Kingdoms Forlorn - par Into The Unknown - livraison janvier 2024

dur dur la lecture de l’introduction, pleins de mots jamais vue avant :smiling_face_with_tear:

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L’update d’avril est là…

Update #55 - An Adventurer’s Bounty

The air is still over the dense forest glade, a rare peace. Normally, the rampant undergrowth would swell to bursting with movement, chirping songbirds flitting from the lower branches, small rodents scurrying through overgarden’s underbrush, insects with tiny, translucent wings buzzing as they leap from blossom to bloom. Not today, though, not here. Here, silence hangs heavy.

There is a thunderous roar, followed by a crash. One of the immense trees shudders, its very foundations rocking as something huge and unseen impacts it. At the very base of the tree’s girthy bole, an opening into the darkness below echoes with the howls of something primeval.

More shrieks and howls rumble forth before four figures, dirt-smeared and panting desperately for breath, spill out into the sunlight. Behind them, the maw trembles and snaps shut, hefty boulders falling to clog its egress. Smoke and dirt rise from the sealed entrance, rising in uncertain wisps as, deep behind the blockage, something monstrous screams its fury.

The soil-stained quartet pause for a moment, regaining their breath, watching the plugged hole with more than a little nervousness. The leader among them, a lanky figure in long scholar’s robes and an… odd headpiece resembling a mushroom’s scarlet cap, looks to his companions carefully, making sure they are unharmed.

“We made it.” He smiles, more than a little relieved. “Excellent.”

“What was that thing?!” One of the squires, Bartos, demands. “It almost bit my head off!”

“That’s not important anymore.” Zajic, the leader, dismisses. “Now, quickly, show me what you were able to grab…”

The other two squires open their arms to reveal some weapons, a couple of glittering trinkets, a small satchel holding a few polished gems, and a cookbook belonging to one Archibald Fritz of Eisernwald. The more outspoken Bartos, however, is quiet, until prodded by the Knight.

“Um… well…” His cheeks flush with color as he looks down at his feet. Finally, he extends his hand, opening it to reveal his bounty. “I, uh, I got a rock?”

Silence for a long, perplexed moment.

“A rock?” Zajic stares down at the stone in the Squire’s palm, little more than a pebble, really.

“I got turned around in the dark, alright?” Bartos protests. “I was too busy running, I saw something in the dark that looked shiny, and I grabbed it! I thought it might be a gem or something.”

“Allfather’s mercy…” The younger Squire, Aife, shakes her head. “Every time with you…”

“Alright,” Zajic sighs. “Let’s not get sidetracked. There has to be something worthwhile among this haul, let’s get to it…”

State of the Unknown

Hey guys! It is indeed me, Marcin, but only for this segment! They do have a hard time letting me go! So just a few general ITU announcements: next month, on the 16th, we’re launching a reprint campaign for Aeon Trespass: Odyssey, with a healthy dosage of new content by way of Twelve Sins of Herakles and more modular stuff for both – if that’s something you might be interested in, drop by the preview page to get notified. Consequently, the current PM for Aeon Trespass: Odyssey will close next Thursday, so please finalize any and all pledges by then! Finally, we’ve opened quite a few positions at ITU (you can find the job listings on, so if you’re interested and possibly open to relocation, give those a looksie. Now, onto your regularly scheduled KF content!

The Knight’s Journey

In the last Update, we spoke about how a Knight’s journey will be told across the five difficulty tiers. During a Knight’s Tale, they will face five Pivotal Stories and five ‘chapters’ of Investigations. These will carry your Knights through twenty Delves, each time raising the stakes and keeping the adventure challenging. So, let’s talk a little more about how your Knights will advance and grow in power.

Everyone starts somewhere…

Each Knight’s Sheet will feature a Tale Progression Track. Delving into your Pivotal Story or an Investigation, advances you further along that Track. This will also be how your power is measured. The number of Pivot and Investigations you have embarked upon is your level, and your level determines the difficulty of the environment and enemies you will be facing, as well as the rewards you will receive from your adventures.

Just like how the Knight’s power is tracked over twenty levels, so too are the monsters’ abilities, through a Challenge Rating (CR) system. The twenty Challenge Ratings are split into five distinct Tiers. Challenge Ratings 1-4 comprise the Mob Tier, CR 5-8 is the Vassal Tier, CR 9-12 is the King Tier, CR 13-16 is the Devil Tier, and lurking beyond CR 17 is the fearsome Dragon Tier! Be aware- in spite of the Tier names, the monsters in question are not hard-locked into those tiers. You may well see the Devils roam the forsaken realms much earlier than the 4th Tier, and the Mobs and Vassals will remain a significant threat beyond the first two Tiers…

Our Knight is shaping up into quite the hero!

Let’s say, for example, that you have completed 6 Investigations and 1 Pivotal Story. You are firmly into the High Rank adventures of your Tale. When it’s your time to be the Party Leader and venture into your second Pivotal Story, you will be level 8, and the CR will also be 8. Your Tale dictates that you need to go to the Sunken Kingdom for this Delve, but it does not specify the enemy you will face. You may encounter the Haunts of Utrebant at their second degree of strength, which is suitable for a Knight between CR 6-8, or you may run into a squadron of First Men Warriors at their third stage of power, which is suitable for a Knight of CR 8-10. A more challenging encounter, but also more rewarding…

Look how far our little guy has come…

Heroes of a Different Class

As you progress through your Tale, you will experience both Pivotal Stories and Investigations. The Pivotal Stories will offer some of the most potent rewards, and you will need to complete (although not necessarily succeed! Even in failure, your Tale carries on) your Pivotal Story to advance to the next tier. The rewards they offer will vary depending on your decisions and the outcome you got. Those rewards will also have the biggest impact on your progress. What are these ‘pivotal’ rewards, you might ask? Well, let’s focus on one to start with…

The Fleischritter base model. Who knows how he will evolve throughout his Tale?

Knight Subclasses

These are some of the most robust rewards you can obtain, and are quite rare. They will give you the option to change the whole concept of your current Knight’s playstyle. Imagine a Fleischritter who, after some time in the Barony of Bountiful Harvest, decided that it’s time to become a Vegetarian Fleischritter… a Vegeritter? A Gemüseritter, perhaps… This will fundamentally change how he interacts with his Fleisch tokens, or if he can use them at all, taking away some abilities and granting others. Ser Sonch, on the other hand, may pursue a Subclass that changes just how Little Ser operates on the battlefield. Bah, perhaps Little Ser will no longer be quite so ‘little’…

Today on Fleischterchef, we’re making a ‘salad’!

Core to the Subclasses are the Talents. Right now, you have abilities like Kara’s Natural Leader, which allows her to move one Knight when she uses her movement action, or Reholder’s Light Trespass that allows him to refresh cards through the use of his Lux resource. We have rebranded these hard-coded abilities into Talents, and now they are an interchangeable part of your knight.

The Fruits of your Labors

So, that’s a glimpse at what you can get from a Pivotal Story, but what about an Investigation? Well, in each Tier of your quest, you will gain access to several Investigations. These smaller, less mechanically demanding adventures will enable you to gain more context on your Pivotal Stories, and find some deeper answers to the questions raised there. You’ll only be able to do some of the Investigations before moving on with your Tale, so you will need to be selective in what you choose to look into.

With every Delve, your power grows, and so does your collection of pointy things!

To help you make this decision, the Investigations will also offer you a broad variety of rewards, which will (usually!) be revealed to you up-front. Things like valuable Gear, Knight Techniques (previously Knight Abilities), and stat increases to your Heat Limit, Hand Size, Vigor, or your Virtues will be common rewards. There will also be more unusual rewards, such as new Followers, encounters with new Saints whom you can make a Vow to, or Princesses who may wish to travel with you.

There’s a Whole World Out There…

And now, let’s take a look at Roams. While Pivotal Stories and Investigations are a way to progress your Knight’s Tale, Roams are a way to explore the game without progressing. It’s a great option if want to practice some fights against a particular enemy, try out new combos, or just a way to gather some extra resources and gold, if you feel underpowered. Roams will not present the same kind of power increase as the other forms of Delves, but they will allow you to gain more confidence in facing off against the foes that await you, and those extra coins could come in very handy. You’ll be able to fulfill Outpost Contracts during these adventures, and pursue other commissions that may yield additional rewards. This is also a great way to showcase the game to your Sunday players!

A world brimming with possibility awaits!

Another opportunity presented by the Roams is the chance to retry some of the Investigations that you failed previously. You won’t be able to use this to start new Investigations, but a do-over on a previously attempted Investigation could make all the difference to your Tale.

As with every other Delve, Roams can yield Supplies and Gear that will come in very handy in the future. And speaking of Delves, there’s one more thing to mention…

Forging Your Legend

With Kingdoms Forlorn: Dragons Devils and Kings, we are introducing a new Upgrade System that will present opportunities to make your Knight’s equipment better. In comparison to Aeon Trespass: Odyssey’s approach of continually seeking better and stronger Gear, this will greatly increase the lifespan of your Gear cards, allowing your Knights to focus more on exploring the world and engaging with their Tale without worrying about Gear becoming obsolete. That bow that saved your life in the depths of blood-choked Halikan? That sword you put the time in to name and have had with you since your first adventure? You can keep them with you, at least for a little longer.

Looking after your gear makes it last longer… who’d have thought?

While our way of upgrading weapons will not force the player to constantly search for new equipment, it will also not limit you in your choices of what to invest resources in or which way you want to go with your weapons. Do you focus on boosting your most powerful weapons, or do you spread out your upgrades to ensure a more balanced arsenal? Or maybe you will use your upgrades to increase your defensive statistics? So many options!

Going Beyond Happily Ever After?

So, what if you have already reached the conclusion of your Knight’s Tale? Have you reached the end of the road for your Knight? Is it time for them to head off into retirement, settle down in some quiet corner and take up knitting? Far from it! Although we will talk about the post-game more in-depth later, right now we can say that you will be able to unlock most of the rewards that you missed or had to leave behind during your Tale. For example, you will be able to embark on the Investigations you missed out on previously, chase down the final few secrets of your Tale, and collect the remaining pieces of personalized gear while working to max out your Upgrades. There is far more you will be able to do with your favorite Knights after the Tale has been concluded! But, as we mentioned, the postgame will be a topic for another time.

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Salut a tous si quelqu’un est intéressé je revends ma participation au Pledge Kingdoms Forlorn a pris coutant soit 323€ Fdp inclus

Tu peux toujours essayer de te faire remboursé le PM est toujours ouvert

Oui oui c est bon pour le remboursement merci
C est au cas ou quelqu un serait intéressé :smile:

Dernières news postées hier juste après le clôture du KS de TSoH + reprint d’ATO.

On y apprend l’ajout d’une mécanique pendant les Delves permettant de prendre un raccourci risqué afin de pouvoir atteindre l’objectif.

Ce raccourci s’appelle le Deep Fog et c’est tout une mécanique de push your luck à base de cartes qui est mise en place avec des pénalités en cas d’échec, la possibilité d’influer sur le résultat et la possibilités de buff certains équipements de façon temporaire quand les personnages passent dans le Deep Fog.

J’aime vraiment les illustrations de ce jeu, ça va lui conférer une bien jolie identité.

Mais nous ne sommes pas prêt d’y jouer, peut-être fin 2024 pour la vague 1.

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sais tu quand serais la fin du pledge manager ? Ce qui me fait craindre depuis le départ pour ce jeu c’est le tarif + la livraison de date lointaine . Vague 1 fin 2024 sachant que le jeu a été financé il y a déjà 1 an . Entre temps y aura peut être des augmentations de coûts et tout faudrait pas que ça finisse en sauce MG.

J’ai n’ai aucune idée de la fin du pledge manager.

Je dis vague 1 fin 2024 car le cycle 4&5 d’ATO et prévu pour fin 2023 et le reprint pour début 2024. Et je ne vois pas KF arriver avant. Ca peut même être plus long, va savoir.

Y’a un moment, va falloir quand même arréter de voir du MG partout. Mais si tu as des craintes, ne pledge pas.

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Moi je le vois plutôt arriver vers Juin-Juillet :stuck_out_tongue:
On verra ça !

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Y a une review en fr quelque part ? (la flemme de me taper des vidéos en anglais )

Pas que je sache.

Y aurait il quelqu’un connaissant les règles et qui aimerait faire une partie sur TTS ?

Pas grand chose de nouveau sur la nouvelle actu à part quelques changement dans l’équipe dédiée à KF et une date de livraison repoussée de 4 mois (ou plus).

franchement j’ai hésité ces derniers jours à le prendre mais vu cette dernière update cette fois c’est sûr je prendrai une pré-commande chez Philibert

Philibert a pledgé le jeu ?

il me semble bien avoir vu passer ça sur ce fil d’actu mais eux seuls pourraient confirmer

C’est vrai que ça me dit quelque chose en y repensant. A voir la difference de prix.

J’hésitais aussi mais je vais attendre un reprint avec les nouveaux royaumes, si les retours et le gameplay me plaisent. J’ai l’impresesion qu’ils ne sont pas certains sur les mécaniques du jeu et ça ne me rassure pas.

En late pledge c’est quand même plus de 25% plus cher que le KS :o

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wai je trouve que ce jeu est très cher comparé à d’autres projets. Une vidéo de règles en FR aurait peut être aidé car là ça reste un peu flou

Le jeu n’était pas si cher pendant le KS. Il a pas mal augmenté pendant le PM, mais c’est comme ça que fait ITU…