Warcaster: Neo Mechanika "The Thousand Worlds" - par Privateer Press - fin le 30 juillet 2021

Privateer Press (Warmachine/Hordes, Monsterpocalypse, Level 7) revient sur KS avec ce Warcaster: Neo Mechanika qui est tout simplement l’univers de Warmachine, 5000 ans dans le futur. Ou quand Warmachine rencontre Infinity et W40K pour de l’escarmouche de masse (20-30 figs).

Description éditeur (anglais)

Thousands of years ago, Humanity was confined to a single world.
Unstoppable horror showed up, and many fled through a gateway and spread through the stars.
Arrived on inhabitable worlds, permeated by an energy called Arcanessence. Grew in big crystals, dissolved into geysers of energy which could be tapped into and used. Became foundation of Neo-Mechanika, « Science Magic ».
Can power up weapons of war, create ships that can fly but are not interstellar. Found gateways between worlds.
Walk through gateway and just appear on another world, they began mapping them out.
Gateways aren’t reliable, some appear and disappear in cycles.
Create mini void gates that are deployable, soldiers stay on the ship and teleport down to the battlefield.
Arcanessence starts to get drained more and more. Empires begin going to war over it. Soldiers above other kinds of Soldiers rose called Warcaster. Able to manipulate Arcanessence, or « Arc », to transport in soldiers or power up weapons and armor of soldiers or warjacks. Basically magic.
The player is the Warcaster, it is not a model on the table. You are inside a giant ship watching over the battlefield.
You have Arcanessence that you use to portal troops onto the battlefield. Flows like a circuit board between Ship, Gates, and Army.

Iron Star Alliance vs. Marcher Worlds
Starter box factions.

Iron Star is giant corporate empire, secure, draconian in treating people. Joining them is giving yourself up to oppression and brutal policies, but great security.

Marcher Worlds have fled to fringes of known galaxy, don’t want to be in alliance, want to exist on their own, free. Scavengers, fringe world people.

Warcaster’s command console is called the Rack. You are invulnerable, safe in a battleship above the battlefield.
Jacks are customizable, have hard points you can customize with different weapons. In starter there are more options than those specific configurations. Arm/Arm/Shoulder hardpoints on these lights, but not necessarily always there.

Left side is Firebrand, Reflex Cortex, Shield, Harbinger Cannon
Right is Duskwolf, Railgun shoulder, Battle Rifle right hand, Ripper left hand.
Cortex is represented by different heads. Choices are point value based.

Unit, Solo, Squad. Hunter is a solo, is a sniper with very long range. Arc can power his gun to make it shoot further and harder.

Weaver can channel ciphers onto the battlefield. Basically an arc node for your Warcaster powers.

Squads are generally about 3 models. Very little melee, most things focused on guns.

Iron Star lean on Paladin Enforcers.
Alternating activation game, every turn can manipulate circuit board, summon models, etc.

Paladin Enforcers, when charged with arc they can do both melee and ranged attacks, super speeds and powers them up

Models are resin and metal

Terrain is more involved, catwalks, etc. Terrain rules are very simple so you can kind of use anything. Less terrain rules than Warmachine by far. Build the world you want to build, work out what everything counts as.

At Adepticon, will be an exclusive sculpt alternate Marcher Weaver.

Warcaster is being Kickstarted, no specifics on a date yet. More information about game and about kickstarter and additional factions soon.

Pledges : ?
Frais de port : ?

Bilan : le KS Collision Course a réuni 2330 contributeurs qui ont engagé $459.633.


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Many ages ago, before the founding of the Thousand Worlds and the generations-spanning war with the ancient Architects, the Keepers tell of champions from a bygone era, whose valiant sacrifice saved humanity and allowed us to spread throughout the stars.

Now, this galaxy is dying. Its life forces greedily syphoned to power the machines of war. Strife and unrest pervade the Thousand Worlds, and a terrifying darkness lurks on the fringes of our existence, threatening extinction. Once again, our only hope rests in the hands of the heroes of our age: the Warcasters.

Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika is a high-speed hobby miniatures game where players collect and customize a battle force of 35mm scale warriors and warjacks and play out epic, scenario- driven battles across a tabletop.


A Warcaster is the pinnacle of power, a being capable of harnessing and manipulating the cosmic forces that can fuel mechanika and conjure ancient reality-warping cyphers. The mind of a Warcaster has been forged into the ultimate weapon: by channeling Arcanessence, they are able to coordinate an entire battle force while simultaneously augmenting that force’s combat prowess by remotely channeling arcane energies into their weapons, armor, and even their formidable war machines. In a galaxy beleaguered by constant conflict, the Warcasters are the champions of their nations, worlds, and empires, waging war with each other like gods moving pieces across a chessboard.

In Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika , YOU are the Warcaster. You are not a pawn on the tabletop; you are the god making the moves. Charged with valuable Arcanessence, you will customize your powers and the load outs your warjacks, choose the composition of your battle force, and lay waste to all that stands before you.


Neo-mechanika is a science that draws upon ancient designs and formulæ to create advanced technology that defies practical physical science. Mechanika produces force fields that can deflect a bullet, powers the G-drives that allow massive skyships to defy gravity, and contains the arcane cyphers that enable Warcasters to channel magic-like effects across a battlefield without ever being present on it. And all mechanika is powered by Arcanessence.

Arcanessence is the essential energy that permeates the galaxy of Cyriss, the lifeblood of her planets, and the spirit upon which the galaxy thrives. But Arc is a limited resource, coveted for its ability to energize mechanika and power the ancient void gates that connect a thousand worlds. It is greedily harvested every day, and as a result, the galaxy is slowing dying.

The inhabitants of the galaxy are trapped in a cycle of consuming Arc to fight for the ability to harvest more Arc. But humanity has no rightful claim to this space, and the long-forgotten Architects of Cyriss have no intention of seeing her light extinguished…


Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika is a high-speed hobby miniatures game for two players who each take on the role of a powerful Warcaster in command of a formidable battle force. Players assemble and customize a force of 20–30 models and fight a scenario-driven battle using dice and cards to control their mighty units and to cast epic cyphers. The game is played using an alternating-activation turn sequence with a round tracker that governs scoring opportunities and the duration of ongoing effects. Players take turns activating units one at a time and using their rack of cyphers, reality-warping spells that can be used to enhance their troops and warjacks or to devastate their opponent’s forces.

While the Warcaster is not physically present on the battlefield, their presence is always felt. A Warcaster coordinates and supports their forces from a sophisticated command and control center called a rack, located aboard a massive battle carrier that transports the Warcaster’s troops and warjacks. In the game, the rack is represented by a deck of cards—the spell-like cyphers—that players customize prior to the game based on the powers and abilities they wish to wield as a Warcaster.

Warcasters are defined by their unique ability to use Arcanessence to charge the most advance technology in existence: Neo-Mechanika. Arcanessence is a powerful natural energy that emanates from the cores of the planets within the Cyriss galaxy. By channeling Arcanessence (“Arc”) into the mechanikal weapons, armor, and gear of their troopers and warjacks, Warcasters can increase the potency of their fighting units and imbue them with magic-like properties that defy the laws of reality.

Using Arc, Warcasters can also charge portable void gates, which can be positioned dynamically around the battlefield, allowing the Warcaster to deploy reserve forces throughout the course of a battle. As a player loses forces during a battle, models are returned to the reserves and can be deployed again later, ensuring that attrition will not hinder a Warcaster’s ability to fight on.

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Warmachine dans l’espace… Je ne comprends pas l’intérêt de cette déclinaison.

Certainement dû au fait que Warmachine / Hordes était en sérieuse perte de vitesse ces dernières années. Voire totalement portés disparus en France et en Europe il me semble.

Aujourd’hui, ils ont posté un Q&A de Matt Wilson… avec une annonce du KS en mars il semblerait pour une livraison en… juin ! ^^

Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika—Answers to Your Burning Questions!

By Privateer Press on February 20, 2020

Yesterday, on a special installment of Primecast, we broke our long silence on our next big project: Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika . As the segment was just a preview and an announcement that we’d be offering Warcaster through Kickstarter first, there were quite a few questions about the game and our future plans. I noted as many as I could and hope to compile answers for the most frequent questions here. So, let’s dive right in and see how many of those burning questions I can shed light on…


Let me start with an excerpt from our Kickstarter campaign page, currently under construction. This is directly from the obligatory “Why Kickstarter?” section:

We here at Privateer Press are committed to getting the best games possible into the hands of our customers. But like retail throughout the world, the landscape of the hobby game industry is changing, and one of the issues continually brought to us by players and retailers is the difficulty in obtaining our product, despite the availability of the product in our warehouse. While we will still use traditional distribution for our current game lines and future products, Kickstarter provides a tried and proven platform for getting our games directly into the hands of the players and retailers who want them. It also allows us to get in front of players who may not be familiar with our products or may not have even heard of Privateer Press, and it allows us to gauge demand so we can better manage our production pipeline to be as efficient as possible.

While brevity on a Kickstarter scroll is good practice, I have the luxury of going into more depth here.

One of the biggest challenges in releasing a new product in our current market is gaining visibility among the literally hundreds of new products that come out every month. Many products are here today and gone tomorrow, and by the time players and even retailers learn of them, they’re no longer available through the standard distribution channels. Kickstarter provides a means for greater visibility. It’s a crowded space in its own way, but the medium lends itself to sharing while providing a solid mechanism for potential customers to lock in an order on something they don’t want to miss out on. Kickstarter’s greatest strength is that it provides as true a measure as you can get to gauging the actual demand for a product.

This is important information for us. While we make the miniatures in our own factory right here in Woodinville, Washington, we outsource many other components like packaging, bases, dice, and cards. Knowing ahead of time how many of any one component we may need helps keep us from having to speculate too wildly and making costly mistakes, both by over-ordering as well as undersupplying.

And in the best-case scenario, we hope what a successful Kickstarter launch can do for Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika is show retailers, distributors, and the world at large that there is a significant demand for the game and that the game is going to be around for a while, so it’s worth adding to their catalog of offerings with a plan to keep it in stock in the future.

The Kickstarter is the launch of the game, but this isn’t a one-and-done product run. We are creating a new miniatures game, and we have years of content planned for it. A year from now, when someone discovers Warcaster for the first time, they’re not going to be able to go to Kickstarter to get a starter set, they’re going to have to find it in a store. By launching through Kickstarter, we hope to raise a community around the game that will sustain it and grow in the months and years to come so that retailers and distributors will be confident it is an evergreen product line worth their time and money to stock.


Our Kickstarter campaign will include a retailer pledge tier for any retailers who want to get in on the cutting edge and take advantage of the benefits of pledging during the campaign. We will also offer the products through standard distribution and retail channels with ship dates set shortly after the product rewards are delivered to backers of the campaign. This means retailers who back the campaign will, in fact, receive the products ahead of orders placed through other channels later.


In our 20 years of being in business, one lesson we’ve learned is to be very cautious about announcing exact dates. Anything could happen tomorrow or the next day that might cause us to have to delay a day or two, which then looks like we’ve missed a deadline at the risk of disappointing all of you. So, what we’re willing to commit to right now is that our plan is for it to launch within the next month or so, and sooner rather than later. We’re within striking distance of that launch, which is why we have emerged from our design cave to start talking about it, and we’ll announce the go-date about 48 hours before we’re ready to push the button.


Many projects that use Kickstarter have long development and production timelines and require a great deal of patience from backers. We know how this goes, both on the backer side as well as the project creator side. But we’re not fans of waiting or making people wait, so our target for the release of Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika has always been to do so prior to Lock & Load this year. Thus, June 2020 is our target delivery window. So, let’s say you back the Kickstarter in March. You’ll then be waiting approximately three months for delivery of the first rewards. Hopefully that doesn’t seem too long! It’s about the same amount of time between new products being advertised in catalogs and when they hit shelves for the first time. Producing the miniatures in our own factory gives us a great advantage, as we don’t have to spend months creating tools overseas before the minis start getting made.


Everything we produce in our Woodinville facility is made in tin-based metal or resin. We choose the material based on what will be the most economical for our customers. Metal is fast for us to make, but the material is expensive, so big, chunky things can get costly quickly. Resin, on the other hand, is painfully slow to make, but the material is much less expensive, so we can produce larger pieces while still keeping the prices reasonable. With metal, you’re paying for the material; with resin, you’re paying for the significant labor that goes into crafting the models. We try to balance it out as best we can.

Right now, most of the models we’ve previewed so far will be made in metal, even the warjacks. That could change between now and when the models start getting molded, as they undergo a significant analysis that includes not only evaluating mass but also shape and detail before the material is selected. And most certainly, as we tackle larger pieces for Warcaster—like bigger warjacks or vehicles—we’ll be utilizing resin with more frequency.


We will be featuring three Factions in our Kickstarter campaign. The starter boxes for the two that you have seen so far—the Marcher Worlds and the Iron Star Alliance—will ship in our first wave of rewards. The third Faction, which we are going to reserve showing until the Kickstarter launches, will ship about a month later in our second wave of reward deliveries. There will be more, but that’s all we are willing to divulge right now—a company has to have some secrets, right? Otherwise, how do we get you to come back tomorrow?


This is not the Iron Kingdoms in space, but the settings are inexorably linked, and if you happen to have followed the Henge Hold Scroll storyline, then you already know how. But saying Warcaster is the IK in space is like saying a giant redwood tree is just a tall seed. We planted seeds in the Iron Kingdoms, and we brought some of the DNA of warcasters and warjacks into the new setting, and you might even see the occasional nod to an Iron Kingdoms character, but it’s a new setting with new stories and characters and worlds to explore. You don’t need to know anything about the Iron Kingdoms to dive into Warcaster, but if you’re a lore expert on the Iron Kingdoms, you’ll likely enjoy some of the Easter eggs that have found their way into the game and setting.

Aliens are a different subject altogether. In a sense, humanity is the alien invader of the Cyriss galaxy. And at one point, the galaxy was populated with all manner of intelligent life. But when humanity shows up, the only intelligent life they encounter are the architects responsible for the network that connects all the worlds in the galaxy. Suffice it to say, that meeting doesn’t go so well, but that’s a story for later.

The current focus is on the human factions, but as we go forward, we’re pushing further and further out from what defines something as human, and we have some pretty far-out ideas we intend to explore.


Good Lord, no! We have 20 years of world building invested in the Iron Kingdoms, not to mention a vast library of models. And hopefully, Will Hungerford’s peek into the future releases of WARMACHINE and HORDES gives you something to look forward to.

The narrative event planned for Lock & Load this year will cap off the Oblivion storyline, and to be sure, the Iron Kingdoms is never going to be the same, but then it never has been one year to another. It’s been a living, ongoing saga since it was birthed in the first book of the Witchfire Trilogy.

We have much more planned for WARMACHINE, HORDES, the Iron Kingdoms, and Immoren itself. We have great stuff planned around the Strangelight Workshop in the future, and we have new stories to tell in the Iron Kingdoms that we very much hope will keep you as invested in its future as we are.

I’m sure there are many more questions to come—answer one and two more take its place—so we’ll try to keep up in the days and week ahead with answers and more info as we continue to draw back the curtain on Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika. If you haven’t already, please sign up for our mailing list so you’re among the first to know of all-new news and developments. We’ve got lots to come and couldn’t be more excited to finally be sharing it with you.

Matthew D. Wilson
Chief Creative Officer

Eh beh, ça n’envoie pas du rêve… Cela fait surtout penser à une (vaine ?) tentative d’aller chasser sur les terres d’Infinity. Et autant le système du warcaster peut se justifier en steam punk, autant en SF cela semble absurde.

S’ils ne proposent pas quelque chose de plus novateur, ce n’est pas ça qui va faire trembler leurs concurrents.

Don Lopertuis

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Complètement d’accord avec toi.
Je passe et vais peut-être me remettre à Warmachine MK3 pour le coup.

Les figs pas très inspirées pour la core box du KS… On dirait un croisement entre les Tau et les Haqqislam pour les Marcher Worlds ^^

Et du lore pour ce Warmachine futuriste


There was a time, the Keepers tell us, when all of humanity huddled upon a single rock, awaiting their end. The only world our forefathers knew was laid siege by an unstoppable horror.

Mighty heroes of their age rose up and held back the darkness until the Great Machine opened a path to the stars. We have never looked back.

Five thousand years have passed since we forged a new future a billion light years from where it began. We fought the Architects to share their space, and we fought their Guardians to master the void gates that connect our worlds. We unlocked the ancient secrets to a new form of mechanika…and then we used it to fight each other over the Thousand Worlds we had spread across, for it seems there is no planet, system, or galaxy big enough to satisfy the appetite for conquest our kind possesses.

Alas, it may have all been for naught. The Keepers have warned us that our galaxy is dying. Too much have we plundered from Cyriss, and yet more is stolen every day. Eventually, the Arcanessence that flows through our worlds will be depleted, the life force of our planets greedily harvested to feed our machines. And even now, a darkness lurks on the fringes of our existence, promising the doom of man as we hurtle toward our moment of weakness when the only hope for humanity will once again be put in the hands of the heroes of our age: the Warcasters.

The Hyperuranion and The Empyrean

Cyriss is a galaxy possessing an untold number of stars and planets. Within that galaxy, a domain called the Hyperuranion encompasses a thousand worlds connected by extradimensional highways accessed through massive, planetary void gates. The Hyperuranion is the greatest design of the Architects, a divinely inspired people who transcended this realm to merge with the heavens long before any current record of time.

At the heart of the Hyperuranion is Cyriss Prime, the massive celestial body that holds the galaxy in its orbit. Around Cyriss Prime, the Architects created the Great Constellation, also known as the Empyrean, from which the cosmic movements of all the stars and worlds in the Hyperuranion can be controlled like a galaxy-sized clockwork construct.

It was the divine aspiration of the Architects that all the souls in all the worlds across Cyriss be joined as one in the Great Constellation, where their light would shine eternal. And over unfathomable eons, through the network of void gates that made up the Hyperuranion, the Architects emptied one world at a time of its souls. Those that came willingly joined the glorification of Cyriss in the Empyrean. Those that did not were removed from the Hyperuranion, lest their presence disrupt the harmony of the Great Constellation.

For a time unrecorded, the boundless expanse of the galaxy was devoid of souls save those in the everlasting embrace of Cyriss Prime. And then from beyond the fringes of the Hyperuranion, the remnants and castaways of a forgotten tribe broke the silence: humanity.

The New Age of a Thousand Worlds

What came next has been lost to time. The Keepers allude to a period of war that drove them into hiding so they could keep their knowledge safe; thus, no chronicle exists to describe how humanity came to dominate the Hyperuranion. What can be discerned is that the Architects were unprepared for mankind’s arrival and ultimately retreated to the security of Cyriss Prime. Unchecked, humanity commandeered the void gates and charged blindly across the thousand worlds of the Hyperuranion to establish new civilizations, nations, and factions that would continue the human tradition of conquest and expansion.

Were it not for one small detail, humankind would have surely laid siege to the Empyrean, and only the Keepers might fathom what state the Hyperuranion would be in today. For whatever victories the tribes of man claimed against the Architects, they had no map or the knowledge of when the gates that connected the worlds might open. The Hyperuranion was a trackless cosmic wilderness, a thousand worlds connected by extradimensional gates, their operation governed by enigmatic celestial tides and alignments whose locations would remain hidden until found. And beyond each gate lurked the unknown—a bountiful planet with ample resources to nourish a new civilization or a hostile world, untamed and treacherous to any who might test it. Even more dangerous was the vacuous space between the gates, where the unprepared and irresolute could easily become lost, if not overwhelmed, by the specters of castaway travelers that eternally haunt the void.

For five millennia, the many factions of man that have come to be since their arrival have sought to chart the Hyperuranion and understand its workings. Wars for control of key void gates are constant as trade routes and desirable worlds are fought over. And the race to discover the road to the Empyrean and seize its power to control the galaxy is a temptation that has cost many their lives and more.

But to achieve power one must possess power…


The Cyriss galaxy is rich in a unique crystalline element called Arcanium. Radiation emitted by Cyriss Prime eventually breaks down the Arcanium crystals, releasing an energy called Arcanessence (“Arc”). Arc permeates the galaxy, trapped within deposits beneath the surface of planets and released through springs and geysers. The closer in proximity to Cyriss Prime, the more bountiful a planet’s Arcanessence.

The Architects revere Arcanessence as the sacred lifeblood of Cyriss; humanity values Arc for its ability to power mechanika. Most important, those attuned and trained in the manipulation of Arc can tap into mechanika in profound ways and shape Arc into supernatural effects that defy normal reality.

In the right hands, Arc wins wars.

Ce sera pour… dans 2 jours, le 4 mars, pour ceux que ça intéresse

We’re excited to announce that the Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika kickstarter will launch on the morning of Wednesday, March 4th! We’ll have more details for you on our first ever Warcaster Dev Hangout, as well!

Privateer Press et Warcaster vont revenir sur KS avec Collision Course… Avec 460K$ ça avait eu son petit succès mais uniquement 25 backers français ! ^^

c’est lancé. reçu une pub … connaissais pas … ils se touchent un peu sur les tarifs, non ? Leurs figs sont en platine ou bien ?

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Leur Hordes et Warmachine sont morts, du coup ils ont transposé ça à un autre univers… Mais les figs sont vraiment moches!!! (je n’ai pas regardé les nouvelles)

Ancien joueur de Warmachine, j’ai regardé ce jeu dans tous les sens essayant de trouver quelque chose pour m’intéresser, trouver un point d’entrée - fluff, figurine, gameplay… -, pour plonger dedans. Rien y a fait. Je n’accroche pas ^^

Je les avais trouvé tellement novateur lors de la premiere sortie de Warmachine

Warcaster: Neo Mechanika retourne sur KS le 13 juillet…

On July 13th, the Warcaster: The Thousand Worlds project will launch on Kickstarter, expanding your battles in the Hyperuranion with a host of exciting new models as well as an incredible sourcebook.

Learn more in today’s Insider:


C’est parti pour info