Mercurial - par Hyperlixir (David Goh) - livraison septembre 2023

Si tu veux une relecture, j’ai le jeu pour infi

Il y a déjà une VF des règles sur bgg, c’est ta version ?
Si besoin d’aide pour une relecture, je suis aussi partant.

Non, là c’est la version officielle commandée par David Goh. S’il y a un truc sur BGG c’est du fan made. Là j’ai bossé sur les fichiers originaux.
La relecture a été faite, je lui remonte les 2 ou 3 pétouilles de mise en page et ce sera bon.

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Il va y avoir une version française ? :confused:

Seulement les règles en PDF, comme toutes les traductions.
C’était annoncé durant la campagne :wink:

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La relecture? Comment tu fais la relecture avec un anglophone :thinking:

Ne t’inquiète pas, la relecture a été faite par un francophone.
Dans ce projet, l’auteur voulait faire le layout (il a bossé sous Illustrator et pas Indesign), du coup je lui a filé le texte FR à intégrer. Puis il m’a filé les PDF finaux pour lesquels je lui ai demandé de faire des modifications (typos restantes et mise en page du style pas de chiffre en bout de ligne, etc).

Il ne va pas tarder à diffuser les pdf je pense. Il a déjà posté la version allemande, donc la FR devrait suivre rapidement.

J’ai fait quelques parties et c’est bien cool comme jeu.

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Règles VF dispo !
Jeu de base
Extension Challenger

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Après plusieurs parties, j’ai fait une synthèse de règles qui compile tous les modes de jeu et le matériel : ici.

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Merci ! :slight_smile:

Que penses-tu du jeu et des différents modes de jeu, stp ?

Le mode solo Prodige se joue bien, c’est huilé. Pas facile, il faut penser à faire tourner sa main pour avoir les bonnes Altérations en fonction de ce que tu veux modifier et aussi en fonction de ton Flux d’éther. Les Sorts de Terre sont très pratiques pour faire péter les gros scores, mais c’est cher ! Du coup certains succès sont liés à un peu de chance dans le tirage.

Le mode Rivaux, c’est plus sioux, ils ont des effets spécifiques quand ils lancent. J’ai pas encore fait de vraie partie avec, mais ça a l’air cool.

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Comment est-ce possible de récupérer l’extension challenger maintenant ?

dernière news du ks

Our Gratitude & What’s Next

Publié par David Goh

mars 14, 2024

Greetings, fellow mages… it’s been a ­long journey. But I hope it’s all been worth it, because you’re finally here.

For a long time now, I’ve been writing to you about what to expect on arrival. And now, as you stand here before the vast Aetherlight expanse… I hope it’s everything you’ve hoped for.

Gone are the days of awaiting news from afar. From this point on, amidst boundless horizons, the frontier is yours to explore. Go forth and shape your destiny!

How-to-Play Video!>

With the how-to-play video now live, you should now have everything you need to dive into Mercurial, if you haven’t yet done so!

A huge thanks to Monique and Naveen from Before You Play — who we think did a fantastic job — as well as to our friends at Good Games Publishing for making all this possible.

With this video’s completion, our post-fulfillment tasks are now all done, marking the end of this campaign. And with that, I’d like to say…

Thank you.

It is your support that has made our biggest and best campaign yet possible. What an incredible, incredible experience it’s been.

Reflecting on the past 2 years, I’m struck by how many firsts we’ve encountered. With Mercurial, it’s the first time we’ve collaborated with a team of talented artists… the first time we partnered with an experienced publisher to enhance the game… and the first time we entered the realm of localizations and translations. And now, a retail edition of Mercurial is being released in stores, which stands as a monumental first for us.

So many milestones were achieved with this campaign — milestones that were only possible because of your unwavering support.

At the same time though, these past two years have had their challenges. Compared to our previous campaigns, the workload was significantly more intense. There was just so much more to do. It’s why this update is coming later than anticipated, for which I apologize. After fulfillment ended back in December 2023, I realized how severely burned out I was, and I just had to take a step back for a while.

But now, I’m back, and I want to let you know how grateful I am. Because throughout this period, it’s been your encouragement, understanding and belief in us and the project that’s kept me going. While I haven’t been as present in responding to comments as I was in previous campaigns — because of how I was constantly battling fatigue — I want you all to know that I’ve always read and cherished every single message you’ve sent our way.

The universe that Mercurial inhabits has been a work-in-progress since I was a teenager. Thanks to you, I’m able to continue building it. And to those of you who’ve been here since Endogenesis, I cannot overstate how thankful I am. First, you made my dream of being a game designer become a reality. Now, by supporting this campaign, you completed that dream by allowing me to make games in the universe that Mercurial is set in.

Words cannot convey the depth of gratitude I feel, so I’ll just say it again…

Thank you. Truly.

And if you don’t mind, I’d like to offer you a glimpse of what’s on the horizon. What you’ve made possible with your support. Because it would be an honour if you’ll continue being a part of our game-making journey with our next project: Mercurial: Alchemia!

Introducing Mercurial: Alchemia!

Set 12 years after Mercurial, Mercurial: Alchemia puts you in the shoes of an aspiring Alchemist in the thriving allied hub of Concordia.

During nights, you’ll cultivate a personal terrarium brimming with fantastical flora and fauna, harvesting them to unlock their potential for crafting elixirs. During the day, you’ll explore the bustling Taliq’ir Bazaar to acquire seeds and eggs to introduce into your growing ecosystem.

You’ll also visit Runaliths — colossal crystalline structures — to bestow enchantments on your terrarium. Chance a meeting with rival alchemists and their companion Arcanas, and you may forge collaborations amid competition.

As you brew experimental potions to sell to the Guild, your choice of ingredients used is vital. Their distinct qualities can enhance or negate each other, with your mastery and skill determining whether strides in magical advancement are made… or utter failure.

Embark on an alchemical odyssey where your magnum opus awaits… or perhaps even discover the fabled Philosopher’s stone!

Give me details! Player count, play time, etc…

Mercurial: Alchemia will support 1 to 4 players, with a fully supported solo mode. Its expected playtime will be 75-150 minutes, with its primary mechanics being deckbuilding, worker placement and simultaneous actions.

When will it be ready?

As we’re still in early stages of development, we don’t have an estimated date of arrival yet. What we do know however, is that it’s going to be our biggest project yet, with many more moving parts than our previous games! So, our approach from now to release will be to give it all the time it needs, and then some more to refine the heck out of it… and only then, bring it to you when we’re absolutely sure it’s ready.

How can I follow your progress?

The best way is to join our newly renamed FB group, called the Mercurial Tabletop Games Guild!

Click here to visit: Mercurial Tabletop Games Guild on Facebook

It’s the same group as the one created for this campaign, just that its scope has been expanded to all games set in the Mercurial universe. We’ll be sharing updates on our game development journey all the way up till release, and I’ll be counting on your thoughts and feedback to help us shape Mercurial: Alchemia!

If you’d like to just be informed for when Mercurial: Alchemia is ready, that’s fine too. Just sign up for our mailing list on our website — I promise we won’t spam you!


And with that, we’ve arrived at the end of this campaign. There are no more planned updates beyond this point, although if anything new is released, I’ll be sure to keep you informed.

Thank you all so very much for making all of this possible. I can’t wait to see you again.



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sa DA est toujours aussi géniale
j’ai toujours pas testé mercurial (… pas l’envie qui m’en manque, un jeu de dés !!!)

le nouveau m’intrigue aussi, surtout ce mix DB/worker placement

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Excellente nouvelle, ça fait plaisir de voir des éditeurs de cette trempe !

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Une bonne âme pourrait m’envoyer des scans ou photos des 3 tuiles recto/verso de Challenger avec les 2 rivaux et les Mystificateur? Merci d’avance.

Je peux m’en charger, je ne sais pas quand par contre :wink:

Super. Je t’envois un MP.

Page 18: pouvoirs de classe qui ajoutent des effets au Lancer…
Ca concerne de futures extensions ou il me manque des plateaux (4+1)?