Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Winds - par Freecompany - livraison juillet 2024

Pour les figurines, elles seront non-assemblées et en résine ou HiPS ce qui donne des prix assez élevés. Faudra que je regarde ça en détail ce soir.

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Mouais je ne vois pas grand chose sur le gameplay. Du coup comme mes copains : payer pour des figs, pour moi non merci

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Quelques figouzes, pas données, avec des gros boobs (le suis pris un téton dans l’œil)

Les règles, on n’en parle quasi pas sur la page du KS, et d’ailleurs elles sont en travaux.
Si c’est censé être un jeu d’escarmouche, c’est quand même le cœur du jeu…

Je vais retourner voir ce qu’il se passe en localisation de Rangers of Shadow Deep moi.

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Nouveau live gameplay sur twitch demain soir…

Gameplay live stream (tomorrow) Monday 16. August at 8 PM CEST.
Join us on: Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/eldfallchronicles

Un peu de nouveauté avec une nouvelle figurine en render 3D…

Kitsune Spellmaiden from the Empire of Soga!

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Ouverture du PM le 6 septembre

A large number of you have responded to our survey and gave us amazing feedback and helpful insight! It helps us a great deal with setting up the Pledge Manager. We want to thank you for filling out the survey with such diligence!

The Long-Awaited Miniatures Unlocked!

We are proud and excited to bring you excellent news!

With generous support from retailers, the next two stretch goals are unlocked!

What does this mean?

You will be receiving additional models in all of your physical pledges! These extra 4 models will be joining the fray and will be included into their faction boxes: Kitsune Spellmaiden in the Empire of Soga faction box; Night-Temple Priestess in the Coalition of Thenion faction box; Helrin Expatriate in the Helian League faction box, and Faris Outrider in the Sand Kingdoms faction box.
The two models that have not yet been revealed are being finalized and finishing touches are being applied as we just recently confirmed the unlocked goals.

Look forward to seeing their reveals soon!

Helrin Expatriate

Kitsune Spellmaiden

Pledge Manager opens on the 6th of September!

Don’t miss it! We will be opening the pledge manager on the 6th of September. We will send out another update when it opens and at that time talk about how things are progressing and show you around the Pledge Manager.

Sorry, it’s taking a bit longer to open the PM. The current global situation has made it more difficult to correctly calculate shipping costs, which you will be paying in the PM. As the situation might be different next year when the game actually ships, we wanted to take extra time to do this as carefully as we can.

Et un Let’s Play par OnTableTop

EDIT: le PM et LP vont ouvrir finalement mercredi

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Nouvelle update sur les figurines résines… la qualité est là

Update #41

Today I have a new development to share with you!

But first, we had a live stream where we played a new PvP quest! If you missed it, it is still available on Twitch: Twitch
Also, stay tuned for future updates as we will soon show you the new look of upgrade cards and show off some paint jobs :smiley:

Now for the main course. It relates to the production of the game - we received a sample of the first test-cast miniature, the Bushi Attendant! It is completely raw, straight out of the mold and the pictures have not been modified.

It came out like this:

The quality that you will receive will be identical to this (if not even better, as this was just a test.). The details are all extremely crisp and sharp and no detail was lost in the casting (seriously; it’s even crisper than our earlier pre-production examples).

This is also the start of the manufacturing.

As one might imagine, planing it and actually doing it are entirely different things, so we are extremely pleased with the progress and first results.

As you know, the miniatures will be cast in high quality resin (the more durable production kind, not the brittle 3D printing kind). Our goal is to produce high quality, finely detailed miniatures that are fit not only for demanding players, but also for any painter or collector.

Every material has its pros and cons and we have weighed every possibility. This material has a lot of benefits over other materials and is the best fit for our aims.

The most noteworthy characteristics of high quality resin are:

  • it is premium quality when compared to other plastics and thus is a bit more expensive,

  • the details are generally crisper and are true to the initial renders and 3D sculpts, when compared to other plastics.

  • the paint adheres to it nicely, making your amazing paint jobs safe over time,

  • molds for HQ resin allow far more dynamic poses of the miniatures, which allows us to make complex, intricate and realistic miniatures,

  • the miniatures do not have to be cut into too many pieces (around 2-4 pieces is average as we are told). This might already sound a lot to some, but miniatures cast in hard plastic or some other materials would come in 7+ pieces and even then, would have to be made less dynamic, which we tried to avoid. This sample miniature had been put on its base solely for the purpose of taking this photo and was not placed properly yet, so please disregard the awkward placement, but as you can see, it will most likely come in only 2 parts.

  • the material is easier to work with for hobbyists (it can be cut, modified, sanded, glued etc.). This might be funny to mention, but some popular softer materials (namely pvc plastic) do not allow this, which makes us painters very sad. :blush:

  • HQ Resin also does not warp in strange ways and holds its shape.

Disclaimer: these characteristics are true for our miniatures and might not hold up the same with others. The quality of miniatures can be measured in many ways and a lot depends on the sculpts of the miniatures themselves (how the artist made it and how its details were designed).

That’s all folks!
Till next time, I wish you all the best!

T-chan (Tjaša)

Nouvelle extension annoncée pour Eldfall Chronicles avec Northern Winds prévu sur KS pour Q2…

An epic adventure featuring deep tactical combat, dungeon crawl, and premium miniatures.
Hunt the haunting Onis, banish the wraiths, prepare for epic boss fights, and save the Empire!

Avec une video préview pour la figurine de la Red Oni…

Red Oni, the evolved form of the northern ogroid, its skin presumably tinted with the color of the fighter or berserker. All Oni are strict carnivores, evolving and transforming by consuming animals or, in this case, humans, slowly taking on the appearance of their food.

Et des explications sur leurs figurines…

Our miniatures are made of a new material, made originally for our minis. It’s called unicool plastic (a kind of resin). It combines all the best qualities that we were after: better durability, the possibility of very dynamic and complex minis (without the need for many parts as with some other materials), and quality/sharpness of detail. We are tremendously grateful that we are receiving very positive feedback. We will continue improving the minis so that we can all enjoy painting and assembling them!

Pour le précédent KS, il a été livré et il y a des videos unboxing et retours…

Pour les videos tuto gameplay, ils en font pas mal sur leur chaîne youtube très active…


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C’est pas vraiment une extension, c’est un projet stand-alone compatible avec eldfall chronicles

Session rattrapage des dernières news…

Tharos the One-Eyed Wolf! The hero of the next Kickstarter campaign, EC: Northern Wind.
Tharos was a solemn person, one with a bleak past and a knack for cunning. Batu is his trusty companion, a stargaze hawk.

Read his backstory here: https://eldfall-chronicles.com/tharos/

:japanese_ogre:Na’ra is a seasoned pride chief, a Mau-kind chimera, and a powerful Veil Watcher from the Oasis. The hero of the next Kickstarter campaign, EC: Northern Wind. :japanese_ogre:

Read her backstory here: https://eldfall-chronicles.com/northern-wind-nara/

Render 3D


:japanese_ogre: Anari the Erudite Prodigy: hailing from both Helian and Thenian blood, she is an arcanical wonder, able to control the contrasting elements of fire and ice. She is a genious innovator of the College, who invented the Arcane Monocle. The hero of the next Kickstarter campaign, EC: Northern Wind. :japanese_ogre:

Read her backstory here: https://eldfall-chronicles.com/anari/

Render 3D


:japanese_ogre: The Oni! :japanese_ogre:
The main adversary in the next standalone expansion (but interchangable with the core skirmish game) Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Wind.

Read about them in today’s article here: eldfall-chronicles.com/northern-wind-oni/

:japanese_ogre: Seigen of the Keshōbarai!
One of the four heroes of the next Kickstarter campaign, EC: Northern Wind. 👹

Read his backstory here: https://eldfall-chronicles.com/seigen-of-northern-wind/

Render 3D


Today we’re preparing to send off the prototypes of Northern Wind (our upcoming Kickstarter campaign) to influencers and reviewers! These are 3D printed with an 8K printer, but we feel the manufactured minis (with our Unicool resin) are sharper, have even better details, and of course, are much more durable.

Read more about our manufactured minis here: https://eldfall-chronicles.com/miniature-material/

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Les figs étaient quand même très sympa sur ce jeu quand même.
Je suis pressé de voir ce que donnera leur prochaine campagne pour le coup.

Dans un mois puisque le KS est pour le 20 juin…

Et ils commencent à mettre des photos sur les différents éléments et set-up…

Au passage, Philibert vient de rentrer en stock cette semaine le « pledge » du précédent opus :

Surtout que les figurines d’Eldfall Chronicles seront jouables dans Northern Winds…

With Northern Winds you will get both skirmish and dungeon crawl profiles and AI cards. And we will also give you dungeon crawl versions of other models in our line. So they are completely interchangable.

Ils ont aussi montré la figurine peinte pour Tharos…

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Il est comment ce jeu ?

Je n’avais pas pris le premier, le jeu d’escarmouche, mais j’avais lu de bons retours dessus. Là pour Northern Winds, c’est le même univers mais on passe à du DC. On devrait avoir des videos preview, gameplay ou playthrough d’ici peu…

The Chiyo-Hime - 血夜姫路 miniature!
The encounter with the mastermind will be a harbinger of the imminent arrival of death itself and a treacherous journey into the realm of despair, where life and death intertwine in a symphony of chaos.

Sinon, il va y avoir également de la très grosse fig…

So… we did a thing. We managed to 3D print the thing.
This is something you’ll be seeing in the EC: Northern Wind campaign.

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Les dernières news du projet…

:japanese_ogre:Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Wind​:japanese_ogre:
→ LAUNCHING 20th JUNE 13:00 CEST (7AM EST)! ←

You’ll get to fight these small menaces on your journey in Northern Wind. This is only one of the many goblin minis you’ll see in the Kickstarter campaign.

Early Birds will be able to get a free Amazon Gladiatrix Northern Wind edition in the Kickstarter campaign starting on the 20th.

The miniature will be made from unicool hard plastic, a type of next-gen resin that is much more durable than standard resin.

Before production, all of Eldfall Chronicles miniafures are tested and improved to ensure the highest quality possible. On the last photo, you can see the 3D printed miniature. The manufactured one will be, however, even more crisp and especially more durable.

Et enfin la page preview où on peut voir les pledges: Core Box (109€); Deluxe Pledge (180€) et All-In (432€).

The Kickstarter preview (WIP) is live.

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J’attends de voir le rulebook pour savoir comment ça tourne.

Les tuiles ou chaque tuile représente « une grosse case », ça m’inspire pas comme ça, ça me fait penser à ce que fait Monolith avec Conan et Batman, mais à voir.

Première preview du jeu et de ses mécaniques

KS démarré. Je me demandais s’il valait mieux un sujet dédié ou si la demi-centaine de messages seulement ne posait aucun souci ?