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T’as le droit de lui lancer des cailloux !

nan t’as eu peur d’avoir le meilleur jeu jamais crée, la peur de gagner, c’est très Français ça.

Et hop la nouvelle update avec la bonne nouvelle de la période de grace étendue…

Update #48 - Grace period, shipping! Loot, loot, loot! And Apes!

It’s been too long! There’s a lot going on with Kingdoms Forlorn, and a lot going on with Into the Unknown, much more than the scope of this Update allows! So, in no particular order, things that are happening, but won’t be discussed today in more detail: next week we’re starting the process of re-working the whole UI to be more readable and pretty! We’ve doubled the Team size to speed up and streamline testing! We’ve finished hiring new writers to diversify our voices! All 13 Saints are now fully illustrated!

Grace Period Extended! (and AT:O Unboxing)

The most important news, one that was relayed to you via comments, but needs repeating in an official Update is that the grace period has been extended! Initially until the end of June, now until the end of July!

The reason for this is quite simple: we know a lot of you have been waiting for the AT:O unboxing to commit to Kingdoms Forlorn, a stance we understand and appreciate, and as that was late (due to the Shanghai lockdown), we thought it was only fair to bump the KF grace period as well.

To elaborate: the games we create are giant in size and uncompromising in vision and could not have been achieved outside of crowdfunding. We appreciate your support and value your comments, and we also know that not every Kickstarter campaign holds up to a standard you deserve. We want to go above and beyond to deliver you the best possible games, and for you to continue to support us (that’s how we make a living!), so we will offer you the best possible deals, terms and full transparency.

And as for that AT:O Unboxing? It has arrived earlier this month and made quite the splash! If you’re curious how our games translate from Kickstarter prototype to the final product, feel free to check it out here (or watch the video below) and compare to how the game looked when the KS campaign launched!

ATO Wave 1 Showcase! - YouTube

Shipping, the Into the Unknown Way!

As the topic of shipping has been on everyone’s lips as of late, I wanted to chime in with how we do things in ITU. First and foremost, we are not profiting from shipping fees in any way and the shipping costs we provide are always the latest estimates we get ourselves.

Considering the sizes of our games, our shipping costs are on the low side. With AT:O, we estimated shipping pre-pandemic and pre-logistics crisis, and as a consequence we underpriced it and had to pay quite a bit more in the end. For that we used the funds we kept in reserve, as well as through the sale of new AT:O products (see this Update for details). And before anyone asks, KF funds remain untouched, save for out-of-pocket expenses for the development of the game itself.

The bottom line is this: we will go out of our way to accommodate you and the shipping of our games, so that you don’t overpay and don’t feel ripped off, we will also maintain full transparency of everything going on with shipping (among other things!).

Ratwolves, an endemic mob monster

Gameplay Spotlight: Ratwolves

Whew! With all the official announcements out of the way, I can get to the meaty stuff! Mechanics!

The Ratwolves fight is almost done, and it carries a distinctly different feel from those you’ve seen before. The Ratwolves are an early game mob, but can be quite brutal if left to do their thing (or on higher levels!).

The fighting flows quite differently when compared to the Ironcast Dead Clash. The Ratwolves are generally less numerous, but tougher. They escalate at a slower rate, but can perform more attacks (vicious ones at that!).

Still WIP!

Let’s break it down. The Ratwolves are our first ‘two HP’ monsters. This means that, although they are a mob, it takes more than 1 Wound to bring them down. What’s more, a wounded Ratwolf becomes more dangerous and drives the others of its pack to become more violent, so once you commit to an attack, be sure you can end it swiftly!

You know you’ve got a vermin problem…

Most ratwolves attacks follow a pattern: they cause Knockdown, deal more damage if the Target is already knocked down and, most crucially, they pull the Knights away from the group. And a Knight designated as ‘Lone’ (too far from others) is dealt even more damage!

…when the rats are this big!

On the upside, having multi-HP BP cards means a monster escalates more slowly, reflecting its early game nature. This allows clever Knights to outpace their enemies in terms of power… if they have time for it!

And time might be an issue. Every time one of the pack is killed, another one takes its place! Moreover, it immediately attacks!

All this creates a unique dynamic, with the Knights trying to stay together and the Ratwolves trying to break them up. Higher level Ratwolves will even attempt to drag you into the night – which translates to instadeath, obviously.

Still, the Clash is worth it just for the loot alone: the Chopperpick, the Tailwhip, the Vile Gambeson or the Principality-specific Ironwolf Cape are all great multi-purpose gear!

Don’t go gentle into the night. Actually, don’t go into the night at all.

TTS Feedback & Vermin Update

This is just a small note, but I wanted to confirm that we continue to monitor your feedback on the TTS mod, including the True Solo mode, thank you for taking the time to write to us! We also plan to continue supporting it! As part of the next TTS Update, dubbed ‘Vermin’ (TBD), you’ll be able to face those Ratwolves yourselves!

Gameplay Spotlight: Loot System is Coming!

As you know, our games take time to develop. There’s a lot of factors that contribute to it, but one that we always stress is that the game is still in development when we launch a campaign (as it should be, Kickstarter is not a store). This allows us to take your feedback into account, see what works and what doesn’t, based on the reactions to the prototype (we always create robust, fully-playable prototypes!), and, sometimes, add or modify something that we wished was there in the first place.

AT:O has its Diplomacy and Trade systems (they’re nowhere to be seen in the Prelude), while Kingdoms Forlorn will have… a True Loot System. This means:

  • more diverse base loot

  • more unique loot

  • more rarity levels

  • a fully customizable mod system!

I’m very excited about this development, it allows us to deliver more types of loot and an even more in-depth Knight customization system, which in turn will allow you to theorycraft and create an endless variety of builds!

How are we going to achieve it? Let’s leave that for the next Update shall we? For now I will leave you with a variety of exciting new Gear coming to KF instead!

Spikeback Mail - for two can play this game!

White Scale Armor has a tainted holy quality to it…

Tongue Greatsword - simply delicious!

Wait, where does this one come from?

Ser Ubar arrives in style!

Last, but not least! You’ve unlocked them, now feast your eyes on them: Ser Ubarick and his brutish alter ego wander through Kingdoms Forlorn looking for purpose and respite. These new illustrations highlight the oft-understated grim and dark (but not grimdark!) nature of our world…

In full unique Gear!

Strange is the tale of Ser Ubar the Great, Great Ubar, Ubarick van Eyck. He has found himself in the Sunken Kingdom of Utrebant, looking for a lost legacy of his ancestors, banished from the kingdom on the eve of the rising of the Deep Fog. Ser Ubar is as troubled as the place he delves into, for he is stricken with a curse of his own: simianthropy. In other words, he is part man and part ape.

The real problem is that he doesn’t know: is he a man turning into an ape, or a Firstman turning into a human…

Note the special adjustable armor.

We’re just getting started

Yeah, that’s another 1300+ words down, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of what we’re up to! There’s so much lore, mechanics and art to share, it’s going to be a great year of Updates! And what about you? What would you like us to write about next? Give us a hint in the comments!

Oh, and you know what? We did a few KF teases at the end of AT:O Updates, but never the reverse. So…

Her power arrives in Cycle V!

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Je continue à ne pas aimer leur marketing. Des le Ks, la periode de grace avait fait fumble par manque de retour sur ATO. Mais le fait de la repousser mois par mois permet de jouer sur un FOMO et de faire une vente « forcée »…
Bref - je vais arrêter de lire mes updates venant d’eux :sweat_smile:

La livraison d’ATO est repoussée pour la fin de l’année.
La fin de la période de grâce sera donc repoussée (confirmée dans les commentaires de la dernière news d’ATO).

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À la base ils voulaient juste que la periode de grâce dure jusqu’au open de box d’ato. Ils ont dû realiser que le nombre de gens qui ont augmenté leur pledge était très faible et que du coup la menace du bâton n’a pas fonctionné.

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La nouvelle update avec tout plein de belles choses… fin de la période de grace prévue pour la mi-automne

Update #49 - A Bit of Everything...

Happy GenCon to everyone attending! This year we were primed to make our debut on US soil, but decided against it to focus on delivering AT:O – after all, it’s one thing to talk big about upcoming projects, it’s something quite different to show up with those big boxes in tow! So, expect us at GenCon 2023, with AT:O, Kingdoms Forlorn showcase copies and with…

Anyway, hello and welcome to a new Update! Maybe we need to figure out a Kingdoms Forlorn Unique Greeting™, as those seem to be popular in adventure game KSs, something richly thematic, and vaguely old-English, like “Ill met by moonlight, travelers!” Hm. Needs a bit more work I think. Anyhow. To the news-mobile!

General Developments

As always, work at Into the Unknown never ceases. Just a few months ago we’ve moved into the new offices, and yet we’re slowly creeping up on our new space capacity… This team expansion and doubling of efforts is easily tracked in our internal output. We’ve also intensified our employee training courses, from game design to software use, to project management. All of these help us further streamline our development pipeline, tighten and shorten our dev cycles. And with the imminent drop of AT:O, I expect all of these will ramp up by Fall too!

Part of the ITU Team!

Grace Period, AT:O fulfillment, Currency Exchange Rates, and Shipping (is not increasing, breathe)

Speaking of AT:O, as we have mentioned last month in that campaign’s Update, production and shipping are locked, and the game is due to deliver mid-Fall. This of course means we roughly know when the Grace Period will end: mid-Fall :wink: More precisely, once AT:O starts delivering and showing up on people’s doorsteps, once unboxings, and opinions, and reviews start to pop up, that’s when we will announce the end of the Grace Period (with 2 weeks’ notice of course).

So, if you’re on the fence about backing KF or upping your pledge, you have plenty of time to think about it and decide! Though I would be remiss not to mention that, if you’re based in the US or use the US $ as your prime currency, it is an excellent moment to back us now: with the $ to € exchange rate around 1:1, you’d be saving quite a lot!

On the topic of shipping, we’ve heard through the grapevine about the woes some of our competitors on KS are beset by, so we’d like to reassure you that we are not upping our rates, and that we’re in a general good financial position. Funds from KS and AT:O are not mixed, and as for AT:O shipping, it has been paid for back in Spring. So, no news is good news!

Cheeky salesman note: I think, as general material and production prices rise across the board, and more and more Kickstarter companies up their pledge prices as a result, Into the Unknown’s offering, be it Kingdoms Forlorn, its expansions, AT:O, SoH or V3, will look more and more like a bargain…

New Mob Miniatures

To the good stuff! We’ve basically finished converting all the standee mob art into lovely miniatures, so, hopefully, next month we can start the long and arduous tooling process on Kingdoms Forlorn minis. This is because even normal miniatures’ preparation can take up to several months from initial 3d models to mass production, and ours takes a couple of months longer!

Why longer? Returning backers from AT:O can attest that we take special care of our miniatures and their designs. We use premium PVC plastics and we work closely with the factory to keep the shapes, details, poses and dynamism of the initial renders intact. All this requires a constant back and forth with the factory, and that takes time. Plus, we’re doing some of the largest miniatures in the business, with intricate shapes and tons of detail, and these can use several casting molds per model! And don’t start me on those AT:O interchangeable VP parts…

Gloom Aristocracy. Loooking dashing as ever!

Look at the stowaway on his back! Pumpkinhead.

Don’t come close. Monk of Thirst!

What’s in that backpack??? The Starved.


Last time I’ve mentioned we have finished the designs of all 13 Saints, but failed to produce even one! So, here’s 3 to compensate – two of them you know from the KS campaign, though they’re much more detailed now and with backgrounds showing exotic locales from the KF world, while the third, well… You probably have to journey all the way to the Machinated State to meet them…

Saint Hieronymus of Sewn Lips, the Ever-Burning, Keeper of Knowledge

Saint Kain, The Long Sword in the Dark, the Executor of Justice

Saint Rhea Soter, Mother-to-Rats, The Open Hand, The Bursar of Charity

These Saints began as lore, legends and a fun mechanic, but over the last few months they really came into their own. Maybe we should release a game about them some day? Kingdoms Falling: The Holy Wild – or something like it, it’s not like we discussed it! Angels, Sinners and Saints though…

Some Reworks (Let the ichor flow!)

As some of you may remember, we’ve talked about revisiting a few of our illustrations and miniatures in the future, as we might not have been fully satisfied with them at the time – such is the creative process. Currently, we are creating the Squires art form scratch (all those used during the campaign were WIPs!), but we’ve also re-touched some of the other creatures as well.

For example, here’s the new direction for the Ichor Patriarch from the Red Kingdom. We’re not changing the core concept, but we thought it could be a bit more interesting, especially compared to the other Kingdoms’ rulers (looking at you, King Laid Low). Similarly, the miniature had a very blocky, uninteresting shape – good and easy for casting, but neither dynamic, nor intriguing.

So, we’ve gone through the concepts and mechanics we’re designed for him and came up with a few additions: the blood cherubs, which the Ichor Patriarch can call on at will, as well as his dreaded pinkflesh chasuble, which is simply grotesque… and also lootable.

Still WIP… but you get the picture :wink:

Gear Spotlight

As we proceed to implement the new Loot System, we’re also upping the number and variety of loot available in the game. Currently, there’s more than 200 unique Gear pieces to acquire and when we’re done, there will be more!

Here’s a few interesting ones from across the unlocked Kingdoms. And one that is not like the others…

A curious spear… Tanglewood Mancatcher

In Utrebant, this passes as protection. Mud Underarmor.

Whisker Fin Shield

Swantume. Yes.

Big Fall Update

With the game being in full development for some time, we’ve moved into several design areas only brushed, or, indeed, simply mentioned, in the KF demo. We’ve also tackled several of your most common notes and gripes.

We have left the prototype UI behind in favor of a new glorious look. Just as we did with AT:O! It bears repeating that our prototypes are just that, only the first step on a journey towards a final shape. This way we don’t waste resources on ‘finals’ that we then need to rework – or begrudgingly accept as things writ in stone – we leave ourselves some space for creative expression and your feedback, and we of course have time to wow you once again, when the game reaches you, as the final box is always much more than what we had offered initially. We have worked on the Kingdom maps themselves, deepening your interactions with them, making delves much much more exciting (and dangerous!). We’ve expanded on the Deep Fog aspects during the delves, making it much more of a presence (and menace). We’ve deepened the mechanics governing wandering monsters and their presence on the Kingdom map. We’ve designed mechanics for several of the monsters. We’ve taken your feedback and questions concerning the game progression, knight stories’ intersections and quest variety, and we’ve updated our systems to be more intuitive, coherent and rewarding. Full on Loot System, with loot decks, strategic deckbuilding to enhance your odds, loot drops, crit drops, several types of upgrades, gear sets and more. Nuff said!

Okay, so that’s a lot of work done, why is this paragraph called the Big Fall Update? That’s because today I’m simply skimming the surface, teasing the work which we will reveal in, yeah, you guessed it. And then, nothing will be the same anymore!

Like a Well-oiled Machine

That’s how I feel we’re beginning to operate these days! After the tumultuous pandemic years during which we’ve been working on AT:O, it’s a welcome change. As always, if you want to hear about something in the next Update, leave us a comment and we might just tackle that subject!

Till then, may the crooked moon let you slip unscathed – or some such – travelers :stuck_out_tongue:


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On y retrouve le King de KDM :slightly_smiling_face:
Vraiment dommage, le jeu m’intrigue mais leur méthode/plagiat me hérisse le poil :sweat_smile:

Ah ? :face_with_peeking_eye:

Alors je n’avais pas réalisé, pour le king, mais maintenant que tu le dis, c’est vrai que ça y ressemble. J’aurais pu y voir une référence si il n’y avait pas eu tout le reste.

Dommage, il y a des bonnes choses dans ce jeu… Et d’autres incertaines…

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La DA fait toujours autant envie !

Faut que j’arrête de passer par ici ! Je vais finir par craqué sur un pledge :sweat_smile:

On peu toujours late pledge ?

La DA est juste incroyable

Tu pourras late oledge pendant encore au moins 2 ans, le prix ca monter en fin d’année quand on doit recevoir ato

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Nouvelle update avec un peu d’ATO et un mega meme…

Update #50 - Last Days of Summer

How have you been? Here, at ITU, we’re preparing for the end of the year rush: the imminent launch of AT:O, the Big Fall Kingdoms Forlorn Update dropping after that – I know a lot of you are waiting for it – and another recruitment drive and Team expansion (yes, we’re constantly growing!).

ATO Fulfilment and the Big Fall Update!

Right of the bat, for those who have missed the last Update on our ‘sister’ Kickstarter for Aeon Trespass: Odyssey – the game is nearing completion and will soon be shipped from China. The timeline for that has not changed, freight will begin in the first week of October, the shipment should be here in early November, and backers will begin to get their games in the second part of November. For us, at ITU, it’s extremely exciting stuff! Aeon Trespass: Odyssey is a game of size and scope that need to be seen to be believed, with an unprecedented amount of player choice, held tightly together by a deep and gripping narrative. They said it couldn’t be done… yet here we are!

Once AT:O is in backers’ hands, and they can share their opinions about the game, we’ll roll our the Big Fall Update (to recap, a new glorious UI, Kingdom maps with more interactions, expanded Deep Fog aspects, deepened mechanics governing wandering monsters and their presence on the maps, game progression, knight stories’ intersections and quest variety, a full on Loot System with loot decks, strategic deckbuilding to enhance your odds, loot drops, crit drops, several types of upgrades, gear sets. And more!). We should also have some previews of several new clashes we’ve been working on: the Winged Nightmare, Haunts of Utrebant, Firstmen, Panzergeists, White Ape Troll, Bog Witch and the Puppet King… to name a few.

The Big Fall Update will also place a countdown on the pledge grace period which will overlap with the end of the year valuation: as the production costs continue to rise and the content and scope of the game gets bigger, as well as taking into account the current exchange rate for the Euro and the worldwide inflation, prices of most items will change (by how much remains to be seen). We will inform you about any developments with spare time to make up your minds about upgrading your orders or adding additional items.

Conqueror’s Castle Spotlight

The Conqueror’s Castle stands tall above the capital of the Principality, seemingly immune to the woes that befell its people. However, that is far from the truth.

The throne is still there, and so is the old king sitting on it, his face a constant image of weariness and worry. How has he remained when his kingdom has plunged into darkness, consumed for decades unknown by the Deep Fog, not even the gutter sages could tell.

Yet they all sense it, that the seat of power has been usurped by a foreign, alien, terrible force, one that is unaffected by the curse of petrification, nor the rustrot.

The Conqueror’s Castle is a location in the Principality of Stone you may visit during your delves, though some of its chambers, like the throne room of the Puppet King, will remain sealed until you have the means to breach it – and face him.

Conqueror’s Castle

Saint Miniatures

Last time we’ve revealed some lovely Saint illustrations, so it’s only fair to show the miniatures based on them! I mean, I would be lying if I said I’m not enamored by how they turned out, and that I’m not thinking of making more game content for them (after we ship the Core Game of course!).

Saint Urbain

Saint Hieronymus

Saint Hygia

Squire Art Progress

I know this is something you’ve been asking about, specifically, will the Squires have their own miniatures. Currently, there are no plans for that, there’s dozens upon dozens of miniatures already in the game box and we don’t want to divert attention from the Knights; there’s great clarity in knowing exactly which pieces on the board are player characters, and which are ‘sidekicks’. I must stress though, it is still not something set in stone: if we can fit them on the currently projected molds, if there’s an influx of backers before the year’s end, if the production costs stabilize, we may revisit the decision.

As for the Squires themselves, we’re nearing completion of their proper look (remember, the art shown during the KS was a placeholder). The direction and illustrations mesh a lot better with the dark ages style of the Knights and monsters (and the worldbuilding!), showing people who are more competent at monster-slaying than the average citizen, but still not full-on Knight heroes.

Down on his luck…

Leonard is 3 days from retirement.

Bianca is fast and deadly, but don’t ask her to tank…

Ratwolves in the TTS Demo!

Yes! ‘Tis true! The long awaited update to our TTS demo is here, introducing a new, short, though not less deadly, mob fight with the endemic Ratwolves! We’d love to hear from you: how do you find the new mechanics, and the unique flow of the encounter. Was it fun? Easy? Hard as nails? Let us know!

You can find the updated TTS mod here. The TTS update includes: Ratwolves Mob Clash and a rules PDF.

I see you have a rat problem…

To celebrate this release, here’s some brand new loot you can nab from these ‘rodents of unusual size’.

Rattail Whip

Cheese Shield. It’s not made of cheese.

Panzerhide Cloak. It’s 75% Panzer.

Presence at Spiel Essen 2022

We’re going to Essen! This year we won’t have a dedicated booth, we’ll be floating and mingling, like the cool kids at a party, however one of our games will be there - Aeon Trespass: Odyssey will be on display at our factory’s booth, at 5-A122 (LongPack). If you’re attending Spiel this year, you owe it to yourself to check out AT:O in all its glory, it’s really a sight to behold!

The meme. The game. The legend.

The Unknown: unofficial ITU Discord Shoutout!

Last, but not least, we’d like to give a shoutout to the The Unknown, the unofficial ITU Discord channel, and its admin, Kara! Kara has been running the channel from the very beginning, and it has constantly been one of the nicest, most welcoming places to discuss our games and company. If you like to speculate about upcoming games, new content, rumors, or just talk with like-minded fans, drop by and say hi!

You can find the channel here.

What’s next?

You will get another KF update in around 6 weeks, however, if you keep track of AT:O, you’ll hear from us sooner, in early-mid October. Then, November is going to be crazy, with the delivery, reviews dropping and so on. And then, late November/early December, as soon as AT:O has sufficiently spread across the world, infecting players with the lust for boss battles, unique exploration and deep, meaningful, choice-driven storytelling, then we will drop the Big Fall Update!

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Et pour ceux qui veulent vraiment perdre de l’argent apparemment ils vont discuter sundrop à Essen avec l’usine et verront s’ils peuvent le proposer.

Nouvelle update… et ITU qui s’agrandit

Update #51 - Big Fall Tease

Hey guys!

I know what you’re here for! The Big Fall Update and all the goodness it brings (and there is a lot). Well, for that, you’ll have to wait just a teeny-weeny bit longer – as planned, it’ll drop after our other project, ATO is fulfilled… which is very very soon. For that project, address confirmations are being sent out and orders will begin fulfillment next week. We can’t wait to see player reactions and excitement, the proof of the dedication and craft we bring to the table – and which are very much present in Kingdoms Forlorn! This also means that the next Update will drop sooner than 6 weeks from now, end of November, beginning of December (that’s still Fall!), depending on global ATO saturation :wink:

Does that mean that today’s Update is a no-show? Hardly, the game is really big, the stream of content almost endless, I could write these Updates full time. I won’t though, there are games to be made :wink:

Kingdoms Forlorn Team Expansion

Another month, another recruitment drive! Into the Unknown is now almost 20 people strong – and this is just our Gdańsk office, so not including our Cracow branch or our freelancers. This last round of recruitment was focused on testers, specifically for Kingdoms Forlorn (and V3…). At the same time, more seasoned employees are graduating from the ‘ITU school of design’ to bolster the dev team. Both of these developments will help us bring you Kingdoms Forlorn in a timely manner. Oh, and as always, we’re not done with recruiting for the year, and we’re already planning another expansion for Spring!

The Deep Fog (and a tiny tease)

Such a wretched contradiction! Its thick viscous grey puffs as mundane as they are deadly. It hovers at the edges of perception, ever-present, lumbering and directionless in its advance, so easy to avoid… until it’s right on top of you, tattered coils wrapping around you like a constrictor. It swallows readily, but rarely does it release its victims. It devoured empires.

“And you want to go in? Are you mad? Or simply lusting for a fate worse than death?”

  • Gutter Sage Kurtz

In some sense, the Deep Fog is a character all of its own. It’s easy to underestimate, it keeps mostly to the background, passively hindering your progress and serving as a quest timer, but believe me, it is so much more. Narratively, it serves as the gruesome, unknowable glue that keeps the titular Kingdoms together, tantalizingly close to each at times, inaccessible at others. It seeps into the Knight stories in surprising places, and it hides many of the settings best kept secrets.

“A torch? I’d give it an hour before the Fog strangles the flame. Have you seen a flame die, boy? No? You will. And without it, you will never find your way out. Beware the sticky darkness.”

  • Gutter Sage Kurtz

Throughout the year, as work on the Delves continued, we’ve expanded the mechanical role of the Deep Fog during Delves. This is something I will talk at length next month, in the BFU (Bi-fi-you!), but wanted to share a tantalizing concept with you: delving into the Fog itself!

During testing, we found out that some consistent action chains could leave you at a disadvantage. Which, in itself, is fine. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind and all that, Kingdoms Forlorn rewards clever and thoughtful plays. However, this sometimes led to a slightly anticlimactic ending of a Delve – you just knew you wouldn’t make it to where you were supposed to be in time. This goes against our core principals of inverted paradigms, which always give you a chance at success – at a consistently rising price!

And so the Deep Fog invaded the Delves. Now you can look for shortcuts through the grey pall, if you dare, try to make up the lost time or circumvent an obstacle or a wandering monster – or Devil! Just beware, there will always be a cost, and a mistake here will have dire – deadly – consequences.

Swallowed Halls of Utrebant

Swallowed Halls Spotlight

They say that there is nothing worse you can do to a man who has lost what he treasured most. That is not true. You can always give it back to him, tainted.

  • High Roller of Utrebant

No one knows exactly when the earth expelled – excreted – the Swallowed Halls, though many speculate as to why. Some think it is a trap, like the maw of a giant carnivorous tulip, waiting for the unwary adventurer to again snap shut, salivating toxin, others claim that deep within this former bustling trade outpost lies a church of the Allfather once blessed by the presence of Saint Eudes himself, who, they claim, left behind a holy relic powerful enough to make even a curse balk. Still, there are those cynical enough to see in the Swallowed Halls only a perverse joke at our expense: a promise of what awaits us when the Sunken Curse consumes all.

The Swallowed Halls are a location in the Sunken Kingdom of Utrebant you may visit during your delves. Yes, there will be poison :wink:

More Squire Art (and tiny tease)

The Squires return with more lovely art! They will literally die for you… Minerva, the Grumpy Squire. She’s good at her job… but she will nag, nag, nag. Nothing is ever good enough for Minerva. Bartos, the Unlucky Squire. Bartos tries. Bartos is a good squire. But Bartos always draws the short stick. Whenever something unfortunate happens, you can bet it happened to him. And Aoife, the Aloof Squire. This squiring business is below Aoife. She does it, but she will show you what she thinks of it – and of you.




Oh, and by the way, we do check for your feedback constantly, and we will apply changes to the True Solo Mode accordingly, though this is at the end of our progress roadmap – simply because we want to have all the core content designed, so we can create the most intelligent AI companions we can.

So many illuminos’… (and a tiny tease)

These small illustrations take more creativity to design and are harder to draw than any of you would believe! Trying to imitate bad medieval art is an art in itself… take a look at these hideously beautiful hardy gladiators of the ape variety!

These particular illuminos will adorn the First Men BP III cards, meaning they are all individual mobs, with their own unique traits. As level III mobs, they won’t show up often, but when they do, they will make a lasting impact… beware the net of the retiarius!

Pssst! What’s big and angry and furry and is dropping on TTS next month?

These First Men…

…fight for their own entertainment!

What’s next?

Late November/early December, as soon as AT:O has sufficiently spread across the world, infecting players with the lust for boss battles, unique exploration and deep, meaningful, choice-driven storytelling, then we will drop the Big Fall Update! A new glorious UI, Kingdom maps, deepened interactions, expanded Deep Fog aspects, deepened mechanics governing wandering monsters and their presence on the maps, game progression, knight stories’ intersections and quest variety, a full on Loot System with loot decks, strategic deckbuilding to enhance your odds, loot drops, crit drops, several types of upgrades, gear sets. And more!. We should also have some previews of several new clashes we’ve been working on: the Winged Nightmare, Haunts of Utrebant, Firstmen, Panzergeists, White Ape Troll, Bog Witch and the Puppet King… to name a few. And then… well.

Stay tuned.

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Si je trouve ATO bon, je risque aussi de plonger. Ca va piquer par contre.