Marvel United Multiverse - par CMON - livraison mars 2024

Revend des jeux.

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Bon j’ai créé le sujet :

car faut pas polluer celui-ci

Qu’est ce que cela va être quand ils auront la licence SW … :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

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Oh bordel , comment vais-je faire pour résister à ces chibis … Je m’étais dit que SW suffirait à mon bonheur , mais là s’ils font DC et SW ensuite …

Toujours plus de photos dans la nouvelle update…

Update #131 - MPCs: Hulk, Apocalypse, Cardboards, and Playmat

Heroes, unite!

We are still looking at assembly finishing around mid-April, followed by assembly of all the individual backer pledges, which should be done by late May. Then, shipping can begin. We will keep updating you as things progress.

Before looking at more MPCs, we have some photos from the factory to show you

Before looking at more MPCs, we have some photos from the factory to show you.



A whole lot of Loki variants

Spider-Man 2099 seems to be shedding…

Cosmic blasters

Cosmic Ghost Riders

Shuri is going with the flow

Preparing the Apocalypse

A pile of Nemesis skulls


The box

An impressive stack of cardboard Locations

Locations from every box


The box

Another hefty stack

Villains from every box


For the first time, the Playmat has a printed box

Regular side

Solo Mode side


The box

Rules leaflet

Locations on top of the tray lid

Back of the Villain dashboards and front of the Locations

Villain dashboards

Two card decks in their tray slots

Two card decks and one Equipment

Backs of all the cards

Hero cards for Magneto, X-Man, Saertooth & WIldchild, and Morph, as well a Magneto’s Equipment

Master Plan and Threat cards for Apocalypse and Nemesis, as well as Apocalypse’s Mission

Dark Beast’s Master Plan and Threat cards


The box

Rules leaflet

The Punchboard sits atop the tray

Backs of the Locations and Villain Dashboards

Locations and Villain Dashboards

The two card deck on their slots

Backs of the Hero cards, including Sentry’s Dark Entity card and The Void deck, as well as Hulkbuster’s Equipment

Hero cards for Hulkbuster, Ares, and Hercules, as well as Hulkbuster Equipment

Hero cards for Sentry, Gladiator Hulk, and Doc Samson. Sentry also has a Dark Entity card and 6 The Void cards

Back of the Master Plan and Threat cards, as well as Hulk’s Rage card

Master Plan and Threat cards for World Breaker Hulk, Ares, and The Void, as well as Hulk’s Rage card

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