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T’as le droit de lui lancer des cailloux !

nan t’as eu peur d’avoir le meilleur jeu jamais crée, la peur de gagner, c’est très Français ça.

Et hop la nouvelle update avec la bonne nouvelle de la période de grace étendue…

Update #48 - Grace period, shipping! Loot, loot, loot! And Apes!

It’s been too long! There’s a lot going on with Kingdoms Forlorn, and a lot going on with Into the Unknown, much more than the scope of this Update allows! So, in no particular order, things that are happening, but won’t be discussed today in more detail: next week we’re starting the process of re-working the whole UI to be more readable and pretty! We’ve doubled the Team size to speed up and streamline testing! We’ve finished hiring new writers to diversify our voices! All 13 Saints are now fully illustrated!

Grace Period Extended! (and AT:O Unboxing)

The most important news, one that was relayed to you via comments, but needs repeating in an official Update is that the grace period has been extended! Initially until the end of June, now until the end of July!

The reason for this is quite simple: we know a lot of you have been waiting for the AT:O unboxing to commit to Kingdoms Forlorn, a stance we understand and appreciate, and as that was late (due to the Shanghai lockdown), we thought it was only fair to bump the KF grace period as well.

To elaborate: the games we create are giant in size and uncompromising in vision and could not have been achieved outside of crowdfunding. We appreciate your support and value your comments, and we also know that not every Kickstarter campaign holds up to a standard you deserve. We want to go above and beyond to deliver you the best possible games, and for you to continue to support us (that’s how we make a living!), so we will offer you the best possible deals, terms and full transparency.

And as for that AT:O Unboxing? It has arrived earlier this month and made quite the splash! If you’re curious how our games translate from Kickstarter prototype to the final product, feel free to check it out here (or watch the video below) and compare to how the game looked when the KS campaign launched!

ATO Wave 1 Showcase! - YouTube

Shipping, the Into the Unknown Way!

As the topic of shipping has been on everyone’s lips as of late, I wanted to chime in with how we do things in ITU. First and foremost, we are not profiting from shipping fees in any way and the shipping costs we provide are always the latest estimates we get ourselves.

Considering the sizes of our games, our shipping costs are on the low side. With AT:O, we estimated shipping pre-pandemic and pre-logistics crisis, and as a consequence we underpriced it and had to pay quite a bit more in the end. For that we used the funds we kept in reserve, as well as through the sale of new AT:O products (see this Update for details). And before anyone asks, KF funds remain untouched, save for out-of-pocket expenses for the development of the game itself.

The bottom line is this: we will go out of our way to accommodate you and the shipping of our games, so that you don’t overpay and don’t feel ripped off, we will also maintain full transparency of everything going on with shipping (among other things!).

Ratwolves, an endemic mob monster

Gameplay Spotlight: Ratwolves

Whew! With all the official announcements out of the way, I can get to the meaty stuff! Mechanics!

The Ratwolves fight is almost done, and it carries a distinctly different feel from those you’ve seen before. The Ratwolves are an early game mob, but can be quite brutal if left to do their thing (or on higher levels!).

The fighting flows quite differently when compared to the Ironcast Dead Clash. The Ratwolves are generally less numerous, but tougher. They escalate at a slower rate, but can perform more attacks (vicious ones at that!).

Still WIP!

Let’s break it down. The Ratwolves are our first ‘two HP’ monsters. This means that, although they are a mob, it takes more than 1 Wound to bring them down. What’s more, a wounded Ratwolf becomes more dangerous and drives the others of its pack to become more violent, so once you commit to an attack, be sure you can end it swiftly!

You know you’ve got a vermin problem…

Most ratwolves attacks follow a pattern: they cause Knockdown, deal more damage if the Target is already knocked down and, most crucially, they pull the Knights away from the group. And a Knight designated as ‘Lone’ (too far from others) is dealt even more damage!

…when the rats are this big!

On the upside, having multi-HP BP cards means a monster escalates more slowly, reflecting its early game nature. This allows clever Knights to outpace their enemies in terms of power… if they have time for it!

And time might be an issue. Every time one of the pack is killed, another one takes its place! Moreover, it immediately attacks!

All this creates a unique dynamic, with the Knights trying to stay together and the Ratwolves trying to break them up. Higher level Ratwolves will even attempt to drag you into the night – which translates to instadeath, obviously.

Still, the Clash is worth it just for the loot alone: the Chopperpick, the Tailwhip, the Vile Gambeson or the Principality-specific Ironwolf Cape are all great multi-purpose gear!

Don’t go gentle into the night. Actually, don’t go into the night at all.

TTS Feedback & Vermin Update

This is just a small note, but I wanted to confirm that we continue to monitor your feedback on the TTS mod, including the True Solo mode, thank you for taking the time to write to us! We also plan to continue supporting it! As part of the next TTS Update, dubbed ‘Vermin’ (TBD), you’ll be able to face those Ratwolves yourselves!

Gameplay Spotlight: Loot System is Coming!

As you know, our games take time to develop. There’s a lot of factors that contribute to it, but one that we always stress is that the game is still in development when we launch a campaign (as it should be, Kickstarter is not a store). This allows us to take your feedback into account, see what works and what doesn’t, based on the reactions to the prototype (we always create robust, fully-playable prototypes!), and, sometimes, add or modify something that we wished was there in the first place.

AT:O has its Diplomacy and Trade systems (they’re nowhere to be seen in the Prelude), while Kingdoms Forlorn will have… a True Loot System. This means:

  • more diverse base loot

  • more unique loot

  • more rarity levels

  • a fully customizable mod system!

I’m very excited about this development, it allows us to deliver more types of loot and an even more in-depth Knight customization system, which in turn will allow you to theorycraft and create an endless variety of builds!

How are we going to achieve it? Let’s leave that for the next Update shall we? For now I will leave you with a variety of exciting new Gear coming to KF instead!

Spikeback Mail - for two can play this game!

White Scale Armor has a tainted holy quality to it…

Tongue Greatsword - simply delicious!

Wait, where does this one come from?

Ser Ubar arrives in style!

Last, but not least! You’ve unlocked them, now feast your eyes on them: Ser Ubarick and his brutish alter ego wander through Kingdoms Forlorn looking for purpose and respite. These new illustrations highlight the oft-understated grim and dark (but not grimdark!) nature of our world…

In full unique Gear!

Strange is the tale of Ser Ubar the Great, Great Ubar, Ubarick van Eyck. He has found himself in the Sunken Kingdom of Utrebant, looking for a lost legacy of his ancestors, banished from the kingdom on the eve of the rising of the Deep Fog. Ser Ubar is as troubled as the place he delves into, for he is stricken with a curse of his own: simianthropy. In other words, he is part man and part ape.

The real problem is that he doesn’t know: is he a man turning into an ape, or a Firstman turning into a human…

Note the special adjustable armor.

We’re just getting started

Yeah, that’s another 1300+ words down, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of what we’re up to! There’s so much lore, mechanics and art to share, it’s going to be a great year of Updates! And what about you? What would you like us to write about next? Give us a hint in the comments!

Oh, and you know what? We did a few KF teases at the end of AT:O Updates, but never the reverse. So…

Her power arrives in Cycle V!

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Je continue à ne pas aimer leur marketing. Des le Ks, la periode de grace avait fait fumble par manque de retour sur ATO. Mais le fait de la repousser mois par mois permet de jouer sur un FOMO et de faire une vente « forcée »…
Bref - je vais arrêter de lire mes updates venant d’eux :sweat_smile: