Legends of Signum 2: Warseer - par Signum Games - livraison en mai 2024

Les ukrainiens de Signum Games reviennent à leur univers copié de Confrontation avec un nouveau jeu décrit comme un wargame with hexagonal battlefield. Le lancement sur KS est prévu pour le 3 octobre.

Legends of Signum II: Warseer is both a continuation of the old story, and a new game offering both new and reworked miniatures, a completely revamped economy, and a new battle mechanics system based on a hexagonal grid. Change the landscape and stun your opponent with brilliant tactics. Unleash new devastating magic upon the enemy’s forces. Empower your economy to overwhelm your foe and strangle your opponent for resources. Be clever, deceitful, and predict your foe.

One of the fundamental changes implemented in Legends of Signum II: Warseer is the introduction of the Hexagon Grid.

In the previous versions of Signum players had to use various in-game rulers to measure distances. Now all units are placed in special hexagon tiles with each tile having its own landscape feature and effects. Aside from the undisputed fact that the hexagon is the bestagon, this immensely simplifies measuring movement and shooting range, and gives the game a much more organic and intuitive feel.

Combat mechanics have been simplified and made more straightforward.

All units are now available in your camp at the start of the game and can be brought out into the battlefield as needed. While in past, players would get their cards at random, you can now properly plan out your strategy and move to counter the enemy. In addition, only the attacking player has to roll dice now. This has removed an element many considered redundant, simplifying gameplay considerably.

The economy has been completely revamped, changing the way profit is accumulated and making tactic cards free.

Whereas in the previous versions of Signum, profit per turn was always a fixed amount, now your destroyed and used cards increase your income, making the game even more dynamic and intense as it progresses. Your tactic cards are now free, and the enemy won’t be able to find out what you’ve prepared, adding an additional layer of tension to the gameplay.

:busts_in_silhouette:: 1-4 joueurs
:alarm_clock:: 30-60 min
:gear:: mécanique principale

Coût estimé : ?

La page KS : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/signumgames/legends-of-signum-ii-warseer?ref=cwowd

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1 « J'aime »

Leurs figs sont vraiment chouettes… le reste, je ne sais pas. Il me semblait me souvenir qu’il y avait une mécanique de boosters (cartes), non? C’est bof, ça, si c’est vrai.

De toutes façons, j’ai trop de jeux d’escarmouche…

J’ai jamais pu toucher une de leurs figurines. Les concepts sont souvent sympas mais quand je vois une photo de la figurine peinte, je suis souvent déçu… ça tient peut-être à la peinture, je n’arrive pas à me faire un avis définitif pour l’instant.