unparalleled flexibility.

🎨 Easy to Use: Whether you’re a novice or a pro, Kimera Velvet effortlessly boosts your painting.

✨ Satin Finish: Elevate your miniatures with a luxurious satin finish that enhances every detail.

🌈 Color Saturation: Super-saturated pigments breathe life into your creations, making colors pop.

📋 Open Information: Each bottle lists the pigments used, ensuring transparency and specificity for your needs.

Petit focus sur les pinceaux de la campagne KS…

In the upcoming Kickstarter Campaign by Kimera we will also release our brand new Synthetic Brush Set. This set is going to be perfect for the people who don’t want to use natural hair or they prefer to spend less on their brushes while having a super high quality product on their hands.

Why Kimera Synthetic Brushes?

  • Sustainable Choice: They of course are cruelty free and vegan. If you care about not using natural hair, these are for you.

  • Save Money: Choosing Synthetics means that you will save a lot of money compared to Kolinsky. This set will cost you less than a third than Kolinsky.

  • Longer Lasting: These brushes will last you longer than other synthetic brushes on the market thanks to the shape and the specific material we chose. And when they start to be worn out, you can reshape them with hot water and make them last super long.

  • Rigid Design: We chose to make 3 arrow shaped brushes in this set to ensure a rigid point to have better precision, often the downfall of synthetics for miniatures.

  • Elastic: The material we chose for the points is very elastic, to return fast to the original shape and have a good snap.

  • Pressure Behavior: Thanks to the shapes and materials we chose, these will behave very similarly to Kolinsky when you press them against the miniature, allowing them to open and then come back to shape after the brushstroke.

  • Water and Paint Holding: These synthetic will hold a bit less water and paint than the natural hair, but this behavior allows for a better sharpness than usual.

  • Perfect for Powders: If you like to use powders, pigments and pastels like us, these synthetics are actually better than the Kolinsky counterpart for precision placing of those powders. They’ll keep the point and allow you to be exact, a thing a natural hair won’t do for you when dry.

We aimed to create the best synthetics on the market. While they can’t be as good as kolinsky, these synthetics won’t make you regret the choice of using them instead of natural hair.

A voir le prix. J’avoue que les Kaerell me vont bien pour l’usage que j’en fais :sweat_smile:

Le prochain KS se dévoile un petit peu plus avec la date (14 mai à 17H) et le dernier né des expansion set pour les Kimera Kolors…

📅 SAVE THE DATE: The Kimera Velvets Kickstarter campaign is set to launch on Tuesday, May 14th, at 3pm UTC TIME. Mark your calendars! ⏰ That’s 5pm Italian Time, 11am ET, and 8am PT. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to be part of our new journey and grab an EARLY BIRD pledge with extra discounts! 🚀🎨

The campaign will run until the end of May, with tentative delivery around December this year! 📦

Get ready to explore the latest expansion set in our PURE PIGMENT LINE: the SHIFTED PRIMARIES. These 30ml acrylics are matte, and equipped with an agitator ball!

Among these gems is the Perylene Violet, a rare pigment perfect for blacklining and creating dark shadows with subtle warmth or coolness. 💜 Check out the full list and pigment details in the image. These paints are essential for elevating your artwork to new heights! 🎨💫

We’ve crafted this amazing small set to serve as a standalone collection, featuring primaries and secondaries with unique shifts in hue. With just these six paints, you can achieve remarkable beauty in your creations. ✨

Stay tuned for more updates and join us on this colorful journey! 🌟

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Ça signifie quoi les Series 1/2/3 en haut des tubes ? C’est pas tous des nouveautés ?

Je dirai que c’est le troisième set dans la série des « pure pigment ».
Les autres sets sont des signature series, et des mélanges de pigment.

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Mais pourquoi le permanent yellow est marqué Series 1 ? Il existe déjà ?

Non. A priori les couleurs qui sont proposées sont nouvelles. Par contre, aucune idée de la signification des indications sur les pots !

J’ai vérifié rapidement, le jaune a nom et pigment différent, et le deep blue (indiqué série 2) n’existe pas non plus.
Faudra voir ce qu’ils en disent quand même. Parce qu’il y déjà eu un (ou deux ?) doublon entre 2 sets signature (une couleur chaire de mémoire).
Dans tous les cas, je vais passer, j’aime beaucoup ces peintures, et certaines sont souvent sur ma palette, mais je n’en ai pas essayé la moitié, j’ai même pas tout essayé du 2eme set…

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Ah si moi je tape régulièrement dedans :grin:

Sur les Kimera Kolors, les series représentent une échelle par rapport à la rareté des pigments. Aucun lien avec une quelconque sortie précédente. J’ai ressorti le livret de l’expansion set 1 pour vous ressortir ce qu’ils en disaient…

La rareté du pigment utilisé peut également être appréciée en regardant le numéro de la série dans chaque pot : plus le numéro est élevé, plus le pigment est rare.

Pour ma part, j’ai bien envie d’essayer ces Velvet. J’ai hâte de voir les premières reviews dessus. Pareil pour ces Shifted Primaries qui risquent bien de rejoindre les deux autres sets.

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Ah faut que je relise le livret alors. Merci !

C est ca c est la « peach skin » en double, faut que je vois avec eux s’ils font un geste la dessus d’ailleurs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

C’est all in pour moi :sweat_smile: j’ai l’impression d’être un grand peintre quand j’ouvre un de leur pot :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Moi aussi j’aimerais faire all-in, mais j’attends de voir les tarifs (étant donné que j’ai déjà presque la totale en Kimera, en plus, ce serait vraiment peu raisonnable ^^)