Mysthea - par Tabula Games - VF PDF - décembre 2018

Ca a de la gueule en effet !

Des figs et une ou deux autres bricoles dans la dernière update.

Our beloved Champions are ready to fight!The Monsters are as scary as we hoped!

Elles sont quand meme tres jolies ces fig !

Ptit teasing pour le prochain KS.

J’aime bien ces fig, à voir si le jeu tourne bien derrière… :stuck_out_tongue:

On est d’accord que ce n’est pas encore les figurines finales ? De ce que je comprends, ils vont réaliser les moules à partir de celles-ci.

Soon on Kickstarter

Now that Mysthea production started we can catch our breath and finally take some time to share with you our future plans. As some of you may already know, we have been working on a new project lately and we are excited to finally announce it!
With this project we wanted to try something different creating a competitive and fast paced deck-building card game for two players… with a twist!

In the game you will employ everything you have trying to destroy all your opponent cities. Your army and Qoam manipulation will be your most reliable asset, but you will also be able to try to tame and control Volfyirion the Dragon: a dreadful beast that can bring destruction on the battlefield on your behalf. But beware: your opponent will try to do the same!

Volfyirion the Dragon, illustrated by Travis AndersonVolfyirion the Dragon, illustrated by Travis Anderson
Volfyirion will be a standalone card game that can be played with just a deck of cards and an included wooden token to represent Volfyirion. But we decided to expand it with a big miniature of the Dragon available as an optional add-on. Because you guessed it: Volfyirion is the dragon that can be seen in the Volarees Guild artwork!

During the campaign of Mysthea, the “Volarees Dragon” was one of the more requested add-ons and we really wanted to make it happen. This game is the perfect opportunity for us to make it a reality!

Some early Concept Art of the Volfyirion Miniature!Some early Concept Art of the Volfyirion Miniature!
Since this dragon mini was so requested, we want to include everyone in this project. So if you aren't interested in the card game we will also offer the option to get just the Dragon's miniature and add it to your collection along with Mysthea!

The dragon miniature will be usable on Mysthea, we are currently working hard to find the best way to implement it in the game. We have many ideas and we are testing a lot of different mechanics, we can’t wait to share more news with you about this because the result is going to be awesome!

The game setting

Volfyirion takes place sixty years before the events of Mysthea and as you can image this new game will expand deeply the existing lore, giving you new exciting details about the Kingdom’s history and how it become what it is today!

During this time, Mysthea was a different place. King Ahatils was still conquering enemy Kingdoms and he was really busy in doing so. For this reason he delegated the management of the all the newly conquered lands to his trusted men as a reward for their help in war.

Two Houses loyal to the king were ruling the lands around the City of Kyradar, a once great city left in ruins by the King’s conquest. Everything was peaceful until one day a dreadful beast came from the sky and settled in the ruins of Kyradar, creating its lair in the remains of this once noble place.

More early Concept Art from Travis AndersonMore early Concept Art from Travis Anderson
After some time things settled and the two Houses started to approach the beast learning that they could tame it with the use of their Qoam powers. Things escalated immediately, with each House trying to be the one to gain complete control over the dreadful creature. A war between the two Houses started and only one will prevail.

What happened during and after this war? Why this dreadful beast now peacefully roams in the Garden of the Pure in Ilvash? What has to do the Volarees Guild with Volfyirion?

We are working hard to update the lore to create an expanded universe that will answer all these questions so stay tuned to read everything about it!

October 2018 on Kickstarter

The game is much simpler than our previous titles and it will be in a shockingly low price range! With Volfyirion we want to make the wonderful world of Mysthea available to everyone.

We have a lot more to share with you about this project: from the new expanded lore to the way the dragon will function on Mysthea. We are working to make everything fit together in this expanding game universe.

Since we are discussing if we should talk about this new project on Mysthea updates or not, we have decided to let you choose! Write in the comments if we should continue to talk about Volfyirion development in the updates or if you prefer that we just stick with news on Mysthea! And as always, every feedback is appreciated!

C’est pas Icaion finalement le prochain jeu ?

Icaion, c’est pas le 3eme jeu à partir du et 2 ?

[quote quote=343069]Icaion, c’est pas le 3eme jeu à partir du et 2 ?

Ah, c’est pas le 2ème ? ^^

Volfyirion est le chaînon manquant entre les 2 titres majeurs :stuck_out_tongue:

C’est juste un petit jeu de carte dans l’univers de Mysthea et du coup ils en profitent pour faire une figurine du dragon en option qui sera jouable dans Mysthea.

Je trouve qu’ils sont malins dans leur façon de faire, j’entends pas beaucoup parler d’eux mais pour l’instant je les trouves super carré et le timing est respecté jusqu’à maintenant.


Y a que moi qui trouve l’échelle des miniatures un peu bizarre ? Notamment pour le robot à côté des humanoïdes.

Volfyirion me donne bien envie, mais c’est la collectionite qui parle je pense :wink:

En tout cas, j’imagine qu’ils entendent ça plutôt comme un Mysthea 1.5 pour faire attendre Icaion…

Yep, faudra voir les prix annoncés, mais si Mysthea plait pourquoi pas =]

Sinon Zirco, pour l’échelle c’est un peu vrai oui, mais ils avaient donné l’échelle de taille des perso dans leur KS donc pas tellement surpris au final.

Vu que la saison3 ne tardera pas, lu sur les comms de KS:


The Command Cards are 80 and the size is 44mm x 65mm. As for the rest of the cards, the size is 63.5mm x 88.9mm and they are: 30 Encounter Cards, 5 Attunement Cards, 7 Champion Cards, 7 Monster Cards, 5 Region Cards, and 1 Storm Card.


Ca serait bien un sujet avec les tailles de cartes par jeu, ou de mettre à jour le premier post de chaque jeu avec les dimensions, comme ça si quelqu’un cherche ?

Y’a pas a dire, la post-campagne change de celle de LMS et AR…

J’espère qu’ils n’auront pas de mauvaises surprises avec les figs et qu’on reçoive bien le jeu en fin d’année.

Ouaip entre eux et les gars de dimension madness en ce moment on est plutot bien lotis :slight_smile:


With our previous project we explored a universe never seen before: the mysterious world of Mysthea. An ancient planet shaken by bizarre forces, ruled by anomalies and by the energy originating from enigmatic crystals.

The reception of this new game universe was overwhelming, and this energy from our community made us expand it in a new and exciting directions.

Busy day at the marketBusy day at the market
We decided that the story of Mysthea wasn’t over just yet, and the enthusiasm and amazement that our backers showed encouraged us to continue the journey in this unpredictable world.
Border's outpostBorder's outpost
We started to expand the game lore creating new stories while we also started to develop new games set in this amazing place, creating a lot of new art and ideas.
Anuth's wrathAnuth's wrath
We wanted this universe to be accessible to everyone that could enjoy it even outside of the board gaming world. For this reason we decided to make a Kickstarter campaign to create the best Hardcover Art Book we possibly can!

C’est vraiment très beau… j’hésite un peu mais je pense que je vais pledger.