Mr. Rhee: Surviving the Nightmare World - par Greenbrier Games - Fin Mai 2018

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Description : jeu de carte asymétrique pour 2 à 6 joueurs, pour des parties de 30 min., où l’un joue le héros et les autres les méchants.


Mr. Rhee: Surviving the Nightmare World is a 2-6 player asymmetrical card game, where the one plays the hero and the many are the villains. As a villain, spend Greed to recruit and send your evil minions to take control of locations throughout Nightmare World from the innocents -- or use your character specific win conditions to seize the day. As the hero, use Hope to gather Fight, Charisma, and Magic to hold out for six rounds -- the day and night of the Three days of Darkness that are consuming Nightmare World -- using your team and abilities to mitigate damage... and set the villains at each other's' throats. Fast-paced and wickedly fun, this game plays in about 30 minutes. Will you take over the Nightmare World, or just survive it?
Look for the Kickstarter, End of May.

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