Sirens: the Deep Sea - par Forgotten Tales - le 25 juin 2024

A beautiful and colorful world in the deep sea. Build your own world. Explore the map, collect resources, build supply chains, develop your Sirens (1-4 players full-cooperative) and fight against sirens, monsters and bosses over different terrains (2-4cm high) from the lower deep sea to the higher regions (Free mode) or play different scenarios with less or more terrain.


Humans are always looking for new resources. And in recent years they have made a discovery. There are unique and valuable resources in the deep sea. Moreover there is life. Mysterious beings called Sirens. But they are divided into different kingdoms. Two of them are called Atharia and Sheraak.

Atharia, which protect the deep sea from all beings who want to claim these resources for themselves.

And there is Sheraak. A culture of honorless Sirens which is addicted to war and hungry for conquest.

Humans are not able to reach the deep sea with modern technology. There is dark and unknown territory. So they have found a way to ally with Sheraak. Through them, the humans want to get their hands on the resources. The task is to use these resources for Atharia, to build their own world and to secure the deep sea.

  • Free mode: Build your own world and fight your own way over all random build terrains (normal, hard or with an own mix of rules). A high replay value.
  • Scenarios: Play individual scenarios. From 1-4h in different modes with different Sirens.
  • Tutorial scenario (1,5h): Learn the basic skills of SIRENS playfully and step by step in 1,5h.
  • Terrain: Your worldmap (25x20 fields and around 75x60cm) is based on terrains (2-4cm high). These terrains can be placed individually to increase the replay value.
  • Powerful underwater streams: Every area has its own streams which will move all beings in specific directions.
  • Deep Sea Quakes: They can change the area or block it with stones that fall onto your game world.
  • Collect resources: Corals, mussles, metals, pearls, plants and many more. Build supply chains and upgrade your Sirens.
  • Absorb energy to boost your Sirens and resource growth: Each defeated creature gives you energy points. Choose wisely and strategically.
  • Mount Combo & Sirens Power Spell (Sirens Singing): Individual Siren abilities, Mount Combo and Sirens Power Spell (Sirens Singing).
  • Custom dice system: Custom dice, initiate, dodge and critical damage.
  • Bad Sirens, Monsters and Bosses: All have an easy playful way to suffer their mighty abilities.
  • Conquer new Coral Castles: To get more resource fields and healing spots you have to conquer new castles.
  • Na’Waakaai (Old Beings): They are giant monsters from ancient times and the darkest regions of the deep sea. Their scales can be hunted and used for legendary items.

:busts_in_silhouette:: 1-4 joueurs
:alarm_clock:: 1 à 4 h

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