Kingdoms Forlorn - par Into The Unknown - livraison janvier 2024

il me faudrait une vidéo en français et qui montre la phase d’exploration

S’il te faut une vidéo en français, le jeu n’est pas pour toi.

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T’auras des videos en français quand les gens le recevront xD.

absolument faux j’ai au moins 50% de ma ludothèque en anglais. Lire l’anglais ne me pose aucun problème mais écouter des gens parler anglais c’est chiant tout simplement .

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Les jeux de niches, c’est pas comme si il y avait du monde en français pour en parler, encore moins quand c’est une preview.

Et si c’était fait en français, ça serait fait sur TTS ce qui est pas mal rebutant pour certains.

Petit rappel ! Vous n’avez pas oublié que ce sont théoriquement les dernières heures de la période de grâce… profitez-en avant que ça ne passe à 199€. Oui, cela s’adresse aussi au toi de dans six mois ou plus @Kptaingrostas :stuck_out_tongue:

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J’ai craqué samedi moi. Etant devenu gaga d’Aeon Trespass, je leur ai jeté mon argent à la figure et j’leur ai dit : « Vous êtes content hein ?! ». J’ai pris toute la wave 1.

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Rien a foutre ! J’ai depledge au dernier moment, je retournerai pas en arrière.

Je vais déjà galerer à trouver des joueur pour ato, alors pour KF où tu as un livre perso c’est mort.

Merci du rappel. Du coup, j’ai craqué pour la boite de base, vu qu’ils m’ont bien convaincu sur AT:O

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Alors moi c’est pire: j’ai pris le All-in. Je me suis dit que ça m’occuperait pour jouer en solo jusqu’à ma retraite :joy:

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Tiens, les prix ont augmenté : + 40$ pour la core; + 50 $ pour la vague 1 (core +1ere extension) et +10 $ pour chaque extension.
C’était attendu (bien fait de prendre toute la vague 1 la semaine dernière…)

Ils ont été plus lent à augmenter que prévu. Je me demande si des joueurs vont se laisser tenter avec le nouveau prix.

Ils ont le vent en poupe (pun intended) avec les bons retours suite à la livraison d’ATO et capitalisent dessus, c’est probablement pour ça qu’ils l’ont pas trop crié sur tous les toits en disant « dernière fois à prix réduit », ils l’avaient dit avant mais s’ils l’ont fait là c’est qu’ils pensent que ça va plus les servir que les pénaliser.

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Idem, j’ai déjà validé mon pm… Plus qu’à attendre le jeu maintenant… Mais je pense qu’on able temps pour ça…

Vous croyez que c’est Justine qui va rédiger les updates maintenant ici aussi ? :slight_smile:

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Pourquoi ?

Non rien juste qu’il dit qu’il va passer la main pour les updates à son équipe, c’était juste pour troll MG :slight_smile: enfin, troller… juste me foutre de leur gueule avec leur com à 2 balles omnicanale.

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Ah je pensais que c’etait un troll envers ITU :sweat_smile:

Le niveau d’anglais du fluff de l’actu est costaud. C’est bourré d’adjectifs que je ne connais pas.

C’est pas faux

Nouvelle update…

Update #54 - Tales Etched In Stone

Night falls around the makeshift camp, the low moan of the wind echoed by the growls and snorts of countless nocturnal beasts. All around, the shadows dance, trying to close in, but the valiant efforts of the towering figure keep the flame alive, a defiant lantern in the gloom.

The Fleischritter hums an upbeat tune as he stirs the pot simmering over the embers, tossing in a sprig of Friar’s Sweetroot here, a sprinkle of Firanzance sea salt there, and a generous dash of Schweinedolden Ale. The jovial knight samples the bubbling brew, smacking his lips as the rich, salty flavors surge across his tongue.

“Ah… just like Stovematron Ubalda used to make!” He proclaims, portioning the mixture out into five bowls. Placing three of them down next to the fire, he takes the remaining two and moves to share the fruits of his proud work with the figure sat at the very periphery of the firelight, kneeling with her face turned away from the warmth as she fervently prays. He then passes a bowl to the old man.

“This takes me back…” Ser Sonch takes his meal and sits back against the bole of a tree, sharing some of his portion with Little Ser.

“When I were a lad…” Kara echoes the older knight mockingly, pulling a face clearly meant to echo that of the whiskered veteran.

“Shush!” The severe-faced Renholder chides her, nudging the younger knight in the ribs. “Don’t interrupt when someone’s trying to tell their story! These tales, the pain and sorrow within them, that’s what makes us who we are. It’s core to the Human condition, a brutal indictment of the harshness of reality!”

A silent moment stretches over the camp, like the wings of the Toadragon. Renholder offers a despondent look of familiar misery. In the back of his mind, the Voice offers a snide, taunting laugh.

“Idiot.” The Voice sneers next to his ear. “What do you know of harsh realities? Now they’re all staring at you!”

The silence stretches on for a painful moment longer, then is sharply interrupted by Ser Sonch’s barking cough, a lump of catarrh shifting in his throat.

“Yes, well, as I was saying…” He resumes awkwardly. “When I were a lad…”

Tales from the Unknown

Hello in this second near Marcin-less Update! If only this meant I had less work, but alas, that is not the case. With work continuing on Kingdoms Forlorn, with Cycles IV and V of ATO and with Sins of Herakles, I seem to have even less free time than before. It’s like a reversed Zeno’s paradox!

Anyway, I won’t take much of your time today! ATO is quickly climbing the BGG charts, with an overal 9.3 score! The Kingdoms Forlorn PM is being kept open, and, as is our no-FOMO policy, should be open at least until the end of May! Aaaand that’s almost all from me (stick around until the end!).

The Stories We Tell Each Other

The story of Kingdoms Forlorn is the story of your Knights above all else. Each one of these brave adventurers has their own reasons for venturing out beyond the Deep Fog. Some seek justice for a decades-old sin committed against them. Others look for vengeance, no matter the trail of bodies it will leave in their wake. Still more think that their redemption lies in these long-forsaken realms, while many have a much simpler motivation- the glittering allure of all the riches unveiled with the pulling back of the mists. Whatever their motivation, each Knight will carry with them their own personal goals and priorities when they embark on a Delve, and the choices you make throughout their tale will shape their fate in many different directions.

Perhaps not everything was lost…

How Will It Work?

A Knight’s Tale is told through two different kinds of stories- Pivotal Stories, and Investigations. When a Delve group gathers, one of the Knights will be nominated as Delve Leader, and they will embark on their next Pivotal Story, gathering Clue Tokens and engaging in narrative segments where vital choices will be made. These tales will be structured to allow you to really explore your chosen Knight’s personality and ask questions about who they are and where they fit in the world, as well as deciding what monsters they will face in the future, whether certain NPC Followers live or die, and greatly influencing the fates of the Kingdoms you travel through!

Investigations, meanwhile, are the stories you go through while another player is the Delve Leader, or (for those of you adventuring in Solo Mode!) on the Delves where you are trying to advance to access the next Pivotal Story. As the name suggests, these tales are more focused on learning key details about the Kingdoms, the Monsters, or the Knights and the dilemmas they will face. You will gather Clue Tokens during the Delve to try and unlock more knowledge, make choices that will impact your Pivotal Stories, and gain tools, weapons, followers and abilities to help you progress on your quest!

Each Knight’s Tale will contain a complete story told over the 5 difficulty ranks of the main game. Each rank will contain a Pivotal Story and several new Investigations. When you have completed your Pivotal Story and three Investigations, your Knight advances to the next rank. So, you will need to think about which investigations you want to do! Do you want that shiny piece of Gear, or do you value learning more about a certain follower? Or do you want to go hunting for the long-lost recipe for Grandpa Fritz’s Almost-Certainly-Meat Pie? Every choice you make will impact your journey!

It is up to you whether you will delve deeper, or keep to the safer roads of the Kingdoms…

Choice-Driven Narrative

As with our other games (that’s Aeon Trespass: Odyssey!, ed. Marcin), Kingdoms Forlorn’s narratives are powered by player choice. The Knights will face moral quandaries frequently, and each choice you make will have a permanent effect on the game world. NPCs that die stay dead, entire towns can be shaped by your decisions, and ultimately your Knight’s fate is in your hands.

These decisions will be tracked on your Knight’s sheet in the form of a Choice Matrix, allowing you quick reference to choices made in the past, which your Tale will refer to from time to time. Did you save that NPC at the crossroads? Perhaps she will come back to save you in your hour of need! Have you made enemies in the wrong places? Watch your back!

In the end, our vision for the Knight Stories is to deliver a very personal, emotionally involving narrative, something that you are fully in control of, and will feel the impact of for many game sessions to come!

So, that covers the Knight Tales, but what about the Kingdoms? Well… I think we’ll keep the Kingdom Codex for another day. :wink: But, just to tide you over for now, here’s a closer look at one of them…

A legacy of rock and ruin lies exposed…

A Kingdom Petrified By Its Own Follies

The Principality of Eisenwald was once a thriving region, its people proud, wealthy, and famed throughout the land for their smithcraft. Even the normally reclusive Machinated State would come to them for worked steel and copper to build their contraptions. To own a full set of plate armor from the Principality was a mark of considerable status. And yet, when the Fog arose and the Kingdoms fell, this realm was not spared the calamity. The massive steel forges fell silent, the pounding foundries of the Schwarzreich cooled, and the people suffered most of all as the plague of Petrification spread through their numbers like wildfire. Those who could afford to, locked themselves within their armor, hoping that the steel would defend them from the scourge. Those who could not… fled into the Fog, never to be seen again. The only thing that is known for sure is that, when the Fog parted, Eisenwald was no more, and the Principality of Stone was born.

Gone are the days when Eisenwald was a thriving trading hub…

The Principality of Stone is a desolate place of rock and ruin. Dust chokes the streets of the fallen city, while sinkholes and fractures in the stone underfoot offer hazardous drops into the Schwarzreich below. Entire districts were turned on their head during the upheaval, and traversing the Kingdom has become a frequently lethal experience.

A Realm Infested with Perils Great and Small

As we mentioned, the Principality of old was praised for their magnificent armor, so it’s no wonder that now many denizens of the ruins are clad in the thickest of armors. An attacking Knight will need to pry open their tough shell to have any hope of damaging what’s inside. Armor tokens will raise the AT of the enemies encountered in the Principality of Stone, and the Players will have to find a way through them, one way or another, to secure victory.

It’ll take more than all the King’s horses and all the King’s men to crack open this iron shell!

Wherever you find iron and steel, there too will you find rust. If rust covers gear with the Metal trait, using them becomes more of a hassle. Armor joints lose their flexibility, blades grow dull, and rusted support gear will be nigh-unusable. If a Rust token is placed on gear with the Metal trait, every usage of that gear costs additional Heat, but if you put another Rust token on the same gear, then that item will be discarded.

Where’s Dorothy with a can of oil when you need her?!?

Your gear is not the only thing that you must worry about, but your own flesh as well! Petrification, the downfall of this kingdom, still reigns supreme within its borders. If you let it affect you too severely, your perfect sculpture will join the stone crowds. When you gain the Petrification Condition card, your ability to evade attacks will be diminished, and each time you don’t move, the Petrification will spread further. You can curb its spread, or even reverse it, by staying mobile on the battlefield, although that may be easier said than done!

Well, this can’t be good…

And, at last, there are these ugly little critters, the Panzerparasites! These wriggly crawlers swarmed the kingdom during its fall, apparently unaffected by the Curse. They crawl onto every last living remnant of the kingdom, covering it with a steel-like carapace. If a Knight is infected with the Panzerparasites, they gain additional protection from attacks, but will quickly feel the drawbacks of the symbiosis, to the point of their premature death.

They’d almost be cute, if they weren’t so… hungry.

Quite the perilous realm, right? Well, let’s not forget, should you even manage to survive the crucible of the Principality, at its heart lies the towering Conqueror’s Castle, where the Throne Room echoes with manic laughter and demented weeping in equal measures…

You are invited to a royal audience…

Puppet King Spotlight

Sitting on his throne in the heart of the Conqueror’s Castle, the Puppet King is able to issue Commands. These special attacks that target a specific Knight and try to assert control over them. The Knight may choose to obey, increasing the odds that they will survive (A King values loyal subjects, after all!), or they might defy his will, and risk feeling his wrath.

A good subject listens to their King. A rebellious subject… faces the consequences of their impudence.

The Puppet King can also unleash devastating Zone attacks, including the mighty Shockwave. A blast of concussive force washes over the Throne Room, casting Knights away from him and maybe throwing them from their feet. As the blast rocks the entirety of the Throne Room, petrified Fallen Knights drop from above, littering the battlefield! The Puppet King will draw these silent guardians towards himself to create a barrier of petrified flesh between him and the attacking Knights.

Not your regular shield-wall.

And let us not forget, the Puppet King was the first enemy revealed in Kingdoms Forlorn to have a Vantage Point! Any Knight brave enough to ascend to the top of the throne of the Puppet King will be able to avoid the devastating Command and Shockwave attacks, but perhaps it is not as safe as one may assume…

Get past the King, climb the throne… sounds easy, right? I mean, how fast can an old man move?

Puppet King Edelhardt is a master of controlling the battlefield, and any Knights courageous (or foolish) enough to face him will have to contend with his many machinations. All we can say is good luck, and don’t forget your royal etiquette!

Might want to brush up on how to properly curtsy…

That is it. It’s actually longer than I would have written it! And I’ve still got a plug to insert!

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