[Terminé] "Metal Dawn" par Everything Epic - livraison janvier 2018

Lien KS

Résumé : Un coopératif « à la Terminator » à base de standees. Reboot de Agents & Operatives relooké (d’espionnage à SF).

Pledges : $60 le jeu de base, $85 avec extension (500 EB à $79) + $18+ de frais de port

Announcing: Metal Dawn
(Formerly Agents & Operatives)

After about a year in the making, Metal Dawn is the new and improved re-design of Agents & Operatives that was on Kickstarter last year. We decided to re-design the game after getting tons of great feedback from the fans. We brought on game designer Steve Avery to help us make this game what it always should have been: a Thematic, Cooperative, Highly Strategic game! Check out the full description on our newly approved BGG site here</p>
In Metal Dawn, a networked rogue satellite military defense system named Dominus has revolted against its makers, turning its machines of war towards eradicating mankind in a cybernetic revolution. The players are a united faction of agents whose mission is to destroy the forces of the machine while hacking the network to take down the satellite before it’s too late.

We are working very hard on Metal Dawn to get it ready for Kickstarter for this April! Stay tuned for more gameplay videos and awesome artwork updates as we get closer!

C’est parti mais… vraiment pas un éditeur qui sache donner envie.

La page KS

Pas bô.

mais y a un jeu « Big trouble in little china » 8-O :lol: